The methods of treating ringworm in children

Treatment of ringworm in children should begin with an acquaintance with the peculiarities of this disease.


Ringworm, or microsporia in children - is a very common ailment of a child's skin, which often happens in the warm season. After all, young children are very mobile and curious. When they come to know the world, they face many dangers on a daily basis, which can damage their health, since a weak immune system is not always ready to resist the external environment. Especially the danger is greatest in the summer, when pathogens can easily get on the delicate baby skin. Ringworm is one such disease.


  • 1General concepts of the disease
  • 2Diagnosis of the disease
  • 3External influences on lichen
  • 4Treatment of the disease on the scalp
  • 5Folk remedies and prevention

General concepts of the disease


The disease is caused by a fungus, which settles mainly on the scalp, but can also occur in other open areas of the skin and on the nails.

The causative agent is a long body that produces many spores, which contribute

s to the rapid spread of infection.

Disputes have the following characteristics:

  • sufficiently tenacious;
  • they are not affected by disinfectants;
  • they are perfectly preserved on the objects of the external environment;
  • are resistant to temperature changes and adapt to different weather conditions;
  • can exist in the environment for up to a year and a half.

Possessing such qualities, quarrels of ringworm give a lot of inconveniences to the child. Getting on the skin of the hair, they begin to multiply rapidly, as the cuff hair on the child's head becomes a perfect soil for them: it's warm and humid.

Over time, in this place are formed areas of bare skin, covered with scales. The hair in this place looks like a scissor-cut, hence the household name. The injured place hurts and itches, causing the child discomfort. In severe cases, if the immunity is weakened, suppuration may occur.

These symptoms indicate that the child has picked up some kind of disease. To prevent complications and profuse rashes, treatment of this ailment should be started as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of the disease

To treat ringworm in a child should start with the diagnosis. The initial diagnosis is carried out by a dermatologist at the examination at the reception. He determines the visual signs of the disease and prescribes an additional examination of the patient to confirm the diagnosis.

To confirm the diagnosis, the following studies are carried out:

  1. Diagnosis by the Wood lamp (luminescent). The site, stricken with deprivation, is highlighted by a special lamp. If there is a pathogen, the affected area will glow. This method is express diagnostics, but is not accurate. It only presupposes the presence of a fungal disease.
  2. Study under a microscope. From the affected area of ​​the skin is taken scraping and placed under a microscope. Under the magnifying glass are studied small particles of skin, taken elements of follicles, of which a hair grows, scales of the epidermis. With multiple increases, the presence of the fungus is immediately apparent.
  3. To confirm the presence of the disease more accurately, fungi are placed in a nutrient medium under laboratory conditions, grown for several days, and then thoroughly examined. After this, the analyzes obtained allow us to establish exactly how the patient is affected by the fungus.

Timely and correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of the disease.

External influences on lichen

. Treatment of ringworm is a long process, with all the recommendations leading to a cure.

If ringworm in children begin to be treated in the early stages, then such actions will lead to complete recovery of the child.

How much is treated ringworm, depends on the place and strength of the fungus lesions of the skin.

If the infection only covers the skin, in the case where it does not capture the hair, you can apply local treatment. It is based on drugs and medications that have an antifungal effect.

Examples of the use of medicines:

  1. In the morning hours, a means for treating the upper surface of the affected area should be applied daily. It can be iodine (tincture,%) and any preparations based on iodine (Iodobac, Iodinol, Povidone-iodine).
  2. After careful treatment of the sore spot, any ointment that has an antifungal effect should be applied to it.
  3. Once a week, connect such drugs as Lamisil, Zalain, Exifin. The form of the medicine may be different: spray or ointment. Apply should be up to two times a day.
  4. Up to four weeks three times a day you can use Clotrimazole and similar ointments.
  5. Twice a day to six weeks, Miconazole and similar drugs are used.
  6. Twice a day to two weeks lubricate Exodaril.
  7. The use of tar-sulfur ointment on a salicylic base helps.
These drugs are recommended to use in the evenings. The average course of treatment usually lasts up to a month.

Treatment of the disease on the scalp

Curing ringworm on the head is more difficult. In addition to the local treatment, which will include the treatment of the diseased area, more antifungal drugs are taken inside.

The affected area must first be prepared for treatment, the following measures are carried out for this:

  • initial shaving of hair in a sore spot;
  • repeated shaving should be done once in 10 days;
  • after shaving the area treated with soap, you can use a soft brush;
  • when washing the head use shampoos against dandruff, they include antifungal drugs, it is better to do this every day;
  • The fleece hair is removed with the help of special ointments, which can be prepared by yourself (in the vaseline basis to add in equal proportions salicylic and lactic acid), use twice a day three to four day;
  • also for removing hair from a sore spot, a collodion film is used, it is purchased in a pharmacy, it is used according to the instructions;
  • when the fungus infects the eyebrows and eyelashes, the diseased hairs should be carefully removed with tweezers, then grease with the edge of the eyelid.

Prepared areas are treated as described above, but external treatment is added to the intake of drugs inside.

Well helps in the fight with the ringworm Griseofulvin. The recommended dose is 22 mg / kg of the patient's weight. The drug is used according to the scheme: 3 times a day before meals. With each dose should drink 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, so that the product is better absorbed.

Acceptance of the drug is accompanied by the following measures:

  • An examination for mushrooms is carried out once a day; as soon as a negative result appears, the scheme changes: 1 time every other day for two weeks, then 2 times a week for two weeks;
  • daily blood tests are taken to detect changes in the composition;
  • In parallel, immunomodulators are prescribed, as well as multivitamins.

The general course of treatment lasts up to eight weeks. After this, the attending physician observes the patient for another three months. If during this period the results of the analyzes remain negative, a conclusion is drawn about a complete cure.

Folk remedies and prevention

The use of folk methods is another way to treat ringworm in children.

Among the many tools you can name the following, which have an effective effect:

  1. You can make a tincture of propolis (50 g) and medical alcohol (200 ml). Ingredients mix and insist a week. Lubricate the affected area with up to three times a day, it removes negative symptoms of the disease.
  2. Quickly dries the affected areas such a mixture: burn a small piece of rubber, mix the ash with vegetable oil. This mixture can lubricate the foci of the disease several times a day.
  3. The prepared raisin gruel is another way to cure the disease at home, it acts directly on the pathogen.
  4. An excellent remedy is a mixture of citric acid and olive oil. Parts should be taken in the proportion used for lubrication for two weeks.
  5. Table salt and baking soda are taken in equal quantities, diluted with water until the density of sour cream, is applied to the affected foci.
  6. Cut the shredded cabbage leaf with sour cream, make a compress, it dries and reduces itching.
  7. You can rub into the affected areas a mixture of plantain juice and ash from birch logs.

Applying folk remedies for the treatment of this disease, one must be very careful and remember that such treatment is possible only after consultation with the attending physician.

In addition, the disappearance of external signs does not mean that the disease is defeated. It must be destroyed and inside.

If you follow the rules of hygiene and take routine preventive measures, the disease can be prevented.

On how much we will be attentive to ourselves, it depends, we avoid infection or not.

First of all, we must remember that individual hygiene items (comb, washcloth, nail file, towel, etc.) should remain so. You can not transfer them to anyone, otherwise infection from a sick person is inevitable.

After visiting public places (swimming pools, water parks, baths), you must immediately take a shower, wash well with soap, and wash your bathing accessories.

Also, we can get infected through pets. If they are walking on the street, they should be examined more often, if problems are found, contact the veterinarian immediately. Also it is necessary to explain to the child that homeless animals can not be ironed.


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