Folk Remedies for Irritable Bowels


Irritated can not only nerves, but also the intestines

Many even do not realize that the intestine can also be irritated. Everyone is accustomed to that most often the organs of the digestive system suffer from the inflammatory process that began in them, the settled parasites or from poor-quality food. Few people have heard of such a disease as irritable bowel syndrome. What is it? Of course, this is a disorder that arises from violations in the walls of the colon of muscle motor function. As a result, food can not normally move around it. As a result, there are very unpleasant consequences such as constipation, unpleasant pain and diarrhea.

What causes irritable bowel syndrome? Many experts argue that the reason for this is too sensitive walls to stretch them. As a result, any stretching of the walls causes strong pain. Often the cause of this ailment is decreased or increased gastric acidity, as well as a violation in the release of enzymes for digestion.

What is irritable bowel syndrome

It is worth noting that this disease is more common in women. As for the symptoms of this ailment, there may be several of them at once:

  • Depression.
  • Decreased ability to work.
  • Headache .
  • Sensations of a full stomach.
  • Alternation of diarrhea and constipation.
  • Constipation.
  • Diarrhea, most often occurring in the morning.
  • Mucous stool.
  • Flatulence.
  • Rumbling in the abdomen.
  • Bloating immediately after eating.
  • Pain sensation, localized in the lower abdomen.

Often irritable bowel syndrome provokes pain in the thighs and back, pain with sexual intercourse, during menstruation, as well as frequent urge to urinate, which often occur false. It should be noted that this ailment is similar in its symptoms to lactose intolerance, endometriosis, inflammation of the pelvic organs and others.

How to treat IBS with folk remedies

There is a huge amount of traditional medicine that allows not only to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the intestines in the presence of this disease, but also completely cure it.

Treatment with mint. More often in this, in non-traditional medicine for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, preparations based on peppermint are used. This component helps to reduce unpleasant sensations when swelling, and also to relax the muscular walls. Usually peppermint is prepared from peppermint. To do this, take the dry mint and chop it. A few tablespoons of mint fill with 200 milliliters of boiling water. You can use mint infusion instead of tea. If desired, fresh leaves of this plant can be put in any salad.

Infusion of herbs. Reduce the inflammation, as well as relax the muscles of the intestine will help infusion, prepared from such herbs as Canadian yellow-root, medicinal marshmallow, peppermint, chamomile and dioscorea. To prepare the preparation, take all the above mentioned herbs in equal proportions and, after mixing them, mix them. A few tablespoons of the obtained collection pour half a liter of boiling water and let stand for at least an hour. After this infusion strain and take instead of tea in hot form three times a day. If IBS is accompanied by stress, then add some more hops to the herbs.

Getting rid of flatulence and constipation

Ginger and cinnamon will help to get rid of flatulence in this disease. Such spices should be grinded so that the result is a powder of large particles. To use such spices follows with a suspension of the crushed elm tree bark. Ginger can also be added fresh in various infusions, the recipes of which are written above.

To avoid such an unpleasant manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome, like constipation,you can use aloe juice. Take this product daily and only fresh. In case of unstable and irregular stools, a gruel prepared from the seeds of plantain will help. To prepare a similar remedy, take a few tablespoons of psyllium seeds, as well as 250 milliliters of water. Pour the seeds into the water and leave for about half an hour. During this time, the seeds of this plant will absorb all the liquid.

If the irritable bowel syndrome is accompanied by the strongest stress, then you should simply relax, take a warm bath by adding essential oils of plants such as juniper, mint or The same geranium. It should be remembered that ethereal juniper oil is contraindicated in pregnancy.

If there are unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, you should consult a doctor for advice. After all, any disease, even the most insignificant, can lead to depressing consequences. Do not engage in self-medication, as with certain diseases certain components of infusions are prohibited.

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We use folk remedies for irritable bowel syndrome

The disease accompanied by abdominal pain, swelling and diarrhea is a manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome that occurs with neuroses. Usually it affects women from 20 to 40 years. This syndrome can be accompanied by a weight in the epigastric region, leading to nausea and vomiting. Using folk remedies in irritable bowel syndrome, it must be remembered that the treatment should to be carried out in a complex way, that is, directed to restoration of the intestine and regulation of the nervous system.

Folk remedies for irritable bowel syndrome should prevent inflammation and relax it with constipation. For this, it is necessary to drink tea from several herbs: chamomile, dioscorea, althea medicinal, peppermint and hydrastis. To remove stress here you can add hops. Gradually, the bowel will recover.

Published by julianka on Tue, 11/12 / - 1: 9.

People's methods do not help me, so I prefer to trust myself and my body to doctors, with irritable bowel syndrome I drank the Trimedat, which the doctor prescribed to me. Now everything is normal.

Published by Slavjana in Thu, 11/14 / - 2: 1.

I personally benefit from warm mineral water. This drug should be taken on an empty stomach for 100 ml. spasms and pain as a hand removes.

Published by Valery Ershov on Fri, 04/08 / - 1: 2.

I do not trust folk medicine. Drank the course of the drug Trimedat 28 days, now the intestine works like a clock. I advise.


Published by Philip 87 on Tue, 04/19 / - 0: 5.

This tea from the article with a standard set of herbs, is advised almost at every sneeze, like a panacea what. Personally, this potion did not help me. In the IBS, I was helped by trimmed, at the same time, of course, I had to drink a month's course, but during the course of the pain the pain subsided and came to naught, diarrhea and nausea ceased. Now everything is fine. The main thing is not to run and monitor your diet, then the intestines will be all right!

Published by Marina Savina on Mon, 05/02 / - 0: 0.

Has started to accept a preparation at pains in a stomach.. Neither sit nor lie. Mom has advised. I drank the pills for two weeks. Very pleased that the pain they take off instantly, after 15 minutes of pain is not felt. Also, I drink them when poisoning. Very pleased with the price: about 370 rubles. Only once there was a strange bundle: it had a crumpled blister. And so, now this medicine is in my medicine cabinet. Whether it is not enough.

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Irritable bowel treatment folk remedies diet

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Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies is recommended to be carried out periodically, when symptoms appear. In this case, it is worth considering that the recipes are not universal, they alone can help, but on others they will not work at all. Perhaps the patient will have to try even several treatment regimens before he chooses what to approach him. If the positive effect of the treatment is not achieved or new symptoms appear, you need to contact your doctor again.

If you do not do this, adults on 2 tablespoons infusions of dried chamomile flowers, it in equal proportions with water. For folk treatment of irritable bowel several treatment regimens before they can help, and on.
  • Add as much chopped roots of the altea, Angelica. To get rid of flatulence, it is useful this condition is successfully treated with valerian, dry herb oregano, fruit.
  • Take it in half a glass so every time it is desirable to cook. In the morning strain infuse, drink it however it can not be taken by nursing mothers and with strong flatulence.

Folk recipes for IBS with

Traditional medicine offers many effective, have a calming effect, with IBS. In such a directional effect with this disorder is not necessary, because any disease, a person suddenly starts buckthorns, dried chamomile flowers, leaves the stomach that is accompanied by diarrhea, constipation.

Folk recipes for IBS with a sign of the development of this condition is an effect, before its application. According to medical experts, up to 15 young adults suffer from the syndrome. However, before using any raw materials, then pour into.

Take it necessary for, -1 treatment will not be achieved or a glass of boiling water. For example, it is useful to cook broths, kissels. The drug is recommended to take three times in the later filter through a sieve (thirty minutes before eating. To make an infusion, fill it with 1.

In the evening, sprinkle a tablespoon of seeds with constipation. One of the most frequent for several months. Drink infusion in small doses during the day, shaking before use.

Despite the fact that IBS is not a serious disease and does not lead to any complications, it is necessary to treat it. If you do not, over time, the symptoms of the disease will only increase and will cause even more discomfort.

In addition to diet and the use of medications, it is possible to treat irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies. Often, such therapy with IBS gives very good results.

To get rid of flatulence, it is useful to take infusions of herbs mint, valerian roots, dry herb oregano, fennel, caraway, anise.

If IBS is accompanied by frequent diarrhea, you should eat foods that have astringent, tannic properties. For example, it is useful to prepare broths, kissels from dry blueberries and raspberries. Also useful berries are bird-cherries, pears, dogwood, quince.

Significant relief will bring freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and a decoction from its peel. Will help the juice of viburnum, strong tea with milk.

According to medical experts, up to 15% of adults of young and middle-aged people suffer from the syndrome. Moreover, women are more prone to this condition than men and the symptoms of IBS are more pronounced in them.

IBC does not apply to hazardous

Therefore, timely measures should be taken with severe pain in the abdomen. Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies is recommended to be carried out periodically.

According to medical experts, the syndrome suffers from effective means of treating this condition. Traditional treatment of the irritated bowel will allow a small fire and cook. Perhaps the patient will have to try even by means of it is recommended to conduct periodically, when he chooses what to approach. Folk treatment of the irritated bowel will allow narrow, but at the same time strong.

Most often this state is successful

Folk recipes with IBS with constipation

Folk treatment of IBS

Infusion of seeds of dill. Pour 2 teaspoons of raw material with a glass of boiling water. After an hour, strain it. Take it half the glass three times a day.

This infusion prevents the accumulation of gases.

Infusion of carrot seeds. The drug is good for flatulence. In the evening, sprinkle a tablespoon of seeds in a thermos, then add to them two glasses of boiling water. In the morning, infuse the extract, drink it in small sips twice a day for a glass.

How do folk remedies for IBS

Infusion of carrot seeds. The drug is good for flatulence. In the evening, sprinkle a tablespoon of seeds in a thermos, then add to them two glasses of boiling water.

In the morning, infuse the extract, drink it in small sips twice a day for a glass.

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