Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies


In the subject to the brother does not send.

Was at Seredkin in AF, has handed over all analyzes beginning from a dysbacteria, koprogrammy to FGDS and a column.

The diagnosis is IBS + dyspnar (not very strong) + small problems with digestibility.

Has appointed or nominated treatment - prpila a course - polegchalo, after 2 weeks on new. Again to him, again appointed a cure (a little different) - felt better, but not for long.
Now I drink lactobacterin.

Has anyone cured IBS?

Doctors say that this is a grateful disease and can be treated well. something I can not believe.

Can the doctor advise, who spets-sja on this disease?

157 MSU - Shabarina.

But I know for sure that IBS is a diazonosis - an exception. It is put when absolutely all other options are swept away. Otherwise it's just laziness of the doctor.

(You name the topic a little differently, and then the confusion will turn out.)

, did not begin to do FCC for the time being. On the one hand, I agree that the method will most accurately identify the problem area

s, but, for example, with general anesthesia, there is a possibility of perforating the colon with a colonoscope! those. endoscopists do not advise on general anesthesia, tk. there is no communication doctor-patient. I was sent to the district polyclinic for Siqueiros. And, one surgeon sent, the other (the woman) was outraged that they would have been superfluous to direct this savage procedure and advised me not to go to the FCC. Moreover, actually on Siqueiros, after talking with the endoscopist (then it was Galina Gavrilovna - as I remember now))), too, decided not to do so while the procedure. The fact is that the FSS or FCC is shown more in the case of intestinal obstruction, suspicions of a tumor. surgeons and gastroenterologists some seek to direct all patients to this very difficult procedure.

I, like an old pervert, agreed to a sigmoidoscopy (stick in the ass) and irrigoscopy - an X-ray of the intestine. but for a long time it was))))))
in general, I agree with Perryshko that the main thing - the right way of life will help, especially in such muddy diagnoses as IBS
. by the way, exists in the same Adm. shipyards the so-called virtual colonoscopy - read in the internet. something like spiral tomography of the intestine.

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We did not even dream about the TV program. Fake paradise on the REN TV channel from 15.01. interesting information about pharmaceutical companies, especially foreign ones, was reported. For more than 20 years they have been producing drugs that do not heal, but only relieve symptoms.

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For self-hypnosis, first of all, complete rest is needed. Nothing should distract you - neither the phone calls, nor the words of relatives, nor the sounds of the TV. Even the air temperature in your room should be the most suitable for you. You can even light scented candles. You need complete relaxation for about half an hour.

Hardly you can find another, so mysterious and surprising topic, like hypnosis. A misunderstanding, of course, gives birth to a lot of myths. First of all, we owe the mythmaking about hypnosis to the mass media - articles and TV programs, books and films are full of stories about the magic of hypnosis.

Contrary to popular belief, everyone can give in to hypnosis. False information that there are exceptions to this rule appeared decades ago, when Studies were conducted in laboratory conditions using outdated techniques (classical) hypnosis. Not surprisingly, in such an environment, successfully immerse yourself in

Irritable bowel syndrome. Nolpaz is to blame?

Hello. I'll start from the beginning. For the second year I'm worried about the stomach and intestines. I was treated by a gastroenterologist (2 courses). It was easy, but not for long. And again, the pain and rumbling in the stomach, and the rumbling in the intestine is not permanent. The doctor prescribed to me: Nolpaz 40 mg. - 1t. * 1p. in a day; MATHILIUM 10mg. - to 1t. * 3 p. in a day; DUPATOLIN - 1t. * 3p. in a day. I drank this all 2 weeks. Well, sort of relaxed. but as it turned out not for long. Literally two weeks later my stomach started to hurt again, I decided to drink another Nolpaz 20 mg. But something is wrong. The liquid chair began, mostly in the mornings I can go 3-4 times. In this liquid stool, there is mucus, but today, for example, it can be said that the third time I generally went to the toilet with mucus (there is no blood), my stomach aches a little on the bottom left. All this lasts already today, the third day. There is no temperature, the general condition is normal. Did the EGD: Conclusion. Gastropathy erythematous 2 tbsp. Duodenopathy of the erythematous st. Has handed over the analysis calla. result in the image. Can I need another treatment. Maybe I'm upset with Nolpaz. What could it be. Thank you very much in advance.

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Svetlana. The data of the survey is not enough. You need a general blood test, biochemistry (AST, ALT, APF, Bilirubin, Amylase),

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