How to restore intestines after poisoning


How to restore the intestines after poisoning?

How to restore the intestinal microflora after poisoning?

Restoration of the intestinal microflora after poisoning plays an important role in normalizing the general condition of the patient. Due to intoxication, the functions of many internal organs are disrupted, immunity decreases, decreases the number of lacto- and bifidobacteria, which form the basis of useful intestinal flora, develops dysbiosis intestines. On the Russian site Canadian company Flora md you can buy everything you need for rehabilitation after a light or severe poisoning and restoration of the number of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine, learn how to restore the intestine after poisoning. At creation of preparations the manufacturer uses modern technologies, allowing to receive a maximum of useful substances from the used natural components.

After food poisoning, the body needs to recover. Great importance in this period is the normalization of the intestinal microflora,

which consists of useful and conditionally pathogenic microbes. Useful microorganisms participate in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the development of substances that inhibit the development of intestinal infections. Against the backdrop of food poisoning conditions are created favorable for the active growth of opportunistic microbes that violate activity of the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to the processes of decay with the development of flatulence and the emergence of chronic abdominal pain.

How to restore the intestinal microflora after poisoning? First of all, you need to start taking a quality probiotic. The Canadian company Flora md has presented several preparations for the normalization of intestinal microflora after poisoning, which are presented in this section. You can buy them right now and start treatment. Call us for consultation and ordering +7 (495) 921-742-22 from: 0 to 2: 0 Moscow time, delivery in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation.

Of particular value are lacto and bifidobacteria, which represent more than 80% of the flora of the large intestine. Products should be cooked in a gentle way - for a couple or boiled. Avoid excessively fatty foods, as well as dishes containing many chemical additives.

Where to buy the drug for the recovery of intestinal microflora after poisoning?

You can buy a special probiotic to reduce the manifestations of poisoning and recovery of the intestinal microflora on our website, in this section in particular.

Or get a free consultation and order by phone +7 (495) 921-74-22 from: 0 to 2: 0 Moscow time, without days off. You can also leave the contact information in the form on the right and we will call you back. The site accepts orders and applications around the clock.

How to start a stomach after a poisoning?

In the first answer, the recovery was well described, if after the use of unsuitable food or alcohol load, gastritis developed. But do not drink manganese in solution, this will cause vomiting (which, incidentally, is sometimes useful).

Poisoned by what? I hope not with arsenic, mercury, methyl alcohol, hydrocyanic acid, bleached, hemlock.

During a plentiful feast on holidays it is necessary to take digestive enzymes. They are not enough for all people in their ages, but young for a plentiful feast. It can be festal and the like, mesim and like a father. pancreatin, which is more active, and that you will find in a home medicine chest with enzymes. They are taken with food or directly. Without food, do not drink (and it is already half an hour after the feast is not in the stomach). Look at the expiration dates. Pancreatin is stored in the refrigerator, but in the last series it is not already in the instruction, they learned to do with stabilizers.

If diarrhea and you are sure that the food was fresh, properly stored (microorganisms were not multiplied), then drugs based on loperamide will remove your problem according to the instructions. Perhaps by a single admission. This is imodium, londium, loperamide and others that will be given in the pharmacy. For lost liquid, replenish min. water or a diluted chemist's powder.

Intestinal infections such as salmonellosis are treated in an infectious disease hospital.

Constipation is removed in a different way, but this is not the stomach, but the intestine.

If the exacerbation of an existing disease has developed, then call an ambulance. After all, with a ulcer, a syndrome of an acute abdomen due to appendicitis, acute pancreatitis, stones, etc. at home can not cope.

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To restore the stomach after poisoning a week, maybe more, you need to follow a diet - you can not eat fried, hot, fatty, smoked, sour.

The speed of the restoration of digestion depends on the quality and quantity of food consumed, you need to eat 5-6 times a day little by little, drink, -2 liters of water per day (drink 1 glass of water half an hour before eating, after a meal you can not drink liquid within 1 hours). For the restoration of health, the use of mineral water is beneficial.

In the early days, liquid porridges on the water are desirable - rice and oatmeal, dried white bread, green tea with sugar. Next: buckwheat porridge, puree without butter, boiled sea fish, baked apples, compote of dried fruits. In a week - boiled lean meat of chicken, rabbit or veal, cottage cheese, borscht from sour cabbage, a little herring.

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How to make a diet after a poisoning

Food poisoning is a frequent and common disease that can affect every person, adult or even a baby. After a similar ailment, each body needs a certain time for restoration, adaptation. Your doctor must prescribe a certain set of medicines for you, as well as prescribe a diet.

Food for poisoning and after it, should be very light, dietary, healthy and full. At this time, it is necessary to help the gastrointestinal tract in restoring its normal activity. Food poisoning has enormous pressure and damage to human health, so you need to do everything necessary to facilitate the work of the body and not overload it with heavy, harmful food.

The main symptoms of poisoning are:

  • diarrhea;
  • profuse vomiting, persistent nausea;
  • discomfort in the stomach;
  • colic;
  • increased gassing;
  • sometimes, the body temperature rises;
  • headache;
  • spasmodic pain in the intestine, stomach;
  • general malaise, severe fatigue, apathy;

The need for therapeutic nutrition

Food poisoning negatively affects the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and also affects the mucous membrane of the stomach, which leads to its inflammation. In this period, you need to give a certain amount of time to rest special cells that produce gastric juice and mucus. Mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane or the use of acidic, hot, smoked, fried, ends with painfulspasmodic attacks.

Let's examine in more detail what can be eaten with poisoning and diarrhea. After poisoning, which is accompanied by abundant vomiting and frequent diarrhea, you can eat special food, which allows the attending physician, and also to do everything that is necessary for the complete restoration and recovery of a weakened human body.The duration of therapeutic nutrition varies from the severity of poisoning, is one to two weeks.

What you can eat after poisoning, your doctor should tell, since he is familiar with your symptoms and general condition. Aside from eating, you need to know what to drink since fluid is an important factor in recovery. In the process of such a disease there is a significant loss of fluid from the body, there is dehydration, caused by diarrhea and frequent vomiting. Abundant and proper drinking is an opportunity to replenish, restore the water-salt balance of the affected person. Therefore, ask your doctor what to eat in such situations and drink.

Basically, you need to adhere to two main rules:

  • eat often, but in small portions. Why do this? This is necessary so that the stomach can digest the incoming food, and also avoid the occurrence of nausea and vomiting. The portion should be about three hundred milliliters of food;
  • replenish the body's water balance. Patients drink a lot, in small sips, not to provoke vomiting and nausea;

The minimum amount of water per day should be two liters. If you want to restore the electrolyte balance, then add mineral water to the diet, but without gas.

Power for recovery

If you want to recover as quickly as possible then you need to do everything the doctor advises. A very important step on the road to recovery is proper nutrition. The most acute period in such a disease is the first three days. At this time, limit the use of any food, there must be a hunger diet. The body must have time to rest, gain strength and do their work further.

As a rule, at this stage there is a complete lack of appetite. However, you should not forget that it takes a lot of drinking. Everyone knows that poisoning is accompanied by dehydration of the body, which can lead to death. This is due to the fact that with frequent diarrhea and vomiting, the body loses a huge amount of salts, fluid and electrolytes, which must be restored in a short time.

What is better to drink at this time? Give preference to the following fairly healthy beverages:

  • chamomile broth;
  • purified water;
  • green tea with the addition of a small amount of sugar;
  • broth of dogrose, mint, lemon balm;
  • compote, cooked on the basis of dried fruits;
  • one-day kefir with a low percentage of fat, which has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, which is extremely necessary in this case;

Authorization and Prohibition Products

Before you start to restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, you should know about what foods you can eat and which ones are prohibited. Doctors recommend a list of products that can be used:

  • liquid rice porridge or oatmeal cooked on the basis of water, without adding flavoring additives and butter;
  • dry white bread (yesterday's), lean biscuits, biscuits;
  • boiled chicken, rabbit, veal;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • braised fish (sea);
  • fruit purees: apples, bananas;
  • one day kefir;

It is strictly forbidden to use the following products:

  • confectionery, a variety of sweets;
  • soda, coffee, strong tea;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, adjika, horseradish;
  • spicy, smoked, fried, salted, fatty, spicy food;
  • various sausages, sausages, sausages;
  • canned food, marinades;
  • honey;
  • vegetables / berries / fruits in raw form;
  • pear, grapes and plum;
  • fresh bread, baking, any pastry, especially yeast;
  • barley, barley porridge, millet;

The use of the above products may have a negative effect on the patient's gastrointestinal tract, cause repeated vomiting and loose stools. Remember, during the recovery period it is forbidden to drink alcohol, as well as smoking.

Such irritants can provoke vomiting and recurrent diarrhea, as well as worsen the overall condition of the affected person's body. Observe the right and healthy diet, follow the doctor's recommendations, exercise, then you will be able to recover very quickly. Take care of yourself and your health!



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