Treatment and prevention of white lichen

One of the existing problems in dermatology is a disease that is called white lichen.


Simple white lichen refers to one of the varieties of all lichens. He does not appear at birth, but is acquired during life. The disease has not been studied, so it's not easy to answer the question of how to diagnose and treat an infection.

People get scared when they hear a diagnosis, but do not panic. The disease is not so aggressive and often goes away without any treatment. The disease is quite common among the population. Appears more often in adolescence than in adults.


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Doctors can not tell with certainty, because of what there are white spots on the skin. Presumably it is believed that this can often occur in people with autoimmune diseases.

One of the reasons can be called stress, after which the disease can manifest itself. It can also arise after infectious diseases, various intoxications, in contact with various synthetic tissues.

Lishay in humans is observed with

damaged liver cells. If you get better liver function, then the symptoms of the disease decrease.

In medicine, there were moments when the disease passed without a trace after the healing of such infection as a lambliasis. Complete cure of parasites leads to curing the disease.

Pathologies that occur in this disease:

  • associated with thyroid problems;
  • depletion of the nervous system;
  • dysfunction of pituitary hormones, in particular, sex hormones;
  • possible increased coagulability of blood.
The cause of the appearance of white lichen can be microbes and various kinds of fungi. In most cases, the disease causes microscopic fungi. Zooanthrophilous fungi can survive on the human body and on the skin of animals.

Therefore, it is possible to get infected by contact with sick street cats, dogs and other animals that have access to the street.

If the lichen is caused by anthropophilic fungus, then the path of its transmission is possible only with physical contact with the infected person or objects of common use that the sick person used. A geophysical fungus can be picked up by contact with the ground.

With weakened immunity, it is possible to get infected by depriving.

There are factors that weaken the protective functions of the body:

  1. Chronic diseases.
  2. Severe hypothermia.
  3. Stress.
  4. HIV infection.


At depriving white spots are strongly pronounced, it is impossible to notice them. However, without examinations it is difficult to detect the disease. At the first signs of discomfort, you should contact a specialist who will help identify the disease and establish a diagnosis.

The doctor begins with an external examination, does a scraping and sends it to the study.

Common places where lichen is shown:

  • on the face;
  • on the outer sides of the thighs and arms;
  • on the back;
  • around the eyes, ears, mouth;
  • on the elbows, knees;
  • on the outside of the hands, stop.

In diameter, the spots reach a size of one to four centimeters, slightly protruding above the skin level.

Eruptions usually have an oval shape. Each spot is located at a distance from each other. They can peel and cause itching. In places where white lichen is found, white spots appear.

In the summer, the disease is most pronounced, because with tanned skin the spots are very prominent, and tanning does not lie on them. In themselves, the spots do not cause any pain, most often discomfort arises about a cosmetic defect.

If the disease appeared for the first time, it is necessary to think and analyze what could become the cause of the disease. Not passed stains in childhood can take a chronic form, and cure the disease will be quite difficult.


. When the illness does not bother, often people do not go to the doctors and do not need treatment. He is able to go himself without medication in four weeks.

Treatment of white lichen is necessary if:

  • manifestations on the face cause discomfort in the patient;
  • it is possible to join another disease;
  • the affected areas on the skin becomes larger.

For white lichen treatment does not involve the use of medications. Often enough to use moisturizer. It is better to buy a baby cream, because it does not cause allergies, it does not contain dyes, various flavors, which can cause bad consequences on the skin.

In the summer it is better not to sunbathe in the open sun, because the difference between healthy skin and the one that is subject to pigmentation will be very noticeable. Sometimes such manipulations will be enough for a quick recovery.

How to treat lichen in the inflammatory process? Therapy will include the use of hydrocortisone ointment and antiseptic agents.

It is allowed to use herbal compresses with soothing properties, such as:

  • chamomile;
  • St. John's wort;
  • calendula;
  • sage.
But before using them, you should consult a doctor, since even harmless herbs can cause allergies, which can lead to deterioration.

Therefore, the question of how to treat the disease remains poorly understood. It is hard to predict what can help for sure. With severe manifestations, doctors recommend the use of hormonal ointments. But they can not be used for a long time. They have serious side effects. Before you start using them, you should weigh the pros and cons and decide what is more important, a cosmetic defect or complications after the ointment.

Treatment for children is slightly different. Baby skin requires constant care.

There are rules that should be strictly observed:

  • wash only with warm water without using soap, as it dries the skin drastically;
  • bathe in a bath only with warm water, use soap with glycerin;
  • constantly maintain the skin with moisturizing cream;
  • When you are with a child on the beach do not forget to use a special tool that protects from the sun;
  • treat white lichen with corticosteroid hormones.

It is also possible to apply the treatment with folk remedies. But we must do this with caution. Because some herbs can cause the development of pigment, which will enhance the appearance of white spots. It is best to make a decoction and apply lotions to the affected skin.

Popular lotions from the herbs of chamomile, St. John's wort, oregano and marigold. An excellent moisturizer can be rose hip oil. But all these funds should be checked before use for an allergic reaction. To do this, you need to drop a couple of drops of oil on the skin and wait for a while. If there are redness, then the use of this tool is not recommended.

A good result can be achieved only with the use of such tools for a long time.


If you do not want to be overtaken by such a disease, you should follow certain rules that will help prevent the appearance of the disease or reduce the appearance of lesions on the skin:
  1. Various skin lesions should be disinfected with antiseptic drugs. Wear an antibacterial patch in the bag. In which case, you can protect the damage from getting different viruses and fungi. It is through such unprotected places that bacteria penetrate.
  2. Try never to borrow strangers' hair. If you go to the bath, take care of beforehand about personal things, such as a bast, a towel. Do not use other people's shaving tools.
  3. Watch your health, do not let the immune system run out. Always wash your hands with soap after washing. When influenza epidemics do not forget to rinse your nose with brine. Dress in the weather. Go in for sports, even trivial charging will help to strengthen your immunity.
  4. The food should be right and balanced. Try to buy products that do not contain preservatives. Eat more fruits and vegetables. For the prevention of colds, you can use foods with antiviral effect, for example, garlic, onions, oranges, carrots, beets.
  5. Being on the beach, remember about shoes, with bare feet walking on the sand is not recommended, tk. there is a risk of getting infected. Lying on a chaise longue, use litter. Sunbathe should be up to eleven o'clock in the morning and after four in the evening.
  6. Use a variety of creams, sprays, protecting from the sun. If you bathe, then after that the skin should be wiped dry.
  7. Clothes and underwear should be bought from natural fabrics. When contacting the skin of natural materials, rubbing of damaged skin will not occur.
Observing the recommended rules, the possibility of getting infected with white lichen comes to naught. And if symptoms occur, seek help from a dermatologist immediately.

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