How to restore the intestines after poisoning


Help with food poisoning: relieve symptoms and restore digestion

It is necessary to give the patient to drink as much liquid as possible (from liter to one and a half liters) and induce vomiting by clicking on the root of the tongue. This procedure is not one-time - you need to wash the stomach to clean water.

For washing, the following solutions of room temperature can be used: a soda solution (from the calculation of a teaspoon of bread soda to a glass of water) or a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. Manganese is dangerous because in solution it may be its undissolved crystal, which can cause a burn of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, manganese is first diluted in a small amount of water in the form of a concentrated solution, and then This solution is added to water intended for washing the stomach, making sure that there is no crystallites.

You can wash the stomach and just water, also at room temperature. To increase the effect of removing toxins from the st

omach of the stomach, 10 mashed activated carbon tablets or a bag of smectic acid can be added to a liter of water. Both activated carbon, and smect, adsorb poisons on themselves and remove them from the body.

After the stomach was washed to clean water, you need to make a cleansing enema just with water. But sometimes such intensive washing is not enough and the victim continues to lose fluid in the form of vomiting and diarrhea. In this case, immediately call an ambulance.

Medical treatment for poisoning also begins with the washing of the stomach, this time using a probe - it will reliably remove all toxins from the stomach. If this does not help, the patient is referred to the hospital to compensate for the loss of fluid and mineral salts with the help of droppers.

How to restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract after poisoning

After poisoning during the day, it is better not to eat any food, but drink only liquid. This can be boiled water, weakly boiled tea without sugar, mineral water without gas, saline solution (2 incomplete teaspoons of salt per liter of water), rehydron (special saline solution, which is prepared from powder). Drink first in small sips and often, every 3 to 5 minutes. Then, if the body holds the liquid, the volume can be increased.

For a day you can drink up to two or more liters of liquid.

The next day, if there is no vomiting, you can take liquid food - mucous soups, liquid porridge, mashed potatoes, diluted with boiling water, and not milk. In this case, for the correction of digestive deficiency and more complete assimilation of food, usually assign enzymes - mezim, festal. In the future it will be possible to switch to unconcentrated meat broths, meat of young animals, crushed and cooked on steamed in the form of steam cutlets or meatballs, boiled fish, thicker cereals, cottage cheese, jelly, tea. Enzyme preparations are usually taken for one to two weeks depending on the condition.

In the future, to restore the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and normal intestinal microflora, courses are prescribed by probiotics - bacteria - natural intestines, which help digest food, synthesize some vitamins and inhibit the proliferation of opportunistic microflora that can cause infectious and inflammatory processes.

These drugs include bifidumbacterin, probiophore, lactobacterin, bifiform, colibacterin. The treatment courses for these drugs are different, take them in accordance with the instructions.

When food poisoning is important not only to provide first aid to the patient, but also to restore later the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

And I almost never hurt (ttt). I have this hereditary. It was only 2 times, and then in childhood and adolescence. But the husband regularly, or rather at least once a year. So, these tips will be very useful to me, since there is practically no experience in this delicate topic, but I'd like to help my beloved like that. So I'll bookmark this case.

Many years ago I went on a train, took a chicken with me on the way and ate it on the first day, but because of the fact that it was summer apparently she somehow managed to get spoiled. The taste was normal, but at night I got sick and so I thought first of all it was for this meat. With me I had the usual mineral water, after drinking the whole, liter bottle, I cleared my stomach and it became good for me.

Katherine, that's it. This is what interests me exactly: what if this situation caught you on the road? The fact is that I generally have a weak stomach. And, if suddenly, I travnus, it will be just enchanting, I'm sorry for the expression, I just want to explain it very clearly. I vomit more than once, and almost non-stop for several hours. Can eat any method, a way to facilitate this?

Tonya, in this situation, you need to immediately clean the stomach and get rid of its contents, drink should be boiled water with the addition of manganese. But on the road it is difficult to make such a solution, so it will fit, as it was written above the mineral water, you need to take one that without gas. Try immediately at once drink all the capacity and then cleanse your stomach.

Yes, I know about poisoning not by hearsay. But it was easier for me, I have known all the described methods for a long time. The most effective is to drink a liter of potassium permanganate. To make it difficult because vomiting comes instantly. Literally after a few sips, the gag reflex begins. But after such a cleansing, you can drink coal. Some people drink milk in such cases, I do not know if it helps or not. But my grandmother told me, if she was poisoned, milk will help you.

Natalia, I understand you perfectly. My prescription for dealing with an emetic reflex is fairly simple, perhaps not very effective, but I do not have the other. I first drink half a liter-liter of water. Then it all goes out in 15-20 minutes, then a medicine with a little water, preferably in a powdery state. I rest, I try to keep the medicine. Then, after 30-45 minutes again, water.

In principle, everything is written correctly. I in case of poisoning immediately try to induce vomiting, to clear the stomach of food. Then I drink smecta and fosfalugel, and of course, at the same time, I follow a strict diet. Although on the first day I try to eat practically nothing, only I drink Borjomi. By the way, I do yogurt myself. I take a ready-made shop starter and do it in a yogurt. It turns out a natural useful product.

Jeanne, about yogurt, I agree with you. But when preparing them, you must always strictly adhere to the technology, and then you can easily poison yourself. I like this time it was. And I can not even imagine where I made a mistake. It seems that she did everything as usual. But the facts are eloquent: everyone who ate a jar of yogurt, then suffered a bear illness a day. Not much, but it's still unpleasant.

Jeanne, the smecta? I somehow tried it in this case, so it got even worse. No, I'm not saying that it does not help anyone at all, but it certainly did not help. Perhaps this is something personal with her. I somehow prescribed it in gastroenterology doctors. But as a result, I just could not swallow it - the gag reflex won. But my younger sister was normal, and it helped, in addition.

Treatment and recovery of the body after food poisoning

Food poisoning can be life threatening. This state of the body can be accompanied by one of the most dangerous symptoms - dehydration due to too much fluid loss. Poisoning is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, as a result of which the liquid exits, and its recovery does not occur properly.

The postponed food poisoning will require concentrating its efforts not only on restoring the water balance, but also on cleaning the internal organs. Treatment and recovery of the body after food poisoning can last for weeks, depending on the severity of the patient's condition and the source of poisoning.

After food poisoning, you should not eat solid foods. They will have to be abandoned until the diarrhea completely stops. Dairy products in any form, too, will have to be excluded, they contain lactose, which the body does not tolerate at the time of poisoning. The patient is recommended to drink a lot. Exception - milk and strong coffee. Replenishment of the fluid will improve the overall well-being of the patient. It is useful to use not only mineral water, tea without sugar, but also special preparations, for example, Regidron, which restores the salt balance after poisoning.

Treatment should not always be done using antibiotics. If signs of poisoning of the body only showed up, you can take a potent medicine, but if there is no Increase in temperature and diarrhea is not repeated more than once every two hours, then the use of antibiotics will bring only harm. A necessary measure is washing the stomach. Whichever foods you poison yourself, clean the stomach is extremely important! At home, not yet invented a better means than a solution of potassium permanganate with water. Drink should be not less than a liter of solution at a time, after which vomiting is caused. Such washing should be done at least three, after which you can feel relief.

In some cases, treatment is required because diarrhea, on the contrary, is absent. So, all the harmful and life-threatening products of digestion, including those that caused poisoning, will accumulate in the intestines, causing severe intoxication. In such cases, treatment will include taking laxatives, which will restore the digestive tract and remove all products.


Observance of a diet after food poisoning is a guarantee that soon the patient will return to a normal way of life and habitual for him nutrition. For the recovery period, the patient is prescribed sour-milk products, boiled rice without salt, strong tea with sugar. It is useful to eat apples, - any, except for green varieties. They are better to grate and eat in such a form to facilitate digestion. It is necessary to exclude from the daily diet such products as black bread, beets, all kinds of legumes, cabbage and fresh cucumbers. All these products will only contribute to strengthening the process of fermentation in the intestines and stomach.

The way food is prepared is also important. Give up fried foods, from fatty salads, spicy foods. It is recommended to cook steamed or boiled dishes. So the stomach will be easier to cope with the processing of food after the transferred stress and malfunction.

If treatment at home does not work, and all signs of poisoning continue for the second day, it is better to stop self-treatment and seek help from a medical institution. If intolerable pains appear in the abdomen, body temperature will rise to more than 37 degrees, immediately call an ambulance. The yellowness that appears on the eye proteins is a bad symptom, meaning that the liver can be affected by poisoning products. Severe poisoning, requiring immediate hospitalization, is accompanied by an admixture of blood during vomiting and discharge with diarrhea.

Avoid severe consequences after poisoning can be if the body helps in time to cope with harmful products that fall into the stomach. The most dangerous types of poisoning can be poisoning with meat products, fish, and mushrooms. With the use of poor-quality fungi, the patient's condition may worsen due to the appearance of hallucinations. In this case, the treatment should be performed only by a doctor.

If cramps or convulsions start when vomiting is unceasing, urgently call an ambulance and do not refuse hospitalization! In the conditions of medical institutions, treatment and recovery of the body is carried out with special preparations that not only restore the balance of water and salts, but also have a general detoxification.

Food poisoning can be caused by a number of dangerous bacteria: staphylococci, streptococci, klebsiella, etenetorotoxins, cytobacteria. They can not be treated only with the help of home-made tools and solutions. To fight them will require powerful antibiotics and a long course of intensive care. Particular attention must be paid to the symptoms of poisoning in children. Their body is much harder to fight with pathogenic microflora, so kids can feel much worse than an adult. Children often develop dysbiosis. Therefore, treatment will require the normalization of its microflora. To do this, appoint yogurt, sour-milk products, special drugs Linex or Creon. The main thing is to strictly follow the recommendations of your doctor, and then you will soon be able to forget about the poisoning and its symptoms.

Prevention of poisoning is the maintenance of hygiene rules when working with food. You can not store food longer than the due date, and also eat them after they have deteriorated. When boiling dangerous microbes are not destroyed, so cooking or frying will not help to avoid poisoning.

How to restore intestinal microflora after poisoning

After food poisoning, the body takes some time to recover. Of great importance in this period is the normalization of the activity of intestinal microbes. Why is it important and how to restore the intestinal microflora after poisoning?

Normally, the digestive tract inhabits a community of bacteria, 99% consisting of lacto- and bifidobacteria, enterococci, E. coli. They help digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates, synthesize vitamins and amino acids, secrete substances that depress harmful microbes. During the disease, the balance is disturbed, the opportunistic microflora or pathogenic bacteria that enter the intestine from the outside are multiplied. By isolating toxins and forming rotting products, such microbes interfere with the restoration of a healthy community and complicate the normalization of the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Necessarily it is necessary to hand over analyzes on a dysbacteriosis (the hydrogen test and bacteriological culture of a feces), and also to consult with a specialist how to restore the intestinal microflora, if you have found several listed symptoms:

  • unstable stool with a tendency to diarrhea;
  • bloating;
  • wandering non-intensive pain in the abdominal cavity;
  • general weakness, headaches and fatigue;
  • brittle hair, nails, dry skin (due to poor absorption of vitamins and beneficial microelements);
  • mood swings, down to depression.

Probiotics, in turn, can also be divided into several subspecies. Drugs containing only one strain of bacteria include Lactobacterin, Bifidumbacterin and others. If the drug contains several strains of bacteria, it is called multicomponent. The most famous among the polycomponent drugs is Linex. Probiotics containing living bacteria are Probifor, Bifidumbacterin forte.

Probiotics are generally safe and do not give any side effects. They can not always be replaced with folk remedies, it is better to take them together or use traditional medicine to consolidate the results. However, it is important to remember that not all advertising is true, before buying a drug from dysbiosis it is necessary to consult with a doctor, and also to choose the medicines of only well-known manufacturers and in the proven pharmacies points.

Preparations for dysbiosis for children

The most qualitative research is carried out by chemical methods, such as gas-liquid chromatography or mass spectrometry.

Since such an analysis is quite expensive and more demanding on equipment and calculations, it is most often performed for surveys aimed at restoring the intestinal microflora in children.

In general, there is no clear concept - normal intestinal microflora, in all people it is different, and its constant changes do not allow to accurately calculate the qualitative ratio.

In this regard, the pathogenic microflora of the intestine is difficult to detect.

Medication for restoration

When treating drugs to restore intestinal microflora, the patient should be aware that he is divided into two main groups - prebiotics and probiotics.

Probiotics are preparations that restore the intestinal microflora by filling it with ready-made microorganisms - lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and lactic acid enterococci, contained in the very medicine.

The greatest benefit in restoring the intestinal microflora is fresh cabbage. Eat daily 300 - 400 grams of salad prepared from fresh cabbage, with the addition of olive oil, not refined, and your intestines will be in perfect order. Bacteria will receive a nutrient medium. Pathogenic flora will be quickly eliminated by special substances that are contained in the juice of this vegetable. To enhance the effect, you can add a piece of finely chopped garlic. It affects pathogenic strains of microflora and strengthens immunity.

In 1 glass of fresh squeezed juice, not only vitamins and minerals are contained in half the daily dose. There are also useful bacteria of natural origin. And they easily pass through the acidic gastric barrier.

Another group of products that restore the intestinal microflora is sour milk kefir, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt. We offer you to prepare yogurt at home with the use of pharmaceutical products.

To do this you will need:

Dysbacteriosis can cause development:

Eat a day for 3-4 sweet and sour apples of medium size.

Eat for 1-3 slices at dinner, squeezing yogurt.

Narine is a dry leaven of lactobacilli. It is added to the milk and a delicious sour-milk product is produced - lactokvasha.

To get rid of dysbacteriosis and restore a useful microflora, you also need to reduce the consumption of sugar, which will deprive the fungus of an enabling environment for development and reproduction.

You can eat fruits, dried fruits, honey, fructose. With these products, sugar is fully absorbed by the body and goes for good.

Among the popular recipes the most effective:

  1. Before meals, drink about 50 ml of warm cabbage brine.
  2. Every day eat a few berries cranberries. You can and fresh and dried.
  3. On an empty stomach, use a clove of garlic or a teaspoon of alcoholic garlic tincture.
  4. Instead of tea, drink herbal decoctions of St. John's wort, chamomile, plantain, raspberry leaf and currant (black).
  5. In most of the salads add grated sour apples.

Restoration of the intestinal microflora with folk remedies should be combined with compliance with the diet. It is necessary to give preference to dietary varieties of meat and fish, to enrich the diet with fruits and fiber. In addition, it is very important to use a sufficient amount of pure or mineral water (at least 300 ml for every 10 kg of weight). It is useful to include daily on the menu sour-milk products, preferably home-made. They are rich in natural bacteria that will help suppress the growth of pathogenic microflora and normalize the balance.

• sour apples - add them to all salads
from fresh vegetables, sliced ​​or napped on a grater

• Cowberry berries - eat a few fresh
berries every day (you can replace fresh on dried)

• Herbal decoctions - replace them with tea, coffee and others
daily drinks; for broths you can use mint leaves, currants,
raspberry, chamomile, St. John's wort, etc.

Please note that folk remedies are not a panacea for
Total. Practice them in combination with proper nutrition.

intestinal microflora in children

Of course, with the help of proper nutrition alone, it is quick to restore the intestinal microflora, it will not be possible to cope with the dysbacteriosis in all cases. Often doctors prescribe special drugs - pro and prebiotics, due to which these processes pass much faster and more efficiently. However, in the case of their intake, it is in no way possible to neglect proper nutrition. The use of products that promote the normalization of the intestinal microflora, and the refusal to break it, will greatly enhance the effect of the application of these pharmaceuticals.



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