3 advice on what to do if the mole is ripped off and blood is coming

  • September 30, 2018
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People are not in vain worried about what will happen if you tear off a mole, because the slightest changes in the state of the nevi can indicate negative processes. Often, traumatization of education occurs by accident. The main thing is to do everything possible to prevent undesirable consequences. It is mandatory to see a doctor for the examination and get qualified help.



  • 1What is fraught with damage to the nevus?
  • 2Actions in traumatizing education
  • 3Precautionary measures

What is fraught with damage to the nevus?


Pigment formations in various amounts are present on the body of absolutely every person. In most cases, they do not pose any health hazard. However, sometimes nevi are able to transform into malignant tumors.

Reasons for their degeneration:

  • hereditary factors;
  • frequent exposure to ultraviolet;
  • regular injury.

In the risk zone are people who have cases of skin cancer in the family. It is also unsafe for a long period to stay in direct sunlight or excessively addicted to a solarium. Melanoma is

not excluded if the birthmark has been damaged.

Physicians are strongly advised to regularly inspect the body in time to detect the slightest changes in the state of the nevi. It is strictly forbidden to tear off moles or pick them up. If you try to independently remove the formations that cause some discomfort, you can provoke a serious deterioration in health up to a lethal outcome.

As a result of damage to the nevus, especially when it happens occasionally, infection of the mole may occur. The most dangerous consequence is the transformation of a benign formation into a malignant one.

If the birthmark is stripped accidentally, which happens often enough, it is necessary to take special care with the damaged area.

There are two ways of damaging nevi:

  • chemical;
  • mechanical.

In the first case, tumors of benign nature are damaged due to the use of cosmetics, the composition of which is represented by substandard and unsafe components. If it is a question of mechanical trauma, then the nevus falls off, for example, due to contact with clothing or during shaving.

Most often, nevi are damaged in the area:

  • stop (birthmark can be traumatized as a result of rubbing with shoes);
  • armpits;
  • backs (not just one woman tore off a birthmark with shoulder straps of a brassiere);
  • neck (nevus can be injured by constant friction of the collar or as a result of grazing the hair);
  • hands;
  • head (you can peel a birthmark with comb teeth, which will cause undesirable consequences);
  • face (very much at risk a man who cut a birthmark when shaving);
  • waist (to scratch the birthmark can a woman who prefers to tighten the belt tightly).

When the pigmented formations are located in the places mentioned above, they manage not only to slightly damage, but also tear the birthmark so that bleeding opens. With regular trauma to nevi, it is best to contact a doctor who will prescribe surgical removal.

It does not matter which nevus was damaged - flat or hanging. Why can not you rip off moles? According to medical observations, complications do not always arise if the birthmark is hampered or if a person accidentally rips up the formation. The main thing is to provide competent care for the area where the injury occurred. However, if the birthmark, which is predisposed to malignancy, is ripped off, the formation of a cancerous tumor is not excluded.

What will happen if a person can unintentionally tear off a birthmark?

When a healthy pigmented spot is damaged, it is possible to develop an inflammatory process that is accompanied by:

  • the release of pus;
  • painful discomfort.
Without timely medical intervention, the tumor will degenerate and become malignant. Therefore, if you are interested in the question of what to do, if you suddenly put down the birthmark, it is important to remember: self-treatment can turn into disastrous consequences.

Concerning the malignization of nevi, there are several erroneous opinions. In particular, some believe that the huge number of pigment spots on the skin indicates malignant processes. In addition, many are very afraid to break the birthmark, because they believe that this will necessarily cause melanoma.

Physicians convince: for the emergence of skin cancer requires the presence of several factors. Torn apart by birthmark is just one of the reasons. Often, a man at a doctor's reception can ask: I shave constantly face, so what to do if I have accidentally cut my birthmark? The patient will be sent for the tests. Usually when you damage a nevus, there is blood in a small amount.

Actions in traumatizing education

What if my birthmark came off? If the nevus is damaged, the most important thing is to take measures in time. If you scratch your birthmark, or if it has broken yourself, you should do everything as competently as possible. Thus, serious consequences can not be feared.

When the question arises, what to do and how to do it, if the birthmark is torn off, the following tips should be used:

  1. When the birthmark is injured and blood is bleeding, it is required to apply antiseptic from the very beginning, due to which it will be possible to cope with bleeding and avoid probable infection of the wound. A solution of chlorhexidine or 3% hydrogen peroxide is useful. You will need to moisten in the antiseptic cotton swab, and then put on a wounded mole. Vatka must be fixed with bandage for about 15-20 minutes. If, after the allotted time, the blood goes and does not stop, the cotton should be moistened again and applied to the wound. When the birthmark was unsuccessfully broken, and there are severe blood loss, which can not be stopped, one should immediately seek help.
  2. If you have scratched your birthmark, what should you do to prevent infection? To prevent infection from entering the wound, the skin around the nevus must be treated with alcohol.
  3. A scratched birthmark should not remain without protection. It is necessary to cover the nevus with a small piece of gauze.
It happens that if the damage occurs, the formation breaks off. When the birthmark was torn off, it is important not to throw it out, but to take it to the hospital to do a histological analysis. For this, the detached material is placed in saline solution. To prepare the composition, you will need salt (1 h. l.) and water (1 L). If the birthmark has fallen off, for its delivery to the doctor the mineral water of alkaline composition also approaches.

It is important to know how to act if you tore off a mole, and what to do is not recommended in such cases. When the nevus as a result of trauma does not completely come off, but hangs, the independent removal of the torn formations is strictly prohibited. After all, it is quite clear what will happen next if you tear off a birthmark. It should be removed only by a qualified specialist. The only thing that needs to be done when the nevus begins to fall off is to fix it after using the antiseptic.

If the nevus is injured or injured, but there is no blood, then the trauma was easy. However, the nevus is also treated with an antiseptic agent.

Often parents have to deal with the fact that the child tore off the birthmark. Similar in children often happens due to their activity and excessive curiosity. If a kid accidentally damaged a birthmark, what should parents do to prevent complications?

If the child tore off the birthmark and blood blew from the damaged area, the first medical aid referred to above should be given. When the baby scratched the birthmark, the injured area before the doctor's visit must necessarily be bandaged. It is also necessary to talk with the child about what will happen if you unearth a birthmark.

Precautionary measures

. Damage to the nevus can be avoided if you exercise caution and fulfill certain conditions:
  1. It is necessary to take care of hand hygiene. Often a woman's nevus is injured if she has tossed the birthmark with long nails. And infection occurs when she injured the birthmark with her hands, on which there are many microbes, especially under the nail plates. Ignoring the rules of hygiene can lead to a serious complication in the form of blood poisoning.
  2. If there are pigment spots in the areas where they are most frequently rubbed with clothing, you should carefully select the elements of the wardrobe. It is advisable to give preference to things from natural fabrics, while they should not be rude.
  3. To prevent injury to the formations on the face, it is necessary to choose cosmetics, which contain no aggressive substances.
  4. Taking a bath or shower, it is recommended to use soft washcloths. The presence of many nevi on the skin, especially convex, provides for the refusal of scrubs. Such remedies not only nerve the nevi, but also injure healthy areas.
  5. Those who have pigmented formations on the soles of the feet should only buy comfortable shoes.
  6. During shaving should be the most attentive to the nevus that is present on the face. It is important to try not to touch the area where it is located.
That the child has not torn off a good-quality education, it is necessary to talk with him about why it is impossible to pick a birthmark and what can happen if the birthmark suddenly disappeared. Children need to know how serious the consequences of their inattentive behavior may be when they unintentionally ripped off the nevus.

Do not abandon the surgical removal of the nevus, especially when it is regularly traumatized. If the examination shows that the patient, for example, has scratched the birthmark, which is capable of malignancy, it is better to get rid of education. It is not recommended to delay treatment for a long time.

Following simple rules, everyone can minimize the risk of damage to the integrity of the nevus. But even if the injury has occurred, it is important to remain calm and not to delay with seeking help.


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