I'm irritated by your intestines


So, we continue the topic of commercials of pharmaceutical products, which I started here.

Under the sight of a triple of drugs related to the stomach and intestines. Namely indispensable for life mezim, soothing for the irritated intestines - duspatalin and a preparation with living-living bacteria - acipol. But about the first and last somehow next time.

Let's start with my beloved Duspatalin. Moreover, a loved one without any irony, because he is just a chic spasmolytic and helps even where the legendary No-shpa falls. But the producers of advertising decided to focus not on this valuable quality, but exclusively on the irritable bowel syndrome. Well, they are there from the mountains more clearly))

Now I'll explain what he did not harm me.))

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - a disease manifested by discomfort, bloating, grumbling, refractory to certain types of food, abdominal pain and yes, of course, spasms. But at the same time, there are no organic reasons for this. In other words, there is no infectio

n in the intestine, helminths have not settled, there is no inflammation or some kind of anatomical abnormalities, but against the background of this kind of well-being, he does not want to work normally.

The reasons for bad behavior have not yet been clarified. However, most doctors believe that everything is to blame for the nerves. In my humble opinion, the stomach and intestines have long been attributed to the nervous system.)) Because these organs react to all sorts of stresses, irritations and insomnia in the first place.

Remember yourself how we started to eat everything before a session or a visit to the dentist, or, conversely, even a mouthful of yogurt with a nerve fell into the stomach with a granite stone. Heard how some doctors jokingly call this unpleasant sore syndrome irritated head and it, in the sense of the head, offer treatment in the first place.

By the way, with us, dear ladies, such trouble can go a duet with critical days. And in general, we are much luckier in this plan than men. According to statistics, IBS is in 8-10% of men, and we already have 25%. And all because we are gentle, vulnerable and very sensitive creatures and we need to cherish, cherish and cherish.))

But let's return to our Duspatalin, more precisely not to ours, but to French. How can it help with IBS?

Relieve spasm and reduce pain.

The problem itself can not be solved by this drug. In the instruction on this, too, emphasis is laid and the phrase about symptomatic treatment is prescribed, but in advertising somehow not particularly.

If you continue to be nervous further, chew any fast food that gets caught on the run and work around the clock, the intestine will remind you again. And, most likely, will remind, as soon as action of a preparation will end.

Duspatalin is a really good, high-quality drug that relieves spasms in almost any problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract, and not only with IBS. Maybe on this uniqueness and it was worth building advertising? My mother, for example, during the attacks of cholelithiasis only saved them.

Duspatalin clears the symptom, but does not solve the problem itself.

Of course, if you open the instruction, then you can read in it that the duration of the reception is unlimited. But I doubt that you will like to live on tablets all the time. So instead of another package of Duspatalin, buy something soothing, go to a normal meal and learn to sleep at night. Remember the famous academician Pavlov and his teaching that we are to blame for all our ailments, and, more precisely, our nerves that have got out of control.

Just in case, I repeat. I'm not going to carry the advertised drugs to the nines. They are all loved by me, all are of good quality and are all able to help with certain problems. Okay, almost everyone is loved)). I just want to urge you not to base your purchase only on what you saw in advertising, but to trust doctors and pharmacists more. Well, or at least instructions from the drug.

R.S. And next time I will tell a terrible secret about Mezim and Acipol.))

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Calm the irritated bowel

People who are looking after their health lie on fresh greens, hoping to get only good. Fruits and vegetables are included in the diet of children's institutions, holidaymakers in the overseas countries taste exotic exotic fruits. True, not always the fruit menu is as favorable as it would be desirable.

Food intolerance to foods of a functional nature is called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This diagnosis is put about 40% of the world's inhabitants. In fact, IBS is pain and rumbling in the abdomen, its swelling, increased gas formation (flatulence), often headaches, sleep disorders, a sensation of a coma in the throat and, as a crown to everything, constipation or diarrhea.

The causes of irritable bowel syndrome are many: stress, overexcitation, menstrual disorders, obesity, diabetes mellitus. It is clear that most often problems with digestion arise in the warm season against a background of abundant eating of fresh fruits and vegetables.

By the way, if you have a doctor diagnosed with chronic spastic colitis, then this is also nothing but irritable bowel syndrome. Simply the term irritable bowel syndrome came into use not so long ago. With a detailed endoscopic examination of the large intestine, it was found out that in fact no colitis (i.e. inflammation of the intestinal mucosa) was observed in patients. Then the doctors came to the conclusion that most patients have disorders of the nervous regulation of the motor function of the intestine.

Specialists distinguish three main variants of the course of irritable bowel syndrome: with the predominance of pain and flatulence; with the predominance of regular constipation, or, conversely, diarrhea (diarrhea). Of course, all these symptoms can be signals of more serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and, finally, malignant tumors. To exclude all these serious diseases, it is necessary to conduct a serious examination.

A distinctive feature of irritable bowel syndrome is that the above symptoms do not progress, they pass after a visit to the toilet in a big way (it immediately becomes easier). And in general, if the stomach problems concern you for more than three months a year, they can be called a syndrome, if they do not last till this time - it is considered that this is a temporary inconvenience.

To avoid not very pleasant minutes of communication with a white toilet friend, follow simple rules. Do not rush to fruits and vegetables, as if you were only taken out of the besieged city or you were on a strict diet for six months. Do not overeat to the state I can not anymore, in everything I need a measure. No stomach and intestines can withstand your agitated gluttony.

Being on overseas travel, do not try to try all the local cuisine and exotic fruit-vegetables, because people get used to a certain diet, and new dishes can become a strong stress for organism. I do not even want to remind you of such trivial truths as washing hands, fruits and vegetables before eating. Especially it concerns lovers chewing on the move just bought all kinds of food.

To date, irritable bowel syndrome is treated not only with the help of medications (by the way, they should appoint a doctor, not a pharmacist in the pharmacy, when you ask for something from the stomach), but also psychotherapeutic methods. In addition, treatment should include the normalization of the regime and the nature of nutrition (for man is what he eats), and ultimately - increasing the internal discipline of the patient, delivering him from depression and hypochondria.

In irritable bowel syndrome, which proceeds with severe pain, doctors usually prescribe drugs that have an antispasmodic effect (no-shpa, papaverine, baralgin, spasmalgon, spazgan etc.). If constipation dominates, then dietary recommendations come to the fore, in particular enriching the diet with foods rich in fiber (raspberries, plum, melon, pumpkin, apricot, etc.), nuts, blueberries, pomegranate and any vegetable oils (olive, almond, vaseline, which envelops stomach).

If the irritable bowel syndrome is accompanied by diarrhea, you need sparing food (porridge, potatoes and other foods where there is little fiber). Relieve the suffering of drugs that strengthen the vascular wall and mucous: ascorutin, calcium gluconate. Adsorbing agents are also prescribed. The same activated carbon. With proper treatment, the syndrome does not progress, which means that a person feels comfortable in life.

  • If you have a peptic ulcer, gastritis, you will have to give up all the sour things: currants, sour apples, plums, citrus fruits.
  • If there is a disease associated with the esophagus (difficulty swallowing, heartburn, hernia of the esophagus), you contraindicated gifts garden gardens, which will slow down the work of the esophagus, this is pepper, dill, garlic.
  • If you have a tendency to frequenting a chair, a large amount of fiber will not do. Especially a lot of her in raspberries. But with constipation, it is simply irreplaceable.
  • Watermelon is also rich in fiber. Therefore, having eaten it, you can earn heartburn, eructation, etc.

On the materials of the article, Calm the irritated intestine.

This probably is irritable bowel syndrome

Helen Fri, 14/03 / - 2: 3

Here, I waited for a biopsy: stomach-chronic gastritis of the body of the stomach of a low degree of activity with a weak mol. infiltration, with focal lymphopoietic hyperplasia, with weak (something then there) contamination. Small intestine: chronic enteritis of a low degree of activity! That's where the dog is buried! (probably) from here my torment: bustling at night, a feeling of fermentation, a sensation of tight pantyhose, diarrhea. But I thought there would be candidiasis, but why did not they write anything about it, although the endoscopist said there was a fungus there? And in the coprogram have been identified fungi? What should I do with enteritis, I want to be cured of everything at once, from gastritis, cholecystitis, enteritis! What is the possible cause of this enteritis?

Ann_13 Sa, 15/03 / - 0: 3

Helen! About the reasons - I agree with Elenka - the whole process ran antibiotics from Helicobacter! Why in the biopsy nothing is written about Candida - so usually with biopsies from the thin or large intestine this is not done! Do not look for germs-culprits, unfortunately! There are, however, places where this can be done, but not with us).

About the symptoms - you wrote that all the symptoms are more pronounced at night! I believe, here it is this - according to biological rhythms, at night - the greatest activity in the gallbladder. And this is NOT good when the intestines are hit by. inflammation! Because bile irritates them. On the other hand - without bile, the Tuva heap of microbes will not multiply, which is not very useful). Here you can partially solve the problem by using enterosorbents or enveloping agents. You said that Smecta helps you with symptoms, it's logical! Still it is possible to try to drink flaxseed - mucous broth - it will cover with slime and protect the inflamed sites of an intestine from aggressive action of hydrochloric acid and bilious acids. At the same time, it is important that bile is excreted during eating, in my opinion, this problem can be solved, for example, karsil or hofitol, broth of wild rose. Even with enteritis, Pentas is prescribed as an anti-inflammatory drug, but I know from reviews that it does not always help, unfortunately. And about the cause of enteritis - well, it is logical that the reason is likely to be Candida. Once there were antibiotics, outwardly found signs of candidiasis (and a biopsy of this and does not show, alas). And here you were assigned intetriks. And the most such a duty - Ersefuril - at least once appointed. The fact is that Intetriks more helps with the defeat of the gastrointestinal tract by the simplest (amoebic dysentery), and from some intestinal rods. But Helicobacter and Candida are just better than Ersefuril! I advise you to consult with a physician! I had about the same garbage after intestinal flu last fall! It was bubbling, pains in the stomach and lower, a liquid stool. Those. Symptoms of Enterocolitis. So I then began to drink Ersefuril, and drank a week - from the first day everything subsided)). True, he did not help my symptoms of Proctosigmoiditis at all, and even strengthened, maybe. The latter had to be treated in the same way that it always helps me, but intensely)). this suggests that in different departments of the gastrointestinal tract m. and different microbes. In your case, I think - it is necessary to do something with Candida, which causes enteritis. Tomorrow I'll write some more thoughts about Candidiasis).

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