How to restore intestines after rotavirus infection


Nutrition with rotavirus infection

Rotavirus is a common disease that starts with the symptoms of a cold and ends with vomiting and diarrhea. This disease occurs in the form of seasonal outbreaks, most often, children and persons with immunodeficiency conditions become ill.

The disease can have a severe course. There is no etiotropic (acting on the causative agent) treatment of the disease. Prescribed medications help to remove unpleasant symptoms of the disease. But to fully recover from the disease - this is the task of the body itself. This will help him sparing diet food. About the menu of the patient with rotavirus infection and will be discussed in this article.

Purpose of the diet

Nutrition with rotavirus infection is necessary. After all, nutrients coming from food, help our immune system to defeat the infection. They are small bricks, from which later new tissues will be built, replacing cells destroyed by the virus. But the body has no strength for full digestion. He spends his energy on fighting t

he disease. Therefore, our task is to reduce food intake (by about 15-20%) and make it easily assimilable.

In addition, food itself can be an excellent medicine. The astringent and binding properties of some cereals help prevent diarrhea. Lactobacilli of fermented milk products suppress the growth of pathogenic flora. Compotes and herbal drinks provide the body with the liquid and the necessary trace elements.

Food cures, and, therefore, you can not abandon it during an infection. What dishes can help a sick person, and which, on the contrary, will worsen his condition? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Therapeutic table

The first 2-4 days of illness the patient suffers from severe vomiting or diarrhea. This period is called the acute phase. In order not to provoke symptoms, food is limited as much as possible these days, taken in small portions 5-6 times a day.

In the acute phase, you can cook a porridge on the water. It is better to take rice or semolina. These porridges are well strengthened and enveloped. In addition, they do not cause fermentation in the intestine. Porridge should be eaten in liquid form, without salt, sugar and oil.

Vegetable oil stimulates peristalsis. It can aggravate diarrhea. Butter is poorly digested because of the enzyme deficiency that viruses cause.

Rice-semolina porridge can be given for 1-2 days. When the condition improves, you can try buckwheat, corn and oatmeal.

After cereals, meat is introduced into the diet. This should be a low-fat boiled or steamed fillet. The rabbit, turkey, calf and chicken breast are best suited. To facilitate the availability of meat products it is better to eat in chopped form (cutlets, meatballs, meatballs). You can eat fish of low-fat varieties (hake, talisman).

A patient with diarrhea can eat breadcrumbs of white and gray bread, dry cookies without sugar, biscuits.

After the introduction of meat, you can add to the diet of a sick egg. They are best cooked in the form of steam omelets or simply boiled hard. Because of the high content of cholesterol, the number of eggs is better limited to 1-2 per week.

Vegetables and fruit are introduced only in boiled and baked form. Mashed potatoes on water, zucchini and carrots are allowed. You can also expand the diet with broccoli and cauliflower.

From drinks in the early days you can drink pure water and solutions of electrolytes (Orolith, Regidron, Tour). After the improvement of the condition, brew a decoction of herbs (blueberries, raspberries, dog-rose). You can cook compote from dried fruits (without prunes). Also allowed to drink weak tea and jelly.

Be sure to drink kefir and other dairy products (yogurt, acidophilus) from the 4th day of illness. They normalize acidity in the intestines, preventing the development of a pathogenic bacterial flora.

Tea with ginger and mint leaves the symptoms of nausea.

This is a complete therapeutic diet with rotavirus infection. It must be observed during illness and 2 weeks after it. During this time, the intestinal mucosa will recover and you will be able to return to your normal menu.


Diet with rotavirus infection completely excludes the following dishes:

  1. fatty meat varieties (chicken legs, wings, pork, fat beef, lamb, duck);
  2. fatty fish (salmon, trout);
  3. whole milk;
  4. fresh vegetables and fruits;
  5. Smoked meat, marinades;
  6. coffee and strong tea;
  7. chocolate, cakes, buns;
  8. black bread and black breadcrumbs.

These products stimulate intestinal peristalsis, activate fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine, irritate the inflamed mucous membrane. Fats and milk are not fully digested due to enzyme deficiency caused by the virus. There are these foods during diarrhea can not. After their consumption, diarrhea can return.

A rational diet with rotavirus infection is already half the treatment. Observe these simple rules, and recovery will not keep you waiting.

How to restore the microflora after rotavirus?

veter peremen 13 Aug

when the microflora is disturbed, there are many different means. Some hold the view that the microflora itself will recover in a couple of weeks or months, and do not forcefully torment her. I with it in the root do not agree. If there was a disturbance of the microflora, two series of products are needed - a prebiotic and a probiotic. The first will give a good environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria, the second - the actual bacteria. And the more kinds of bacteria in probiotics, the better.
I usually appoint Enterol in parallel with Nyfuroxazide. As my practice shows, this is a good combination. Although, there may be other options.
As a probiotic, you can use honey. drugs such as Lineks, Biogaya, Bifidumbacterin, etc. But they have one minus - a very small number of species of bacteria. Therefore, I advise you to use bacterial sourdoughs for cooking yoghurt at home. The spectrum of bacteria in them is much greater, and the quality of the products is not inferior to honey. drugs. For example, 9 types of bacteria are found in the Immunals starter, in the Symbiotic - 11 species of bacteria, with the number of colonies 5 * 10 in 11 degrees, and in the Biogaya preparation there is only one bacterium (10 to 8 degrees), Linex 3 types of bacteria (, * 10 in 7 degree).
The treatment should be administered by a pediatrician who treats the child, but you can ask the doctor whether it is better to use such starter cultures.

NatalishaTD 13 Aug

Perfect beauty, the most exquisite appearance, are worthless, if no one admires them.

Milashka123 Aug 15

To us the doctor recommended Bifidumbacterin (in bags, dial in the search engine, read) and Mezim, We were recommended by a doctor Bifidumbacterin (in bags, dial in the search engine, read) and Mezim, the intestine recovered quickly, no problems It was. I did not get used to it either. Good luck, do not be ill!

veter peremen 16 Aug

Oh, and how many children did you have then? Mezim - this is essentially enzymes of the pancreas. They are given for chronic diseases of the stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines. But give the child this after infection, when more than enough bacteria alone and just a normal diet?
Do not go to such doctors, pity the children.

Milashka123 Aug 27

The child was 6 years old. And about the mezima, our doctor explained to us. The baby was 6. And about the mezima, our doctor explained to us that with the enzymes the pancreas is in a state temporary rest, the process of splitting food improves and the process of absorption of all useful components from food.

vanilla 27 Aug

Anonymous, Female, 32 years old

Recovery after rotavirus

Hello. I have two children (twins) for 10 months. A month ago, recovered from rotavirus. After the hospital recommended normobakt for the restoration of the flora for 10 days. After the abolition of bacteria, a loose stool began. We drank another 10 days normobakta, the picture does not improve. Defecation after each meal. The places of contact between skin and feces became very quickly inflamed. Advise, what should we do to restore the flora? What tests should I take?

Hello! It often happens that the postponement of the transferred intestinal infection disrupts the pancreas and flora in the intestines, and if there are intertrigo. then most likely activated fungal flora. For rapid diagnosis from the analysis, coprol and feces are suitable for dysbiosis, and for the improvement of the condition we now apply Enterol 100 on 1/2 pack 2 r / d on vodichku between feedings a course of 5-7 days, well and after koprologii it will be possible to do a conclusion whether enzyme preparations. While limiting the dairy products and as soon as the result of the analysis is available, report it. Health to your kids !!

Anonymous, Female, 32 years old


Hello! Thanks for the answer! Have received the results of the coprogram: 1. Consistency - soft; form - decorated; yellow color; reaction mucus - not detected; blood is not detected; epithelium - not detected; leukocytes - not detected; erythrocytes - not detected; muscle fibers indigestible. - Not detected; muscle fibers. - Not detected; grows. Fiber is digested - moderate count; grows. Non-digestible fiber is insignificant; fat neutral - not detected; fatty acids - not detected; soap - poorly; the reaction to bilirubin is absent. 2. Color - greenish; consistency - mushy; form - unformed; the reaction is acidic; remnants of undigested food (macroscopically) - not detected; detritus - moderate amount; muscle fibers undigested - not detected; muscular fibers digested - single in the preparation; connective fibers - not detected; vegetable fiber is digestible - a small amount; vegetative fiber indigestible - moderate amount; starch intracellularly - a small amount; starch extracellularly - a small amount; iodophilic flora (normal) - not detected; iodophilic flora (pathological) -not found; neutral fat - small quantity; fatty acids - a small amount; salts of fatty acids (soaps) - not found; mucus - a small amount; epithelium, in n / sp - 0; leukocytes, in n / sp - 0-10; erythrocytes, in n / sp - 0. Enterol is taken today for 5 days. The overall picture is better, but not entirely good. Analysis for dysbiosis will be at the end of the week. I really look forward to your comments and thank you in advance.

Hello! According to the results of the first coprogram, everything is practically normal, the main thing is that there are no signs of inflammation, so if you feel well the child and the saved appetite it is possible days 5 to submit kreon 10 000 for restoration of digestion and to pass to usual for the child food. As for the second analysis, there are signs of inflammation in the intestine + disruption of digestion, here Enterol can continue for up to 10 days and connect creon in a dose of 1/4 capsules 3-4 r / d during meals with a child weighing about 9-10 kg. The condition of the stool and the skin should be adjusted. Good luck to you!

Anonymous, Female, 32 years old

Hello! Thanks to your recommendations, after the introduction of Creon, the condition of the stool has improved noticeably. Prior to taking the creon, colic and bloating were noted after consuming kefir, whether it is possible to improve the reaction to this product with the use of Creon or to look for the cause in another. The results of studies on intestinal dysbacteriosis were obtained. What activities will you recommend for the current results? 1. Bifidobacteria 10 ^ 10 (10 ^ 10-10 ^ 11) Lactic acid bacteria 10 ^ 8 (10 ^ 6-10 ^ 7) Enterococci News Mail. Ru



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