Vitiligo treatment of folk remedies

If a person has white spots on the skin, then he is concerned with the question of how to treat vitiligo at home. The disease brings moral suffering, nervous disorders. It should be immediately said that the disease is treated for a long time. Official medicine can not recommend a specific cure scheme. Selection of drugs is carried out exclusively individually. But even in such cases there is no guarantee of a quick recovery. Therefore, patients turn to folk methods of treatment. For vitiligo treatment of folk remedies which can help?



  • 1You need to treat chronic dermatosis
  • 2St. John's wort complex
  • 3Recipes collected by people

You need to treat chronic dermatosis


Cure Vitiligo is very difficult, doctors call it chronic dermatosis. White patches on the skin appear, because the pigment is not synthesized enough - melanocyte. Modern medicine can not yet find effective and fast-acting remedies for this pathology. Symptoms of this pathology - the appearance of a white patch on the skin.

If you provide medica

l care at the initial stage, then the chances of recovery are much greater. But if you start the treatment process after the five-year presence of a white patch on the skin, in this case, it is almost impossible to restore normal pigmentation.

Treatment of white spots must be done and the sooner, the better. For the process to be effective, consultation with a dermatologist is required. Because it is impossible to find out the cause of pathology independently. Sometimes the appearance of white patches on the skin may be associated with another disease. The doctor will help you understand and select the most effective method.

A good effect can be obtained by applying complex methods of treatment. All methods are usually aimed at restoring melanin synthesis and strengthening the immune system. The disease brings the patient nervous breakdown. In turn, the treatment will not be effective if the patient is nervous. Therefore, soothing agents are also used.

Vitiligo treatment of folk remedies should be carried out in a complex way:

  1. Lubricate white spots.
  2. To drink infusions.
  3. Take vitamins.

Preparations to carry out Vitiligo treatment at home can be made independently. But be sure to consult a doctor who will tell you how to get rid of Vitiligo.

St. John's wort complex

To treat Vitiligo at home, a popular St. John's wort is used.

On the basis of this medicinal plant, effective folk remedies are made from Vitiligo:

  1. A good remedy for Vitiligo is the oil from St. John's wort flowers. For its preparation use only flowers. The flowers should be filled with a jar, so that up to 5 cm of free space remains, then pour the flowers with olive oil to the very top. The oil must be cold pressed. A bank with filled flowers should be in the sun for two weeks. And it should be shaken. After two weeks of infusion, the contents of the cans are squeezed. When the oil is clean, they should pour a new portion of the flowers. And also withstand two weeks in the sun. The infusion procedure should be carried out up to 7 times. The final result should be a brown-red oil and a density of sour cream. This oil is suitable for compresses of white spots on the skin. Tissue napkin is impregnated, then applied to the affected area. After half an hour, recommend a 2-minute sun bath. Every day, the time in the sun is increased by a minute or two. This course takes a month. Then a break in two weeks. Such cycles should be a maximum of three.
  2. To quickly get rid of the disease, use and infusions to take inside. For the present, it is required to dry the ground St. John's wort in an amount of 1 h. l. and a glass of boiling water. St. John's wort pour boiling water. Half an hour to insist. Drink before meals for 1 second. l. three times a day. This course should be spent 21 days, a break for a week, then continue to drink infusion. Such courses should be 8 per year.
  3. Ointment. It will take a dry plant - 5 g. Olive oil - 50 ml. First mix, then hold for half an hour in a water bath. Cool and drain. Contain in a glass container, preferably from a dark glass. Use as a compress.
  4. Baths. Requires St. John's wort and turns of 20 g. Plus a decoction of the roots of aira. Mix the decoctions better before taking a bath. After the bath of the injury site, grease with iodine, you can grease strawberries or use salicylic acid for lubrication.
From St. John's wort, preparations can be prepared that are used for external processing, for bathing and for domestic consumption. But it is undesirable to use them alone, that is without a doctor's recommendation.

Recipes collected by people


The curing process can be long. How to cure the disease will advise a competent dermatologist. In such a cure, the patient needs patience and accuracy of the recommendations.

And you can make medicines from the most common products:

  1. For example, tincture of pepper in Vitiligo. Take a jar with a capacity of one liter, place six red capsicum dried peppers, pour vodka in the amount, liter. Close tightly with a lid and wrap the jar with a dense cloth. Insist in a dark place for 25 days. Every day the bank needs to be shaken. Starting from the 26th day, take out the pepper. The obtained tincture should be rubbed into the lesions. The solution needs to be rubbed and then it is necessary to sit on a sunny place, so that the rays hit the spots.
  2. You can use a birch tar. You can buy tar in the pharmacy. Lubrication of tar is required for a month. Apply it to the spots initially minutes by 10, with each next time the exposure time increases. The maximum can be kept for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and baby soap.
  3. Tincture of nut leaves with Vitiligo. Fill the can with half the clean leaves. Pour vodka to the top. Infuse two weeks in a dark place. This tincture wipe light areas twice a day.
  4. Buy any antifungal cream in the pharmacy. Mix with acetylsalicylic acid. Lubricate the ointment with light spots.
  5. You can rub light areas of skin with cut garlic cloves or a piece of onion. You need to rub for about five minutes. Apply them one by one. This method quickly removes completely new spots.
  6. You can mix thoroughly the black ground pepper with ordinary baking soda in the proportion:. The resulting mixture lubricate the brightened areas.
This list lists the simplest recipes that can be prepared at home. And very many components are in every house. Treatment at home is possible. There are examples of cured patients.

All medical methods require perseverance, since the healing process is long. Because doctors recommend to follow their advice, do not be nervous, because we get rid of the problem together.


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