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How to fully live with IBS?

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Life with irritable bowel syndrome is a real meal for a person. Patients are always concerned with the question of how much time will have to suffer discomfort? You have to constantly think about whether the stomach is ill the next day or you can spend it fully, without thinking about the negative feelings. How long does the irritable bowel syndrome last? - this issue also worries patients.

IBS is a complex of disorders that lasts no less than 3 months a year. During this period, the patient's life turns into real torture, as there are severe pain and discomfort in the abdomen, the chair is broken. Everyone who has experienced such a symptomatology will necessarily think about how to fully live with IBS and what needs to be done in order to reduce the anguish?

  • Those who suffer from IBS, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a specialist can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe an adequate treatment of pathology;
  • Taking this or that food, you sh
    ould listen to your body. Food, which can cause a symptomatology of a person with irritable bowel syndrome, is individual for everyone. As soon as the patient discovers products provoking his IBS, he must exclude them from his diet or eat in minimum quantities;
  • You should increase the intake of fiber in the body - for this you need to eat foods that are rich in it. In this way, it is possible to increase the volume of the stool. It is necessary to include wheat bread in your diet. The same goes for vegetable salads and fresh fruits;
  • Those who have this pathology of the digestive system should give up their bad habits - alcohol and smoking. Since nicotine stimulates and aggravates the sensitivity of the muscles of the digestive tract and provokes this development of symptoms of IBS. it is necessary to forget about smoking for the rest of your life;
  • It is necessary to eat only healthy food, and portions should be small. If you eat in large amounts, this will lead to an exacerbation of IBS symptoms;
  • To fully live with IBS, you should regularly exercise. Performing various exercises will help the body to get rid of stress. How much time do I have to do? At least a little, but every day, regularly;
  • In order to cope with stress, one of the causes of irritable bowel syndrome, it is useful to practice yoga, meditate;
  • In the event that a diet or lifestyle change does not give effective results in the fight against this pathology of the digestive organs, it is necessary to take the drugs that are prescribed by the doctor. It can be a medicine that reduces bowel activity or soothing.

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IBS can be caused in some people by intolerance to lactose. In this case, for a while you should give up dairy products and watch your body, will there be signs of improvement, and is it possible to live in this case fully, without pain and discomfort?

Are they taking in the army with irritable bowel syndrome?

This question worries many recruits, so you should focus on it. People suffering from manifestations of IBS need a special diet for most of their life, and army food for all is the same. Even on this basis, it becomes clear that it is very difficult to serve such people in the army, as there can be serious health problems. How long does the service in the Russian army last? In recent years, 12 months. To experience constant torment, caused by the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, seems simply unbearable.

So do they join the army with such a disease? It turns out that for the medical examination formally this ailment is an insignificant temporary disorder. And, then, they take the army with the SSC. But how to survive a man with such a disease for a year, eating unsuitable food for him? No one gives an answer to this. According to the law, only half a year's delay is imposed on the conscript with aggravation.

Do you still think it's hard to cure pancreatitis?

Judging by the fact that you are now reading these lines - the victory in the fight against pancreatitis is not on your side.

And you already thought about the surgical intervention? It is understandable, because the pancreas is a very important organ, and its proper functioning is a guarantee of health and well-being. Frequent pain in the abdomen, weakness, dizziness, swelling, nausea, stool. All these symptoms are familiar to you not by hearsay.

But perhaps it is more correct to treat not a consequence, but a reason? We recommend reading the story of Irina Kravtsova. how she got rid of pancreatitis forever.

Do not lie. # 8212; Do not ask

Diagnosis and treatment

I, like you, too, quit smoking and for three years all symptoms of IBS were practically not manifested. And how does smoking affect this? This is the only reason for me, but I once again started smoking and I can not quit yet. From my own experience I know that smoking and IBS are very closely related. Proceeding from this, very much to you I recommend to quit again and very much even it will help you.

Judge for yourself: there are complaints, clinically significant symptoms - too. There are even methods of treatment, albeit palliative. In some patients, stress became the starting point, for the first time the IBS manifested itself after an infectious disease, and not necessarily gastrointestinal.

Diagnosis and treatment

One group of patients with IBS complains of bloating and constant rumbling with the release of gases. The second group is patients with IBS with constipation, and the third complains of diarrhea. And after these diseases are not confirmed, special studies are carried out - contrast fluoroscopy, which will show the pathological mobility of the intestine in real time.

The choice and appointment of medications, methods of treatment, as well as control over their use can be performed only by the attending physician. Be sure to consult with a specialist. Also the word smoking or incense means burning or evaporation of incense and aromatic substances, used in religious rituals, in aromatherapy and for air aromatization.

According to the German ethnographer Hugo Obermeyer, smoking cannabis using pipes was known to the ancient Germans and Gauls in the I century BC. e. This is also mentioned in ancient Chinese literature.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic disease that manifests itself in abdominal pain and changes in bowel habits

The problem is that in order to quit, it is necessary to collect will power into a fist, to try, etc. # 8230; But from the SSC no willpower left. 10 years on a pack of den, dyed half a year ago. Immediately it was better sta.ya I think that all SRKshnikov throw over, .k. If you suffer from abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements, consult the doctor. Only a doctor can diagnose irritable bowel syndrome.

Increase the amount of fiber in the diet to increase the volume of the stool. Good sources of protein include wheat bread, salads and fresh fruit. Try to avoid drinking milk and eat any dairy products for two weeks and see if there are signs of improvement.

And again began # 8230; In my case, smoking causes an exacerbation of gastritis. But there is also one point that can play the role of # 8212; Smoking worsens peripheral circulation, including in mesenteric arteries. I would first look at the coprogram yet. Already seen the comment about the addiction to power engineers and other errors in the diet.


They also have an irritant effect on them, and reacting with flavors, sweeteners, and the like

Then the smoking products are swallowed with saliva into the stomach, and through it into the intestine. Similarly, experience affects the intestinal motility. I consider it the most effective and suitable for myself cholagogue. But I do not accept it together with the specified means, the rate is only him and no other means. Taking into account the positive effect of this complex of medicines and the past time since the publication of your message, is it probably completely normalized now?

Syndrome of irritated colon can be called a unique disease. Irritable bowel syndrome - the disease is very common, but - here's another reason to consider it unique - for treatment treated only three people out of ten. We note that the irritated intestine here means not the presence of irritation as a sign of inflammation, but irritation as an increased sensitivity in response to conventional products. What is so irritating to the intestines that doctors diagnose IBS? What organic causes lead to the development of irritable bowel syndrome - it is not known.

Those with this pathology of the digestive system should give up bad habits # 8212; alcohol and smoking. Therefore, in the diagnosis of IBS - and this is its third unique property - differential diagnostics "on the contrary" plays the main role.

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Are they taking the army with pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is a disease of the pancreas. The specificity of the disease of the current lies in the fact that the enzymes allocated by this body, to be thrown out to the duodenum, are activated either in the gland itself or in its ducts, thereby her work breaking. Symptom is manifested by acute pain, nausea and vomiting. Previously, pancreatitis was considered a disease of the older generation, now they are affected by very young girls and boys. Therefore, in people of conscript age, the question arises: is the army taking part in the service with this disease. But in 2004, the situation was legislatively concretized about the criteria by which a number could be determined diseases that allow medical commissions to expand the disease list, exempt from conscription or postponement providing. This was one of the reasons for the specialized creation of a legal act. The military registration and enlistment offices and the corresponding medical commissions have a reference point, in which clearly the provisions are formulated, due to which the question is solved: the draftee is taken to serve or not.

With regard to pancreatic inflammation of the gland (this is proper, it should be) pancreatitis refer to Article 59 of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 31, 2004 N 886. It describes duodenal ulcers of the intestine, biliary tract, bile pancreas and glandular bladder. The category a includes diseases in which the basis lies a significant disruption to the functioning of the case. In the body, if pancreatitis is permanent, the course is relapsing, you can talk about referring it to a group of diseases a. In this situation, a young man does not serve in the army.

If the disease has a chronic form and exacerbations happen about two years at a time, but the work of the secretory function is disrupted, then one can speak about the moderate course of the disease. In this medical case, the commission of the military commissariat decides on the basis of whether or not the conscript serves the Fatherland.

The latter is included in the point of the disease with minor disturbances: if the disease does not have frequent exacerbations and the positive treatment gives dynamics. In such a situation, more often than not the commission finds no reason to postpone the army to the services and takes the soldier to the service.

If the pancreatitis diagnosis was identified in the course of the service, then the army may be delayed for a certain period, the soldier or can be commissarized for the illness indicated earlier. However, only a military commission can take such a decision.



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