How to treat the intestines with diarrhea


Diarrhea in the baby's water, what should I do? How to treat?

Have you noticed that your always cheerful child does not eat well, sleeps, constantly fits and has diarrhea with water? This is a very dangerous symptomatology, indicating serious health problems. As a rule, with diarrhea, the amount of feces increases per day, while because of accelerated evacuation it contains 90% water. How dangerous is this condition for the child? Than to treat diarrhea?

Causes and types of diarrhea

Physicians offer us such a classification of diarrhea. depending on the reason for its appearance.

Infringements at the child are provoked by a lack of enzymes as a result of diseases of a pancreas, problems with biliary system, as well as a disorder occurs in the case of intestinal diseases - enterocolitis and colitis.

Some antibiotics destroy the beneficial intestinal microflora of babies, so there are problems with defecation.

Quite often the child reacts sensitively to different foods. Allergies can be triggered by dairy produc

ts, some fruits, vegetables, gluten intolerance.

This kind of diarrhea is especially dangerous. In the case of poisoning, the child's condition deteriorates sharply, he suffers from the strongest intoxication of the body, dehydration. It is important not to hesitate, to immediately call an ambulance, otherwise the child can not be saved.

When bacteria enter the body, viruses, it begins to respond with a gastric disorder, nausea, vomiting. In addition, the child may have such concomitant symptoms as red throat, runny nose, cough. Very often an infection infects a child in the summer after swimming in the sea, the river or in kindergarten.

This type of diarrhea is most typical for school-age children, who are very difficult to adapt to new conditions. Because of the influence of various psychogenic factors, intestinal motility is accelerated.

Attention!To quickly help a child get rid of diarrhea with water, you need to find out the exact cause of his appearance.

What symptoms accompany diarrhea in children?

We draw your attention to the fact that the disorder can not proceed by itself, it is supplemented by such symptoms:

  • Nausea with vomiting. These symptoms can be explained by the fact that intestinal motility disorders occur in the stomach. Also, the symptom often indicates an intoxication of the body, during which harmful substances are in the bloodstream, and after # 8212; in all system bodies.
  • Abdominal painappears with all kinds of diarrhea. At first it has a paroxysmal character, then it becomes periodic. When the pain passes, diarrhea appears with water.
  • Belching. Most often, it occurs in children with chronic diseases of the digestive organs.
  • Temperature. With a thin stool, babies may have a little fever if this is poisoning. But with intestinal flu the temperature jumps to 40 degrees. Such a symptom may indicate that bacteria have also joined the viruses.

What can tell the color of a watery stool in children?

The therapist is always interested in mummies in the color of diarrhea, he can help diagnose the underlying disease:

  • Black chair. It can be triggered by the use of certain medicines, food. It is dangerous when the symptom indicates a bleeding in the upper part of the digestive organs. In this case, urgent help to the child is needed.
  • White chair. In children, diarrhea of ​​this type appears in case of lack of bile, most often indicates the development of hepatitis.
  • Green chairmay indicate a general intoxication, activation of pathogenic flora.
  • Yellow stoolless dangerous for the child, it can be a symptom of gastric indigestion. From him you can help get rid of the child at home.
  • Transparent watery stoolsis very dangerous, because it can be the first symptom of cholera. In this case, the stools resemble a decoction of rice, without smell.

Methods of treatment of watery diarrhea

If an adult has diarrhea within two days alone, the child's diarrhea sharply worsens the general condition. Due to severe dehydration, the baby can die. Therefore, you must start acting as soon as possible.

Regidron for dehydration

With the help of this tool you can restore the water-salt balance in the body. The pharmacy sells the ready-made mixture in the form of a powder, it remains only to dissolve in water. You can cook Regidron yourself.for a liter of boiling water take sugar (15 grams) + table salt (5 grams) + soda (2 grams).Give the child a liquid every 15 minutes in a teaspoon.

What should I do if my baby has a white, watery diarrhea?We have already understood above that this is the first sign of cholera, urgently call an ambulance. At home, you can not normalize the water-salt balance, it requires infusion infusion.

Sorbents for cleaning the intestines from toxins

You can alleviate the child's condition by giving Smecta, Polyphepan, Activated Carbon, Enterosgel. With the help of medications you will reduce flatulence, completely remove all toxins from the baby's body.

Good enema helps with decoction of the bark of oak or alder cones. You can also prepare a decoction of blueberries or wild cherry berries. Cleanses the intestines of chamomile broth, rose hips. But the methods of traditional medicine must be treated with extreme caution, otherwise they can lead to a serious allergic reaction, and only worsen the condition of the child.

Other medications

  • Means for reducing intestinal motility -Ledium, Imodium .
  • Enzymes -Pancreatin, Creon, Silibor .
  • Spasmolytics -Papaverin, No-shpa .
  • Probioticshelp to quickly repair the microflora.

Diet with a water chair for a child

To your baby quickly recovered, you must adhere to a special diet:

  • With acute diarrhea, drink as often as possible, but with food you need to wait.
  • After removing intoxication, enter into the diet a decoction of rice, croutons, fruit jelly, mucous porridges, grated lean meat, sour-milk products.
  • Gradually complicate the menu of the child, paying attention to his condition.

So, if your child has a watery stool, you can not hesitate, you should immediately give help, so it's better to consult a therapist. Be careful!

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Fast and effective ways to stop diarrhea (diarrhea) in adults

Diarrhea or scientific diarrhea is a serious condition, characterized by a proliferation of bowel movements. In this case, the stool is diluted to watery, inclusions appear in it in the form of mucus, blood, undigested food. Many of us try to visit the doctor as rarely as possible. Therefore, the sudden dilution of the stool and the increased frequency of going to the toilet "in large" are being pushed not to visit the hospital and take the necessary tests, but to find the answer to the question: how to stop diarrhea?

Why does

Diarrhea can be both an independent disease, and a formidable symptom of a serious illness. To deal with this without the help of a doctor, one must understand that it can provoke diarrhea in an adult. Its reasons may be:

  • Poisoning with stale or poor-quality products.
  • Rotavirus infection.
  • Reception of antibiotics that cause disturbance of the intestinal microflora.

Also it is impossible to exclude and accompanying diseases of the digestive tract, food allergy or systematic stress.

Remember, it's possible to stop diarrhea in an adult quite quickly, but without knowing its true cause, you can hurt yourself. Do not experiment with drugs and folk remedies. Whenever possible, seek qualified medical attention!

When you need medical help

Diarrhea in an adult is not always a sign of poisoning or infection. You can use incompatible products. The most famous combination that causes diarrhea is salted fish with milk. In this case, diarrhea can be stopped quickly and without harm to health.

You should be alerted to the following symptoms:

  1. Stable increase in body temperature to 38 ° C and above.
  2. Weakness, nausea, lasting more than 2 days.
  3. Pain during defecation, inflammation of the anus.
  4. Flatulence, spasms.

Do not ignore the presence of mucus, blood, undigested food in the stool. Should guard the changed color of feces - unusually light or black, like tar. If diarrhea accompanies 2 or more of the listed symptoms, you need to see a doctor quickly or call an ambulance home.

Methods of therapy

Stop diarrhea of ​​non-viral origin in an adult can be done with the help of pharmaceuticals and folk remedies. In the home medicine cabinet you need to have one or two drugs from the following list (fixing / cleansing plus replenishing the balance of electrolytes): with loperamide as the main active substance - Loperamide, Lopeiumum, Immodium; collecting and removing slags / toxins - Smecta, Activated carbon, Enterosgel; normalizing the level of electrolytes in the body with a large loss of fluid - Regidron.


All medications used by doctors to treat diarrhea in an adult can be divided into several groups. Some normalize motor skills, others reduce secretion, tighten feces, remove toxins and toxins.

To drugs normalizing motor skills, include drugs with loperamide as the main active ingredient - Imodium, Lediumum, Loperamide. They slow the peristalsis of the intestine, strengthen the tone of the anal sphincter, delay nutrients and help them to be absorbed in the intestines. Both drugs last for 15 minutes. The effect lasts 4-6 hours. Appointed by a doctor. To quickly stop diarrhea, we admit it. Cholinolytics also normalize intestinal motility. These drugs include Platyphylline or Atropine. Appointed only by a doctor!

Reduce the secretion of Indomethacin, Salazopyridazine, Nicotinic acid (regulate the amount of prostaglandins). Reduce the manifestation of diarrhea. They are prescribed by a doctor, have contraindications and side effects. Let's assume an independent reception if the medicines have already been applied on the recommendation of a specialist.

They consolidate the feces and have a positive effect on the body of an adult with the diarrhea preparations of calcium, bismuth, aluminum hydroxide. Appointed only by a doctor! Drugs based on clay, activated charcoal are good adsorbents and are able to condense feces. The effect develops quite quickly, if the correct dose is taken. Can be used alone on symptoms.

Folk ways

Diarrhea of ​​any genesis requires a mandatory diet and certain actions. If an adult has diarrhea and there is no immediate way to see a doctor, follow the fol- lowing folk recommendations:

  1. Drink plenty of clean water (if there are no contraindications). Minimum - one and a half liters per day, divide into equal portions.
  2. Eliminate fatty, sweet, flour, vegetables / fruits. Enter strong tea, boiled cereals, crackers, hard boiled egg.
  3. Take Smectus according to the instructions. This is a preparation based on clay. It gently envelops the walls of the intestine, adsorbs slags and toxins and removes them from the body, slightly thickens the feces.
  4. If there are diseases related to enzyme deficiency in the medical history, additionally take Mezim or Pancreatin according to the instructions until the chair is fixed.
  5. If shortly before the diarrhea was very nervous (stress), drink a sedative, which is always taken with a nervous breakdown.

Let's describe the folk recipes.

If you do not have a single medicine at hand, stopping diarrhea in an adult will be helped by improvised drugs, which are always available in any home. This is table salt, manganese, iodine, rice, pomegranate crusts, peas of black bitter pepper, decoction of medicinal herbs (oak cortex, St. John's wort, tansy, yarrow):

Boil the rice in large quantities of water. Do not wait for its complete evaporation. Porridge should get mucous. The greatest value for diarrhea is a decoction. Give it to a glass and drink it. Then eat a couple tablespoons of rice. Do not salt and sugar it!

Take a liter jar, pour in it fresh boiled water, drop a couple of crystals of potassium permanganate. Stir until they completely dissolve. The solution should turn out to be pale pink. To stop diarrhea, take half a cup every half hour until the symptoms disappear.

Black peppercorns. Take 10 pieces, put in your mouth and drink a little water. Use this remedy before bedtime. By the morning, the symptoms of diarrhea are significantly weakened. You may need to take it again.

When diarrhea in an adult person mix medicinal herbs - on a tablespoon of oak bark, St. John's wort, tansy and yarrow. Put 2 tablespoons of raw materials in a mug, pour a glass of boiling water and send for 15 minutes to a water bath. Remove from heat, cool, wring out, bring the volume to one glass. Take a quarter of the volume received every 6 hours until the symptoms disappear.

Diarrhea can be a symptom of a dangerous disease. Despite the many tools that can stop diarrhea or dull its manifestations, do not joke with your health. Contact your doctor as soon as possible!

Got your stomach after eating? Folk remedies and diet

Absolutely every person has ever faced diarrhea. There are many reasons for causing such an intestinal disorder. From poor-quality food, to stress. Few people with such a problem hurry to the doctor. Mostly treated at home, independently. But regularly disturbing diarrhea after eating is a serious reason for visiting a specialist and further treatment.

Causes of sudden desire

There are cases when, shortly after eating, there is a need for a visit to the toilet. This is due to the fact that the food is not digested properly in the gastrointestinal tract. The reason for this can serve as:

  • inadequate intake of foods that contain fiber;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • "Female" diseases;
  • hormonal failure in women;
  • Dysbacteriosis caused by infections in the intestine;
  • absence of a diet;
  • the use of unusual foods for food;
  • failure in the nervous system.

Permanent diarrhea indicates the onset of irritable bowel syndrome. To find out which of these options is the cause of such an unpleasant illness, you need to undergo a doctor examination.

If for any reason there is no such possibility, then you can learn about what could cause diarrhea most. This is a rather unpleasant process, which is far from being possible for every person, but sometimes one has to resort to it. For this, it is necessary to examine the feces.

Sebaceous appearance and a sharp smell indicate poor absorption of the small intestine. Its irritation is characterized by the absence of various impurities in the excrement. The presence of pus and blood in the feces is a serious reason for an urgent visit to the doctor.

What happens in the intestines with diarrhea?

Disturbance in the work of the gastrointestinal tract occurs when the sensitivity of receptors changes on the walls of the intestine. Often this is accompanied by excessive gas formation, overgrowth and spasms, which, in turn, causes painful sensations with diarrhea.

Often along with diarrhea, such symptoms are also worried:

  • headache;
  • noise in ears;
  • sensation of a coma in the throat;
  • weakness;
  • insomnia;
  • dry mouth.

The cause of these unpleasant sensations can also be nervous or physical overstrain.

Diarrhea, which occurs regularly after a meal, is a very dangerous phenomenon. All because with diarrhea is dehydration of the body and washing out all the useful substances from it. This leads to a disruption in the functioning of not only the intestine, but also other body systems. Therefore, contact with a doctor in such cases is a necessity.

At inspection, for statement of the exact diagnosis it can be necessary:

Based on the results of the research, the necessary treatment will be prescribed, aimed at eliminating the problem and its symptoms. If diarrhea is of a neurological nature, then soothing means will help to get rid of it.


With diarrhea, the body is cleansed of harmful substances that enter the intestine. Often at home, people who are faced with this problem, start to take widely advertised drugs.

Yes, they quickly stop diarrhea. But few people know that this is fraught with serious complications. Because all toxins are delayed in the intestines, absorbed by the body and poison it. Therefore, before taking such medications, you need to consult a doctor.

Experts often prescribe for diarrhea medications aimed at detoxifying the body. For this, medical products such as Imodium and Enterosgel are used. The first eliminates unpleasant symptoms. The second is aimed at removing toxins naturally from the body by natural means with the subsequent restoration of the functioning of the intestine.

Diets with diarrhea

The first thing you need to pay attention to your food and adjust it. Eat only the usual foods that are grown on their native land. Imported in this case can only worsen the state.

It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids to compensate for its loss with diarrhea. Teas and compotes should be homemade. Food should be prepared only from fresh foods and eat it in moderation.

An important role in the treatment of diet plays. It consists in excluding from the diet of such products:

Give your preference is recommended fresh vegetables and fruits. You can eat meat and fish, provided that the products are cooked or cooked for a couple. Bread is better to eat from a flour of a rough grinding. Sour-milk products will help in the normalization of the intestinal microflora.

Folk remedies against diarrhea

Methods of traditional medicine are able to get rid of such a pathological condition as diarrhea, no worse than the known medications. Only to apply them is necessary, adhering to the principles of dietary nutrition.

Well proven such a tool:

  • In freshly brewed black tea, you need to put a large chopped onion. Insist for 10-15 minutes and drink.
  • Dilute 1 tablespoon of starch in half a glass of water, and drink. This medicine will quickly help with diarrhea, both adults and children.
  • If there was blood in diarrhea in the feces, the next remedy will help. Take 10 gr. dry grass comfrey and pour the milk. Heat on fire. Then remove it, cool and take twice a day for 2 tablespoons.
  • Excellent from diarrhea helps rice decoction. It can be treated even for pregnant women and nursing mothers. To make it, you need to cook the rice until it is ready, drain the water from it into a separate vessel. The resulting broth is taken every two hours for a glass.
  • In case of chronic diarrhea, a blueberry-based remedy will help. For its preparation, pour boiling water on the berries and insist for about 5 minutes. Drink throughout the day instead of tea.
  • A decoction of mint will also help stop diarrhea. Take a few leaves of peppermint, pour, l. boiling water. Cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. Decoction to take on, a glass every 2 hours.

Rare cases of diarrhea do not carry a great danger. They can be treated at home using traditional medicine or some medications.

But, constant diarrhea after a feast is not so harmless. It can cause many complications that will have a bad effect on the general health. Therefore, in such situations it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, undergo a checkup and begin treatment.

In the program # 17; abletka # 187; the leaders will tell about diarrhea and how it arises, how to treat it. Theme of the program # 17; onos and bloating # 187;. We recommend viewing this video!

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