Treatment and prevention of ringworm on the head in children

Among many dermatological diseases, ringworm is often found on the head in children, the treatment of which must be carried out taking into account the physiological characteristics of the child's body.


Children are more likely than others to suffer from ringworm, so it is important to resort to effective measures of treatment on time. This can be drug therapy, treatment with folk remedies, diet. Also do not forget about prevention.

Ringworm on the head of a child manifests itself more often than in an adult. Scaly patches grow on the skin, and the hair in these areas intensively break off, forming unaesthetic bald spots. The disease is contagious and long-term cure, it is important to take timely measures and prevent its transition to a chronic stage.


  • 1Causes and conservative treatment of ringworm on the head
  • 2Alternative medicine
  • 3Prevention of ringworm

Causes and conservative treatment of ringworm on the head


The causative agent is a fungus that penetrates the body through microcracks on the skin, a

brasions, scratches and other wounds. Weakened immunity automatically includes a child at risk. In addition, the causes of the disease can serve as an avitaminosis or an excess of vitamins, as well as severe chronic diseases.

After examination of a qualified specialist, analysis and diagnosis, treatment of this dermatological disease begins. As additional research procedures, microscopic skin scales can be sown and the hair follicles examined under a microscope.

If only the scalp is affected, you can limit yourself to local treatment with antifungal creams, ointments, lotions and other medications.

From traditional means, children can use the following:

  • alcohol solution of iodine - it is applied to the affected areas several times a day, starting from the morning;
  • antimycotic ointments - treatment of plaques by Nizoral, Bifosin, Triderm, Mifungar;
  • Lamisil in the form of a cream or spray, Zalain or Exifin can be used in the treatment of pediatric ringworm, but at most once a week;
  • Clotrimazole or Funginal - used to fight the fungus four-week course, every day several times;
  • Loceril and Exodermil - these ointments should be used twice a day, sometimes more often, the duration of therapy should be two weeks;
  • ointments based on tar, salicylic acid and sulfur are traditional drugs prescribed for treating this type of lichen in children. They need to be treated for a month, lubricating the stripped out area with a thick layer. It is most convenient to use these funds before bedtime.

Regular child cutting is mandatory, it is better to do this every week. After this event, you need to wash your head with soap.

Antifungal shampoos will help ease itching, reduce peeling. Use them 1-2 times a week. Among such funds, you can designate Mikozoral, Nizoral, tar tar shampoos.

Alternative medicine

Traditional treatment involves the use of natural herbal remedies without the use of pharmacy medicines. Oil extracts, herbs, plants and other useful products can effectively save the child from ringworm on the head.

We list some of them:

  1. Lavender and jojoba oil - a teaspoon of the base should be added one drop of lavender oil and grease the affected area with a cotton swab 3-4 times a day for several weeks. The product perfectly removes inflammation and eliminates itching.
  2. Garlic - crush several denticles, mix with baby cream, apply to desired areas for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Apply the ointment daily a couple of times.
  3. Vinegar with salt - mixed ingredients, apply on plaques for 10 minutes. After rinse with running water, repeat the whole week.
  4. Tea tree oil - mix the oil extract with water in equal proportions and apply to the affected areas. The course of treatment is one month. Apply twice a day.
  5. Apple vinegar - undiluted apply on the skin with cotton per day several times.
  6. Aloe - squeeze juice from a leaf of a young plant, lubricate the foci three times a day for a long time, until the disease disappears.
  7. Propolis - 50 grams of raw material mixed with a glass of alcohol and insist for seven days. Treatment depriving such a tool should last a whole month, it should be applied two to three times a day.
  8. Raisins - Dark berries need to be crushed into a slurry and applied to plaques every day. Excellent fights against the fungus.
  9. Olive oil with citric acid - proportions two weeks to smear the herpes several times a day.
  10. Salt, soda and water - make the mixture, so that it resembles sour cream, and applied to the skin three times a day.

Prevention of ringworm

. In order to avoid the occurrence of negative consequences, parents need to monitor their child and monitor compliance with the basic rules of prevention of exacerbation and relapse.

Additional recommendations for treatment:

  • minimize contact with affected areas, that is, not only try not to itch, but in general it is better not to touch plaques;
  • As often as possible, wash hands, especially after contact with the foci of the disease;
  • wash the places affected by deprivation, as little as possible and do not rub them;
  • walking outdoors is not necessary, you just need to transfer them to the evening time, when the sun has already sat down or almost sat down so that the skin does not heat up;
  • in order to avoid creating a greenhouse effect and multiplying the pathogenic fungus, do not wear synthetic linens and clothes, give preference to cotton products;
  • protect the sick child's belongings from the wardrobe of the rest of the family;
  • as often as possible to do cleaning, disinfection, whenever possible every day, or even several times;
  • Carpets should be taken out of all premises for a while, so that the spores of the fungus do not accumulate there and multiply;
  • To replace the bathing of the child entirely with a damp sponge.

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove hair on the head completely, that is, plucking from the damaged area of ​​the hair.

Affected bulbs are greatly weakened, so the process will be virtually painless. You can use a special plaster that is glued to a specific area and removed with vegetation in two weeks.

All therapeutic measures must be combined with immunity-stimulating measures: by hardening, taking vitamins. Vitamin C strengthens the body's defenses, helps fight the disease, and B vitamins have a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

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