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What To Treat The Intestine With Acne

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at night, glue the flesh of aloe to the pimple. very effective! two or three times you will make and next to the pimple (but not directly on it) a white head grows, you can squeeze out all the pus and squeeze it out, and then look at method 1 to relieve the inflammation. blue clay (you can buy at the pharmacy costs about 20 rubles.), salt and water.

It is necessary to begin with an intestine, the doctor advised me levomitsetin 4 tablets a day, I somewhere a month drank, but it did not help, I was reading how one of the salt water wrote, how else to clean the intestines, who knows. I want to tell an interesting story. Actually tormented acne and the choice fell on the basidon As the first tube really helped, and the effect was noticeable within a week, there were no problems, after a month I bought another tube, and then it raced, for the 2nd day of use (tooooenkim layer), the skin was covered with a lot of stains and is still unclear wha

t and all this on face. I decided to engage in self-medication because I did not get out of the house with such a thing, I drank Tavegil, but alas after a week nothing happened. I decided to go to a paid clinic tk in 5minutes from home, and what do you think, the doctor said that he arrived on time, because the swelling of the eyes began, a lot of everything was assigned. namely; 4 drops of 500ml of liquid, 7 vnutrimyshechnyh (in the ass), injections every day, dropper every other day. To drink 2 kinds of tablets, and to be smeared with certain ointment, guys believe, it is better pair of pryshchikov than all face nepoymi what, now already all has passed or has taken place, but still left to go to 2 fungi and 1 dropper, the basidon is a chemical substance, and the allergy to its properties in 70 percent, do not think that you will carry. I hope someone will save my face.

On my experience in the treatment with BASIRON I want to say that with the first application a little help, with acne follow only dried all the skin, it showed peeling, pimples appeared more than disappeared. I thought that cleansing the intestines in such "grandfather" ways as castor oil than treating the intestines with pimples magnesia has long been no one conducts. I understand that these are natural substances, but their action is too tough. And they do not purify the intestines so drastically. And then, not all of this naturalness can be used, there are contraindications. I have long used our native, Russian drug Lavakol. Cheap, but how worthy and effective! To drink for deep cleansing of the intestine you need a decent amount of liquid, so a pleasant, slightly salty taste of Lavakola is not the last thing. Acts gently, without wild evasions of the intestines. After - just feel like a sterile fluff! So girls who have good skin or 2-3 pimples, which you have successfully managed to get rid by leaving or a single successful trip to the dermatologist - do not judge about what you have no idea.

Now there are many young people who have problems. In fact, the basis for their appearance is a completely wrong way of life than to treat the intestines with pimples habitual mode of the day. From what clothes, hairstyles, make-up should be abandoned after 25-30 years?

Than the intestines with pimples

Eruptions on the skin of the forehead indicate the intoxication of the body, the non-observance of the diet: about the use of a large number of sweets, beverages oily than treat the intestines with pimples of canned food, medicines, including vitamins, antibiotics and hormones preparations. The body is no longer able to burn all excess fats and remove all toxins, so they try to get out through the skin, but already in the form of acne.

Faith, and that everything is so terrible. that you have been assigned Roa? It is also prescribed for acne very severe forms of acne, as far as I know. Any complete or partial reproduction of the materials of the site without our written consent is FORBIDDEN!

And yet, acne is an insidious thing. They must be treated according to the rules and proven means. Here, very good reviews about Polysorb and activated carbon. They cleanse the body of harmful substances. Any eels will pass. After the end of cleansing the face, you need to narrow the pores of the skin, for this, wipe the face with an alcohol-containing lotion or a solution of lemon juice.

Very certainly an informative article, but enemas-in my opinion it is superfluous. They also wash away the beneficial microflora of the intestine. It is better to use drugs to detoxify and cleanse the body. In this regard, enterosgel is very effective. It removes toxins, heavy metals and other muck from the body. And does not affect the beneficial microflora. It can even be given to children from birth. Especially with poor ecology. People, if you have something like a seal on the cheek that hurts a little and swells up your cheek immediately, contact the "facial" surgeon. I just returned from there myself. recorded as a boil. Have made a little bit incision and have removed pus (something like this) it occupies 5 minutes. Take the money for a syringe (for anesthetic) a band-aid and pills.

Yes, my dear, internal pimples are serious, I'm sitting here writing, and at the very same crap on my left cheek, it hurts. Likely tomorrow I shall go to the surgeon let will look, and today to me have given an intestine at spots from vn. pimples. Bulb in the cracks bake in the oven, and you can in the microwave, for about 5-10 minutes, so that it becomes soft, then cleaned, take a little, drip on alcohol or alcohol vodka))))) a little)))) do not overdo it and put it all to the pimple on night. Now I will do it))) And maybe it will. And just do it before was tiny, I touched his bald here and got a number of crap alongside (Be healthy! Forgive me, but unfortunately I have no right to advise or dissuade from Roaccutane. To date, Isotretinoin is the only drug that effectively fights with severe rashes, but it has so much to treat the intestines with pimples a lot of pobochek, which, alas, not all bypass ((all individually, and you decide: To drink or not drink. I will only say that I have surrounded by real examples of people who helped this medicine.

In order not to dwell on sport models alone, the FIAT management will propose a more environmentally friendly car that will be released under the brand Alfa Romeo. ku all))) the most effective way it is necessary to think about what we eat to observe the right food and zanatsya sports and not eat at night as we all love it)) and stop to thump)) that's all. At first he helped, but at the end of the tube he only dried his skin. However, perhaps this is due to the beginning of the polar night and winter.


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Diet from acne

To be sure to get rid of acne, you must first change your diet, adding to the diet of useful and natural products. It is also necessary to exclude harmful products that contribute to the appearance of acne. How to do this as correctly as possible?

Normalization of the intestine

But before you make a diet for a week, you should normalize the work of the intestine.

When the internal organs, cleansing our body, do not cope with their task, the skin begins to perform part of their functions. For example, if in the intestine processes of fermentation and putrefaction of food are observed, stool delays due to insufficient digestion of food, then, to facilitate the work of the intestine, the skin partially takes on the cleaning function and throws the accumulated slag, fats through their pores, and this already leads to the emergence of not only acne, but also unpleasant smell. Therefore, the normalization of the intestine is an important step in skin care from acne.

Help the intestines to clear, and he will help get rid of acne. To clean the intestines you need to drink in the morning, a saline solution (1 tsp salt per liter of water), and after half an hour - a glass of kefir. Salt water contributes to the removal of harmful substances accumulated in the stomach and intestines, and kefir neutralizes the remains of salt and brings to the intestines useful sour-milk bacteria. Thus, one day to get rid of acne, of course, will not work, but the obvious effect will be visible after a week or a half of everyday use. Also, to maintain the proper functioning of the intestine, constipation should not be allowed.

Another way to quickly adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract is to drink a course of bifidumbacterin or linex. Both drugs contain bifidobacteria, necessary for normal operation of the intestine.

Now let's define the products that should be mandatory in your menu, and which ones should be excluded.

Featured Products

You should eat these foods more often:

  • Fruits, vegetables, greens- a product containing a large amount of fiber, such food normalizes the stool and relieves constipation. When prone to constipation, sauerkraut, prunes, light lozenges such as rhubarb, buckthorn are recommended.
  • For three days it is useful to use a fruit diet with a monthly interval - the result will not be long in coming.
  • Kashi:buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, cereals from several cereals, they can be sweet, salty, and also cereals in kind of garnish: pearl barley, rice, buckwheat, in other words porridge should become permanent products on your table.
  • Bread.Bread is preferable to eating rye, coarse grinding.
  • Dairy products.In your diet must prevail dairy products, they relieve of problems in the intestines, are easily digested and also very useful.
  • Meat.Do not forget about meat, the body needs it, only the meat should be low-fat - chicken, rabbit or turkey. By the way, if you replace soy meat, you will not lose anything, but rather get it.
  • Beverages.Of these, you can recommend green tea, mineral water and natural fresh juices. Juices can be drunk not only fruit, but also vegetable, for example, from carrots, beets, cabbage. Vegetable juices are extremely useful, and they contain a lot of vitamins.

Compulsory Products

These productsshould bebe sure to add to your diet:

  • Garlic.It can be added to the first, second courses, salads and snacks. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body, especially on the skin.
  • Ginger. You should eat more ginger, which helps to cleanse blood, and improve immunity.
  • Lemon. If, due to any circumstances, fat write from the menu can not be excluded, you should eat as much lemons or just drink lemon juice.
  • Parsley. Broths from parsley it is useful to drink on an empty stomach.
  • Carrot. Diet against acne contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin A, if you drink in the morning carrot juice you will get a daily rate of this vitamin.

Excluded products

When appearing on the skin of pimples it is recommended to limit, but it is better to exclude at least for some time the following products:

  • fatty grades of meat and fish, smoked products, spices, to limit the consumption of eggs;
  • coffee and black tea, various cola-lemonades;
  • sweet: sugar, jam, honey;
  • refined food, chips, fast food.

Drinking regime

A special role in the fight against acne is played by drinking water. Water helps to cleanse the body, gently eliminates all unnecessary, and saturates our body with the necessary moisture. If you drink at least 2 liters of still water a day, acne gradually begin to disappear.

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Any pimples, blackheads appearing on the face or on the body, most perceive as a kind of cosmetic trouble. Well, of course, the appearance of something that does not become more beautiful. But can these problems actually be "superficial"? Are you not being light-minded about yourself? To panic, of course, is not worth it, but even the most uninitiated, still know that often intestinal diseases or illness of other internal organs can cause various rashes on the body. The right way of life, modern medicine, healthy diet will eliminate intestinal diseases and, accordingly, will remove pimples that have arisen from the intestines. But still, you need to determine the causes that caused the conditions in the body that allow the rash to manifest itself. The natural intestinal problem is the appearance of dysbacteriosis in the intestinal membrane. It becomes the factor that explains the decrease in immunity and whether there can be acne due to bowel disease. But nevertheless, here without the analysis and consultation of the doctor not to manage. So, first go to the polyclinic first.

Experts believe that the pimples that appear on the forehead causes a disease of the small intestine. A pimple on the temples cause not intestinal diseases, but problems in the natural shell of the gallbladder. On the chin, acne due to problems with the genitourinary organs, in the region of the nose - because of the heart.

Acne vulgaris and bowel diseases are most often associated. Acne and other skin problems cause bowel disease or a natural intestinal membrane, as well as problems with internal organs. Intestinal and gastric diseases (ulcer, gastritis, colitis and dysbacteriosis), as well as constipation, will lead your face and body to the fact that sooner or later pimples will appear on it. About the treatment of these diseases and other problems with the digestive organs, which may be the cause of the appearance of acne, we have told more than once. You can find all this information on our website. If you are sure that you have pimples due to the intestines, then, following the recommendations of the doctor, nevertheless watch your food in parallel, lead a healthy lifestyle and settle in the intestines of beneficial bacteria (but the doctor, for sure, you yourself will recommend it at the end treatment).

But there may be other reasons. Acne not only because of the intestines appear, not only intestinal diseases are the cause of the appearance of acne. For example, acne on the face, on the nose and on the cheeks may be due to impaired functions of the sexual glands (in women it is most often associated with adnexitis). And with the intake of alcoholic beverages, hot or spicy food, the disease is increasing. If there are not enough female sex hormones in the body, it is likely that acne will appear on the face, chest or back.

Acne red, appearing regularly on the face skin of women often occur as a result of stress. In the natural intestinal membrane during menstruation or with menopause in women, there is an acute reaction to any disturbances. Any nervous breakdowns lead to the fact that the metabolism in the body is disturbed and as a result, acne appears on the skin.




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