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In our time, a person is exposed to various diseases. This is associated with poor ecology, malnutrition, stress and other factors. Today we will consider the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and its symptoms.

This pathology is obtained when there is a violation of muscular motility in the walls of the human colon. In connection with this, the food that we took for food can not be promoted in the usual way intestines, due to this, a person develops regular constipation, diarrhea and unpleasant pain Feel.

The syndrome accompanies a different kind of pain in the abdominal region - stitching, cutting, aching, pulling or perhaps only a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen. Despite these basic signs that are characteristic of irritable bowel syndrome, there is still nausea, pain in the left half of the chest or in the region of the right hypochondrium, a sensation of a coma in the throat during a m

eal, a feeling of rapid saturation.

Beginning treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, you must definitely give up alcohol and spicy food for the duration of therapy. Replace animal fats during cooking with nut, olive or sunflower oil. There should be small portions, but more often than usual (4 to 5 times a day) - this will help make digestion better. In the case of diarrhea, it is necessary to exclude fatty foods from food, as well as confectionery.


• Eat apples - due to this, digestion will improve, detoxification will occur and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome will decrease. Just one apple, eaten between meals, can significantly improve the situation.

• With IBS for relaxation of the intestine, in folk medicine an excellent remedy is stored - peppermint. From mint prepare tincture - pour two tablespoons of dry crushed leaves 200 ml of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, filter. You can drink the tincture replacing the usual tea-drinking. You can also add fresh leaves to any salad.

• In the case of a spasm in the abdominal region, in order to make digestion better, you should drink a warm tincture from the seed or grass dill, half a glass before eating three times a day (for 500 ml of boiling water add a tablespoon of raw materials, insist a minimum of two hours).

• When treating irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies, we recommend using cinnamon and ginger to help get rid of flatulence. Spices need to be ground to produce a large powder. A small pinch of this remedy should be consumed with the elm bark. Ginger fresh and shredded can also be added to any infusion that was described above.

• Another recipe that will stop diarrhea during irritable bowel syndrome is a pomegranate tincture. A tablespoon of crushed peel pour a glass of boiling water, insist to pink. You need to drink at a time.

• To provide a tonic effect for the intestine and the concomitant neutralization of the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in intestine take 2-3 grams 3-4 times a day, powder from the seeds of caraway seeds, washed down with a glass of warm boiled water.

• In case the disease accompanies stress, the patient must often relax in the bath, adding geranium, mint or juniper oils to the water. It is necessary not to forget that juniper oil has contraindications for pregnant women. The temperature of the bath should not exceed 45 degrees.

• In combination with a hot bath, the sedative herbs will also be cured - an infusion of the herb of the motherwort, the horseshoe and the roots of valerian officinalis. It is necessary to pour a tablespoon of a mixture of these herbs with half a liter of boiling water and insist about 40 minutes. Take a third cup for half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day for about ten days in a row. After a ten-day break, the course can be repeated. To avoid diarrhea, you must limit to a minimum the foods rich in fiber.

Observing all the prescriptions and rules, you will provide yourself with a quality treatment of irritable bowel syndrome already at the initial stage of the disease development.

Testimonial: FPK PharmVilar Export - Treating ZAPOR and irritable bowel syndrome!

Attention! Before using medicines, consult a specialist!

effective, does not cause addiction, stimulates the growth of useful microflora, does not increase glucose, does not irritate the digestive tract

the first days may be flatulence, but it's little things

I thought and thought. about what to tell today. and decided to pay attention to a scrupulous, but very important topic - ZAPORAM!
What is constipation? This lack of stool for more than three days. If less than three days, it is rather a slow transit than constipation. But in any case it is necessary to watch, that the chair was every day and in full. Why? Yes, because you can bring yourself to serious complications in the form of intestinal obstruction, up to surgical intervention.

In addition, stale feces in the intestines begin to release toxins that poison the entire body. This horror story I tell all patients who have similar problems or prerequisites for them. Any disease is easier to prevent, but then how lucky it is to treat any case, even the most neglected one. And yet I advise you not to be shy and not to be afraid, go to the doctor and complain about constipation, if there is one.

And when the time comes to pick up the drug, talk to your doctor about the drug EXPORTAL (lactitol). This drug is not so common, and maybe your doctor honestly admits that he has not heard of this, although if he is a gastroenterologist, I think he will be happy to support the proposed option. Thus, not all can offer it to pharmacies, but is this a problem in our time? After all, now you can order anything, without leaving home.

But before you start medication, you need to tune in to a certain regimen.
1) The diet.
Detailed instructions that you can, and what not to find on the Internet and print. And it's best to hang this plate on the refrigerator.
2) The consumption of liquid is not less than, liter per day.
3) If the stomach hurts, that is, there is irritable bowel syndrome (+ constipation), then it is necessary to normalize the intestinal microflora: for example, furazolidone 100 mg x 3 rd - 7 days.
4) And finally, the Export. We connect it after 5-7 days if complaints persisted despite the observance of the first three points.

EXPORTAL are powders of 10 grams each. In the package there are 10 bags or 20 bags. Comparing prices, I can say that 20 is much more profitable. For example, on the drugstore's website, a package of 10 bags costs = 340 rubles, and out of 20 bags = 427 rubles.

Bought. What's next? The adult should start with 2 packages at once. This is the usual dosage. Pour out bags into any drink (tea, coffee, juice or just water) and drink. I'm used to talking - in the evening. But in principle it is possible in the morning. Just keep in mind that you'll need to go to the toilet in 12 hours (up to 24 hours). And so we accept it every day. But the effect can not come at once, so that you should not be afraid and throw. And when everything will work as a clock, the dose can be reduced to 1 packet.

Take it a long time. Normalization of the chair is not easy. For advice to a doctor, you can apply months through 4-5, before there is no point. But still do not forget that everything is individual, the problems are different for everyone.

The benefits of this drug are many. It is not sweet, it can be diabetics. It is not addictive, it does not irritate the digestive tract, it removes constipation well, and even stimulates the growth of useful microflora.

Those who do not have obvious constipation, but the intestines are upset, I recommend Iberoplast!

I give the instruction to the preparation and additional material.
(Click on the picture to enlarge!)

Thank you for your attention, be healthy!

Cost:427 rubles.

All this was done, in addition to tests for food intolerance. A lot of different pills and medicines drank, nothing helped., year was tormented.
Already visited, gastroenterologist and psychiatrist.
Has spent on drink 10 days De nol, in the morning and in the evening on 2 tablets, for the 9th day hardly began to ease. Immediately afterward, he began to drink Lactobeks one packet a day and the psychiatrist prescribed an antidepressant Paxil, one per day. And about the miracle. Here today is the 5th day in a row everything is fine, pah pah pah, I do not know what exactly this helps, everything can in complex, but for three and a half years such a positive result was not yet)) again felt man.

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At what before I tortured myself with diets, some kashki, vegetables only stews and meat boiled. Now everything began to eat)) But I'm afraid of milk for now and avoid alcohol.

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One of them in general killed with her answer: So this is for life, bear with it, you can live with it.

Ahaha, I also asked one of them: - So, it leaves me to suffer all my life?
She answered briefly: "Yes."

I do not suffer from IBS, but I treat it periodically according to my profession.

More fully explain the reasons for his skepticism in relation to this method.
1. Reading the manuals of various countries and organizations involved in the development of effective treatment of IBS, I have never even seen the mention of such therapy.
2. Among my colleagues doctors also did not meet those who are engaged in such a technique or sends them to such specialists.
3. During his studies at the medical university and working in it, he never met such a medical specialty.
4. To try on patients a method with at least not studied safety, side effects and contraindications I have no desire, tk. I am primarily interested in the safety of those who are To me addresses.

1. My medical education does not allow me to do bodywork work of the Kirov, believe in homeopathy, astrology and biofield treatment, but half an year on anaesthetizing in the morning and in the evening and full inefficiency of traditional treatment have forced to search for an alternative gastroenterologist.
2. Ever met aromatherapists? In a fully respected research institute them. Sechenov has a whole department. If we have never heard of a gopher, this does not mean that he does not exist
3. In my student life, myofascial pains were considered anti-scientific delirium. And not so long ago I came across a brochure of our BelMAPO on this topic. You see, soon the osteopaths in honey will start to cook))))
4. With your tz. Try on patients with ketones with a no-shop as the main treatment - is it safe, effective or verified? Side effects? Contraindications? And most importantly - will help when?

I read, then the cause of IBS may be an untreated or slow-moving intestinal infection. For example, isentreria. So self-medication is best not to deal with, go to the gastroenterologist and infectiologist.

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the cause of IBS may be an untreated or sluggish intestinal infection

Then this is not a CPR by definition.
although really the first experts who are worth visiting for suspicion of IBS are a gastroenterologist and infectious disease specialist.

In evidence-based medicine we trust.

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I read, then the cause of IBS may be an untreated or slow-moving intestinal infection. For example, isentreria. So self-medication is best not to deal with, go to the gastroenterologist and infectiologist.

Oh yeah. About the diagnosis of chronic shigellosis with joint six-month efforts of the children's infectious diseases hospital and the department of gastroenterology 3 of the CGBG I can write a whole treatise.


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