Than to adjust work of an intestine at constipations

How to adjust the work of the intestines with constipation

The question of how to adjust the work of the intestines with constipation is of interest to many people. Today we will talk about the normalization of the functioning of the digestive system and how to get rid of gastrointestinal disorders.

Reasons for the failure of

utilities Endless rush, which leads to an unbalanced diet;regular snacks on the go, frequent exposure to stress, maintaining a sedentary lifestyle - all this is far from having the most positive effect on the work of the intestine. Abdominal discomfort is a constant companion of many of our contemporaries. How to get rid of it?

Normalization of the bowel. Useful tips.

It is impossible to get rid of constipation without revising your diet. There can be no talk of a normal stool, if a person has forgotten the taste of first courses, if he eats on the go, and if his menu consists mainly of fat and fried. To tidy up your gastrointestinal tract, refuse or at
least minimize the use of the following products:
  • carbonated and alcoholic beverages;
  • coffee;
  • white bread, buns, sweet cakes;
  • refined oil;
  • sugar.

In parallel with this, one should switch to three meals a day and try to have meals taken at the same time.

Rules for the restoration of the gastrointestinal tract

The first thing to do to get rid of constipation is to include the maximum amount of fluid in your diet. During the day, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water, and it is better to drink not during meals, but half an hour after the meal. For 20-30 minutesbefore lunch or dinner, it is recommended to drink a glass of natural juice - this will “launch” the intestines and prepare it for more intensive work. A glass of water on an empty stomach immediately after waking up is the key to the health of the whole organism.

Excretion of toxins, and therefore, the normalization of the chair contributes to fiber. It is abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and bran. Dietary fibers “work” like a sponge: they absorb excess moisture and food residues, excess fat and sugar, and then remove it all from the body, simultaneously clearing it and saturating it with useful microelements.

Medications that help normalize the digestive process.

Intestinal malfunctions usually declare themselves abdominal distention, stomach heaviness, constipation. All this is a clear sign of a deficiency in digestive enzymes. To replenish their reserves, doctors prescribe the following drugs:
  • Linex;
  • Duphalac;
  • Bifiform;
  • Bifidumbacterin Forte;
  • Enterol.

The drugs listed above are sold in every pharmacy, but this does not mean that you can buy any of them and self-medicate. Before taking this or that remedy, it is necessary to consult a specialized physician.

Folk methods of combating constipation200 gr.dried plums need to pour boiling water. The liquid should be infused for two hours, after which it can be drunk, “eating” steamed fruit.

Vitamin salad of 1 carrot, 1 beet and 1 peeled apple has an excellent cleansing effect. All this needs to be grated on a coarse grater, generously sprinkle with olive oil and mix. Eating such a salad is better on an empty stomach, immediately after preparation.

A decoction of flaxseeds, figs, boiled beets, kefir and other dairy products does well with constipation.

We have listed the most effective ways to eliminate problems with the gastrointestinal tract. But we note that any disease is much easier to prevent than to deal with it. Watch your body, eat right and be healthy!

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The gut is locked. How to organize the work of the digestive system

Want to avoid enemas and laxatives, improve intestinal motility, improve complexion, mood and sleep, get rid of painful bloating and bad breath? Already, change your diet to include foods that have a laxative effect.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: 5 Facts about the “Bearing” Diseaseintestinal motor function.

Among the dietary fibers, insoluble fiber plays a special role in normalizing beneficial intestinal microflora and reducing the activity of putrefactive microflora, cleansing the body from harmful metabolic products. Its coarse non-digestible fibers improve digestion, stimulate the metabolism of fats, make the intestines actively work, helping it to get rid of waste every day. In addition, insoluble fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels, thereby prolonging the feeling of satiety and reduces appetite. Cellulose helps to remove excess cholesterol from the body of the nightman, and it also makes life easier for E. coli. Pectins( berries are especially rich in them), swelling in the intestines, form mucous solutions, which, like a sponge, absorb harmful metabolic products and remove them from the body.

By the way, if you eat about 400–500 g of fresh vegetables and fruits every day, you can almost halve the development of bowel cancer, according to leading European oncologists. To get started, eat at dinner one extra fresh vegetable, have a snack not with a bun, but with an apple or pear. It would seem a trifle, but your body has already received about 150 g of nutrients that can ward off a fatal threat.

Flatulence. How to get rid of gas in the intestines?

Do not get carried away with food containing animal proteins ( meat, fatty fish, cottage cheese, eggs), as well as fatty and spicy foods, smoked meats and pickles. Limit in the diet everything that has a sharp taste: radish, radish, garlic, horseradish, mustard, pepper.

Stake on rye wholemeal bread, , excluding bread from high-grade flour, as well as baking from pastry. Every day, put in the first and second courses, kefir or yogurt two tablespoons of wheat( rye) bran - and your intestines will soften your hard temper. Since ancient times, broths and jelly are prepared from bran in Russia, and in America this useful product is added to natural juices and dough for fritters.

Cook the seaweed snacks more often - due to its ability to swell and high content of mineral substances( especially iodine), it acts on this organ laxatively.

Drink more( at least two liters per day), especially in hot weather. Know: even a small dehydration of the body can cause constipation. Treat your intestines with warm and cool drinks, dishes: cold and hot irritatingly affect its mucous. He will not refuse if in the morning on an empty stomach offer him a glass of plain water at room temperature or an infusion of prunes prepared the night before. He will be delighted with the invigorating morning soul - a glass of cool mineral water, and in the afternoon - lingonberry and cranberry morsa. These drinks perfectly adjust the intestines to the working mood.

Constipation: Symptoms, Prevention, and Nutrition Rules

Do not get carried away with tea, cocoa, coffee and alcoholic beverages .they contain tannins and have a diuretic effect, which increases the likelihood of constipation.

Dine no later than 19-20 hours. Let your evening meal consist of easily digestible dishes - cottage cheese casserole, omelette, vegetable stew, milk porridge. Obeying the daily biorhythms and their own fatigue, in the evening the intestines slow down the digestive and cessation activity, leaving for a short deserved rest.

Do not forget about milk and dairy products. Well before bedtime, drink a glass of kefir, natural yogurt, ryazhenka or yogurt: the healthy lactic acid bacteria in them heals the intestinal microflora, preventing the reproduction of putrefactive microorganisms that disturb the activity of this digestive organ.

Ways to normalize the bowels in constipation

Perhaps there is not a single person who has not suffered from intestinal problems at least once in his life( meaning in conscious life, not in infancy).Although, of course, this topic is incredibly delicate, and therefore not everyone likes to talk about it out loud. Especially if constipation is implied. Most prefer to remain silent, even shy to go to the hospital for a consultation with a doctor and suffer, suffer. In this case, not only morally, but also physically. Not to mention the fact that it adversely affects the general condition of the body and its health.

Multiple causes of the same problem.

Constipation can be caused by several causes. In particular, one of the most common causes is excessively monotonous nutrition, as well as the absence of the following products in the diet and menu:

But there may be an overabundance of over-refined foods, as well as food of protein origin. As a result, the intestine practically does not receive the fiber it needs, as a result of which, not only it, but also your entire body begins to suffer.

Health is a movement!

One more reason for problems in the bowels can be an excessively sedentary lifestyle. After all, today a lot of people work in offices, at computers, practically without moving. What happens as a result of this? The muscles of the sphincter simply relax. They no longer have the necessary tone for normal functioning. As a result, the contractile functions are significantly, catastrophically reduced.

Be calm, gentlemen!

There are many chronic diseases that can provoke such an unpleasant disease as constipation:

-? ?ulcers of various types;

And another reason that provokes various problems with the intestines is the excessive emotionality of a person, expressed in the frequent manifestation of nervousness and anxiety, even if there is no reason for it.

How often. ..?

Most people have never wondered how often they should go to the toilet. Usually, once a day is enough. Twice a day or once every two days is also within the normal range. However, if everything happens much less often, it's time to start sounding the alarm and seek help from a doctor. Although first try to control the work of your body, track how much you eat and how often you visit the toilet.

When self-treatment is possible

By the way, if you begin to notice that you have constipation, then you do not have to rush to the clinic to see a doctor. This disease can be cured independently. There are many folk remedies that will help normalize the bowels. Which ones - we will tell about it below, but immediately note that if they do not help, you should still seek help from a professional who will prescribe the necessary drugs.

More fluid

So, the easiest way to normalize the bowels is to drink water. The rate of an adult is one and a half to two liters of water per day. Many people mistakenly think that other used liquids can also be added to the total volume:

In fact, this is not so. This refers to pure water. Also, every morning you need to start with a glass of water drunk on an empty stomach. In this case, the water should be cold. And the colder, the better, but, of course, not the one that can lead to the development of colds. After drinking the water, make a light massage of the abdomen, stroking it for two or three minutes with your open hand in a clockwise direction. You can lightly press. Only after the end of this procedure, you can begin to eat.

And again about the water

Above we have already talked about the importance of drinking water. In the midst of the day, for one hour you should drink a liter of water. Cold but not in one gulp. This is a great way to normalize the bowels of folk remedies and avoid constipation.

If you like to drink various drinks, then give up stimulating the nervous system, and prefer green tea. Also, folk healers recommend eating soaked dried prunes. It will not only allow to normalize the work of the intestines, but also to stimulate it.

What's for dinner?

To prevent constipation from becoming your companion and friend, carefully track what you eat for dinner. If you do not want to resort to various medical drugs, you should abandon fatty foods. Of course, it is not always possible to resist or there is not always a choice. In this case, it is recommended to “eat” dinner with low-fat cottage cheese. But not immediately after a meal, but somewhere thirty or forty minutes later.

This recommendation can hardly be called a complete diet, but still, if you follow it, you will forever forget about the problems in the bowels.

What will healers advise?

There is another folk remedy that will help to normalize the work of the intestine, as well as prevent constipation and avoid the use of medications. This is a decoction of chicory. It is necessary to take only twenty grams of this wonderful plant, pour one liter of boiling water, let it stand on a water bath for up to half an hour, and then drink three times a day.

Another decoction made from dandelion roots is also recommended. It is more powerful and effective than chicory, but it also has a significant drawback - a very unpleasant taste. The principle of cooking is similar to the above, but you do not need to drink it all in one day, but only two tablespoons again in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

Good will help avoid the problems described above bread made from coarse flour. You can buy it today at any supermarket, but the best is to cook it yourself.

As a conclusion

The main thing is not to pretend that you do not have any problems with digestion, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to your health. Feel free to go to the doctor? Try some of the above folk remedies. If they do not help, then you will not get away from going to the polyclinic anymore, but you will not be embarrassed by this problem.

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