If there are spots on the skin that are similar to lichen

When there are spots on the skin, similar to lichen, it is necessary to find out the cause and type of the disease. There are many infectious diseases, when the skin appears a variety of spots. They can be fungal, viral and non-infectious. Plaques on the body - this is the main symptom of depriving. The main thing is to correctly establish its appearance, because there are five types of ailment. In addition, there are diseases in which there may appear spots of various types on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist in order to identify the cause of the lesions and put the correct diagnosis.



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  • 2Species deprived
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Causes of the disease


Viral and fungal infections contribute to the development of the disease (lichen). It can be of any shape, size, color, with or without plaques.

A person's lichen may appear:

  • at constant stresses;
  • frequent colds and infectious diseases;
  • with weak immunity;
  • by heredity;
  • when infected from a sick person or animal;
  • through household items, hygiene products.

Also, the cause of the appearance of spots on the body can be infectious and allergic diseases:

  • chickenpox;
  • eczema;
  • dark spots;
  • measles;
  • rubella;
  • allergic reaction.

White spots on the body may indicate a drop-shaped hypomelanosis. This disease is mainly found in women after 40 years. On the body are formed flat spots of white color of small size. With hypomelanosis, the skin can be smooth and scaly. The main causes of these spots are not defined, but it is believed that they appear as a result of aging of the body.

Stains of white color can appear due to a meager diet, with a shortage of vitamins E and D, calcium in the body. With the adjustment of the diet, they gradually pass independently. Often, pigmentation spots can be confused with lichen.

Red spots are a sign not only of an infectious, but also of an allergic disease. Often when exposed to an allergen, there may be an allergic reaction. It can be food or cosmetics, powder.

In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the allergen and take antihistamines. The skin is treated with antiallergic drugs. As a rule, rashes with the right approach are rapid.

Often, on the skin under the arm may appear red spots, they are somewhat like a lichen. But this is not so, this disease is called erythrasma. It externally can be similar to lichen, but it is not a fungal infection and is not transmitted by contact. If the disease recurs, painful sensations, peeling may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this ailment in a timely manner. Erytrazma is often found in women than in men.

Infectious diseases include such species as: chicken pox, rubella, measles. Also, syphilis can cause stains on the body. Often the cause of this are non-communicable diseases. For example, eczema. It can occur on the skin of a person with repeated contact with chemicals, by inheritance or by reaction to a stressful situation. Eczema manifests as follows: red spots appear on the skin, which itch. After a while, there may appear vesicles, and subsequently painful sores.

Some rashes on the body can cause itching, and others do not bother him with a person. Therefore, it is important to establish the type of disease in order to begin proper therapy. Treatment of lesions on the body can be long, in some cases they can pass in a short time. Everything depends on the person himself, the stage of the ailment and the timely access to specialists.

Species deprived

If there are spots on the skin, but there is no certainty that it is deprived, then first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the manifestation of the disease. In most cases, the symptoms of the development of the disease are similar, they can be detected visually.

Common signs that can be determined include:

  1. Rash.
  2. Peeling of the skin area.
  3. Itching of the skin.
  4. The spots have different colors.
  5. The skin may darken or become too light.
  6. Strong hair loss on the affected area.

These symptoms may indicate that a person has lichen. There are several types of lichen, they differ from each other in the cause and symptoms. Spots can be similar to lichen, but when diagnosed by a doctor, another disease is revealed. It can be dermatitis and eczema.

The most common types are:

  1. Pink lichen.
  2. Ringworm.
  3. Herpes zoster.
  4. Red flat lichen.
  5. Pityriasis (multicolored) deprive.

On the skin may appear pink lichen. On the body in the neck, hands or feet appear spots. Subsequently they begin to peel off, but do not itch. First, the main plaque of pink color is formed with a yellow patch in the middle, its size is from 1-2 centimeters. After a while, the stain in the center begins to wrinkle and peel off. A sick person may experience malaise, a headache. After 3-4 days, the spots are separated from the main spot and spots are formed on the skin, similar to lichen. As a rule, after three to four weeks, the rashes pass by themselves. It is not necessary to treat them.

Experts do not recommend using potent drugs: hormonal ointments, iodine, zelenok, alcohol.

They can only cause a burn and worsen the course of the ailment. During rashes it is recommended to swim less often and sunbathe in the sun, as the focus of growth on the body can increase.

If the spots appeared on the scalp under the hair, then this is ringworm. Often children and elderly people suffer from them. They can get infected from an infected person or from homeless animals.

Ringworm, except hair, can be localized on the body, limbs of the hands or feet. The main drawback of this disease, the appearance of bald spots on the head, in all cases it is recommended to shear hair. To restore the skin, you need to follow all the recommendations of a dermatologist. The head should be washed with a medical shampoo of the type Nizoral.

The causative agent of ringworm is fungi. Therefore, the course of treatment should be monitored by a doctor. To do this, take the scraping from the affected area several times.

Spots with herpes zoster can be confused with other viral diseases or allergies.

After chickenpox, the virus remains in the human body in a latent state, with a decrease in immunity, shingles may occur. This virus infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. Before the appearance of external symptoms, a person may have fever and malaise, headache.

After a while on the body formed spots, which later turn into papules with a clear liquid. In a few days they burst and sores form on the skin, which eventually disappear. Treatment of herpes zoster includes taking antiviral medications and treating problem areas of the skin.

Red lichen is often found in adults. On the skin, nails and on the mucous membranes spots are formed, which are accompanied by itching. At first glistening papules appear on the body, their size reaches five millimeters. Then they seem to merge and become one. Nodules can grow, turning into plaques. The spots have a flat red-violet color, but in the middle the nodule is slightly depressed. After the rash has passed, brown spots may remain on the skin.

With pityriasis, skin colorless or yellowish formations appear on the skin, similar to pigmented spots. Over time, they increase and unite, changing their color to brown, but can acquire a brownish hue. Therefore, in another way, this disease is called color deprivation. Pigmented spots grow over the body: neck, back, stomach, hips and sides. But you can rarely meet them on the face. Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, depending on the development of the disease.



Stains in the form of lichen can appear in any person, so you need to know some rules so as not to cause complication of the disease and prevent their transition to a chronic form.

With pink deprivation it is not allowed:

  • bathe in the bath, use shower gels and a hard washcloth;
  • to allow exposure to high temperatures on the affected area of ​​the skin;
  • combing the skin, there may be staining spots;
  • wear synthetic clothes;
  • use unauthorized food (recommended to follow a special diet for allergy sufferers).

To prevent infection with a fungal infection, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • use only own hygiene products;
  • do not touch stray animals;
  • wash hands after coming from the street, visiting the toilet;
  • You can not wear other hats and clothes;
  • Maintain immunity: drink vitamins, harden and often walk.
The spots on the skin are similar to lichen may be not deprived, but other skin diseases. Therefore, correct and timely diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.


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