6 effective ointments from spider veins on the face

Kuperozom called violations of blood circulation in the capillaries, which leads to the appearance of blood sprouts. This phenomenon is typical for different parts of the skin. But these manifestations on the face are especially painful. In addition to the spoiled appearance, couperose can cause itching or burning. Tonal cream can hide the appearance of the disease, without eliminating the cause. Therefore, in order to obtain a more reliable result, it is worthwhile to use pharmaceutical preparations or folk remedies that eliminate the main manifestations of this disorder. What kind of cream from couperose on the face in the pharmacy is better to choose than to be guided?



  • 1How pharmacies work
  • 2Review of drugs from couperose
  • 3Prevention of couperose on the face

How pharmacies work


If a person finds on his face visible traces of vascular bundles of burgundy-violet color, on which the presence of couperose is determined, he should determine the cause that caused the phenomenon. If you ignore the initial

signs, the asterisks will expand, reaching 1 mm.

Actions with couperose should be taken in two ways. First, it is necessary, if possible, to eliminate the cause of the disease. Secondly, you need to remove the appeared stars. They can be cured at home in about 2 months.

Preparations designed to treat couperose on the face of the drugs act as follows:

  • crepes from couperose strengthen the walls of the vessels and increase their elasticity;
  • they make the skin more elastic;
  • Such remedies become a protection against external influences for the skin prone to similar problems;
  • crepes from couperose nourish and restore the water balance of skin, without causing allergies.

If you are planning to purchase a cream from couperose on your face at the pharmacy, you will be offered a number of products that differ from each other in terms of impact and price. In view of the wide choice of medicines, it is not necessary to make a choice on your own. First of all, you should visit a specialist who will choose the drug that suits you.

Review of drugs from couperose

The therapy against couperose is based on the use of various ointments and creams.

Let's consider some of them:

  1. Avene Diroseal is a cream from vascular asterisks, used for intensive therapy. It moisturizes the face covers, restores water balance and speeds up the process of tissue renewal. The doctor can prescribe such a remedy to a patient with a dry type of skin, because because of the texture for the oily and problem skin it is not suitable.
  2. The bark is a domestic cream that is often prescribed for the skin with couperose at the initial stage. Its use is not recommended in frosty weather, since excess moisture not only will not have a positive effect, but will also aggravate the disease.
  3. Aven Antirougeurs FORT is a skin cream designed specifically for sensitive skin. The effect is achieved by improving blood microcirculation in blood vessels. Its use brings an excellent result in any weather.
  4. Dr. Taffy is used to strengthen blood vessels and remove skin irritation. Although the medicine does not presume side effects, some of its components may be allergic. To achieve the result, the course of treatment with the drug is at least 3 months.
  5. Uriage is an ointment from couperose on the face, used to treat or prevent disease. Active components present in it moisturize, soothe and protect the facial skin from irritants. According to the manufacturers, the drug provides a lasting and lasting effect.
  6. Inexpensive, but an effective remedy for this ailment is Troxevasin. Its main action is aimed at strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Side effects may occur due to violation of the rules for the application of the gel.

In addition to creams, the doctor may be prescribed Ascorutin. These tablets, including vitamins C and P, improve metabolism, accelerate the removal of toxins from the body. All this improves the condition of the circulatory system, contributing to the fight with the asterisks.

Prevention of couperose on the face

To effectively treat couperose on the face, it is worth knowing the causes of its occurrence. In some cases, people themselves provoke the development of this disease, not showing moderation in eating, abusing alcohol. The facial skin can become prone to couperose as a result of prolonged exposure to cold or sunlight.

Similar symptoms are observed in people who smoke, often experiencing stressful situations or simply not following the skin condition.

Kuperoz can be the result of other diseases:

  • malfunctions in the immune system;
  • sclerotic vascular pathology;
  • handed down by inheritance of low elasticity of the walls of blood vessels.

Given that couperose can be not only hereditary, but also acquired as a result wrong way of life disease, it is worth taking steps to protect your health from potential threat.

It is worth remembering that even the best cream or ointment for the face can not guarantee a healthy skin by 100%, if the person continues to smoke, abuse alcohol or eat improperly. Therefore, therapy with couperose should be comprehensive. It includes not only the use of prescribed means, but also a change in lifestyle, which prevents the manifestation of this ailment in the future.

Correctly selected should be cosmetics from kuperoza on the face. With this disease, it is not necessary to use formulations containing alcohol components. Cosmetology with menthol, pepper, mint and eucalyptus is also contraindicated. All this can become an additional irritant to the skin, provoking the disease.

Let's sum up: external signs of couperose are caused by abnormalities in the functioning of the circulatory system. Although the causes of this illness are many, the best methods of treatment include complex measures. First, therapy is associated with the transition to a healthy diet, reducing stress and avoiding bad habits. Secondly, to improve the condition of the skin used tablets, gels or ointments from couperose.

Because the methods of exposure and the use of drugs directly depend on the individual characteristics of a person, it is not necessary to use pharmacy products without prescribing a doctor.

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