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Smecta in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea

Diarrhea in irritable bowel syndrome. as a rule, is caused by irritation of the mucous tissues of the small intestine. of the entire gastrointestinal tract. The reason for this irritation can be:

1. Excess microbial colonization of the small intestinal mucosa, caused by the multiplication of pathogenic microflora due to pancreatic dysfunction. liver, gallbladder. Also, the cause may be an intestinal infection, irritation of the lily of the lamblias with giardiasis.

2. Chemical irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa due to taking large doses of alcohol, other irritating products.

Irritation of the mucosa causes accelerated transit of the contents of the intestine, which is manifested by diarrhea (diarrhea).

Smecta. the only drug known to me, which combines enveloping properties, the ability to quickly remove symptoms of IBS. irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa and intestines together with the properties of the adsorbent, which b

inds and removes various toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. The preparation has good adsorbent properties.

Smecta helps to restore the intestine after consuming large doses of alcohol, enveloping the mucous membranes, tying and removing toxic products.

Smecta with orange flavor, recommended for children.

Smecta is made of special shell rock, mined by the manufacturer in Sardinia. It is the basis of manufacturing the active substance of the preparation # 8212; dioctahedral smectate. Smecta has a natural origin, which makes it possible to successfully use it to eliminate intestinal problems, dysbiosis. both in adults and in children. Smecta for children is released with orange flavor, so they are happy to take it with sharp diarrhea and poisoning, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, various enterovirus infections (intestinal flu). In all cases of acute diarrhea, the drug is usually used in combination with a rehydrone to maintain fluid in the body. In the usual version, it contains a vanilla flavor.

Based on personal experience, the following scheme is recommended for using smecta in irritable bowel syndrome with diarrheal syndrome. The method of application consists in dissolving one sachet in half a glass of warm water. First, water is poured, then the smect is very carefully poured into it, as it is easily sprayed in the air in the form of fine dust and its dust can get into the airways and clothes. In the treatment of chronic diseases: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). gastritis. gastroenterioths and others. the first reception - in the morning, after awakening, at least half an hour before breakfast. The second reception for half an hour before lunch. Tritium reception in the evening for 30 - 45 minutes before dinner. Smecta is most effective when taken before meals, on an empty stomach, since it manages to cover the mucous tissues with a protective membrane. But if it does not always work out before meals, before in some cases it is possible after. For example, with esophagitis, it is better to take it only after eating. In these cases, it is best to take an hour after eating. Notable improvements in well-being should appear after 5 to 7 days of admission. The phenomena of flatulence noticeably decrease in a day, problems with stools will be eliminated after a week. Then the dose can be reduced by adjusting it to avoid constipation. In therapeutic dosages, the drug does not impair the motor activity of the intestine.

Smecta also helps to relieve inflammation and stomach pain with exacerbation of gastritis. Also, the drug is also an effective tool for weight loss, as its reception 40 minutes before meals significantly reduces appetite and helps with overeating.
In my personal opinion, the smect in treatment should not be applied permanently, but in courses. I think it should be avoided for a very long time, since it is made from natural aluminum and magnesium silicates, and the accumulation of aluminum in the body in excess quantities can adversely affect the work of the brain and nervous system rights. At the same time, the instructions for use contain information about that, the smect is not adsorbed in the body and is displayed unchanged. It is allowed for pregnant and lactating women.

Prompt, please, the effect smekty is the same as that of Imodium? How harmful is it to take imodium, if it's bad at all? Thank you!

No, the effects of drugs are different. Imodium slows down the motor skills, the intestinal motif. Take it with caution, knowing the cause of diarrhea. For example, if diarrhea is caused by an infection, imodium will prevent the elimination of toxins # 17; аперв # 187; intestines. Imodium is applicable in the case of chronic increased intestinal motility, as well as when you need to travel and fast ways of eliminating diarrhea are needed. I do not advise you to use it for a long time: 1) the effect weakens with time 2) it is harmful for the liver.
Smecta also has a certain therapeutic effect on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminating the very cause of irritation and increased motor skills. And in the above example with infectious diarrhea will bind and remove toxins.

I already underwent treatment, nothing was revealed, I was told that everything was fine. but the symptoms are there ..

So much the better, try taking according to the recommendations. There will be feedback # 8212; write.

Hello. I have IBS. I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke. The result is negative for helminths. Ultrasound # 17; ory # 187 analysis of the desired result was good. But here IBS is, the chair is liquid, up to 7 times a day. Will help me smect and how best to drink in my case.
PS Thanks.

Will help. In the morning, for 20 # 8212; 30 minutes before breakfast, one sachet in half a glass of warm water. First pour warm water, then carefully pour into it the contents of the sachet. Also before lunch and dinner. With an exacerbation, you can take two sachets. At the same time, it is necessary to find out the cause of the accelerated motility of the small intestine. Did you examine the stomach? About the result, please inform. Sign messages in order to distinguish between what to answer.

Tell me, please, when taking Nystatin, is it possible to use it and will it not weaken the action of Nystatin?

It is advisable to take at different times. For example: a smect to food, and nystatin one hour after a meal.

Is it possible to completely recover from a sck, taking a smectic?

Smecta quickly and easily removes the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome: diarrhea, flatulence, and other uncomfortable sensations in the intestine. For the main treatment of IBS, it is necessary to understand its cause, i.e. any disease or disruption of work body digestion: gastritis of the stomach, inflammation of the pancreas, disruption of the gallbladder or liver. Just a smectic may not be enough. Although in some cases, with the right lifestyle, dietary nutrition and the absence of harmful factors # 8212; alcohol and smoking, it may be enough to use only it. About the reasons and recommendations for the treatment of IBS (Candidiasis and intestinal dysbiosis), please read in the articles of this blog at the addresses:
At the stages of identifying the underlying disease and its treatment, the smect will be a good helper.

Irritable Bowel Symptoms and Treatment

Experts often need to diagnose symptoms and begin treatment of irritable bowels. IBS - so abbreviated to be called irritable bowel syndrome - is considered a functional disorder. As a rule, patients suffer from manifestations up to 12 weeks a year. On the intestinal mucosa, however, there are no pathological changes, anatomical abnormalities, neoplasms, helminths, inflammatory processes.

Signs and symptoms of irritable bowel, which require treatment

Of most other intestinal disorders, IBS is not very different. The general symptoms of ailment are usually:

  • problems with sleep;
  • arrhythmia;
  • unpleasant sensations during intercourse;
  • headache;
  • a feeling of anxiety;
  • increased fatigue;
  • low back pain;
  • too frequent urge to urinate.

Treatment of irritable bowel symptoms with laxative drugs is necessary when the urge to defecate appears immediately after a meal or even during a meal. In some patients, a loose stool arises against a background of intense stress, anxiety, fear, and excitement. In addition, patients have swelling and pain in the area below the navel, decreasing after defecation.

With constipation, the bowel movement is delayed for several days, the appetite is disturbed, there are occasional attacks of nausea, heartburn. An unpleasant aftertaste appears in the mouth.

For the third variant of the course of the disease - with the alternation of constipation and diarrhea - the presence of mucus in the feces, flatulence, stitching pains in the abdomen, disappearing after the emptying of the intestine.

Diet with irritated bowel

Strongly change the diet is not necessary:

  1. When diarrhea itself is desirable to limit themselves in apples, beets, plums and other products that contain fiber.
  2. When gassing, do not lean on baking, cabbage, nuts.
  3. Patients with constipation is undesirable fatty and fried.

Preparations for the treatment of irritable bowel

The main task of drug therapy is to eliminate manifestations of the disease. Therefore, with diarrhea, the following remedies are recommended:

With constipation from the irritated bowel, the following drugs help:

Effectively relieve spasm with IBS:

The launched form of erosion of the stomach can acquire an oncological character. Therefore, the treatment of this disease should be started as soon as possible. Identify this pathological phenomenon at an early stage will help the symptoms - they should not be ignored in any case.

It is possible to hope for a complete cure for varicose veins only if comprehensive measures are taken. It is important to be guided by the competent recommendations of a phlebologist and the experience of alternative medicine. The most effective ways of treatment will be discussed in the article.

Varicose veins are a common problem. Women of the middle and older age suffer from it more often than usual. Symptoms of the disease are quite unpleasant. But the operation will help to eliminate them and prevent all the unpleasant consequences and complications of the disease.

Most often, the ligature fistula formed after rejection of the suture surgical material is removed promptly. Only in time noted inflammation can be susceptible to conservative measures of treatment with subsequent prevention of carnage at home.



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