How to treat the intestines from bloating


Bloating. Treatment

Bloating. Treatment of dyspepsia is required

Bloatingis due to the accumulation of a large number of gases in the intestine. In the clinic this problem is called meteorism.

In a healthy person, there is always gas in the intestine, but in a small amount. They get there from the blood (through the intestinal wall comes out nitrogen), swallowed with food and drink and appear as a consequence the vital activity of bacteria that are normal intestinal microflora (such gases as hydrogen sulphide, methane, carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen). Let's consider, in what cases the bloating requiring bloating develops.

Excess gases can enter the gastrointestinal tract, if during a meal a person talks a lot, smokes and takes a large quantity of carbonated drinks. The risk of developing bloating is also the use of chewing gum. Irregular feeding in large portions also leads to an increase in the formation of gases in the intestine.

Bloating can develop due to the intake of foods that increase gas formation: app

les, cabbage, black bread, legumes. In this case, microorganisms in the intestine begin to break down poorly digested fiber. As a result of this, their quantity increases and a large number of gases form. Of normal physical conditions that do not require treatment, the risk of bloating also increases pregnancy. In connection with hormonal reorganization, the muscles of the intestines relax, which creates the prerequisites for increasing gas production.

Above are examples related to functional dyspepsia, that is, increased gas production without organ damage to organs. If we consider bloating as a consequence of diseases, then we will also find many examples. The flatulence usually accompanies such disease, as a dysbacteriosis. It develops as a result of antibiotic treatment, accompanies gastritis, pancreatitis, infectious diseases, helminthiases. Dysbacteriosis can be the result of the influence of various factors conditioned by lifestyle, profession (for example, in the workers of the pharmaceutical industry). The reason for the development of flatulence is the inadequacy of the enzymatic system of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the formation of gases as a result of the vital activity of microorganisms that break up undigested food remains. These symptoms occur with pancreatitis, colitis, enteritis, liver cirrhosis, mechanical overlap of the intestinal lumen (polyps, tumor), irritable bowel syndrome.

Bloating. What is the treatment?

In the event that bloating occurs regularly, you should consult your doctor and not in any case not self-medicate. As already indicated, this symptom can accompany many life-threatening diseases, so first you should exclude them.

To prevent bloating, you need to monitor how and what we eat. It is necessary to exclude from the diet foods that promote gassing, do not abuse alcohol and carbonated drinks, to eat in a calm atmosphere, in small portions, 5-6 once a day.

If a person confirms the presence of organic diseases leading to bloating, the main treatment will be to fight them. So, in the treatment of dysbacteriosis, it is first necessary to determine and eliminate its cause. Further restoration of the intestinal microflora is carried out with the help of preparations containing normal microflora (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli), and treatment with enzyme preparations. Each disease requires its own approach, but there are also tools that are routinely used to treat bloating.

Adsorbents- A group of drugs capable of binding and removing various substances, including gases, from the intestine. It is often used in the treatment of bloating. Its typical representatives are activated carbon and lignin hydrolyzed. But this group of drugs has certain drawbacks. They are able to adsorb their intestinal vitamins, mineral compounds and beneficial microflora, prevent absorption of drugs. In addition, some of the drugs in this group may slow the passage of contents through the colon and lead to constipation.

Also, with meteorism, funds are allocated to accelerate the passage of intestinal contents. These include infusions of herbs (dill, fennel, cumin) and prokinetics (domperidone and metoclopramide).

The effective beginning of antifoaming agents, preparations possessing carminative action, that is, contributing to the escape of gases, are simethicone and dimethicone. They prevent the formation of foam bubbles, in the form of which gas is usually found in the intestines, and also contribute to their destruction. This leads to a reduction in its total volume, restoring natural absorption of gases through the intestinal wall and accelerating the passage of the contents in the gut.

Currently, doctors are increasingly using natural drugs. So, with functional dyspepsia, one of the most frequent causes of bloating, the standard of treatment is the use of the drugIberogast .

Bloating. Natural treatment

Combined natural preparation Iberogast includes extracts of nine medicinal plants. Let's consider their main action in the treatment of bloating.

The composition of the drug includes Iberian bitter - grass, which has a tonic effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It positively affects intestinal motility, prevents the content from being delayed in its lumen. In this connection, the processes of decay and fermentation are reduced, respectively - gas formation decreases.

Iberogast tones up only those parts of the intestines that require it. In the spasmodic segments, the antispasmodic effect of the drug is predominant, provided by other its components - extracts of angelica officinalis, cumin fruits, lemon balm, mint peppery.

The anti-inflammatory effect of the constituents of the drug (licorice, angelica, chamomile) is relevant in the treatment of bloating of various origins. Antiseptic effect of chamomile and celandine suppresses harmful microorganisms that cause inflammation, the main point of many diseases accompanied by bloating. Iberogast improves digestion, inhibits the processes of fermentation and putrefaction, has analgesic effect. At the same time, it acts both on functional disorders, and on diseases that cause excessive formation of gases in the intestine.

Iberogast has almost no contraindications and side effects, it can be used to treat children, pregnant women, as well as people who by virtue of their profession need to use motor transport or to manage mechanisms.

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