Than it is possible to treat pityriasis versus medicines

Getting on the skin of a fungal infection can provoke pityriasis, and than it can be treated, only a dermatologist can tell. Also he will answer the question, what medicines will help get rid of the disease.


Peregrine lichen, or color deprive, requires a sufficiently long period of time to get rid of the infection. It is practically impossible to detect a disease at first. There is a disease in the form of red spots.

If the infection is not treated, soon the spots will start to grow and acquire a brown or pink hue.


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  • 3Application of phytotherapy
  • 4Methods of treatment with iodine



Than to treat pityriasis lichen, to tell only the skilled expert in the field of dermatology can tell or say. The ailment that causes constant itching gives a lot of inconvenience to a person.

Before treatment, the doctor prescribes an examination to establish an accurate diagnosis, and then chooses the treatment tactics.

Before starting treatment, you need to establish nutrition. It must be

balanced. It is recommended to increase the intake of vegetables and dairy products. It is not recommended to use strong broths from fish, meat. Limit the reception of spicy seasonings, smoked sausages, sweets, spices.

Self-recovery is possible, but the use of drugs significantly reduces the healing time. The appearance of stains remains after recovery for another three months, after which they disappear forever and without a trace.

General rules to follow:

  • treatment of damaged areas with antifungal creams;
  • application of specialized means for washing hair;
  • use of antifungal medicines.

Treat pityriasis lichen offer keratolytic and antimycotics.

Drugs should be used only those prescribed by a dermatologist:

  • if the foci of infection are in a small amount, it will be sufficient to use antifungal agents for external use;
  • preparations of keratolytic properties help exfoliate and soften the upper layer of the skin, affected by the fungus. Antimycotic drugs are used to kill fungal infection. They are used in combination with other drugs against lichen;
  • resorcinol solution, salicylic alcohol. Apply twice a day, applying to damaged skin.

These remedies are able to soften well the upper layer of skin affected by a fungal infection. Fungus varicoloured varicella infects only the upper layer of the skin. Therefore, these means from pitybearing deprivation is quite enough.

The most effective are the drugs with antimycotic action. When using such drugs from color deprivation treatment in humans will go with acceleration.

Medicines with antifungal effect are made in the form of ointments, tablets, gels. To treat a multicolored lichen, you can choose for yourself medicines in any form.

Common medications

In the first place on the popularity is the drug Klotrimazol. The drug is available in the form of solutions, creams, ointments, lotions. Clotrimazole easily kills yeast fungus, which causes infection. It has an antimicrobial effect and reduces the number of infectious bacteria.

The main advantage is that the active substances are not absorbed into the blood.

This tool almost does not cause side effects in the treatment of varicolored lichen.

The doctor prescribes the use of the ointment several times a day.

Features of the drug:

  1. Clotrimazole should be smeared directly on the affected skin.
  2. If you experience any unpleasant moments resembling severe burning, you should consult a dermatologist for another medication.
  3. It is forbidden to apply during breastfeeding. During pregnancy, use caution.
Than to treat a color deprive? The next remedy is Mikozoral - a drug based on ketoconazole, which is available in the form of shampoos, creams, ointments, suppositories. He gained popularity among the population in the treatment of varicolored lichen. In addition to fungi, it perfectly fights against staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Using this drug externally, you can quickly eliminate the symptoms on the body. To avoid re-occurrence of infection, the course of therapy should be carried out completely.

Has contraindications:

  1. It is forbidden to take women in position.
  2. People who are intolerant of a drug substance should refrain from using it.
  3. With Mikozoralom should not simultaneously take other medicinal substances. Allowed to use at different times. One remedy is used in the morning, and the second in the evening.

Complex therapy gives good results, and the re-emergence of the disease can be avoided.

Pityriasis lichen in humans is not always cured with the use of external medicines alone. There is a spread of the disease, and without systemic treatment can not do.

In this case, the attending physician must prescribe the medicinal product Rumikoz. Adults usually prescribed 200 mg per day. The drug is taken within a week.

Lactating women are not allowed to take Rumikoza. During pregnancy, use with caution and only under the supervision of the treating doctor.

The drug has a lot of side effects. Before using, do not forget to read the instructions.

An antifungal drug based on terbinafine is called Fungoterbine. Produced in the form of tablets, ointments, sprays. Before applying the cream, the surface of the epidermis is cleaned, after which the agent is applied.

The duration of the course is usually two weeks. Children older than two years of use of the drug is permitted, but under the supervision of a doctor. It is allowed to use pregnant women.

Duration of treatment by various means on average over time:

  • Cyclopyrox Cream is applied for two weeks several times a day;
  • Bifonazole solution is used for four weeks once a day;
  • The course of taking terbinafine is two weeks;
  • Clotrimazole is used from one to three weeks.

Application of phytotherapy

. Than to treat lichen if there are contraindications to chemical medicines?

The doctor can offer to use as a remedy phytotherapy:

  1. The use of capsules Psoril helps cure skin disease, as the composition includes the substance graphite. The composition of the remedy includes the goldenrod, which perfectly removes the itch.
  2. With the help of barberry you can remove the peeling from the skin. The medicine can be produced in the form of an ointment with the addition of violet oil, lavender, mint. With this composition, the drug copes well with bacteria, while providing antifungal action. Helps to remove irritation of the skin, so that the skin begins to heal.
  3. Good means with the use of tar. Such ointments produced good results and showed high efficiency. The disadvantage of these ointments is their unpleasant odor.

If the action of the capsules is not enough, then you can use the following tinctures for complex treatment:

  • calendula;
  • celandine;
  • propolis.

Wipe followed by infectious disease sites. Before using these drugs, you should always consult your doctor.

During pregnancy, use with caution, since the tinctures are prepared using alcohol.

Methods of treatment with iodine

You can cure pityriasis using iodine. Efficacy can be achieved only at the first signs of the disease. Possible side effects, so you need to constantly monitor the reaction of the body.

Use two options for treatment with iodine: a combination of iodine and green soap, alternate use of green with iodine.

Below are the ways of using:

  1. Iodine and soap are applied for no more than three days. This mixture should be washed affected area. Then remove the scales from the skin. After the formation of wounds, wipe them with a solution of iodine. You can repeat the procedure in six days.
  2. The next method is to alternately lubricate first green, and then iodine. The procedure is carried out four times a day. The application of funds is made in turn by the day. On the first day, only green is used, and in the second - iodine. The duration of therapy is two weeks.
  3. You can swap drugs and on the first day in the morning, lubricate with iodine, put green in the lunch, and use iodine in the evening. If the case is started, then a break between the use of funds should be at least one hour.
Iodine has an antiseptic effect, due to which bacteria quickly die, and this contributes to a speedy recovery.

Before using, do not forget to consult a doctor.

Any infectious disease affects your immunity. And that the disease does not touch you, you should constantly take care of your health and observe precautions.


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