Treatment of pink depriving in various ways and reviews about treatment

If found pink, the treatment is a set of measures aimed at restoring the body's defenses in the fight against infection. Lisha Zhibera, or pitiriasis are synonymous names of pink lichen, which are often used in medical terminology. The question of what contributes to the development of this disease is open to discussion in the medical environment, but the main cause of the disease today is considered to be a viral infection (herpes 6 and 7 types). The treatment tactic is somewhat different from the standard therapy regimen used for fungal skin lesions.



  • 1Diagnosis of the disease
  • 2Tactics of treatment
  • 3What advises folk medicine
  • 4Reviews

Diagnosis of the disease


Pink lichen in most cases represents an aesthetic problem that limits the social activity of a person due to alleged infectiousness. The physiological changes in pink deprivation in humans are rare. Mainly observed clinical symptoms similar to the usual viral diseases: insignificant rise in body temperature, runny nose, sore throat, weakness, la

ck of appetite.

Appearing on the body spots of pink shade in the form of medallions should be the reason for visiting a medical institution.

For consultation, you can refer to such specialists as:

  • dermatologist;
  • dermatovenereologist;
  • allergist;
  • endocrinologist.

Do not diagnose Zieber's pink hair alone. He has similar clinical symptoms with other diseases, whose treatment tactics can be completely different.

Symptoms of pink hair loss in humans are similar to such diseases as:

  • allergic dermatoses;
  • pityriasis (color) lichen;
  • lichenoid pityriasis;
  • psoriasis;
  • syphilitic eczema;
  • dermatomycosis;
  • other viral skin diseases.

An experienced specialist can easily establish a diagnosis based on external signs of infection and patient complaints. However, in some cases, additional diagnostics are required.

The complex of basic diagnostic measures includes the following procedures:

  1. Survey of affected areas of the skin under the Wood lamp. Flashing of golden-green or reddish-yellow spots (depending on the type of pathogen) may indicate fungal infection, which excludes pink lichen.
  2. Scraping of scales from the affected spot is sent to the baklaboratory for further investigation on the nutrient medium. This procedure helps determine the type of pathogen, its resistance. The results of the analyzes contain valuable information for the doctor. Based on the history of the patient, he determines the tactics of treatment, its rationality.
  3. A general blood test indicates the presence of an infection in the blood (viral or fungal). Due to this analysis it is possible to determine the scale of infection and the resistance of the organism.

Despite the fact that lichen does not look aesthetically pleasing, many people try not to advertise the illness that has appeared in them. It should be understood that advice from friends and correspondence on the Internet will not give an exact answer, how to cure pink lichen.

Timely consultation of a specialist in a narrow profile can shorten the duration of treatment and the likelihood of complications.

Tactics of treatment

Treatment of pink lichen in humans, its effectiveness largely depends on identifying the root cause of the disease. Since Zhiber's lichen is a disease of viral etiology, the therapy is aimed at stimulating immunity. Symptoms of the disease begin to occur usually one week after infection. The manifestation of the rash indicates that the inflammatory process is in the active stage.

If Zhibera is diagnosed, the treatment includes the following scheme:

  1. Antiviral drugs of systemic action: Acyclovir, Interferon (tablets), Laferobion (ampoules, suppositories) and other analogues are taken according to the prescribed by the doctor scheme.
  2. Antifungal and hormonal drugs for local treatment of affected areas of the skin in case of suspected fungal infection. Effective and at the same time non-aggressive antimycotic agents are: Lamicon (cream), Lorinden (ointment), Sinalar (cream, ointment or emulsion), Flucinar (ointment or gel).
  3. Antiseptic and antibacterial agents for local treatment of spots are used in case of secondary infection. Do not use traditional antiseptics, such as iodine, salicylic alcohol because of the likelihood of burns. Preference should be given to non-aggressive drugs (Romazulan, Chlorophyllipt, Tsindol, zinc ointment).
  4. Antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs are shown with pronounced itching (Erius, Loratadine, Fenistil) and pain syndrome (Voltaren-gel).
  5. Sedative preparations of synthetic and plant origin to reduce itching and stabilize the nervous system (tincture of valerian, motherwort).
  6. Enterosorbents are taken to remove intoxication of the body with pronounced clinical manifestations (weakness, lack of appetite). You can choose from Smekte, Enterosgel, Sorbekse and others.
  7. Immunomodulators in the form of synthetic drugs (Immunal) and plant origin, which are part of homeopathic remedies: Immunoflazid (syrup), Viburkol (suppositories).
  8. Probiotics are prescribed to eliminate microbial imbalance of intestinal flora, which affects the state of general immunity.
  9. Vitamin complexes are an indispensable element of traditional therapy. They should be taken within 2 months.
  10. A balanced diet provides for a large number of vegetables and fruits, protein products origin, lack of sweets, flour, citrus, coffee, alcohol, preservatives, fatty and smoked dishes.
  11. From fizioprocedures should abstain. This feature is typical for pink lichen. Ultraviolet irradiation adversely affects the appearance of the rash. When you are in the sun, you need to cover your skin. Preference should be given to natural tissues until complete recovery.
  12. Daily hygiene procedures must be performed without involving foci of inflammation in contact with water because of the possibility of spreading the rash.

Pink lichen and the causes of its appearance indicate that the disease can be eliminated on its own 1-2 months after the first symptoms manifest. But this does not always happen. If there is a suspicion of pink lichen, the doctor examines the symptoms and determines the treatment. If pityriasis is diagnosed, the treatment provides for a long period. The length of the course of therapy depends on the human immune system and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Acquired immunity promotes that pink lichen will not appear.

What advises folk medicine

. If a person has pink, the treatment requires the elimination of unpleasant symptoms. To this end, traditional medicine advises the use of medicinal plants that possess natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties. They gently eliminate the phenomena of discomfort, without causing harm to the body. In addition to plants, other unusual materials have been used for many years to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

When diagnosed pink lichen treatment involves the following folk medicine:

  1. Calendula ointment, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently. To do this, you need to mix 100 g of Vaseline with 20 g of dried flowers plant, powdered into powder. Apply the prepared ointment on the stains 3 times a day until complete recovery. This remedy can be replaced with chemist's oil of St. John's wort, sea buckthorn, rose hips.
  2. Berries of the viburnum, rubbed into gruel, are treated affected areas of the skin 3-4 times a day. Can be combined with mashed raisins. These products are also taken orally in the form of broths.
  3. Treat lichen can juice celandine or aloe (lubricate the affected area).
  4. If the long-term does not pass, advise to use tar soap as daily hygienic procedures. The tar contained in it is a natural antiseptic. As an alternative, you can use a decoction of birch buds to process stains (1 tbsp. l. dry raw materials per liter of water).
  5. Pink lichen in a man is treated with chinese water, acquired in a pharmacy. It is a powerful natural antiseptic, it helps to eliminate Zhibera's diarrhea and its causes.
  6. Condensate, collected from glass frames, has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating property. It is collected in the morning to lubricate the inflammatory foci.
  7. Many people are interested in how to get rid of pink lichen with burnt paper. A newspaper, wrapped in a tube, is burned on a plate. After combustion, a brown liquid forms on the plates of the dish. She needs to lubricate the foci within 1-2 weeks.
  8. In the daily diet should include fruit, prepared from cranberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries. They have antioxidant properties, increase the resistance of the body.

The appearance on the body of stains of unnatural coloring serves as an excuse for immediate application for qualified help. From what there is pink deprive, and how quickly to cure pink deprive, the expert of a narrow profile on the basis of results of the received analyzes defines. Regular consultations during the course of treatment are a prerequisite.

A competent approach and adequate therapy contribute to the speedy recovery and prevention of possible complications.


Vitaliy. How to treat pink deprive, I was prompted by a dermatologist. He claimed that the disease passes on its own within 4-6 weeks. It is enough just to treat the inflamed areas with zinc-based chatter (zindol) and take vitamins. So I did. Just a week after the treatment started, I noticed a decrease in the rash. Full recovery was after 4 weeks. I advise you to try this method. After all, expensive drugs not only hit the pockets, but also have a lot of side effects.

Alina. After a trip to the sea, I had pink spots on my chest, back, thighs, they spread noticeably over the body. The general condition was not violated. I could not understand, because of what they could appear. After consulting a dermatologist, I treated the affected areas with Chlorophyllipt and Tsindol. I took inwards Interferon. Has shortened the time spent in the sun. I switched to a hypoallergenic diet, took vitamins. The spots come off within a month. I advise you as well.

Eugene. And I was helped by an ordinary tooth powder, diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream. I treated them every day for 2 weeks. This recipe was suggested by my acquaintances. Lishay went without any pills. Try it!

Marina. I read positive reviews about natural antiseptics on the Internet. But they did not help me absolutely. There was a strong itch, spots appeared more and more. I had to lubricate Flucinar ointment, take immunostimulants and antiallergic drugs (changed every ten days). It was treated for two months. I think that folk medicine can be taken with minor symptoms.

Jeanne. I met this disease when I was pregnant (a short period). After the appearance of the spots, the dermatologist appointed me a treatment in the form of staining with a zinc blob. I did not advise any more drugs. Pregnancy was interrupted for unknown reasons. The gynecologist did not associate this fact with the deprivation. After a year and a half I gave birth to a healthy baby. I wish everyone good health!

Larissa. After a viral infection, the son had rashes (one spot was larger than others). The spots itched, but insignificantly. After visiting the dermatologist, they began taking Loratadine and Immunoflazid according to the scheme, drinking vitamins, balancing the diet, eliminating fatty, floury, and sweet. Within 3 weeks, the spots are gone.

Olga. I also once met with this disease. In addition to skin rashes, I had problems from the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, diarrhea). At first I thought that some kind of bacterial infection, I took my own medications against diarrhea. Nothing helped. I had to go to the doctor. He confirmed pink deprive. Since the spots did not itch, it was limited to a zinc blob. In addition, Sorbex and Linex took. After 6 weeks, the spots went completely.

Anya. A year ago I was sick of depriving Zhibera. On consultation the doctor assured me that the disease can pass independently without the use of systemic drugs, if the immunity is good. Indeed, I reduced physical activity, eliminated the stress factor, and everything went on for a month. Additionally, it was lubricated with a zinc-based slurry.


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