Whether it is possible deprive to deprive with an iodine and whether he helps or assists

Dermatologists often have to hear the question: can i get rid of iodine? Lichen infections - a fairly common disease that affects the integument of the hair or smooth skin. Some of the forms have a clear etiology, viral or fungal, others do not have a single opinion, but this pathology delivers the patient a lot of troubles both purely physical and aesthetic properties.



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You can not, you can, or you need to

Lishay in a person manifests itself most often in the form of the following forms:.
  • shearing;
  • pearly (color);
  • pink (Zhibera);
  • shingles.

All of them are fungal or viral in nature, that's why they use pharmaceutical preparations that can effectively influence these types of pathogens. But can iodine be treated with iodine, and if so, which one and how? The final answer to this question can be given only by the attending physician-dermatologist.

Without consulting a specialist, one should

not use not only potent dosage forms, but also such widely known, inexpensive and, apparently, innocuous means, as alcoholic iodine solution. Being inherently antiseptic, i.e. disinfectant, and not a healing component, it is effective far from all types of disease. But even in cases when the use of this tool is possible, it should be remembered that in case of an overdose or incorrect application iodine solution can cause a burn, thus causing even greater injuries suffering skin. Therefore, before starting treatment by depriving iodine, it is necessary to consult the doctor.

Types of lichen infection and iodine therapy

Unequivocally answer the question whether it is possible to smear with iodine, it is difficult - it all depends on the type of disease.

Here are some of its types:

Ringworm is the most common pathology of this group. Its pathogens are two types of fungus trichophytosis: one can get infected from both the animal and the person, the carriers of the other are only people.

Symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • rounded spots;
  • itching;
  • peeling;
  • breakage of hair (on the scalp).

It is with this form that such therapy gives the best results. There are even known cases of complete cure from depriving in the early stages when lubricating foci located on hairless areas and having a diameter of less than 1 cm. Lubricate with iodine is necessary for ten days, daily 3-4 times. However, on the other hand, such self-treatment is dangerous because a person loses time, allowing the disease to strengthen its position. Therefore it will be much more correct to immediately consult a specialist. The doctor can also recommend iodine lubrication and explain how to smear, but the drug acts here not as a basic, but as a concomitant medication.

Along with him, the patient is prescribed antifungal ointments and oral medications.

With pityriiform infection, iodic lubrication of scaly-covered foci of pink, yellowish or brownish color permissible, but ineffective, since in this case, it is necessary, first of all, funds designed to combat fungal infections.

Whether it is possible to lubricate painful bubble rashes with a shingles, it should be decided only after consulting a doctor. Iodine preparation may help alleviate external symptoms, but it can not exert any influence on the main cause of the disease, the varicella-zoster virus.

The shape of Zhibera, which is characterized by the appearance on the skin of rounded pink spots, is not recommended for treatment with iodine solution at all. Moreover, the use of this drug can cause deterioration and provoke the appearance of eczema. With this form in general, any external therapy is contraindicated. Doctors usually prescribe such patients with antihistamines taken orally.

Iodine lubrication is not a panacea

. So is it possible to smear with iodine lichen rashes? Proceeding from the foregoing, it should be said that iodine in lichen is by no means a panacea, its use in various species the disease gives an ambiguous effect, and the question of the admissibility of its use the doctor decides only after a thorough survey. In some cases, the drug is not only unable to cure lichen, but it can play the role of a triggering mechanism of an allergic reaction. Therefore, having noticed on the skin a rash or spots of unknown origin, it will be more correct not to engage in self-treatment, but as soon as possible to turn to a specialist. It should be remembered that each organism is very individual and completely differently reacts to the use of certain medications. And even if someone from people with iodine treatment helped get rid of the ailment, this does not mean that it will happen to anyone who tries to apply this method.

To be cured with a guarantee and without the threat of a relapse, it is necessary:

  1. Immediately visit a specialist.
  2. Clearly follow its recommendations.

Only a professional can have a clear idea of ​​both the variety and course of the disease, and about the various new drugs that can be used to deal with it.

Turning to him, you can be sure of a speedy and final recovery.

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