Problems with the intestine than to treat


Normalize the work of the digestive tract

As you know, constipation can suffer not only adults, but also children. But regardless of age, people are embarrassed to ask doctors for such problems or seek help only after they have tried everything they have heard and read. If earlier every third or fourth person aged from thirty years suffered from constipation (the data are taken from medical statistics), today this unpleasant illness has become more and more often affecting children and teenagers.If the intestine of a person does not work normally, then his whole body will feel it on himself.Constipation is a delay in the emptying of the intestine. As a rule, people suffering from constipation emptying the bowel every two or three days, depending on the nature of nutrition and the way they live. Absolutely healthy people emptied the intestines several times a day up to three times a week. But, despite this, most defecation occurs daily, mostly in the morning.Defecation is an important physiological process

, through which our body gets rid of "unnecessary debris" - slags, not digested food, toxins and other.

The problem with the intestines is what to do?

First of all, you need to remember the main rule of eating:if you doubt in any product, that is, it is not needed. If you want to go to the toilet, in any case, do not suffer, and visit the restroom.If acts of defecation are performed irregularly, the accumulating slags and toxins begin to poison the human body, provoking a dysbacteriosis and a decrease in immunity. Hence it can be concluded that such a person becomes an ideal target for viral and colds. That's why with prolonged constipation, you need to visit a doctor on time. If you start a constipation, then it will flow smoothly into a chronic one. Chronic constipation, as a rule, is accompanied by chronic colitis (inflammation of the large intestine, inflammation and disruption of the normal functioning of the pancreas, stomach and liver). As a consequence, the entire gastrointestinal tract is exposed to danger. Later, the patient may develop the following diseases: cholangitis, gastroduodenitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer or stomach and others. According to oncologists it became known that more than 70% of diseases associated with intestinal cancer began with regular constipation.

Yoga for the fight against constipation

It is necessary to begin with Bhastika pranayama - natural breathing, but slow and deep. During this exercise, the stomach should only move back and forth. On exhalation the stomach should be drawn as much as possible, and on the contrary, it should be inflated. In this case the shoulders should be unshakable. Exercise should start with an exhalation. You should try to breathe very slowly and in the first few weeks the number of repetitions should not exceed two to three breaths per day. With each subsequent week, you need to add a few breaths so that by the first half of the year the number of breaths reached one hundred and eight in one workout. Perform breathing exercises recommended in the morning and evening or at least once a day, while out in the open air or, in extreme cases, in a well-ventilated room. People suffering from any kind of heart disease should first consult their physician.

Refined food

In the basis of constipation, as a rule, the following reasons lie: the consumption of poor in fiber products, refined products and processed products (ground rice, white flour, sausages with various additives and preservatives, sugar, etc.). Also, constipation provokes hypodynamia - a sedentary lifestyle. People who do not walk on foot, lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, subsequently deteriorating blood circulation, excretion of slags, supply of nutrients to cells, which is the ideal soil for occurrence of constipation. No less important cause is considered constant stress and contaminated with various harmful substances of water and air. The human intestine is very sensitive to various stressful situations. With a strong stress in a person, the entire microflora of the gastrointestinal tract may completely die, and a full-fledged dysbacteriosis develops, which takes months to heal.

At the initial stages of constipation, it is quite easy to treat them, but, in no case should one engage in self-medication, making permanent enemas and taking various laxatives. Quite often such methods of treatment completely corrupt the intestines, and it ceases to work. Eliminating constipation is quite easy. To begin with, you need to revise your diet by excluding the following products from it: tea, white bread, canned food, buns, coffee, sausages. In the same list you need to add semolina and rice porridge, smoking, chocolate, potatoes, meat dishes and pasta. In food, preference should be given to fresh fruits and vegetables (they are rich in fiber), oatmeal, buckwheat and millet porridge, bread with bran, pearl barley porridge, compote of dried fruits, fruit juice, kelp (sea kale) and other. Diet for various problems with the intestines - this is the first thing you need to start treatment. As light laxatives, it is possible to use sour-milk products, namely biocreamers, fermented and yogurts. In the food you can add unrefined oil.

Prevention of constipation

As a preventive measure, a healthy person should consume about thirty-five grams of fiber daily. For example, half a glass of green peas includes five grams of fiber, a plate of bran thirteen, and a small apple three.

Consume the right amount of liquid

Often the daily norm for all people suffering from constipation is two or three liters (it can be reduced if the person has any problems with the heart). In the morning, you need to drink a glass of cool water on an empty stomach.

It is important to know

In a completely healthy person, the urge to defecate occurs within twenty or thirty minutes after eating. Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is necessary to plan the morning so that breakfast passed in quiet and quiet conditions, instead of on the move. After breakfast you need to stay home for about forty minutes.

Go in for sports

With regular exercise, all the processes in the body begin to occur faster. Food begins to move more intensively through the intestines. Particularly useful is the morning gymnastics. You need to raise and lower your legs, being in a lying position for several dozen times in one approach. Morning exercises can be diluted with a massage of the abdomen: first massage the right hand with the right side from the bottom upward, and then do a similar exercise with the left side of the abdomen. After the massage, you can iron the stomach clockwise for a couple of minutes.

Smile and smile more.

Laughter is a unique remedy against constipation. It not only produces an arbitrary bowel massage, but also prevents various stresses.

You can not ignore the urge!

Each urge to defecate is a conditioned reflex of the gastrointestinal tract, which can not be ignored in any case. But, in spite of this in life, there are still situations when circumstances do not allow to follow natural needs. To avoid such situations, take light laxatives at night to go to the toilet in the morning.



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