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No. 71 The battle against irritation.

Hello! Pray for my healing from hemorrhoids and all intestinal problems - my sister from Krasnoyarsk wrote to me.

My illness has been with childbirth for many years. The image of my life was more sedentary. Now I'm trying to move more, to sit less. Irritable bowel syndrome: I go to the toilet more than 10 times a day. Suddenly, it all happens that I can not leave the house. I do not have a diagnosis from doctors. It's not really diarrhea, it's irritable bowel syndrome - it's called that.

Light, below my prayer, put off everything, concentrate on the Lord, ask Him for forgiveness for wrongs and not forgiveness for people. Name their names, as many times as necessary, so that you feel inside yourself - peace and quiet.

Lord, I ask you for the Light, for this disease does not allow her to live normally, and I ask You, right now, to visit her, visit and touch Her grace to her and heal her from this irritation.

Listen to me, the virus or bacteria that created this irritation i

n her intestines: in the name of Jesus I destroy, I break you by the power of God, any virus, to the root, to the root, destroy and destroy and deprive you of all power and order you to have a disorder of the intestine: Lights
(Light-exhale it many times)
I went out, I say, go out, get out of it and do not touch it anymore, leave it, leave it to you, leave it for once and for all.
I order every irritation in the intestine, right now: irritation-disappear, I tell you, in the name of Jesus-disappear, disappear, break through into the abyss, but go away from it, in the name of Jesus.
God, do wonderful healing, You have God's will to heal all people, Light is one of them. May your grace right now fill the affected bowel with the incredible flow of your Holy Spirit she feel how You heal her, right now, that until morning everything will disappear, by your power, for your glory, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Svetlana soon wrote:
I have so far without any changes. Some skepticism also attacked. I did everything as it was written: exhaled, exhaled, for a long time, I wanted to cry. Then the second time I read. After that I prayed for a long time in tongues. Physically, no changes.

I wrote to her: it can not be!
Wait a little bit and write a couple of days later, but give up on doubts and stand in the position of firm confidence that the change will come. Renounce doubts. so tell me I renounce. went Satan away from me. I accept my healing.

Svetlana answered:
I really want to be healed. I believe in Jesus with all my heart and the Calvary sacrifice, but what is not enough? For the third consecutive summer I can not leave the house, I can not go to the beach, go on vacation. Tomorrow I'm going to the camp with my church, because I just can not stay at home, but I do not want this time to be a time of torment for me. What is this: the spirit of unbelief, of doubt?

This is despair and disbelief at the same time.

Reveal my brief prayer several times.
(put your hand on the intestines)
Lord, the problem has remained, the sister can not accept your healing in any way, let Your anointing come down on her with a powerful stream through prayer and irrespective of her faith, will heal her. According to my faith and the gift you gave me, let it be so.

The intestine, I turn to you: restore your work, recover speak, work clearly, without failures, have been healed by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, right now, right now, I command you, in the name of Jesus.
To every irritation in the intestines I command by the power and power of the Holy Spirit - to disappear from the body of Svetlana, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I had the confidence that healing is inevitable. I accept my healing, enough for me to run from him already. I'm waiting for tests, suspicion of ulcerative colitis and serious suspicion, and the form is medium-heavy. If confirmed, then I'm waiting for a hospital. But I have the strength to stand in prayer, to fight, I do not give up. I feel better, even probably surprising for doctors, for such a form of colitis.

And again I pray:
Become again in prayer, ask God for forgiveness, for what you say yourself in your own words: = hospital waiting for me =
renounce them, in the name of Jesus. After, proclaim my prayer.
The Lord is again at Thy feet. I bring Svetlana and I ask You to complete the healing begun by You and restore the work of the intestine - heal God right now, for Your glory, in the name of Jesus.
Ulcerative colitis, I turn to you and command you, in the name of Jesus: go away from the body of Sveta, leave her intestines and evaporate, disappear, sneak into the abyss of the sea and do not touch her again. I destroy, to the root I destroy you and I kill all the infection in its intestines by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus - a disease of retreat, I command, in the name of Jesus, leave it, leave it to say and disappear.
Lord, be merciful and right at this hour, when Sveta reads these lines, by the streams of Your divine grace fill her intestines and cleanse him of all evil spirits and heal her of colitis, in the name of Jesus I ask You, in the name of Jesus.
Let her literally in the coming days see in her own body a huge, wonderful change in the improvement of her health and glorify You Almighty God and this healing will bring glory only to You alone, in the name of Jesus I beg. Amen.

And finally, there was a qualitative shift. Svetlana wrote:
Immediately after the prayer, I did not feel anything, but I believed that there would be changes. It was on Thursday, and on Friday I was able to leave the house more or less calmly. But my head was still dizzy. And on Saturday I slept all night, went to the toilet only 3-4 times, and not more than 10, as before it was. The temperature never increased more than 37, there were forces, dizziness has passed. There was less pain.
And I also strongly believe in the power of the Blood, and I constantly call upon it. I struggle with all spiritual and bodily means available to me.

My comment:
Not always, for one single prayer comes healing or a clear improvement. It often requires persevering struggle and unceasing prayer, and growing faith.
Luke 1: If, I tell you, he does not
will rise up and will not give him in friendship with
him, then by his perseverance,
standing up, will give him how much he asks.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

One day - three autumn (Chinese wisdom)

What is the difference between the vulnerability of the soul and irritable bowel syndrome? The difference is small. You live, you live for yourself: for whom an apple is just a fruit, and for your intestines it is something more. So with the vulnerability of the soul. It's like nothing to tear your heart, but your heart is already in the blood. No, it's a small wound, not even an open one. A little tingles, quietly whining, like the general background of life. Against this background, you laugh, you cry, you marvel, you love.

Can you fall in love in a few minutes, hours, days? To see each other in a crowded alley, to feel someone who is no longer your man. This is a fairy tale. As my father would say - "a fairy tale about a white bull". "Others fall in love - you think immediately, without hesitation, with delight, with tears. " Do not need beautiful stories about princes and princesses, do not need songs, fancies - just love, love would be easy.

Early autumn, cloudy, it will soon rain, I feel a familiar smell. Asphalt smooth, apparently, laid out recently. Quietly, only in the distance someone laughs loudly - pure, joyful laughter. For a long time I did not laugh like that.

Sometimes you sit on the bus, in the evening, the lights of the city flash noiselessly, all the smells are mixed in the air: someone's perfume, the smell of gasoline, of autumn; but people all around are so different. You breathe in the glass and do not care that it's dirty, you just want it so. And you see, on the contrary it's him. A thoughtful look through the window, eyes tired and sad, ear-phones in ears. And then it becomes sad for him. For the fact that we do not know each other, because he probably suffers a little, maybe he does not like autumn. It will come out two stops earlier than I, and all this will be forgotten the next morning. Sadness, all-embracing, devouring sadness.

I look at the light, and I think if the fluorescent lamp can shine so brightly. The mouth has blood, but the taste is strange, not salty, but bitter, like a pill that you can not drink. On the next armchair the child is crying wildly. I would also cry, only age does not allow, and they gave me an anesthetic. Instead, I am looking at the lamp with concentration. I'm at the dentist's. He peers at my teeth so seriously, and seems like some kind of ancient Mongol leader. "Leader" changes tools skillfully, puts a seal on the tooth, removes the mask, smiles. He always smiles, cute and professional. He might like me, I think it's good. But I do not like him, because he only sees his teeth. Teeth are his main passion. I try to smile back, something like a smirk.

I do not want to like a movie, I do not want it in novels. I just want to love, to share life with him. I want to tell my children not the history of our meeting, I can write it, invent it, I can do it. I want to tell you how much we love, how we live, we think. You can come up with a story, but you can not imagine a feeling, like that.

Early morning. It's pretty cold, the wind pinches my eyes, I breathe in the autumn and I live. What is the difference between the vulnerability of the soul and irritable bowel syndrome? There is no difference. Just get used to the idea that somewhere in the heart of the wound is small, there is almost no blood, and it will heal, there is hope. Great, all-embracing hope.

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Bear disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Where did this term come from? In winter, hunting for bears is very common. Such catching occurs at a time when the bear is in hibernation. Hunters with a pack of dogs approach the den of the bear and start calling it, hitting sticks against metal objects. At the same time, dogs start barking loudly. The bear wakes up from the noise and runs away from the fright. Thus, he becomes an easy prey. After many centuries, the hunters noticed that the bear starts frightening with diarrhea. That is why, in the people and went so-called bear illness, that is, diarrhea, which began with fear.

And now seriously.


Urgent urges for defecation, diarrhea with an admixture of undigested food, bile, blood, burning sensation and pain in the intestines.


Such a sensitive intestine, which reacts painfully even to the most usual situations, and especially stressful ones, has emotional and vulnerable people. Symptoms of bear illness usually arise against a background of nervous exhaustion, traumatic events (death of relatives, divorce, loss of work). The main cause of irritable bowel syndrome is the malfunctioning of the nervous system. Psychosomatic disorder occurs as a result of suppression of negative emotions. Without finding an outlet, they increase the excitability of the autonomic nervous system, which is expressed in uncontrolled defecation, the release of bile into the intestine. This causes severe irritation: abdominal pain, swelling, diarrhea and constipation.

If dyspepsia is not treated, then the stool becomes a bloody mucus. This is a sign that the intestinal mucosa is inflamed and burst blood vessels.


At home, it is recommended that you regularly take valerian, motherwort, mint, peony tincture - depending on what is best for the patient.

With frequent attacks of diarrhea, tea from the leaves or roots of the badan will help, the latter having a stronger effect. You can also eat such astringent products as quince, pomegranate, bird cherry, sea-buckthorn, persimmon.

With spasms of the intestine and stubborn locks, enemas with linseed oil are useful.

There are often - more often 4-5 times a day, and, little by little, avoiding fried and fatty, raw fruits and vegetables. Food should exclude rough, difficult to digest components (mushrooms, for example), it is better to crush it thoroughly before use. Useful porridge from oat and buckwheat on the water with a little addition of spices, mashed potatoes, stale bread.

If much mucus is secreted with mucus masses, it is helpful to drink a glass of hot water daily with a pinch of ginger and two tablespoons of honey.

Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome can be both folk and medicamental. Abdominal pain, flatulence, change in the consistency and frequency of the stool suggest that the bear illness has begun treatment, which, first of all, should be complex.

First, it is necessary to establish food.

Secondly, it is necessary to establish the work of the central nervous system. For this, a course of psychotherapy is being conducted.

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Biologists, for example, Kab. M. Krechmar, author of the book Shaggy God, the theory of bear illness refute, t. there is no reliable information about it. One of these cases mentions Cherkasov, but his bear was frightened by a bullet from a threaded chimney from a close distance.
But this is particular. The text arose the question. There are often cases when, due to nervous tension, people have strong (or very strong) resists in the stomach, vomiting, etc. In this case, there is no breakdown in the intestine. Could you, in the future, write material about such deviations?

№1 | February 26th

in Minsk, Belarus)

Qwest wrote (a):
There are often cases when, due to nervous tension, people have strong (or very strong) resists in the stomach, vomiting, etc. In this case, there is no breakdown in the intestine.

I did not encounter this,
but with a bearish illness - a sign
and he once was a student - he felt on himself.

№2 | February 26th


Makeenko Anastasia Pavlovna

Qwest wrote (a):
There are often cases when, due to nervous tension, people have strong (or very strong) resists in the stomach, vomiting, etc. In this case, there is no breakdown in the intestine.

This really does occur. Recently I read about this phenomenon in the network. As a rule, it is experienced as an exacerbation of a gastritis, thus on a gastroscopy all is pure or clean and the gastroenterologist hands up. Just in response to some situation, there is a sharp tension in the stomach until heartburn and vomiting. This can be associated with emerging negative emotions, most often with your anger at someone or with the fear of someone else's anger, but not necessarily with stress of various kinds. In general, the causes are not much different from IBS. The only question is, what place is the weaker person - the intestine or stomach. If the doctor excludes all organic causes and the condition of the stomach is normal, then just in case appoint a nolpaz and send to the therapist.

№3 | February 26th

I suffer this for many years. I do not give disability, I myself have felt this way myself for a long time. (

№4 | September 1

Bear disease is a real disease that has its own causes in the body, its causes have been discovered not so long ago, about 40 years ago. It is called cholera diarrhea or bile diarrhea. Diarrhea or diarrhea occurs with excessive intake of bile acids in the large intestine, and the reasons for this can be very many and one of them - the excitement. Another common cause of cholera diarrhea is irradiation of the pelvis in women with oncogynecologic diseases, there are other reasons. It would seem very different states, but the mechanism is one - an excess of bile acids in the large intestine. And the treatment is the same - cholestyramine - an adsorbent of bile acids. It can be sold under different names, but the active substance is one - cholestyramine, adorbent bile acids. One packet per day is enough and there is no diarrhea. You can take before the exam or performance. Guaranteed - no diarrhea.

№5 | March 31

in Minsk, Belarus)

№5 | Alexandra6 wrote:
And the treatment is the same - cholestyramine

№6 | 1 April

Hello! I will say one thing, that this ailment is really from stress and nerves, I am now being treated with a medicamentous way from depression for the third month and against this mental disorder before I had this ailment, I was in shock, my nerves were gone, all the symptoms disappeared (there were a lot of them from headaches, insomnia and itching of the anus of elbows and lower legs to pain in different parts of the body), but this syndrome does not disappear :( the intestines, pipets, I drink the root of the badan and brew it strong + yarrow and until the result is very little. I'm in shock.

№7 | April 27th

№8 | April 27th

in Minsk, Belarus)

№8 | FGP wrote:
what to do then.

Kirill Budkevich wrote (a):
Secondly, it is necessary to establish the work of the central nervous system. For this, a course of psychotherapy is being conducted.

№9 | April 28

Wait, but if you just start drinking antidepressants, as I hear they help with all sorts of panic attacks [url = http://yrenec.ru/gastrojenterologija/72-medvezhja-bolezn-ili-sindrom-razdrazhennogo-kishechnika],[/url] can and with bear illness will help?

№10 | July 7th

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