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Help how to cope with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

I am 20 years old. suffering since 2010. Previously, I thought he would pass and all that. But a year later I realized that nothing happens with my personal life. This disease hinders, I largely refused myself, I had to part with the girl I loved. I went to the gastroenterologist for an appointment - he thought he would help solve the problem, I was examined, everything was fine, he prescribed medicines and everything. But this does not help (

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You have only one way-first you have to understand the reasons for your condition. Only in this way can you show the possibility of correction

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How then create a family for example, if you suffer from this terrible flatulence - live all your life alone, because no girl will pay attention to you, to such a patient

And if you recover and suddenly it turns out that the girls do not like me, because.
How to live then?


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I do not know how to even begin.

The first thing to begin with is to delineate the manifestations of the disease into organic ones, which fall within the competence of medical care, and psychosomatic - the subject of psychological assistance.
Most organic diseases have a psychological (psychosomatic) component that affects their occurrence and course. Psychosomatic illnesses exist in two forms: bodily and psychological. The doctor helps to eliminate the bodily manifestations of the disease. Psychological roots: internal conflicts, self-destructive habits, ways of responding - with this to a psychologist, a psychotherapist. People suffering from any chronic bodily ailments, along with qualified medical care, must also receive psychological support.

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the fact is that my doctor did not really say anything,

Michael, contact a dietician normal! But it will not be superfluous to remove sugar from the diet (this will be the treatment of the pancreas) and starchy (potatoes. ) and everything that is associated with them (flour, confectionery, drinks-syrups, chips. ). Before eating a half-glass of warm water. During the day a couple of glasses of bifidoc. You, apparently, still have problems with fermentation - this can provoke flatulence. We need to find the right food and everything will be fine. Well, and to a specialist, if you want.

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Do you know fears, doubts, anxiety? And before 2010? And what did you have in 2005-2007?

Very familiar. I'm very worried about everything. and sensitive all I endure. And until 2010 I lived like in nothing happened, I was happy, happy teenage life was. And since 2010 I ran into this problem. And he began to fear, began to pay attention to this, that it prevents me from living, I can not live with a girl, I'm afraid to admit it, I'm afraid she'll seem some kind of crook, nasty and sick. On this pritsina there was a problem with the girl, hiding it from her, could not meet with her so often, refused much, well, and after decided to part - so as not to torture her, and herself.

When brings down the stomach, or irritable bowel syndrome

The intestine can be whimsical. He has his own nervous system # 8212; it is called intestinal, or enteric, # 8212; which regulates the speed and rhythm of the body, that is, peristalsis. The absolute majority of girls trying to lose weight and putting on themselves food experiments, the manifestation of whims of the intestine is known. And this phenomenon is called # 8212; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many perceive it as an inevitable consequence of diets, but in reality it is not so much an attendant problem as a state about which something needs to be understood.

What contributes to irritation of the intestine

First of all, of course, nerves. The nervous system controls the endocrine gland # 8212; it's not for nothing that scientists talk about neuroendocrine regulation of metabolism. It is necessary to be worried, as the hormonal background changes, the appetite rises # 8212; and after him the weight grows. Has risen on scales, was upset because of result # 8212; and the intestine was upset too: zaburlil, swollen. And since diet # 8212; this is also a stress for the body (and for the nervous system), it is not surprising that, observing it, some women manage to get better. It also happens in another way, it's not so obvious: I was nervous, I was on a platoon - the intestine reacted with an instant emptying. She froze, for a long time she ate nothing, moved little - the intestine also braked, and in the end # 8212; constipation.

There are other causes, which additionally provoke irritation of the intestine. These are intestinal and respiratory viral infections, diseases of "neighbors" along the abdominal cavity and small pelvis (gastritis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, which often complicates long-term nutritional restrictions), exacerbation of a chronic disease or food allergy, a traumatic injury, etc.

Of course, the irritation of the intestines can contribute to the use of unsuitable products. Their set is individual for each person, and you need to be suspicious of the food against which your intestines rebel. Among them are often: legumes, cabbage, radish, fresh black bread, milk and sour milk products, fructose and sugar, dried fruits, alcohol, carbonated drinks, etc. just do not list.

Separately, among the reasons, it is necessary to note irregular and irregular nutrition, including fasting and diet, on which you sat, without consulting a doctor. For example, when the diet is an excess of protein and a lack of fiber, the intestine becomes lazy (constipation). And when the diet is too much vegetable fiber and almost no animal protein, after a couple of hours, everything eaten "whistles" rushes out. Because of the restrictions, the stomach got stung, and then you pounced on food, ate - and the food ran too quickly into the small intestine, and here it is, irritation # 8230;

Swing from accelerated intestinal peristalsis to almost complete stop and back # 8212; that's what irritable bowel syndrome is. If this is a temporary phenomenon, it's okay. But it is necessary to form a syndrome, as then almost any unfavorable factors will only aggravate the problem.

What you need to know about irritable bowel syndrome

  • Although the irritated intestine delivers many unpleasant minutes, it is most likely only a functional disorder in which the body unfairly performs its work. We need to analyze the cause-effect relationship, find out what causes this reaction of the intestine, and calm it down.
  • In the case of the syndrome of rapid healing may not occur. However, by adjusting the diet, avoiding starvation and emotional "roller coaster you will learn to control the disease, avoiding exacerbations.
  • Address to the neurologist. Losing girls with symptoms of IBS often have masked (latent) depression, neurocirculatory dystonia, autonomic crises and other psychoneurological disorders. In this case, weight loss is more difficult, and irritable bowel syndrome is less treatable. Relieve various ways of relaxation, massage, breathing exercises, psychotherapy sessions, as well as taking medications prescribed by a doctor.
  • Take a survey. There are other intestinal troubles that like to masquerade as a syndrome: food poisoning (toxicoinfection), food allergy, intolerance to milk sugar (lactose), chronic colitis. You need to make sure that you do not have them.


Irritable bowel syndrome. All problems in the head

That's how it happens, you spend your entire life with your individual schedule of cleansing the body, then suddenly it turns out that this is abnormal. Why is it abnormal? You always, sorry, went to the toilet for a big time every 3-4 days. Your body is used to it, and, most importantly, there were no complaints. However, recently, something often turns the stomach, bloat is, at the wrong moment, the rumbling starts loud. Well, it's probably stress. Crisis, everyone is in a hurry, hurry, shout.

And still, when you are very worried, waiting for some important event, there is another extreme - diarrhea. Or after overeating, too, stress for the body. But against the background of stress, constipation is more common. Life is heavy, the stress is protracted, constipation now and then interspersed with periods of diarrhea, the stomach swells and causes great discomfort. This is how irritable bowel syndrome manifests itself. Causes aggravating its course, a lot.

Doctors have long said that many diseases are psychosomatic in nature - in addition to physiological problems, most diseases are characterized by psychological problems. It is noticed that when these psychological problems are resolved, the patients' state of health significantly improves and the disease recedes, or even passes.

Who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome

An interesting explanation of the psychological component of the irritable bowel syndrome is given by Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology. According to system-vector psychology, the human psyche consists of 8 vectors - sets of innate unconscious desires and naturally prescribed properties that ensure the realization of these desires. So, the irritable bowel syndrome is peculiar to people with an anal vector.

A person with an anal vector has great memory, the ability to bring any matter to the point, to the ideal. This is the best teacher and excellent family man. Chistyulya and a loyal friend, a wonderful father. His role in the modern world is to share knowledge, transfer experience, and teach.

A person with an anal vector tends towards equality in everything. He will never demand anything superfluous, if for work the payment above stipulated will be offered, will refuse. But how, everything should be fair and just. Hands are golden. When it is in good condition, of course.

Perestroika in the work of the intestine against a background of stress

In the modern era, the bearers of this vector are heavy. They do not like fuss, meltesheniya, in contrast to carriers of the skin vector, for which speed is of great importance. People with an anal vector can not endure when they are given many tasks at once, and they fall into a stupor. This is reflected in physiology - the colon slows down peristalsis, as a result, a person begins constipation.

Give a person with an anal vector time to think, tune, calmly do, and you will get an exceptional result. The case will be done thoroughly, with feeling, with sense, with arrangement and ideally.

Even in childhood, sitting on the pot for hours, a small child with an anal vector is accustomed to cleanliness, order, thoroughness, bringing any business to the end, to perfection. No luck for those kids, whose mothers do not allow to complete the first serious matter, pull them off the pot, rush.

But the problem is not only in dealing with the cutaneous mother. Sometimes, when a person has both dermal and anal vector, he hurries himself, does not allow himself to think thoroughly, to delve into the topic. And gets stress in the anal vector. The body and mind are one. Stress is reflected in the state of the intestines. When very worried, expects stress - there is diarrhea, when stress comes and stupor comes - constipation.

When, with the help of System-Vector Psychology, a person begins to understand his psychic characteristics, he realizes how it is arranged, the reasons for their reactions to the world around, then as a result of this psychoanalysis, irritable bowel syndrome ceases worry. A person simply discovers that he no longer needs drugs, without which he still could not go anywhere.

Knowing your strengths gives you confidence even in a world of high speeds. While working out his psychological difficulties at the training on System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan, we get good results in psychosomatic diseases. Here are just a few of them:

Since then, this does not bother you. The other day, trying out a cosmetic bag, I threw out an imodium of a hundred years ago, pondering how soon after the training I forgot about this problem, as if I always lived without any intestinal syndrome there.
Oksana K. Moscow

I was riddled psychologically. The feeling of inner psychological clamping is gone. I became softer. The diseases that accompanied me from the student's bench (gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome) disappeared.
Tatyana K. doctor of osteopath, kinesiologist

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Author: Dina Liiasova, MD

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