I cured irritable bowel syndrome


How to cure irritable bowel syndrome?

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Is it possible to cure irritable bowel syndrome?

Farrukh RaufovPupil (177), closed 4 years ago

Alexander ProkazovSage (15760) 4 years ago

SRK. To start with a gastroenterologist, if after excluding the diagnosis of celiac disease, and the cancellation of grain products (as my practice shows psychotherapist, not only them) the problem remains, then for you the gastroenterologist will be further useless, but it is necessary doctor-psychotherapist. Irritable bowel syndrome. In its classic manifestation, SRTK includes pronounced and psychogenically caused pain in the large intestine, repeated diarrhea, intestinal pain and psychogenic constipation. Specialists distinguish diarrheal, painful or blocking variants of this pathology, as well as their various combinations. Symptoms of pain are especially pronounced in the daytime, as well as in situations of mental stress or stress. Very rarely they occur at night. Patients, as a rule, complain of pain in different parts of the colon, although observations indicate that localization is typical mainly for the left iliac region, lateral abdomen, as well as in the left and right hypochondrium. In women, this syndrome occurs 3-4 times more often, and the "debut" of the disease in 90% of cases falls on the age of 30 years, in men - up to 40 years. The weaker sex reveals higher scores on the scales of anxiety, phobias and depression, reaching their maximum in the third, fourth and fifth decades of life. Scientists observed 250 people, who after long and unsuccessful treatment in gastroenterological clinics were sent to psychiatrists or psychotherapists. Scientists note that in most cases, CPT occurs after a severe mental trauma, and to acute stress all patients were for a long time in a state of chronic stress, and acute stress, obviously, plays the role of "last drops". For women, for example, conflict zones are most often an intra-family relationship (leaving a husband's family, adultery, death of a loved one, severe illness of a child, sexual problems, complex relationships with mother-in-law). As a result of all the psychotraumatic situations, neurotic depression developed in patients, which provoked pain in the area of ​​the colon, diarrhea and constipation. They quickly joined other symptoms of the lesions of the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, gastralgia). Patients immediately begin to address to the doctors, mainly about diarrhea. People get into infectious departments of hospitals with suspicion of dysentery. But a thorough in-patient examination allows you to quickly reject this diagnosis: organic pathology is not detected. However, the continuing diarrhea and the increasing decrease in body weight force them to contact doctors again and again. As a result, a person reacts to an exaggerated or hyperbolized attitude toward the disease with a rigid, pedantic fulfillment of all prescriptions and prescriptions of doctors, active and constant search for newest medicines, "solid" consultations. The disease becomes a kind of measure of the relationship to life, as the activities of patients in the future have the character of "shaking the organisms." Prolonged and unsuccessful treatment often leads to the thought of cancer of the bowel. Fears are accompanied by fear, anxiety, panic, increased depression. Unfortunately, the emotional tension accompanying carcinophobia does not pass without a trace: the patient has psychosomatic reactions already of other systems, and primarily cardiovascular. Patients begin to complain of dizziness, numbness in the extremities, increased sweating, headaches like migraines, decreased potency in men, menstrual disorders cycle in women. Often the skin system (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, severe itching) is affected. It seems to a person that the organism catastrophically collapses, and, consequently, the carcinophobic experiences are even more intensified. Patients are hospitalized in therapeutic hospitals, however, and there no organic pathology can not be identified. Only then, given the "general nervousness" of the patient, he is referred to a psychotherapist (psychiatrist).

Galina VelichkoEnlightened (45927) 4 years ago

This nosological unit in Russia appeared relatively recently. This syndrome involves bowel disease (only not infectious).

Lyonlya SashkovaOracle (76454) 4 years ago

Help cure irritable bowel syndrome (candidiasis of the intestine).

Here I decided to contact you. I have been ill for 3 years already. Appealed to doctors, they say irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and can not be cured. But I do not give up and look for a way to cure this terrible disease. I got sick after taking a lot of antibiotics.Symptoms:constant malaise, increased gas formation, finding in the intestines of fungi candida (milkwoman). Tablets and other chemical drugs do not use, because I've tried everything you can.STRICTLY RECIPES OF PEOPLE'S MEDICINE. I will be grateful if you will advise how to remove mushrooms of candida from the intestine.

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TinaSubmit an analysis of fecal biochemistry Text hidden deploy

Lusia Si-Zin-QingPreparation Vitom - find on the Internet. I will not praise you - see for yourself, the preparation is natural. It was developed in the laboratory Koltsovo (Novosibirsk Scientific Complex). Very good reviews, raises immunity, just on this topic. You can order on the Internet (take 0.5 kg at a discount). Unfortunately the link to another computer. All of health. The text is hidden deployed

Lina TomciCandidomycosis of the Gastrointestinal tract doctors can not treat. And almost forever you can not get rid of it, especially since the main thing for his treatment is a certain diet. Full refusal even for a couple of years from sweet, including honey and sweet fruit. How to eat less foods containing a large amount of carbohydrates. This - potatoes, oatmeal, semolina. You can eat spicy food, pickles, sour-fruit - oranges, pomegranates, apples, grapfruit, kiwi, not sweet. Bananas are excluded entirely from food. Good results will be when you drink tea with pepper. Pepper kills the fungus. Tea does not reduce any inflammatory processes. Everything is tested on yourself. Has transferred or carried very serious form with bleedings of an intestine and a stomach. It's all over without the help of doctors. Now I eat everything and honey, including bananas. I wish you health. And all your fears and pains will remain in the past, like a bitter memory. Neither wormwood, nor St. John's wort, nor plantain - here are not assistants. Believe experience. The text is hidden deployed

Tamara KritskayaIrritable bowel syndrome is not an independent disease, but a complex of disorders that are not related to direct damage to the intestine itself.

The causes of irritable bowel syndrome:

* neuropsychic, psychoemotional disorders, stresses
* violation of the usual diet
* lack of fiber in food
* sedentary lifestyle
* gynecological diseases (cause reflex disorders of intestinal bowel function)
* Endocrine disorders - menopause, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, etc.)
* Acute acute intestinal infections with subsequent dysbiosis

Under the influence of the above factors, there is a change in the sensitivity of the receptors in the intestinal wall, in connection with which the intestinal function is disrupted.

The manifestations of irritable bowel syndrome are extremely diverse. Pain in the abdomen is localized around the navel or in the lower abdomen. As a rule, the pain decreases after the gases come off or the bowel is emptied. At the heart of pain is overgrowth of the intestinal wall with gases or feces.

Violation of the stool can manifest as a diarrhea, and in the form of constipation. Diarrhea often occurs after eating, sometimes in the morning. Cal often contains mucus. Some people may have a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine.


Flatulence usually intensifies toward evening. As a rule, bloating accrues before defecation and decreases after it.

Neurotic phenomena are often expressed. Patients complain of headaches, a sense of lack of air.

In addition, often - an eructation of air, nausea, a feeling of heaviness and overflow in the epigastrium. The text is hidden deployed

Sergey LazarenkoI cured the gastrointestinal tract. including irritable bowel syndrome with the help of a bioresonance device. A great thing. He heals everything. My Skype sergii11581 The text is hidden deploy

Valery ChernobrovSergey LazarenkoI personally know a doctor who, with the help of bioresonance therapy, healed IBS himself. He bought the device for this (despite a very high cost, 1, 00. UE, the device of Imedisquot. I also work on the same machine, but I have a different direction - hernia discs and arthrosis. If anyone is interested in the topic of BRT, write, I will answer. the device is just super, especially in skillful hands. And do not listen to those who indiscriminately scold bioresonance therapy. They simply do not understand the difference between the pseudo-diagnosis that has poured out all eyes in 30 minutes in the metro transition and real bioresonance therapy of specific problems (sometimes very, very difficult).
Do not be ill! The text is hidden deployed

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