How to treat different types of depriving a child

Before treating a lichen in a child, you need to understand what kind of disease it is and what complications it is dangerous. There are several types of pathology. Each of them has its own causes, symptoms and, accordingly, requires specific therapy. The lichen can be contagious and non-contagious. The first type provokes a fungal infection that affects the skin. The second is associated with various disorders in the functioning of the body. Varieties of depriving a lot, and they must be distinguished.


To successfully cure a child of lichen, it is necessary to establish the type of disease. The choice of means to fight the infection is huge, and without minimum knowledge here is indispensable.


  • 1The main ways of infection with fungal infections
  • 2Types and main symptoms
  • 3Basic treatment rules
  • 4Treatment of facial phlegm
  • 5Treatment of the scalp
  • 6Treatment depriving the body

The main ways of infection with fungal infections


In the environment there is always a huge number of infectious agents, including tho

se causing skin diseases. Many people have heard of microscopic fungi. In the normal state of the immune system, the body successfully copes with the infection, but in some places the concentration of fungi is so great that even a completely healthy person can become infected.

Children are more susceptible to infection than adults, since their immunity is in the formative stage. A child can pick up an infection in a sports hall, public bathhouse, swimming pool, school, health camp. Some types of mycosis are able to be transmitted to children in contact with domestic or homeless animals. When digging in the ground or sandbox, you can also pick up mycosis. The risk of infection is increased in the summer.

Often, diarrhea is diagnosed in diabetic patients because the glucose-rich sweat in such patients is an excellent medium for the reproduction of fungal infection. Yes, and the state of the immune system in diabetes is depressed. In addition, due to excessive sweating, the pores of the skin are opened, and the infectious agent can easily penetrate through them into the body, provoking the disease.

Types and main symptoms

Modern medicine classifies several types of disease.

Each of them has its own symptoms and causes:

  1. Red flat lichen. It is invasive and is not treated quickly. It appears as a dense scarlet rash, usually on the stomach or chest. Symptoms of deprivation of this type are blurred or nonexistent. It can occur because of strong emotional stress or a malfunction in the internal organs.
  2. Multicolored lichen. It is a contagious disease that arises from a fungal infection. It appears in the form of spots of yellowish, burgundy, brown color, which are strongly flaky. Most often, the back, chest or stomach suffers.
  3. Zhibera's disease. Relatively rare dermatosis with acute course. Recognize it is not easy. It differs by spontaneous cure. The exact cause of the occurrence is unknown. In case of malfunctions in the immune system, one spot (maternal) appears on the skin first, after which a lot of small plaques appear around it. The face and wrinkles on the body are often affected. In addition to aesthetic discomfort, the patient does not bring any other unpleasant sensations. Treatment is usually not required.
  4. Ringworm (trichophytosis). One of the most contagious types of cutaneous mycoses. Most often affected areas of the body, covered with hair (head, groin, armpits). At the site of penetration of the fungal infection, a pinkish spot with clear boundaries is formed. It is through him that you can recognize this kind of mycosis. Hair becomes brittle and begins to fall out. The patient is troubled by severe itching. The skin is peeling off. These are the main signs. Children become infected with ringworm from stray dogs or sick peers. Unpleasantness can occur with every baby, because contagiosity reaches 90%.
  5. Shingles. Mycosis is different kind of infection. The pathological process causes the herpes group virus. It appears in adults in the form of red dots on the body. At the child the herpes provokes a smallpox. Can pass independently.

Symptoms and treatment of most fungal infections are similar. Skin peeling is the most frequent manifestation of mycosis. Much depends on the age of the baby and the condition of his immune system.

To distinguish one type of ailment from another is possible by the results of analyzes.

Basic treatment rules


Treatment of depriving in children practically does not differ from its therapy in adults. Just a child prescribed smaller doses of drugs. Non-infectious types of lichen are treated symptomatically.

With cutaneous mycoses, the child, regardless of the pathogen, must adhere to certain rules:

  1. Do not allow the baby to comb the affected area, otherwise the infection can spread to other parts of the body. In addition, a bacterial infection can penetrate into the scratches, which will greatly worsen the condition of the child and make treatment more difficult.
  2. Avoid wearing synthetic clothing that does not allow air to enter and increases sweating.
  3. The pastime of a sick child under the sun should be reduced so as not to provoke a rapid multiplication of mycotic infection.
  4. It is necessary as often as possible to disinfect rooms using strong antiseptics.
  5. It is recommended to wash the baby's bed and underwear daily. After washing it must be ironed with a hot iron.
The more attention parents pay to the hygiene of their baby, the faster he will get rid of an unpleasant illness.

How to get rid of a child, only the dermatologist knows.

Treatment of facial phlegm

In general, when depriving children of their faces is infrequent, however, the probability still exists. Much depends on the age and health of the baby. If a child has some kind of education on his face, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Only he can determine the deprivation of a child and make an effective treatment program.

It is impossible to do this on your own. Before the cure for a child, the dermatologist will conduct a series of studies, including a microscopic examination of the epidermis scales.

In non-contagious forms, therapy is primarily aimed at eliminating unpleasant symptoms, if any, and strengthening the body's immune system. To treat deprivation in children should only a doctor.

When the baby is diagnosed with ringworm, specific antifungal medicines are used. As external drugs are gels or ointments (Clotrimazole, Mikoseptin) and iodine solution. Oral antimycotic medicines for a child the doctor appoints rarely and at his discretion, depending on the severity of the disease and the age of the baby. The reason is that they have certain side effects. Treatment of infants is usually carried out with external antifungal agents.

Treatment of the scalp

If the head is affected by ringworm, complex therapeutic measures will be required. Before treatment, you need to shave off your hair, at least in the place where the mycotic spot is formed. This requires great care not to damage the skin, and do not provoke the attachment of a bacterial infection that complicates healing. It is usually treated for a few weeks.

For a positive result, the therapy is carried out by several means:

  • ointments, creams (Nizoral, Keto plus);
  • drugs with anti-allergic action to reduce itching (antihistamines);
  • oral antimycotic medicines (Griseofulvin);
  • iodine liquid formulations with a pronounced antiseptic effect;
  • immunostimulating drugs.

How to identify lichen on the head? By dropping hair and severe itching at the site of infection. In order for the child not to comb the affected area, a headscarf made of cotton cloth is tied to the head. It will have to be worn throughout the treatment period. How to understand that the lichen passes? To improve the condition of the skin in the hearth.

Treatment depriving the body

The trunk and extremities of ringworm affects in rare cases. Therefore, few parents know how to bring it, for example, to the wrist. The main direction of treatment of mycoses on the hands is the use of local and oral antifungal drugs against the background of personal hygiene. A child's lichene with a proper therapy can pass quickly.

In the initial stage of the disease, an iodine solution or a green leaf can be used as an external treatment for depriving the child of an ailment. It is allowed to use ointments containing sulfur, tar. It is possible to excise lichen and salicylic acid.

If the infection has occurred from a domestic cat or dog, it is necessary to treat the animal. Veterinary medicine Yam has a high efficiency. When a bacterial infection is attached, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to the child. Treated deprive the child for a long time.

Use of folk remedies is allowed only with the permission of the doctor against the background of the main antifungal therapy.

It should be remembered that the herbal preparations that completely cure the mycoses simply do not exist!

What should parents do? For the entire period of treatment of the sick child should be isolated from other children. Prevention of depriving children is mainly to protect them from playing with homeless animals. The baby needs to be explained how not to catch trichophytosis from peers.


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