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How to cope psychologically with IBS ??

I have IBS, which really hinders me from living. Constantly diarrhea, swelling, pain sometimes sick. I drank the course of pills and supplements that the doctor prescribed, but after a month everything again on a new one. Tell or say who as has coped with this illness or disease, there should be those who has gone through it. And more everywhere it is written that this is treated by two doctors (a psychologist and a gastroenterologist). I stopped going to rest with my friends, how to overcome this psychological barrier.


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October 16, 2008, 1: 5

I have IBS, which really hinders me from living. Constant diarrhea, swelling, pain. Tell or say who as has coped with this illness or disease, there should be those who has gone through it. how to overcome this psychological barrier ??

3 November 2008, 0: 9

Hello) I understand you perfectly, I have been living with this for 5 years. too, stopped somewhere to travel with friends, and just did very ra

rely go anywhere, I stayed at home. it's really hard to fight against this, and it's very hard to overcome yourself psychologically. but still have to somehow adjust to life)))) I went through a lot of examinations, several times lay in the hospital, I have three diagnoses and no treatment has helped either. as they say, help yourself. I'm now sitting on a gluten-free diet, it helps a little, and if I need to go somewhere I drink a few Imodium tablets and go.

November 3, 2008, 1: 6

means so. Everybody pull himself together. I lived with it for a long time, I had terrible nervous breakdowns and did not want to live. In short, I decided to knock out a wedge-wedge. For example, in the summer I found a job (I'm studying for a designer) not in the office, on a free schedule, but at that I forced myself to get up very early and quickly leave the house.. The trick is that while shopping for meetings, I'm as if insured and could at any time to dump home, but it was not needed. And at the end of the summer I went to a terrible adventure, for the money I earned, I flew to Sochi. And this means 6 hours to be cherished, and yet there can be delays and so on. etc. Well, I think you understand me. And no Che. Everything is great. There I ate everything but still in moderate quantities, walked and bathed. Now I'm feeling good, I think I'm still not quite up to late. There are problems with bloating, when I drink Smecta, sometimes when it is necessary somewhere to go far or with a night I somehow think it over for myself sometimes I worry, but I take myself in hand. I think so, each for himself must create obstacles and overcome and, with the help of such small victories, we will get out;)

10 April 2009, 2: 5

Yes, everyone must adjust himself and circumstances)

November 3, 2008, 1: 9

And yet, a lot of people come to this topic (so they are interested) and do not write anything.. I very much ask you to share problems and advices, it is necessary to help each other.

November 3, 2008, 2: 6

I totally agree. The most important solution to our problem is to distract ourselves; to stuff one's thoughts with something

November 18, 2008, 1: 6

Hello everybody. I, too, 2 years of suffering with this sore. Previously, the problems were simply unbearable. Having passed a bunch of doctors, I went to a psychotherapist. He prescribed me Cipramil - it's an antidepressant (only by prescription). He solved my problems by 70%. I recommend. The doctor said that if you are ill for a year, then you need to be treated 2. So the tablets should be drunk continuously as long as possible. And further. Get distracted from your illness. Take risks! Otherwise, close in yourself. Think less about the problem and do more of your favorite things. Get well!

December 2, 2008, 1: 6

Hello! I also have the same problem! = (I do not know what to do with this either. Excruciate constant aching pain, discomfort constantly, and the biggest problem is rumbling in the stomach and in the intestines. That's just terrible. Especially when in silence you are with people. Everything begins to twist and wildly grumble, which delivers HUGE discomfort! All this began after I went to the Olympics, there was very much worried and everything, from that day it's every day. The head is always full of thoughts about the stomach! Very much interferes with all this live. Surveys showed that I am healthy, well, only gastritis (but in our time, who does not have it). Tell me, please, what to do. It really hinders to live normally. Very embarrassed when he growls. =(((((

10 April 2009, 2: 8

Well, what's there to be rattling about? Of course, I understand you, but I do not think that it is so important for others. Everyone has their own problems. And you would advise to adjust the regime of the day and nutrition, to kill the head with work or something else - it's all from the head

Irritable bowel syndrome: how to identify the disease?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is, in the full sense of the word, a sense of life. Life is boiling! Life is boiling. If you feel her pain or other 6 basic symptoms and you really feel sick of this world, then you are sick.

You go to the gastroenterologist (some do not go, but it's in vain: similar symptoms happen in very scary illnesses), he carefully studies your inner world through an endoscope and puzzles to say something like: "Well…Gastritis. let's say, there is. And who does not have it nowadays?Butthis, madame,at the wrong stagegastritis,to be ill... "Further laboratory studies, ultrasound and various kinds of -copes also do not reveal any sedition - neither in the stomach, nor in the intestine, nor in the liver, nor in the pancreas. Sometimes even gynecological examinations are sent to exclude all possible variants. Exclude. And reluctantly putdiagnosis of "irritable bowel syndrome". Reluctantly - because it's kind of like not a disease: nowhere is there any damage, but the stomach hurts, plus diarrhea (or constipation), plus nausea ...

All symptoms are usually associated with a violation of muscle contractions of the intestinal wall. Neither the diet nor the medicine does not help. However, no complications usually happen. "Disease"can last for years. not leading to a general deterioration, and more depends on your mood than on nutrition. Therefore, specialists tend to consider it psychosomatic.The main reasonsudden pain or diarrhea -fear. Folk folklore reflected this symptomatology with apt expressions "bear illness" or "belly reduces fear".

Main features
irritated bowels

There is a certain set of basic signs that at the Congress of Gastroenterologists in Rome in 1990 were recognized as diagnostic criteria for IBS. So,ifby younot less than 12 weeks per year(not necessarily in a row) occurspainin some place of the abdomen (most often - at the bottom, but not necessarily),andto it are added at leasttwo of the following symptoms. then, most likely, our best of the worlds literally annoys you:
  1. Changing the frequency of the stool (more than three times a day or less than three times a week).
  2. Changing the consistency of the stool (too hard, liquid, "tape" - narrow strips).
  3. Feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine.
  4. Excretion of mucus.
  5. The accumulation of gases and the feeling of overflow of the stomach.
  6. Nausea.
And, notice, all these symptoms never come in a dream and extremely rarely - on vacation.

Calmness against abdominal pain

Increased anxiety and suspicion can also create temporary problems with digestion. "I can smell it all out" - just about that. There are apparently no obvious reasons for the alarm, but there is uncertainty - and from it "sucks with a spoon". Quarrels, conflict - and "me alreadysick of it". Some feel nausea is not metaphorical. Sometimes you exclaim in anger: "This is minehe sits in the liver. "Most likely not in the liver, but next - in the colon ..." Everything is boiling in me "and"I'm going to explode"Also find a completely physical embodiment in the syndrome of irritated bowels: you are inflating, bursting, puchit - and it seems that you will now explode.

By the way, from pride, that is, because of too stormy positive emotions associated with a certain achievement, too, can inflate - far from metaphorical.Doctors can helponlysymptomatic treatment. when the stomach reduces, prescribe antispasmodics. With swelling and flatulence - anything from swelling and flatulence. With constipation - laxatives, with diarrhea - slowing peristalsis. But in general (you in fact also understand) the bestmedicine- thistranquility. Only peace! Well, as a last resort, address to the psychotherapist.

  • 30%the adult population of the world suffers from SRK - that is, every third.
  • 2/3of them are women. Almost all of them have an alarming personality type.
  • 30-40 years old- mean age of the diseased (statistically). In fact, it is just at this age that people begin to turn to the doctors with their complaints: the younger ones are still shy, the older ones have already resigned themselves.
  • 60%patients with IBS suffer from the same depression and / or migraines. In 70% of patients, vegetative dystonia is also diagnosed.
  • Now you know the truth! Surely you have friends who are still wondering about the cause of their poor health. Do a good deed -tellthemabout this article. clicking on one of the social icons. networks.

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