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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Are there any who have encountered this problem? I have it manifested in constipation. It all began quite noticeably during pregnancy and remained after. I did not go to the toilet for 7-10 days. When problems with the face started, she ran to the doctors. They put seborrheic dermatitis, and as the main reason, identified problems with the intestines. I passed the tests, incl. on a dysbacteriosis and parasites. Parasites are not present, and the dysbacteriosis consists in absence of lactobacilli. Began to be assiduously treated. The situation became better, until it worked, the chair became daily. Has changed a food, and it is concrete, began to drink water, well and treatment with breaks. While sitting at home, the chair became daily, and when I went to work, I lost it again, I can not even want to go to the toilet for 3 days. All studies are normal. They put the SRK. Maybe someone knows how to deal with this. After all, the person su

ffers, but for the woman this is the most important thing. You can not hide it.

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As for me it is written, only to me put allergic dermatitis. Now there are no problems with the face, but I try not to start the intestine. I think it's impossible to get rid of this byaka, I suffer from IBS for more than 3 years and also after the birth problems began. I think that this can be hereditary, for example, my mother has suffered all her life with the intestines - the same problem. In case of constipation, I always have dyufak at home, I did not go off for a day or two-I drink immediately. And so courses on 2 times a year I am treated (treatment the gastroenterologist to me painted) - djufalak and hofitol + I drink probiotics + food (necessarily fiber and a lot of liquids) + once a year the doctor and uzi.

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Maybe hereditary. My mother had constipation, even with colitis was taken to the hospital. As she said, she looked longingly at the toilet. But then everything was normal. Now as the clock goes. From Dufalac began to blow his stomach. At work barely hatch a whole working day, the gases and tried to break out, and I work in a male team, I thought I'd go crazy. When I stopped, everything went away, and from him I did not go to the toilet every day. I drink water, -2 liters a day. Gastroenterologist also periodically visit. Maybe still sedentary work affects, but where to get away from it.

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Dyufalak came up to me. I also noticed that - the body gets used to a certain rhythm of life, I had a severe exacerbation when only for work came out after the decree, the regime of the day changed, after some time it was normalized all. Now I notice - after holidays and long weekends with a chair, interruptions begin (somewhere I slept longer, ate at the wrong time and not what you need), then you drive into the old channel and like problems no.

To the doctor went and free and paid, of course, more tells and everything is chewed by a paid doctor. I have been eating for two years on this principle: in the morning, first a couple of glasses of water, after a while a glass of kefir, then oatmeal, I can mix it with cottage cheese, also tasty + yogurt. For dinner I have either the first or the second with some vegetable salad. She began to drink water in liters. Necessarily vegetables for dinner. In the evening, fruit and yogurt. I sometimes drink various herbal teas. I stopped eating fried, smoked, spicy, floury, sweet, salted almost do not eat. And earlier all this ate and still and had a snack, anything that I eat now, was not in a ration. The organism was poisoned, periodically even the temperature rose in the evening, and in the intestine a revolution was felt. Nausea was in the evenings, when for a long time constipations were. Now she coordinated the diet, but the situation did not change radically.

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I agree with you completely physicians are sometimes very different in the methods of treatment. But as far as maximil does not quite agree, I liked it more than the same linex or hilak. I have chronic inflammation and antibiotics have to be taken often, and along with them and useful bacteria. I tried their already uncounted number, and Maxilak liked me the most. In fact, probiotics are very individual, each with its own bacteria.

Diet in irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a digestive disorder characterized by frequent, usually experienced in daytime time, a feeling of discomfort or pain in the abdomen, bloating and a feeling of incomplete bowel movement, constipation and diarrhea.

Diet is one of the important factors in restoring normal intestinal function.

Some foods may contribute to the development of irritable bowel syndrome, irritating the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the food, which is considered delicious: from hamburgers and fried chicken to ice cream and chocolate, are cooked using a huge amount of fat.

Be it vegetable oil or animal fats, saturated or unsaturated, but overloading with fats is something that many people can not cope with.

Other known irritants of the digestive tract are eggs and spicy seasonings, stimulants, including caffeine and white sugar. Decaffeinated beverages can also lead to problems, as well as other forms of sugar (molasses or fructose) and sugar substitutes.
Dairy products can also cause problems if you are lactose intolerant.

Most Russians do not consume enough plant fiber. Meanwhile, the fiber reduces spasms, soluble fiber absorbs water, the stool becomes more uniform.

To correct this dietary imbalance:

  • Gradually increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and bran in the diet.
  • Take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of bran daily, stirring them in a glass of fruit juice or water.
  • Or take soluble fiber, such as plantain seeds. Stir 1 tbsp. Spoon the seeds in a glass of cold water and drink 1 time a day.

If you take supplements with fiber, be sure to drink a few extra glasses of clean water a day. At first, you may have a surplus of intestinal gases, but this should pass as the body becomes accustomed to a new diet.

If you are prone to irritable bowel syndrome, you can not eat rarely, but in plenty, divide your food into 4-5 receptions.

To reduce the increased gas formation, exclude legumes, cabbage, apple and grape juices.

Irritable bowel syndrome often develops against a background of dysbacteriosis. in this case, drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora will be useful.

Remember that under stress, and where in our life without them, the body (including for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract) you need physical relaxation - exercise regularly, devote 10-20 minutes a day to relax and take off voltage.

Help cure irritable bowel syndrome (candidiasis of the intestine).

Here I decided to contact you. I have been ill for 3 years already. Appealed to doctors, they say irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and can not be cured. But I do not give up and look for a way to cure this terrible disease. I got sick after taking a lot of antibiotics.Symptoms:constant malaise, increased gas formation, finding in the intestines of fungi candida (milkwoman). Tablets and other chemical drugs do not use, because I've tried everything you can.STRICTLY RECIPES OF PEOPLE'S MEDICINE. I will be grateful if you will advise how to remove mushrooms of candida from the intestine.

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Nailja ZaripovaTamara PetrinakaYour offer is dangerous, .k. there are no exact proportions! Some herbs can not be drunk from others! And you do not need to collect grass for the layman. There is a special scientific direction in which everything is accurately calculated: the time of collection, the process drying, the ratio of herbs in the collection, the intensification of the action of one plant species with another, etc. Text hidden expand

SASHKA SMIRNOVThank you Tamara you are great, but still the question of candidiasis is not closed. Herbs help raise on their feet, they can be used as a preventive measure. But in this case, radical methods of treatment are needed. The text is hidden deployed

Sergey FedotovSASHKA SMIRNOVThe fact that the problem has arisen after antibiotics gives a direct answer to the method of eliminating the problem. You destroyed the sybiotic flora in the intestines, which created in the first place - a working acid balance (slightly shifted to the acidic side relatively Blood pH products of symbiotic flora metabolism - 60 percent of symbiotic waste - acetic acid, the rest - proteins and vitamins widely spectrum). Since a warm place with a mass of food does not happen - it was populated by more resistant to antibiotics, in a particular candidate who by its own products metabolizes alkaline medium, attracting alkaline- sustainable flora. Shift in the alkaline side causes saponification of fats - lipid membranes of intestinal cells, which are intensively destroyed - hence the pain. a simple kandid kill without changing the pH of the environment is ineffective. It is necessary to populate with the correct biota. The fastest path I think is the constant lactulose load of the intestine (food for a large number of symbiotes) for which you can use different drugs. As an employee of the Spring Health I can recommend Gastrorosis and Diarosis as sources of lactulose, and in as a microbial assault - symbots Kutushov (a wide range of bacteria, friendly to the body - other similar I do not know. the breadth of the spectrum of bacteria gives the breadth of the spectrum of produced vitamins). If the condition is acute - doses of drugs can be doubled and tripled - harm other than for a purse will not, but there will be a result). In the process of cultivation of normal flora, restrict the meat in the diet, as the meat has an alkaline reaction and will bring to nothing all the labors. Therefore we eat it a little and not very often. Better than the first week in general to fast. Well wormwood and mintschkilnik (well in the coffee grinder we turn into dust, brew and drink as tea in small portions and often during the day with this dust). In addition and in parallel it is possible to use the drug Vetom Novosibirsk production, which in its composition has strains of hay bacillus, interferon-producing similar substances that raise immunity and suppress the hostile flora. This technique has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic appendicitis and should help in your case too. The period of treatment is about a month. then within half a year not to overburden digestion by alcohol, sweets and meat-the disease can return. Such a long period of time is spent on the restoration of the ciliary epithelium of the intestine in the forests of which there are useful animals - our symbiots. The text is hidden deployed



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