The causes of white spots on the cheeks in children

White spots on the face of the child cause fear and panic in the parents. Every parent experiences the health of his child. And so in such cases, running around for experts, clinics in search of an effective disposal of such a problem. When white spots of different sizes appear on the child's face, this may indicate the onset of a more serious problem. But it is possible that their appearance is provoked by severe stress.



  • 1Possible types of white spots
  • 2The causes of the appearance of white patches on the skin
  • 3Feature of treatment

Possible types of white spots

There were white spots on the cheek of the child, that it could be:.
  1. Defeats the fungal virus. White patches on the cheeks appear after defeat by a yeast parasite. The parasite, which enters the skin, produces substances that penetrate directly into the layers of the epidermis, where melanocytes destroy. With such a lesion, the spots will be round or oval. Such a defeat is called deprivation of the pungent. The disease is not contagious, occurs
    in hot weather or in a humid climate.
  2. Lishai Zhibera appears as a result of the defeat of the herpes virus. This type of lichen is also not infectious. The affected areas of the skin are round in shape, small in size, but with clear boundaries. Painful sensations do not deliver. Places of its localization - in natural skin folds. It can appear after severe infectious diseases, that is, with a reduced state of immunity.
  3. The next representative of fungal infection is white lichen. In this case, there are white and pink patches, which then can lose a pink tinge. Inflammation itches and itches. Treatment sometimes lasts several weeks, and sometimes even a couple of months. Then the color of the skin becomes normal.
  4. Vitiligo may appear in young people under 20 years of age. It is not easy to get rid of this disease, because the process is very long.
  5. The disease, called "Tumorosa sclerosis is considered a dangerous pathology. With this pathology there is a lag in the development of the child both physically and mentally. The development of internal organs also lags behind. The patient may have epileptic seizures. An indication of the appearance of such a disease are large spots up to 5 cm, and they can be found not only on the face, but also on the hands and feet.
  6. Nevus pale fast-growing. Often confused with a wart or mole. Can be transformed into malignant formation.

Not all the appeared spots with a changed color are a threat to health. To be sure of this, you should consult a doctor.

The causes of the appearance of white patches on the skin

Based on the above reasons, thanks to which a white spot appears, it is impossible to determine independently. These reasons will be determined by the doctor.

The thing is that the spots can be caused:

  • fungal lesions. Most often such areas can be peeled off;
  • defeat by temporary dermatitis. Such a defeat can extend not only to the facial skin, but also to occur on the hands and feet;
  • The lack of melanin in the dermis explains the discoloration of some areas of the skin.

White spots may appear for reasons of a different nature.

That is, their appearance can be provoked as a result of:

  1. Appeared nervous breakdown.
  2. Emotional shocks.
  3. Hormonal failures.
  4. Occur as a result of intensive growth of the child.

In general, the appearance of white spots on the face should not particularly worry the parents. Many babies easily tolerate their appearance. And the treatment passes quickly.

The main task of parents is to turn to a doctor for help in time. Do not self-medicate. For treatment to bring the expected effect, it is required to carry out diagnostics. Because it is necessary to accurately determine the parasite, if it is the cause of the disease. And this can only be done in the laboratory.

Feature of treatment


After a thorough examination, only the attending physician can choose the method and medication. Even a plain lichen should be shown to the doctor. Only he can prescribe a course of treatment and recommend taking medications.

To identify the exact cause of the appearance of the pathology, the following diagnostics are carried out:

  1. The liver is examined in children.
  2. Check the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Diagnose the condition of the biliary tract.
  4. Identify the presence of helminths.

When such serious checks do not reveal serious suspicions, then the reason for the appearance of the disease is the psychoemotional state of the child. In such circumstances, it will be necessary for parents to create a quiet, stress-free atmosphere. Very often such problems appear as a result of anger and irritation.

The doctor may recommend using:

  1. Lotions and compresses based on propolis, which is an antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial agent. Such procedures will help to discolor dark areas of the skin.
  2. Treatment of facial skin with infusion of celandine.
  3. Baths for children with iodized salt and infusion of succession.
  4. Treat white spots with fresh juice of calendula flowers.
The treatment is carried out by a specialist. Parents should follow all recommendations. In addition to buying the right drugs for treatment, the child will need a relaxed atmosphere in the family.

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