Because of what there can be spasms in an intestine


Spasm of the intestine is called the distribution of the smoothness of the smooth-cut intestine in the body of the small intestine. Particularly subordinate stennika vinikaє in the small intestine, alle oskilki spastic speed of the shvidko broaden, then in the result spasms staiyut zagalnimi, scho oploplyuyut practically all kishkovі vіddіli.

Develop intestinal spasms
Symptomatic pattern of spasms in the intestine can be redistributed. The goal is to identify the particular zahmyvorian and pathologic organ of the SCT. Tsikavim є that fact, scho zagalnovidomi gastritis and virazka shlunka vvazhayutsya naslidkami "inadequate" spasticity of the intestine.

Organizm people shodnya oponyayetsya pіd vplyiv negative factors, but especially manifested in amateurs "dry" and snack on the go. Ajer when ingested in the bowels of the intestinal wall, pocinayut otlіdovno skorochuvatisya, schob peremistiti yogo vmist. Ales oksilki їжі nadegodit'no, in resultі rozvivayetsya syndrome rozdratovanogo intestine, stepin I shall

manifest myself as a nervous system. Nadmirnyi vplyv nervozhim імпульсів on smooth musculature of the intestine viklikaє of unreasonableness (aja, yak taka, in the intestine is not spent) spasm to the organ. Tse viklikayє poyavu discomfort vidchuttiv i boleju, stagnation vmistu in prosvіtі intestines.

The main symptoms of spasms in the intestine:
Bel in the intestines. Character її mozhe bouti rіznim: the lom pomitnim abo pomіrno strong, scho nagaduє show kishkovo kolіki.
• Flatulence and starvation.
• Styke vidchuttya lack of sporozhnennya bowel.
• Tenezmi, pomilkov posovki before defecation.
• Constipation, abo nappaki, diarea.

Yak rule, one-hour manifest klkka simptomіv, yakі mozhut postіyno soprovorzhuvaty yogo poko z'yavlyaetsya periodizno, partіs pislja priyomu їжі. Crim zhogo, with spasms in the intestine, can scorpions on zagalnu slabkist і сонливість, postійний головний біль, часту нудуту (але зазвичай без блювоти) і сечовипускання, смолива також sleepless through біль, що tugne.

Causes of vininenny spasm of the intestine
Виділяють кілька underlying causes виникнення кишкових спазмів:
Inzhivannya in žzhu nevvizhih abo fermented products, infected with hvobotvotnimi bacteria. Chere mozhe wiklikati meteorizm, poroshennia mikroflory intestines, і result in the result of rozvitka gostroї kishkovoi іnfektsії. All overhauls of the hospital are cramped with spasms into the intestines.

Private і переїдання і швидкий прийом їжі, зарушення роботи шлунка і підшлункової залози призводять до addition, scho їжа is foully перетравлюється, and that виникає додаткове навантаження on an intestine і як result spasm.

Otruennya salts of important metals are often manifested itself in intestinal spasms.
Stres wiklikayet povshennya nervovoy provіdnostі імпульсів, and that mozhe viniknuti imbalance at m'yazovom gorozachennі intestines, scho mozhe viklikati spasm and attack.
Helmintosis. The presence of helminths in the intestinal tract dragoes the yogi's mucus, but may become an oasis of ignorance and wiklikati of the rapidity of the muscular obolonka. However, in the case of vipadku takozh I will be able to take a look at the apetit, postyna nudota and vatra vaga.

Kishkov spazmy "supruzzhuyut" influenza viruses ininfection, yak negatively vplyvayut takozh i on herbal tract. Todi dodatko to show nudot and і діарея.
However, intestinal spasm can also be attributed to the development of such functional disorders, yak, primorom, zhovchnokam'yana hvoroba, і pathology SHKT (hvorobi pechinki i difagіya). Tom yakschoo podibnym st stand up to you is often enough, potrobno obovvozyakovo vidvidati gastroenterotologa, yaky recognize pidpovidnee likuvannya.

Likuvannya spasmodic in the intestines of a peduncle
Likuvannya of intestinal spasms in a dyslexic patient. Wikisource is carried out for adherence to obstasctions and analysises, exclusion of supernumerary zhagovorian and pathology. I can not be known for not consulting a gastroenterologist, a psychiatrist.

Tse neobhіdno, shkob pіdіbrati as much as possible dієві фізіотерапевтичні procedures. Aje often spasm in the intestines provoked by stresom and postnym nervovim re-transplantation. Fahivets can recognize hydrotherapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, massages. Psychoneurologist will hold hypnotherapy abo kilka seksisіv rozmovnoy terapii.
In the ancients of medical likuvannya often admit znebolyayuchi і spazmolitichnі zasobi (no-shpa, drotaverin, spazmalgon). Indications takozh prijom probioktiv for vidnuvlennya kishkovoi mikroflori (bіfіdumbacterin, colibacterin, linex).

Yak znati spazmi in the intestines of ditini
Spasm in the intestine is often manifested in children. It is tse nezrilistyu intestine і nedostnim perezhovuvannami їжі.
It's important! Yaksho malyuk often skarzhitsya to bel in the belly, obovv'yazkovo show of the yogi gastroenterologist. Do not engage in self-crooks, you can catch spasms in a bout with a show of bug-free zahdovorian.

Vgamuvati bel near the intestine can be priklavshi to the belly of the malyuka heat pelyushka (dvichi proprasovuyut garyachoyu praskoy) abo warm grilki. You can masturbate massages, poglazhujuchi tummy for gondinnikovoj strilkoju.
Gastroenterologist can recognize vidpovіdnі spazmolіitiki (Ріабал, но-шпа), які застосовуться тільки за його призначенням. Takozh often recommend probiotics. Yak rule, tse "Bіfіform Malyuk "Bifiliz "Enterol "Eubicor". However, before zastosuvannya be-like likarskih zabobov at children's obovyazykov consultation with a lykoychim likarem, you can bring more school, nizh korristy.

profilakticnі login
The basis of profilactics є pritrimuvannya healthy dієti. Shodenne menu obivne obovzyazkovo include bagatі klіtkovnoyu product, so yak buckwheat, chorny hlіb z borshna rough pomelu, vegetables, kartoplya, nezhirnyi sorti ribi (pereopichno rіchkova) and м'яса (chicken, indichatina, veal). Зняти кишкові спазми допоможуть свіжі фруcs і овочі: чорнослив, буряк, інжир, сливи і огірки. Douche with cinnamon є і sour milk products (sour, yogurt, kumis and kefir).

Запобігти появі спазмів at the intestine can slіduyuchi forgive the recommendations:
• їжу слід perezhovuvati as much as possible;
• і тільки ті продукти, в якості яких ви вопевнені на 100%;
• You can not read the hour, read, divide, divide the television;
• do not cry;
• schodenny ratsion is guilty of including the maximum number of the Russian clay;
• regular fizichnі navantazhennia (walking, bіg, swimming).

Spasm in the intestines of Hocha and not vvazhayutsya samostyynim zahchyovannanyam, prote - the cause bugatoh sleepless nights and elderly, and children. It is important for you to curiously cause the cause of your life to grow and grow, and you must know the meaning of the cerasty.

Symptoms of bowel spasm


The human intestine, as a matter of fact, daily performs the forced mode of work and has no right to rest. His condition directly depends on the behavior, diet and diseases (if any) of the person himself. And, unfortunately, many pathological conditions of the intestine can lead to irreversible consequences. To such conditions it is possible to carry its spasm.It occurs both in functional (cholelithiasis) disorders, and in organic pathologies (dysphagia, liver disease), consider the symptoms of intestinal spasm.

Bowel spasm symptoms

In spasm of the intestine, the symptoms can be different. And it depends primarily on the presence of a particular disease. It is interesting that the known gastritis and ulcer are already the consequences of spasm symptoms. The body is exposed to negative influences on a daily basis and is especially known for snacks or a cup of coffee on the go. Here and there is such a thing as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), directly dependent on the state of the nervous system. The increased impact on the intestine of impulses coming from the central nervous system causes its spasm and thereby provokes symptoms of discomfort and pain. As a consequence: increased peristalsis, constipation, flatulence. diarrhea. Frequent dysbacteriosis, infections and sedentary lifestyle can also provoke spasms. The nature of pain in this case can be either very weak or moderately strong, similar to intestinal colic.

Frequent stressful conditions also cause a prolonged spasm of small vessels in the walls of the stomach and intestines, which often leads to small puncture hemorrhages and impaired access to tissues oxygen. This entails the death of tissues. Especially dangerous is this condition for the mucosa. Its insufficient blood supply disrupts the secretion of mucus, which, as a result, enzymes together with hydrochloric acid begin to destroy it.

The prognosis in the condition of spasms is favorable in most cases. And it's not a secret that proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle management are the key to good health, but in some situations this is not enough. And it may be necessary to help the psychoneurologist and gastroenterologist, because only by their purpose it will be possible to select a physiotherapy procedure (hydrotherapy, acupuncture, sanatorium treatment) or the corresponding drug (probiotic, myotropic antispasmodic or antidepressant), suitable individually.

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    Treatment of duodenal spasm

    The duodenum is the initial section of the human small intestine and is located behind the stomach. Under the intestine is the portal vein, through which blood outflow from the upper part of the rectum occurs. When a spasm occurs, the duodenum squeezes the portal vein, thereby causing a buildup of blood in the veins of the rectum.

    Intestinal spasm, manifests itself by intense pain in the right upper abdomen and is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and vomiting. Typically, these symptoms are associated with improper eating habits and manifest, as a rule, at night or on an empty stomach. Often painful sensations pass after vomiting. Treatment of duodenal spasm is directed primarily to the removal of the pain syndrome, and only then - to eliminate the underlying causes that caused the disease.

    Symptoms of intestinal spasm:

    - Increased muscle reflexes;

    - Swelling or abdominal flow;

    - lapping in the epigastric part of the body due to fluid retention in the stomach;

    - unusual softness of the abdominal walls;

    - unpleasant sensations when tapping the abdomen;

    - abdominal hanging in a standing position;

    - secretory disorders: hypoxecretion, hypersecretion and lack of secretion.

    It should be noted that intestinal cramps are able to spread rapidly and become universal.

    Causes of duodenal spasm

    - Getting into the bowel of a lot of poorly digested food, which can cause chronic pancreatitis or gastritis.

    - Getting into the intestine of fermented, stale or cold food, which leads to bloating, intestinal colic and spasms.

    - Infection of food consumed with pathogenic microbes that provoke intestinal infections, causing food poisoning.

    - Entry into the body of salts of heavy metals, such as lead, which causes pain in the abdomen of a spasmodic nature. Acute or chronic lead poisoning can be detected during oral examination, and also after a complex chemical analysis of the blood. A poisoned person between the gums and teeth appears a grayish border, usually this is often found in electrical engineers, tinsmiths, workers in chemical production and in contact with gasoline.

    - Spasms of the intestine against a background of nervous overstrain or suffered stress are more common in people with a fragile physique or overly impressionable natures. Basically, such spasms are characteristic of neurasthenia with a congenital spread of excitability on the intestine.

    - Spasms caused by the presence of helminths, which are strong irritants of the intestine. Diagnosis of such diseases is based on the analysis of feces, in which eggs of various species of parasites are detected under a microscope. Such diseases are manifested by weight loss, poor appetite, nausea, itching around the anus, and in the analysis of blood - increased content of eosinophils.

    - Intestinal spasms can be provoked by ARVI or influenza. In this case, not only the respiratory system but also the digestive system is affected. Lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity become inflamed, irritating the small intestine and causing painful spasms in it. Such intestinal syndrome has a mixed symptomatology. On the part of the respiratory organs appears cough, runny nose and redness of the throat, and from the intestine - pain, cramps, bloating and diarrhea. In addition, there are characteristic painful sensations in the abdominal muscles, which are unbearably strong and intensified when the trunk moves.

    - Spasm of the duodenum often occurs as a result of surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity, first of all, with acute intestinal obstruction. In this case, intestinal cramps are caused by a mechanical obstruction, for example, spikes, swelling, or twisting of the intestine. Such a disease is manifested by strong, painful, cramping pains in the abdomen and vomiting. Over time, symptoms such as gas retention, constipation, soreness and bloating are added. At the same time, the general state of health is disturbed, prostration, lethargy and cold sweat appear.

    Treatment of intestinal spasms

    Treatment of duodenal spasm depends on the cause that caused it. To relieve the pain, spasmolytics are used, and with the development of an intestinal infection, hospitalization is required. Intestinal infections often cause diseases such as acute gastritis, acute gastroenteritis and acute gastroenterocolitis. Treatment of such intestinal infections occurs with the use of antibiotics and intestinal antiseptics. In more severe cases, intravenous injections of glucose, saline solutions, human plasma and vitamins are possible. It is strictly forbidden to warm up the stomach and take creams, it is better to put a cleansing enema.

    Spasms of the intestine in case of influenza or acute respiratory viral infection are eliminated by antispasmodics, activated charcoal and vitamins. With helminthiases, a special treatment is used, aimed at expelling the parasites from the intestine. Treatment of acute intestinal obstruction is carried out by conservative methods, and in more severe situations, surgical intervention is indicated. The surgeon's task in this case is the elimination of mechanical obstruction by carrying out resection and removal of toxic contents from the abdominal cavity and intestine. After this, it is advisable to conduct intensive therapy to combat intoxication, shock and humoral disorders.

    When intestinal cramps are recommended to adhere to the diet. In a daily diet, you must enter foods that contain fiber, for example, boiled and raw vegetables, artichokes, fruits, grated carrots and apples, and pumpkin. With frequent spasmodic seizures, you should limit the consumption of fatty foods, soft bread, legumes and spicy condiments.



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