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Spastic colitis of the intestine: the main symptoms and treatment

The medical term "colitis" in translation from Greek means inflammation of the large intestine, namely its mucous membrane. Such inflammations are of different types, depending on the cause of inflammation: ulcerative, infectious, ischemic, medicinal.

One of the types of intestinal colitis is called spastic, because such a form of inflammation is accompanied by painful spasms. There are also other names of this disease - irritable bowel syndrome (CPT), spastic constipation, dyskinesia of the intestine, intestinal neuropathy. All these names link the same causes of inflammation, symptoms and treatment.

What are the causes of spastic colitis of the intestine

Modern medicine finds it difficult to give an accurate answer to this question. But experienced gastroenterologists still call a number of prerequisites for the emergence of spastic colitis:

  1. Previous acute intestinal infection (salmone
    llosis, dysentery).
  2. Dysbiosis (as a consequence of prolonged antibacterial therapy).
  3. Disrupted nutrition, which leads to a change in the work of endocrine glands.
  4. Frequent use of alcoholic beverages.
  5. Wrong way of life.
  6. Stress and psychosocial trauma.

In addition to the above causes of spastic colitis, it can develop in those people who already have one of such diseases as:

  • atrophic gastritis (inflammatory disease of the gastric mucosa that leads to loss of the stomach glands);
  • enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine mucosa);
  • pancreatitis (inflammatory process of the pancreas);
  • congenital anomalies of the intestine (for example, atresia, stenosis, etc.).

People who constantly work with toxic substances in the workplace are also susceptible to such a disease as spastic colitis.

How to identify spastic colitis, what are its symptoms

Doctors-gastroenterologists point out some symptoms, due to which it is possible to detect this disease at an early stage:

  1. Pain that squeezes the stomach.
  2. Flatulence (bloating and increased formation of gases).
  3. Rumbling in the stomach.
  4. Violation of the stool (there may be constipation as well as diarrhea).
  5. Weakness and a feeling of indisposition.
  6. Nausea, accompanied by a lack of appetite.
  7. Poor digestion of food.

These symptoms can accompany fast weight loss, anemia, poor performance. Once such symptoms begin to recur, consult a specialist for professional advice.

Whether it is possible to cure spastic colitis of the intestine independently

It is advisable not to test all methods of treating spastic colitis and seek help from a specialist gastroenterologist. The doctor will prescribe an examination of your intestines with the help of endoscopic methods, only in this way it is possible to reveal the degree and complexity of this disease. Depending on the exact diagnosis, based on the existing symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment: medications for the removal of inflammation mucous membrane of the intestine, laxatives, possibly cleansing with enema (but this is for a while for the renewal of the defecatory reflex).

The general treatment of spastic colitis is the selection of a specific dietary regime - a diet that should include:

  • refusal of carbonated and alcoholic beverages;
  • limited use of dairy products;
  • diet of one of the medical diets (with diarrhea - № 4, with constipation - № 2).

In any case, it is difficult to select an integrated treatment alone, an experienced doctor, according to the results analyzes, individual approach (depends on what symptoms are manifested), prescribes medications and diet.

Whether there is a national treatment of a spastic colitis of an intestine

Traditional medicine offers its own method to cure spastic colitis of the intestine. Such treatment is based on the use of medicinal herbs and their collections in various forms.

The most effective help to remove inflammation of such herbs:

  • flowers of marigold (marigolds) together with the flowers of chamomile pharmacy - brew and make enemas;
  • anise seeds - to brew and drink like tea;
  • herb yarrow - boil for a few minutes and drink before eating;
  • the grass (roots) of wormwood, or the chernobylnik - are preparing the drinking tincture.

Also recommend the treatment of vegetables, namely juice from celery, onions, potatoes, cabbage. But to begin treatment by popular methods, consultation of the skilled expert all the same is necessary.

How to prevent this disease

Prevention of spastic colitis of the intestine is possible at home. To do this, it is enough to make a few simple, at first glance, actions:

  1. Thoroughly review your food intake.
  2. Exclude products dangerous to the intestinal mucosa and causing irritation - coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, spicy and sour, fatty and sweet food.
  3. Increase the products that contain vegetable fibers - raw vegetables, a variety of cereals, black bread.
  4. Observe the drinking regime - at least 2 liters of water per day.

And, of course, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to avoid stress, to learn to relax with the help of auto-training.

Than and how to treat colitis of the intestine?

ColitisIs a common proctologic disease that is characterized by acute or chronic inflammation occurring in the large intestine. The disease occurs as a result of infectious, ischemic, toxic damage. Chronic process can occur as a result of infectious damage to organs associated with the intestine. Acute colitis often occurs in parallel with inflammation of the small intestine (enterocolitis).

This article is not a guide to treatment, but is provided as useful information. The course of therapy should be prescribed exclusively by an experienced proctologist.

What are the symptoms?

Among the main signs of the disease is worth noting: frustration and instability of the stool, pain in the abdomen, which are activated after eating or exercise, weight in the abdomen, flatulence, bloating, false urges to defecate etc.

Since only the proctologists and related specialists determine the ailment, the first symptoms should be addressed to an experienced doctor. On a primary examination, you need to tell your doctor how discomfort is manifested, what pains in colitis of the intestine, etc. The specialist will prescribe a general blood test, stool analysis, bacussis, PCR diagnosis, contrast irrigoscopy, intestinal ultrasound, fibroileo colonoscopy, MRI, biopsy, etc.

Found out the symptoms of the disease? Make an appointment for timely treatment!

What is colitis?

The main types of the disease are acute, ischemic, chronic, ulcerative nonspecific (hemorrhagic).

Is colitis dangerous?

Yes, it is dangerous, like any proctologic disease.

What is dangerous?

The ailment can lead to dehydration, intoxication, anemia, deterioration in the quality of life, cancer.

Is it possible to cure colitis of the intestine?

The decision on whether this or that stage of colitis is treated or not is taken by the doctor on the basis of diagnosis. The disease is treated, but it all depends on the stage, shape, overall health of the patient and other factors.

Which doctor heals?

Help is provided by a proctologist. You may need a consultation of a gastroenterologist.

How is colitis treated?

Since solving this problem is not an easy task and it is not a matter of one day, an integrated approach is required here. It all depends on the type of disease. For example, if the disease is caused by an intestinal infection, antibiotics are prescribed. If the disease is caused by medication, they are canceled or replaced with more sparing. In general, the following measures are taken: drug and physiotherapy, diet, spa treatment.

For modern methods of treatment, contact a qualified physician. You can register here!

How can I help you?

To treat colitis of the intestine should, above all, drugs, a specialist appoints a range of medications. What to take, what drugs, depends on the type of illness.

For example, than they treatatrophic colitis. Usually such a scheme is used: pain medications, laxatives, the regime of nutrition changes, vitamins of group B are prescribed.

Before being treatedspastic colitis. The proctologist recommends to reconsider a way of life. In such cases, defecation is rare, the patient is suffering from constipation. Therefore, a diet based on the consumption of large amounts of fiber, laxatives, intestinal motility regulators, and a large amount of liquid for eliminating dehydration is prescribed.


So how to treatcatarrhal colitisit is necessary since cleansing of the intestine, the patient is made an enema, sorbents are appointed. Then, antispasmodics are taken, the patient is treated with enzyme preparations, antibacterial agents. To improve the general condition, vitamins B1 and B6 are prescribed, and a diet is also recommended.

On the question of how to treaterosive colitis. an experienced proctologist will respond. He, as a rule, can recommend the use of immunosuppressors, as well as a diet.

Whenulcerative colitisthe doctor selects a course of probiotics, appoints spasmolytics, sorbents, a diet. Again, after a preliminary examination.

What antibiotics are available for colitis?

This question is best answered by a specialist. Prescribe medicines should be exclusively a doctor! Self-medication is fraught with serious complications in terms of proctology, etc.

How much is the ailment treated?

With a timely appeal to the proctologist for treatment can go from 2-3 weeks. The disease of neglected form, complicated by erosions and ulcers, is treated longer - from 4-6 months and longer.

Can I do an enema with colitis?

Yes, it is possible, if it is necessary for the cleansing of the intestine or for the administration of a medicinal composition.

How to help at home?

Before eliminating intestinal colitis in the home, it is necessary to consult an experienced proctologist. He will tell you what helps with colitis from traditional medicine, or will abolish those or other complexes. Since it is necessary to solve the problem with folk remedies in a complex, traditional medicine preparations should be complementary to drug therapy. Here are the main of them: infusion of chamomile, sage, centipedes (1 tbsp. spoon 7-8 times a day), juice onions (3-4 teaspoons per day), infusion of anise, buckthorn, licorice, fennel (1 glass in the morning and in the evening), etc.

If there is a suspicion of colitis, it is necessary to urgently contact the proctologist. You can find such a specialist on our website for a database of clinics and proctologists. All you need is to enter the name of the district where it would be convenient to pass the inspection, and the data obtained can be sorted by rating, cost or reviews. Or call our information service, we will help you find a doctor as soon as possible. We wish good health!

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Treatment of colitis with folk remedies

Treatment of colitis with folk remediescan always be combined with
treatment of the attending physician. Here you will find the most effective folk methods and methods
treatment of colitis from folk and non-traditional medicine. Colitis is
inflammation of the internal mucosa of the large intestine

Treatment of colitis should be complex.
Therefore it will be better if, together with folk remedies, you will treat colitis with herbs, thanks to which, you will speed up the healing process.

About alder from ulcerative nonspecific colitis

Many years ago the doctor diagnosed me -
ulcerative nonspecific colitis. The same doctor also suggested how, with the help of
folk remedy to cure colitis.

Collect the alder cones in February - March. One tablespoon of this
medicate with a glass of cold water and boil over low heat in
for fifteen minutes. Then strain and pour more boiling water to two hundred
fifty liters. Drink instead of liquid, you can with sugar, lemon, jam.
Used as a brew. In order to get rid of intestinal spasms
add fifteen drops of infusion of valerian to infusion, take this
medicine before going to bed and in the morning on an empty stomach.

Drink a broth of alder cones for three
four months. If there are exacerbations of the disease, eat oatmeal and

Cleanses from ulcerative colitis

I was constantly tormented by nonspecific
ulcerative colitis. I went around a lot of hospitals and a sanatorium, but nothing helped.
Once in the hospital I was told that I need to apply the followingpopular
method of treating colitis

A tablespoon of St. John's wort or medicinal daisy to brew a floor with liters of boiling water in enameled dishes. Cover, cover with a blanket and press for one hour. After it has cooled slightly, and the infusion becomes room temperature, strain and make an enema. Then you will need to do microblogging. For this, buy a one-hundred-gram syringe with a catheter. In it, take fifty grams of butter and enter into the rectum. It is necessary that the oil stayed there for a sufficient amount of time. Microclysters are made when you lie on your left side.

If you have a severe exacerbation of the disease,
do enemas every day for twenty or thirty days. Then through
day if your condition improves. And every half a year
do enemas for prevention. It is necessary. I was helped very much by this recipe. And for twenty years I
I do not suffer from this disease.

And again about ulcerative colitis

When I wrote about the folk mode
getting rid of ulcerative colitis in one newspaper, many people began to write to me
letters and ask various questions. Basically these were questions about what symptoms of this disease, how to heal, and
how much time is being treated and what kind of diet is needed.

The disease manifests itself as a loose stool with
mucus and blood, gases, abdominal pain, frequent toilet rides. Colitis
manifests itself with sharp smells, stress, physical activity.

I was able to cure my illness only
mikroklizmami with oils of a dogrose or sea-buckthorn (they can be bought in a drugstore). There
in the instructions it will be written, under what diseases and how it can be used.

To enter oil it is necessary on 59 g - for adults and on 25-30 g

for children under the age of
12 years. Enter through the catheter length for adults - 25-30 cm, and for children - 10-15 cm.

Enemas are done at night, before
go to sleep. If your illness is exacerbated, then for the first course, make 30 enemas
(one evening each). It will be necessary to make microclysters.
For this, buy a one-hundred-gram syringe with a catheter. In it, dial fifty
gram of butter and enter into the rectum. It is necessary that the oil stayed there
sufficient amount of time. Microclysters are made,
when you lie on your left side. Try to fall asleep until morning.

Depending on the
how much deeply you have introduced oil into the intestine, healing will occur,
as the oil envelops all the sores. When in the morning you will be emptied, then
you will see blood. Do not be scared. This oil, it is very similar to blood.

Also take one tablespoon
sea ​​buckthorn oil sixty minutes before eating. For a start, in the first year
treatment of ulcerative colitis folk remedies can do without cleaning
enema, and then add them to subsequent courses of treatment. Enema for cleansing
do or make in the evening, before a microclysis.

To do this, a tablespoon of St. John's wort or
Dried camomile to brew a floor liters of boiling water in enamel ware.
Cover, cover with a blanket and press for one hour. Then strain
and infusion of room temperature make an enema to clean out the rectum. After
How to cool a little, strain and make an ordinary enema. When
cleanses the intestines, you can proceed to the oil enema.

Remember that you need to follow
a certain diet. Do not eat pork, sour, salted,
fried, smoked. Eat boiled, wiped, steamed food. From dairy
products eat

cottage cheese, drink also yogurt or yogurt; from meat - beef and chicken, and do not forget the fish and stale white bread. Eat
oat porridge.

After such treatment of colitis, take a course
every six months, for twenty enemas, combining with cleansing enemas through
day. Perhaps there will be an exacerbation of the disease, then you can immediately repeat the course
treatment every day. This is a very complex disease, so you will have to
preventive maintenance until you feel absolutely healthy. A
treatment can take you about a year or more.



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