How to restore intestines after poisoning


Restoration of intestines after poisoning

Why is the intestine the key factor in the treatment of intoxication? Because it is in him first get into the poisoned product of harmful microbes, and it is from the intestines that they are carried along the body. By blood, pathogenic microorganisms reach all the organs of the body - and goodbye to health.

It turns out that it is the intestine that serves as the main line of the body's defense against poisons. Therefore, the restoration of the intestinal microflora after poisoning should be done quickly and effectively.

One of the best regulators of bacterial balance of the intestine is today Daigo. This Japanese drug helps to restore the intestines after alcohol, bad food, chemical preparations as follows:

  1. Daigo stimulates beneficial bacteria of the intestine to reproduce;
  2. This helps the body to cover the possibility of development for harmful microflora;
  3. This, in turn, cleanses the intestines and, most importantly, blood, from parasites;
  4. By pure blood, unreflected n
    utrients begin to flow to the cells of the body;
  5. This allows the cells to build themselves out of good, not contaminated material;
  6. Cell quality improves;
  7. This sates the entire body with energy.

It should also be noted that Daigo is a natural preparation that is an extract of fermentation of fermented bacteria. Also, Daigo does not contain preservatives, dyes and other chemicals that could adversely affect the intestines.

Correct diet, mild treatment and Daigo will allow you not only to recover painlessly after poisoning, but also give the intestines a long and bright future. Do not neglect it!

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Narcologists shared valuable advice with those who often abuse alcohol, as well as their loved ones.

With alcohol intoxication, a person can not help himself, therefore, for a few days, he can fall out of it altogether habitual way of life and even lose their jobs due to the fact that they did not stop on time and drank more than was it is necessary. As a result of alcohol poisoning, the digestive organs suffer, which is often expressed as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms. The danger of this phenomenon is that a lethal outcome is possible, so it is very important to be able to help the poisoned person or not to get lost if he finds himself in such a situation.

Methods of detoxification after alcohol poisoning, contained in alcoholic beverages, a lot, here are the most effective of them:

- to call a team of doctors who specializes in the treatment of alcohol-dependent people, and can also make a conclusion from drinking-bout right at home;

- Take absorbent, for example, black coal;

- clean the stomach with a large amount of water and artificial vomiting;

- You can make an enema, so that the intestines are cleaned of poisons that have got into the body with ethyl alcohol;

- drink a lot of water and a broth of dogrose, with the help of which toxic substances will be eliminated from the body.

Physicians argue that the above methods of fighting against ill health, which arose because of the alcoholic poisoning, are effective, but the most important thing is to restore the body's strength after intoxication, and not only to purify it from the inside.

Effective recovery measures that will help everyone who has been poisoned with alcohol:

1. Take a bath. Experts are confident that the adoption of the bath will contribute to a deeper purification of the body after poisoning through the pores. But here they warn those who have hypertension or other diseases of the heart and blood vessels, they are strictly forbidden to go to the sauna and sauna.

2. To take a sparing diet. Toxins trapped in the stomach cause severe damage to the mucous membranes, so it is important to spare after detoxification organs of the gastrointestinal tract and use vegetable broths, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, in general, all foods that are quickly digested.

3. To lean on vitamins. After alcohol poisoning, the body needs vitamins and beneficial microelements, since all of them were destroyed by alcohol. Particularly well restores the strength of vitamins B and C. They can be taken in the form of pharmacy products or in food: citrus, cabbage, nuts, fish, milk, eggs, Bulgarian pepper, carrots, onions, greens and so on.

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Diet after alcohol poisoning

January 8

Observing a sparing diet after alcohol poisoning, you will help your body recover faster.

A diet that will not overload the body will contribute to an early recovery.

To find out how to properly make a diet will help a doctor-gastroenterologist.

The basic principles of a diet that helps to restore the body after the effects of alcohol:

Preference for stewed, boiled, baked food and steamed food. Refusal of fried, spicy, smoked, fatty foods will help relieve the liver and accelerate its recovery.

The food should be balanced and full. Proteins and carbohydrates in food should be enough, but the amount of fat must be reduced.

Eat better in small and fractional portions.

Food should not be excessively hot and excessively cold.

It is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible. It is with the help of liquid from the liver that the decay products and processed substances will be quickly removed.

Vegetables and fruits, natural juices should be consumed in large quantities. It is with their help that the liver is quickly restored after alcohol intoxication.

Salads from fresh and boiled vegetables, low-fat meat and seafood are recommended to fill with low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil.

The first dishes must be prepared only on lean meat broth. Bones and fat for the preparation of broths should be excluded.

But the most important rule of dieting is a complete refusal of alcohol during the rehabilitation period.

On the day after poisoning, the amount of food eaten should be minimal. It is advisable to refrain from eating during the first day after poisoning. During this period you need to drink a lot to avoid dehydration. This can be ordinary boiled water, rose hips, green tea, mineral water, weak tea with a spoonful of sugar, rice decoction.

You can eat some home-made crackers. By evening it should become much easier. You can drink low-fat chicken broth or a snack of liquid porridge welded on the water (rice, buckwheat, semolina). In small quantities, mashed potatoes without oil and milk are allowed.

The rice has adsorbing properties, that is, absorbs excess gases and toxins from the intestine. Therefore, during and during the first days after poisoning, it is recommended to eat slightly salty rice porridge.

If you are concerned about diarrhea, you can drink broths with astringent properties (broth of dogrose, blueberry, black currant, St. John's wort).

After three days, you can expand the diet, but you need to do this gradually. Go to a normal diet can be when a person feels that his stomach is no longer irritated. Particular attention should be paid to your nutrition within two weeks after poisoning, as the process of full recovery is quite long.

Avoid very hot or too cold food - the food should be moderately warm.
Some foods are undesirable to use after poisoning, so as not to overload the digestive system. These include products that cause increased gas production, food and drinks with an aggressive environment.

Unwanted products include dry and very fibrous food (fresh vegetables and fruits in whole form), fried dishes, smoked products, sausage products, barley and pearl barley porridge, canned goods, sweets, chocolate, fruits, raw vegetables, whole milk, beans, products from yeast dough. Eliminate fatty, salty and spicy food. It is recommended to refrain from using milk and fermented milk products.

In addition, it is necessary to refrain from using some drinks: strong black tea, coffee, cocoa, juices, soda water, alcoholic beverages.

A few days after the well-being improved significantly, care should be taken to restore the intestinal microflora. This will help the porridge, fruit, sour-milk products with bifidobacteria (kefir, natural yogurt, yogurt).

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