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The following explanation refers to abdominal pain that occurs for no apparent reason and is not associated with any disease.

If the pain occurs in the upper part of the abdomen, that is, in the solar plexus area, it indicates that the person is too worried about other people. He is afraid for someone.

If the abdomen is hurting (below the navel). this indicates that a person is too worried about what is happening in his life at the moment. He is afraid for himself. He could get the impression that someone is trying to trample him, pursuing his goals. It is also possible that he crawls on his belly before someone, that is, humiliated to achieve some goal.

The pain in the upper abdomen reminds you that you were on this planet not to take care of the happiness of the people you love all the time. You can show sympat

hy for them, but no one forces you to lose your health. Let them live their lives and help them only when they ask for it, and only if you really have this opportunity.

As for the pain in the lower abdomen, you should stop thinking that anxiety and anxiety can somehow help you get rid of the person or situations that cause fear in you. Try to calm down, and then you will have more chances to find the right way out. Anxiety prevents you from concentrating, and you make decisions under the influence of fear, and not on the basis of your true needs.

Spiritual blockage and conclusion

In order to understand the spiritual blockage that impedes the satisfaction of your important need true self, ask yourself the questions listed in the section [link blocked by decision of the administration project]. Answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the true cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.

Irritable intestine will cure diary

If you want to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, then open a text file on your computer or a regular notebook and start writing down all your thoughts and feelings. Researchers believe that the process of writing texts can be an effective weapon against indigestion.

The journal American Journal of Gastroenterology published research data, which proves the healing emotional emanating emotions on paper or so-called expressive writing for people suffering from fromirritable bowel syndrome(IBS). It is curious that this is not the first quality, useful for health, found in this method.

In previous studies, scientists have noticed the beneficial effects of expressive writing on symptoms of depression, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, high blood pressure and even AIDS.

About 15% of Russian citizens suffer fromirritable bowel syndrome. among which manifestations of pain in the abdominal cavity, diarrhea, flatulence and constipation. 82% of the patients who took part in the study felt better within one to three months after starting the therapy of the expressive letter. They reported a decrease in the severity of the manifestation of the disease, a smaller number of negative thoughts and a general improvement in the quality of life.

In general, people store too many superfluous secrets in themselves, "said Dr. Mark Lumley of Wayne State University in Detroit. - When we do not share our emotional experiences, this can entail not only mental, but also physical consequences.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): risk factors and ways to improve the condition

Pain and discomfort in the abdomen, flatulence, diarrhea and constipation - if these symptoms occur often enough, you may have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In itself, this syndrome is not a disease, and its appearance is characterized by the characteristics of the body.

Etiology of IBS

An irritable bowel syndrome is a very common problem. According to the most approximate estimates of specialists, about 15% of people in European countries suffer from IBS for a period of months a year on average.

The etiology of IBS is multifactorial in nature. Typically, this disease affects people aged 25 to 40 years, experiencing high emotional stress and often subject to stress. Exacerbation of IBS can also trigger erratic, irregular meals with a predominance of acute, oily, causing gasification of food (legumes, cabbage, sweets), as well as changing the habitual nature of food during travel.

Risk factors

We remind you that irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease, but is characterized as a temporary functional condition, the risk of which is increased by the following factors:

- unstable psychological state of the patient;

- susceptibility to frequent stresses and psychoemotional disorders;

- sedentary lifestyle;

- violation of diet;

- frequent changes in climatic zones;


How long does colitis and srk be treated?

Hello, dear doctor. Mena's name is Inna, I'm 47 years old. At mea such problem, on May, 20th at me strong diarrhea with gases and slime has begun. I turned to the policeman and suspected an infection. But the analysis came negative. I drank enterosgel, enterol, even aminocaproic acid. Then the therapist changed the list of medicines for biseptol, loperamide, noshpu and acipol. Has made endoscopy antral atrophic gastritis and duodeno-gastral reflux. Has made a rectography the diagnosis hr. colitis and srk, a small haemorrhoid Assignment of romazulam, pankriatin, bifiform and suppositories with methylorucil. Biochemistry of blood bilirubin 5.1, cholesterol 4.38, ALT 16, AST 15, glucose 5.7, total protein 64. General analysis in the number of ESR 8, hemoglobin 140. Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity liver lion. share 46, right 96, contours equal are not increased, bile 67х7х12, is not increased, pancreatic norm and the rest without deviations. Was at a reception with a gastroenterologist. discharged injections platyfilin, ditsitel, microzyme, enterosan, eglonil. Has made the analysis on dizbakterioz typical 10 in 8 degrees, lactonegative 0, hemolytic 0, other conditionally pathogenic 0, protea 0, nonfermental 0, enterococcus 10 to 6 degrees, staphylococcus 0, staphylococcus saprophytic, epidermal 10 to 4 degrees, bifidobacteria 10 to 5 step. lactobacillus 10 in 6 step. Bacteroides 10 to 5 degrees. Clostridia 10 to 5 degrees. yeast 10 in 3 step. After the analysis, bifidumbacterin was added to the treatment. Now a day or two stools are mushy, on day 3 diarrhea with gases happens. I'm sitting on a strict diet, I do not eat fruits and vegetables. They say that it will not pass so quickly Tell me how to be. Pains as such are not present, only rastroja a chair. I do not know how to go to work, all the time it seems that I want to go to the toilet. I'm afraid there is something, I already panic some. Thank you in advance

Hello! I think that you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), which is often the case in people who have suffered nervous stress and have a life of suspicious and susceptible depression. Therefore, along with gastroenterological drugs that improve the work of the colon, you need to visit a doctor - a psychotherapist for the appointment of psychotropic drugs. To treatment: 1) Diet № 4 according to Pevzner, 2) trimedate, 1 tab 3 p \ day 1 month, then 1 2 tabs 3 p \ day 2 months. 3) neogel neo 1 dose d 4 r \ day on an empty stomach and before bedtime 1 month 4) pankreoflat for 1 tab 3 p \ day with food 2 months 5) Sorbents: Pepsan P or polyphepan 1 tbsp 3 r \ day 1 month; 6) herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow, etc. alternate for 2 weeks. 7) probiotics: baktistatin for 1 caps 3 p / day (or bifidum - bacterium 1 fl 2 p / day) 2 - 3 months. You see, the treatment is really long.

Consultation is given for reference only. Based on the results of the consultation, please consult your doctor.



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