How to treat flatulence in the intestine


How to treat flatulence

To the causes of the appearance of gases in the intestine are: congestion in the lumen of the rectum, ingestion of gases from the blood or by swallowing the air. The occurrence of gas formation in the digestive tract can be influenced by anatomical features of the rectum, which complicate the process of digestion and absorption of gases. Flatulence can be a consequence of a number of medical-genetic abnormalities, for example, gluten intolerance or inflammation of the intestinal surface.

In healthy people flatulence can be caused by a banal reason - overeating or eating foods that cause increased gas production. With the accumulation of gases may appear symptoms of diseases of other organs and the violation of functional systems body: burning in the heart, arrhythmia, insomnia, deterioration of the overall physical and emotional state.

However, when symptoms of flatulence appear, many people hesitate to consult a doctor, hoping to cope with the problem on their own. If the symptoms o

f discomfort in the intestines are repeated systematically and do not go away for a long time, you need to contact the medical institution without delay.

Several principles are laid down in the treatment of meteorism. First of all, it is diagnosing and eliminating the cause of the abnormality of the digestive tract. It is necessary to exclude such diseases as gastroparesis and chronic pancreatitis. These diseases are treated with drugs containing enzymes. In some cases it is necessary to undergo gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

In order to prevent and treat flatulence, it is necessary to rationalize the diet, exclude from the diet products that cause during digestion fermentation processes (cabbage, milk, mushrooms, etc.), Kvas and beer are formed by fermentation, as a result of the enzymatic processes they themselves are fermented, so these products are also worth to exclude.

In the treatment of flatulence, it is recommended that sour-milk food, buckwheat and millet porridge, whole wheat bread with bran. The use of raw vegetables and fruits, coffee and tea should be limited. In addition, avoid overeating. The intake of food should be small portions with a thorough chewing, without hurrying and not talking over food.

The next principle of combating flatulence is the removal of accumulated gases from the intestine. Known for a long time ways to solve this problem: you must take along with food decoctions of cumin or dill. A good effect will also be provided by absorbents that have the ability to absorb gas. For example, activated carbon. Frequent use of absorbents is undesirable, since they can remove valuable substances from the body: vitamins and minerals.

Regardless of the reason for the formation of flatulence, it is important to adhere to the listed measures of prevention and treatment to ensure the normal functioning of the intestine, and, consequently, good health.

How to cure flatulence in the home

Meteorism is a medical concept that characterizes bloating. The situation is rather unpleasant, therefore it is necessary to react to flatulence immediately. In general, flatulence is not a life-threatening disease. However, a person suffering from this ailment is very difficult and uncomfortable among a large crowd of people. With flatulence, the patient has a belching, unpleasant sensations in the abdominal region, pain in the head and heart area, hiccups, rumbling in the abdomen.

But we will talk about how to cure flatulence in the home, since the problem of treating flatulence is very acute. And not only because it causes a lot of unpleasant sensations. A meteorism can be a companion of various diseases of the intestine and stomach. In particular, in parallel with it, there are such diseases as intestinal obstruction, pancreatitis at the chronic level, paresis of the stomach and dysbacteriosis.

How to get rid of flatulence

Treatment of flatulence is aimed at eliminating the internal causes of its occurrence. Immediately it should be noted that flatulence can occur sporadically, as a consequence of excessive consumption of gas-producing products. But also flatulence can occur at a chronic level. If flatulence arose against the background of overeating, you just need to change a little your diet. Abandon those foods that cause increased gas formation in the intestine. First of all, these are different types of legumes.Refuse when flatulence follows from sweet foods, as well - from carbonated drinks. From the disease will help get rid of vitamin B, used regularly. The diet should include a large number of fish, meat and cottage cheese. The diet should be balanced and adhered to. Otherwise, you risk getting an unpleasant disease like flatulence.

Diagnosis of flatulence can only be done after a full examination by a medical specialist. In order to eliminate signs and symptoms of flatulence, it is recommended to use adsorbents for prophylaxis. These substances contribute to the absorption of gases and their removal from the intestine. The most famous adsorbent is activated carbon. You can use polypephane. The cause of the development of flatulence can melt heart failure. In this case, it is recommended to take medications to normalize the condition - mezim-forte, festal, pancreatin.

Folk recipes for the treatment of flatulence at home

The flatulence can be treated at home with the help of traditional medicinal medications. Here you can note the successful use of dill, barberry. chamomile, fennel, caraway to eliminate the conditions of flatulence and as a preventive measure against this disease.
In general, all the folk methods of treating flatulence can be divided into four varieties:

  • Aromatherapy - it is known that most of the fragrances have a carminative effect. In other words, the use of aromatherapy makes it possible to withdraw the gases accumulated in the intestine, thereby saving the patient from spasms and colic in the stomach. It is recommended that compresses made of aromatic oils - caraway, chamomile, mint or marjoram - are used for flatulence.
  • The treatment of herbs in flatulence is the use of a variety of teas on herbs and medicinal herbs. Herbal teas perfectly cope with the symptoms of flatulence and unpleasant sensations in this disease. Use of teas on grasses is recommended only with strong manifestations of flatulence. For the preparation of herbal tea against flatulence, the following herbal plants are used: mint (lemon, cat, pepper) and chamomile. In the case of severe manifestations of flatulence, you can use decoctions based on fennel or dill. Useful for flatulence is the ginger root.
  • The right food. Flatulence can occur when eating improperly. Now the food is not enough that it is unbalanced, the intake of food occurs quickly. Chew food should be carefully, but we do not. Therefore, there are consequences in the form of flatulence. As a result of fast food intake, not only food but also a large amount of air gets into the stomach. Therefore, there is a condition in which food in the stomach is not fully digested, and under the influence of air begins to wander. The consequence of the processes of fermentation in the stomach is excessive formation of gases
  • Naturopathy is the ability to correctly combine products in your diet and use them correctly. Food that enters the body must be easy to digest. In addition, it is inadmissible excessive fat, carbohydrates and proteins. A large number of gases in the intestine can appear with a sharp transition to a diet according to the principle of rawness. In this case, much more coarse plant fibers enter the stomach. To digest them, you need more bacteria. The growth of the number of bacteria leads to high gas production. If you want to avoid flatulence, enter the diet-cheesiness gradually.
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