Treatment of irritable bowel with folk remedies


Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Treatment with Folk Remedies

Irritable bowel syndrome is a fairly common disease, but they do not like to talk about it. When I myself collided with him, I realized how insidious it is. This is not just an upset stomach or painful constipation, but both alternately, and even colic in the abdomen and increased gas formation. Just a bouquet of exotic!

I do not recognize medicines, therefore I decided to use folk remedies for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and, on the recommendation of an experienced herbalist, I chose a special health course. He used decoctions of herbs of astringent, enveloping and neutralizing acid action (St. John's wort, chamomile, peppermint, alder cones, blueberries and bird cherry). Yes, he took it as a rule to do gymnastics every morning for his wayward abdomen. A few weeks later, there were noticeable positive changes: the intestine became less frequent and not too much rumble, the situation with the chair acquired a more orderly appearance. Do i

t in the morning before breakfast. And a couple of times you have to repeat the complex during the day, but on an empty stomach.

1. Lie on your back. Knees are bent, feet stand on the floor. Tie your hands behind your head and lift your chest so that the shoulder blades slightly come off the floor (but do not strain your neck too much). In this position, hold for 7-10 seconds, breathing deeply. Then go back to the starting position and relax. Repeat several times.

2. Stand, legs apart. The knees are slightly bent, the arms are in front on the hips. Inhale, drawing in your stomach. Hold your breath and in this state (without exhaling) alternately protrude and draw in the stomach, while you have enough strength to keep the air. Exhale. Inhale and repeat the exercise several times. Try to make at least 10 movements in one breath.

3. Return to the supine position on the back. Legs are elongated, relaxed. Put your hands on the solar plexus, the tips of your fingers should be slightly in contact. Slowly inhale through the nose, completely filling the lungs and sensing how the intestine swells and rises. Hold a pause (count to 5), then slowly exhale through the nose, feeling how the intestine sinks and presses against the spine. Repeat the exercise several times.

4. With your right hand, stroke your tummy - make a circular motion clockwise. Start the movement around the navel, gradually expand the circles to the periphery of the abdomen, then gradually narrow the circles and finish in the navel.

5. This exercise is also carried out on the back. Straighten your legs and slowly lift them up. I must say that raising your foot at a fast pace and at a great height from the floor is much easier than on a small and slow pace. But the muscles of the abdominal press receive a very significant load. And it's good for the intestines.

6. For those who are younger and more flexible, there is one more addition - a birch exercise, when from lying position, it is necessary to lift the legs vertically upwards and, propping up the waist with the hands, hold on for seconds 15-30.

But I did all the other simple exercises quite easily. Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome is satisfied. And so with confidence I write to you: these exercises can drive the capricious intestine. I hope my experience will come in handy.

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Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies

In women, irritable bowel syndrome appears several times more often than men. The treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies and methods can be successfully applied against the background of drug therapy.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the digestive system, which arises from the violation of muscle motility in the wall of the human colon. Because of this, food that enters the intestine can not move normally through it, and this leads to unpleasant consequences in the form of regular constipation, diarrhea and unpleasant pain. Sometimes irritable bowel syndrome provokes pain in the back and thighs, painful menstruation, pain during intercourse, and frequent urge to urinate, which may be false.

This method of treatment is very simple, besides it is cheap and tasty. Peppermint helps relax the muscles of the intestinal wall. Recipe 2. Relax the musculature of the intestine and reduce the inflammatory process helps infusion of dioscorea, chamomile, peppermint, althea medicinal and Canadian yellowgrass. In this disease, in addition to a violation of the functioning of the intestine, there is also a violation of defecation.

Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common diagnosis that gastroenterologists have to face. This leads to violations of intestinal motility and excessive sensitivity of its inner shell to any adverse effects.

Symptoms of irritable bowel usually appear after eating and have a paroxysmal character. Signs of irritation of the intestine can appear immediately after a meal, or in a stressful situation. Assign in order to exclude such serious diseases as intestinal obstruction, fecal stones, inflammation of appendicitis or oncological diseases.

If IBS proceeds with diarrhea, the products included in the daily menu should reduce intestinal motility. Before using traditional medicine, it is necessary to consult with a gastroenterologist and the attending physician and to avoid factors that provoke the onset of the syndrome.

It is necessary to abandon the products that cause irritation of the intestine, consume whole-grain bread, dairy products with bifidobacteria, drink up to one and a half liters of liquid daily.

Some more useful tips for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome:

For a long time she suffered from problems with the intestines. According to the definition of the WHO working committee, irritable bowel syndrome is a functional disorder characterized by a combination of pain and impaired intestinal function. The prevalence of this syndrome among the world's population is from 14 to 48%. The illness is most affected by urban residents.

The disease was detected as far back as the 19th century, and in 1892 the condition characterizing this syndrome began to be called mucosal colitis. Then it began to be called spastic colitis, then - intestinal neurosis. The main difference between the syndrome and a variety of other bowel diseases is the absence of a substrate.

It is necessary to say that there are no frames that would characterize a healthy intestine. Normal, for example, is the number of bowel movements from three times a day to three times a week. The syndrome does not belong to a number of life-threatening conditions, but without proper treatment this disorder can seriously reduce a patient's quality of life.

It is generally believed that the disease occurs as a result of disruption of the intestine, but one of the main factors is neurological disorder. Speaking in the language of professionals, irritable bowel syndrome is a psychosomatic state. Most often, the syndrome arises from the suppression of negative emotions, which increase nervous excitability and, as a consequence, are detected by signs of the disease.

In fact, stressful conditions were on the list most recently, although now they believe that they are the ones that provoke the syndrome. It has been repeatedly noted that the most severe forms of the syndrome have appeared in people who have experienced clinical death, sexual or physical abuse.

Because of these changes, the brain receives powerful impulses, which certainly affects the work of the intestine as a whole. As a result - abdominal pain, swelling, diarrhea or constipation. A number of people with irritable bowel syndrome have noted an increase in pain, an increase in diarrhea, or the appearance of constipation.

For example, irritable bowel syndrome, accompanied by diarrhea, is often replaced by constipation and vice versa. In irritable bowel syndrome complaints, of course, also exist, but there is no substratum. Recipe 1. Peppermint, which is widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, helps to relax the muscular wall and alleviate the pain syndrome with swelling. Irritable bowel syndrome refers to functional disorders that occur with abdominal pain.

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Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with folk remedies

CKD is a functional disorder of the colon function in the absence of any organic causes caused by stress or overexertion.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a relatively new term in medicine. The disease has a vivid symptomatology: bloating, constipation or diarrhea, there are pains in the left part of the chest, nausea and colic in the abdomen are possible. Treatment of this ailment with folk remedies is desirable only in conjunction with the medications prescribed by a specialist in the detection of the disease. The purpose of treatment in TFR is to affect the psychological sphere of a person, correction of violations of the intestinal function, removal of the pain syndrome.

Folk remedies with TFR with constipation

If irritable bowel syndrome is accompanied by constipation, aloe or plantain juice can help. And also do not forget about the ordinary linen, the infusion from which is prepared this way: two tablespoons of herbs pour a glass boiling water, let it brew for two or three hours and take 10-20 milligrams up to five times a day, as well as a quarter of the glass before sleep.

Stress, which often causes TFE, can be perfectly removed by taking a bath with mint, juniper and geranium oils. During pregnancy, essential oil of juniper should be excluded.

Folk remedies with TFD with diarrhea and flatulence

If the symptom of the irritated bowel develops flatulence and diarrhea in parallel, then in the process of treatment it is necessary to use a mixture of herbs: shoots of horsetail, grass yarrow and bitter wormwood. For the tincture, you need ten grams of wormwood and twenty grams of horsetail and yarrow. This mixture is poured a glass of boiling water, leave for 1-2 hours. Take half a cup of warm infusion during meals, but at least three times a day.

Diarrhea is treated with a mixture of peppermint oil, sandalwood, almond, geranium and tea tree. These oils rub the abdomen and lower back, massaging them.

Tincture of fennel adjusts the process of digestion and metabolism. Infusion drink half a cup three times a day before eating.

Flatulence can be soothed with peppermint tea. The inflammatory process in the intestine perfectly removes the infusion from a mixture of herbs - mint, chamomile, althea, dioscorea and hydrastis. Such a medicine should be drunk three to four times a day.

Also from flatulence, ginger and peppermint are easily removed, which must be added in half a teaspoon in any of the above-described infusions.

Since CKD is associated with disturbances in the emotional state, grasses with a relaxing effect, such as the root of valerian, cudweed and motherwort will help. 4 times a day 2 tablespoons are taken. l. before meals.

But it is worth remembering if the disease continues to progress, not perceiving the effects of herbal tinctures, or a black stool with a characteristic smell appears, you need to immediately seek help from specialist. Severe indigestion (liquid frothy stools) or a multi-day constipation also require immediate treatment.



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