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Dear Irina Ivanovna!
I appeal to you with the following question: do it! A year ago, after treatment with me, the digestive system was disrupted, acute gastritis. I have become very sensitive gastrointestinal tract, since then I can not eat normally, I lost weight. Worst of all, I have intolerance of all medicines. It is worth me to take any medicine, it burns me in the stomach, spasms, throws it into a fever, a heartbeat (I am very frightened by this condition) digestion is broken, that I have nothing I can not. I go to doctors for a year. As a result, they told me that they can not take medicine, they will not kill me, they can not help me, they need to treat their nerves. But after all, the nervous system should also be treated with medications and I have the same reaction from them. A vicious circle and I'm desperate, tired. I have been so worn out for the whole year to fight with pain and without a day off, that life is not nice to me and I dream of death. Please resp

ond, that at me intolerance of medicines, it is possible to be assured one hundred percent, what is this nervous system reacts?

Svetlana..., but what did the gastroenterologist tell you? He found a gastritis or an ulcer? The nervous system can be treated with the help of psychotherapy, this is a non-medicament therapy. According to your description, it seems that your symptoms are caused not by gastritis, but by panic insomnia, an anemic response to taking medications. Your condition may be caused by IBS Syndrome of Irritable Bowel. The main cause of IBS is the malfunctioning of the nervous system that controls the intestines - this is a psychosomatic disorder, when bodily reactions arise in response to psychological problems. Irritable bowel syndrome occurs as a result of suppression of negative emotions, which, not finding adequate output, increase the excitability of the autonomic nervous system and manifest themselves as bodily symptoms. For the same reason, a frequent companion of IBS is a panic attack. It's the symptoms of a panic attack that you described.
You should internally work with a clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist with the help of psychotherapy. If you live in Moscow, I can advise you.

Dear Irina Ivanovna! Thanks for the consultation. I have a serious illness (arthritis), I have to take anesthetic candles every other day and I do not think that it will be after the candles, only to get rid of the pain. Three times it was enough that I had lost my appetite, acid in my mouth, burning stomach cramps, flatulence and I was losing weight sharply. Is this panic fear? While I am taking medication, no psychotherapy will help me. I live far from Moscow, and in our village there is no psychiatrist. Is it possible to find a psychiatrist, so that you can communicate with him? Thanks for the suggested help. It seems that neither I nor anyone will help me.

Svetlana..., candles can not do any harm to the digestive tract. You have a pathological chain of any medications - panic, that there will be gastritis (a process that you obviously do not realize) - symptoms in the digestive tract. Look for an expert in the internet who work through the Skype program.

Dear Irina Ivanovna! Excuse me, oh, I would like to fully understand my condition. Understand, when I take medicine, my digestion is really disturbed, my appetite is lost, I do not think up these simtomas. All this began the year of Nazi, when against a background of medicines I had an acute gastritis and on an acute gastritis I drank poison from worms, it was from this time I started spasms in the stomach area from all the time, it fell into my stomach and there was such a reaction to the medication, I do not inspire myself this. According to yours, I can take medicine and have nothing to fear. But real, if I accept them, I will die of exhaustion. I think, then from a drug, my stomach got stressed and now became very sensitive to medication, I can react to nervous systems, but I do not know what to do about it. I was at the psychiatrist a month ago. He said not to take any medication, he prescribed electrophoresis from Relanium, he said everything was passed, about which neither of which passes. For a year I drank bellatamine, mitriptyline, etc. But everything remains the same.

Dear Irina Ivanovna! Can you advise me some books on psychology, read articles that relate to my problem. Can I help myself? Are there any special exercises to be done?, .

Svetlana ...,
books about SRK I do not know. Some information about the symptoms read here:
However, the article does not say that for the treatment of IBS, psychotherapy is necessary to break the chain of stress-spasm. You do not inspire anything. Just arose neurotic psychosomatic reaction, entrenched after acute gastritis. In your case, the reaction of the tablet and / or any drug-stress-spasm was fixed. Treatment should be complex psychotherapy + treatment of dysbacteriosis, which often occurs when sc. This article is written. But first with the help of psychotherapy you need to remove your psychosomatic reaction to any medications. Because Dibacteriosis is treated with the help of bacterial preparations. Unfortunately, without the help of a clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist, simply doing psychological exercises can not get rid of the psychosomatic state.
Svetlana ...,

Irina Ivanovna, thank you very much! I'm glad that you understand my problem, you explained everything so well to me, I really develop dysbacteriosis, I constantly drink intestinal bacteria and I get better. Now I see that you understand my problem, I'm sorry, I do not have the opportunity to get treatment from you. I wish you all the best.

Svetlana ...,
all the best!

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Even now, when medicine develops by leaps and bounds, many common diseases remain unknown until the end. These include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, according to some reports, it is more common than ARI. Perhaps you are familiar with this ailment.

Alexey Foshkin / Health-information

Irritable bowel syndrome manifests itself as prolonged (no less than a few months) causeless pain and discomfort in the abdomen (that is, it is not the result of some kind of gastrointestinal disease tract. indigestion or poisoning), as well as stool disorders (for example, frequent alternations of solid with liquid). These are very common symptoms, which affects up to 30% of people all over the world. However, do not panic if something like this happens to you. After all, the paradox of the unexplained symptom of the irritated bowel is that the doctors are absolutely accurate know how to treat it (which means they can help) and still argue about the reasons for the appearance ailment. Among the most common are:

  • malnutrition - there are many products that, with frequent use, can disrupt the work of an absolutely healthy digestive system.
  • Dysbacteriosis - this is more likely a duty hypothesis, since dysbiosis is considered the cause of almost half of the problems of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • nervous shock - most often people who have had an Irritable Bowel Syndrome were under action of strong stress, or they were diagnosed with neuroses, psychopathy or neurotic development personality. This gave reason to believe that the Syndrome is a psychosomatic disease, that is, a disease that appears from excessive nervousness and an abundance of negative emotions.
  • a combination of all these factors.

In this case, in one the doctors agreed: the syndrome is not a consequence of diseases of the digestive system (meaning the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas are healthy), this is not a pathological condition. but a certain malfunction, which can easily be eliminated by a set of fairly simple measures.

But, back to the symptoms. They should be discussed in more detail, because not every indigestion or constipation testifies to irritable bowel syndrome. In 1988 and in 2000, the World Congress of Gastroenterologists was held in Rome, on which a fairly clear list of symptoms of the Syndrome was developed. These include:

  • pain and discomfort in the abdomen lasting not less than 3 months and not more than a year
  • Reducing the intensity of pain after the patient went to the toilet
  • absence of pain and discomfort during sleep
  • alternation of constipation and diarrhea
  • regular change in the consistency and color of waste products
  • increased release of gases
  • lump
  • bloating
  • feeling of incomplete emptying

If you observe more than 3 symptoms listed above for more than 4 days - it's time to see a doctor.

In addition, symptoms of anxiety were identified at both congresses. If they appear against the background of the usual symptoms of the Syndrome, you need to seek help very quickly, since they indicate that the patient is not at all relatively harmless Syndrome of irritated intestines, but something more serious. Symptoms include:

  • bleeding from the rectum
  • loss in weight
  • fever
  • the appearance of typical symptoms of the Syndrome during sleep

Recently, the US statistics on irritable bowel syndrome was published, it turned out that:

  • annually about 25 billion dollars are spent on the treatment of the Syndrome. dollars
  • an average of 3 million in the United States a year with this disease. human

While there is no general set of rules how to treat Syndrome. This is a very individual process, therefore, the first and most important thing to do is to consult a doctor and make detailed analyzes of blood, urine and feces. At this time, the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome is made after the exclusion of other possible diseases.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor selects a diet (for each it has its own), treats diarrhea or constipation (again depending on the severity of one or another), as well as, if necessary, conducts psychotropic treatment (sometimes the condition patients facilitate antidepressants and sedatives).

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