Hilak forte with spasms of the intestine


Hilak forte with breastfeeding

There are many medications that have long been "registered" in our family medicine kits. As a rule, these are medicines that are suitable for adults and young family members, do not have side effects. To such belongs and Hilak forte.

What is the drug? What are its advantages? How is it recommended to take it with breastfeeding mom and crumb?

Characteristics of the medicine

It is a drop for internal reception. The main components of the drug are substrates of metabolic products. Auxiliary are potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, lactic, citric and phosphoric acids, potassium sorbate. Hilak forte is a clear solution with a specific acidic odor. It belongs to the category of antidiarrhoeic agents.

The drug regulates the balance of the intestinal microflora, normalizing its composition. The maintenance in a medicine of products of an exchange of a healthy microflora promotes restoration of biological functions of an intestinal mucosa.

Lactic acid as a component of the drug restores

acidity in the gastrointestinal tract. Under the influence of Hilak forte, the synthesis of B vitamins is normalized. Volatile fatty acids in the drug normalize the damaged intestinal microflora at infectious diseases, activate regeneration of the epithelium of the intestinal wall, restore water-electrolyte balance. Hilak forte strengthens the body's defenses.

Assign this drug for dyspepsia, flatulence, a syndrome of insufficiency of digestion, constipation. It treats colitis and gastroenteritis, digestive disorders caused by climate change, salmonellosis in the stage of reconvalescence. Drops relieve the condition of patients with enterogenic diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

The only contraindication to the use of the drug Hilak forte is a high sensitivity to its components. In practice, this is rare.

Lactation and Hilak forte

The instruction authorizes the use of the medicinal product during the period of breastfeeding. The drug is considered safe in the period of bearing of the child.

Since after giving birth a woman is often characterized by problems with the digestive system (for example, flatulence, diarrhea), the medicine can alleviate them. The instruction recommends taking the Hilak forte each time with food or before, diluting the drops with water. When lactating, they should be consumed 40-60 drops per meal.

It should be borne in mind that the instruction does not recommend diluting the medicine with milk, using it together with dairy products.

As for the interaction of the drug with other medications, you should be careful with antacids. They can neutralize the effect of lactic acid in the structure of Hilak forte.

The drug is produced in a volume of 30 and 100 ml in bottles of dark glass. The expiry date is 4 years, and after autopsy - 6 weeks.

Keep it in a place inaccessible to children, at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.

Hilak forte for newborns

Breasts in most cases suffer from colic, bloating in the first months of life. Their digestive system is not yet fully formed, so parents often resort to using safe medications to relieve the condition of the crumbs. Hilak Fort is one of them. The newborn should be given 15-30 drops of the drug in one dose, previously diluted with boiled water. It is recommended that the medicine be offered from a syringe or spoon three times a day.

The recommendation regarding the incompatibility of drops with breast milk also concerns the treatment of infants. Therefore, Hilak forte should be offered 30 minutes after breast-feeding.

After improving the condition of the child, the initial dose of the drug should be reduced by half. After a while, its reception must be stopped. The duration of use of the drug is determined by the condition of the baby.

As a rule, this remedy is carried well even by the smallest patients. Negative effects and side effects do not cause. The medicine does not have any contraindications. And nevertheless, it is necessary for the baby to be prescribed by a doctor. Hilak forte for children up to a year is given only in case of real necessity.

Hilak forte: instruction how to give newborns with colic

For newborns, "problems with the tummy" are characteristic, since the child's digestive tract is not completely formed. It is for this reason that babies have colic, stool disorders, the natural bacterial flora of the intestine is disrupted. In such cases, doctors advise using Hilak forte for newborns. Before use, read the principle of action and the rules for taking the drug.

Description of the medicinal product

Hilak forte is a metabolic prebiotic for the restoration of normal bacterial flora of the intestine. They release the drug in the form of drops, which are sold in dark glass bottles. The medication is taken orally, it looks like a colorless liquid with a yellowish tinge and a characteristic taste that does not like babies.

As the instruction says, Hilak forte consists of metabolic products of non-pathogenic microorganisms (lactobacilli, streptococci, nonpathogenic colibacillus). Useful bacteria enter the baby's intestines and destroy colonies of harmful microorganisms.

Additional substances of the preparation: lactic, orthophosphoric and citric acid, sodium phosphate, potassium orthophosphate. Thanks to these components, a certain acidity of the chyme (food lump) and mucus that covers the walls of the intestine is created. The drug maintains such a value of ph in order to accelerate the death of pathogenic bacteria and the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.

Hilak forte restores the normal bacterial flora of the intestine, strengthens the body's defenses, reduces allergic reactions. As a result, digestion improves, colic disappears. more quickly absorbed nutrients from food.

Before giving a drop of babies, read the testimony.


As the instruction says, Hilak forte is prescribed for colic, stool disorders, frequent regurgitation, weak peristalsis.

The drug is prescribed for dysbiosis in infants, since their digestive tract can not cope with the problem on their own. Children who consume only mother's milk, suffer less from dysbiosis. than artificers. If the baby only uses breast milk, then his intestines colonize all useful microorganisms.

As soon as the mother includes in the diet of complementary foods or even boiled water, the microflora is disrupted. Drops are prescribed during breastfeeding to prevent dysbacteriosis in a child who takes antibacterial drugs. Violation of the natural flora of the intestine is most often found in children who are on artificial feeding.


Give drops can be in disorders of the stool (diarrhea, constipation). This is possible if the mother and child adapt to the new climate because of the move. Artificial children often suffer from violations of defecation, and therefore they need probiotics. About that, what agents help or assist with a constipation at children on artificial feeding, read in article under the link http://vskormi.ru/problems-with-baby/zapor-u-novorozhdennogo/ .

Use Hilak forte for a child with allergies. The drug will strengthen the immune system and help the body eliminate the symptoms.

Application of the drug

As the instruction says, the dosage of the drug for babies is from 15 to 30 drops, for children from 2 years - from 20 to 40, for adults - from 40 to 60 drops. Children should take the medicine three times before eating or at the time of eating. Before use, dilute the drops with water without gas, do not use a milk mixture for this purpose. Feed the newborn 60 minutes after taking the drug.

Hilak forte for newborns is a prebiotic with live bacteria in the composition, which is used to normalize digestion. The components of the drug create unfavorable conditions for the existence of harmful bacteria, promote the proliferation of useful microflora. In addition, Hilak forte saturates the body with useful substances.

Give drops to infants is allowed on the recommendation of a doctor and only after a survey. Otherwise, there is a risk of nausea and inflammation of the esophageal mucosa. When the dosage is disturbed, the patient develops side effects in the form of itching, rash, nettle fever. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.

Pediatricians recommend giving infants less than 1 year of age not more than 20 drops of the drug. The medicine is bitter, and therefore always dilute it with water and add a little glucose, so that the child does not refuse to take it.

The frequency of admission and the duration of the therapeutic course are determined individually for each child. On average, the treatment lasts from 7 days to 3 months. If the condition of the baby has improved - divide the dose in half. If treatment with Hilak forte was ineffective within 7 days, then visit a doctor who will conduct additional studies. Analyzes will help to find out the exact cause of malfunctions with the intestine.

special instructions

The drug has a unique contraindication - hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. In isolated cases, defecation is broken, flatulence occurs. With an individual intolerance of the drug there is an allergy in the form of itching, rash, nettle fever. Side effects disappear after stopping the medication to see the cause of their appearance, visit the doctor.

Thus, Hilak forte is recommended for use in children with breastfeeding, but only after the appointment of a doctor. Pre-pass tests to determine the exact cause of dysbiosis. Follow the doctor's recommendations and do not self-medicate!

Review: Prebiotic Hilak forte - I do not understand how to give it to infants ((.

Attention! Before using medicines, consult a specialist!

helps quickly, does not bring in exogenous bacteria

Do not give with milk ((

Hilak is a very interesting drug for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
It contains not the bacteria that are normal for the intestinal flora, but nutrients, for the reproduction of precisely these bacteria. Due to this quickly normalizes Ph in the lumen of the intestine and regulates the water-electrolyte balance - stopping diarrhea.

Hence all its advantages, in front of the pharmaceutical preparations

- does not introduce bacteria from outside
- stimulates the reproduction of its native microflora
-for diarrhea it acts quickly enough
- stimulates the recovery of the intestinal epithelium after inflammation
- Do not store in the refrigerator. and this greatly facilitates the admission of young children.

Thanks to this complex of effects, it is often successfully used to eliminate colic in infants.

All this I knew before I bought Hilak for my child)). We bought it more for prophylaxis, since after cesarean antibiotics I had so much in the appointment that to me every day it was no better, but worse ((. But against this system it was possible to fight only in one way - by kicking)). Otherwise, it would be possible to hang in the hospital for at least 10 days ((, to observe the dynamics ((.

In general, I bought it and decided to brush up on the actual method of application. To my surprise there was no limit, how could I not have been able to concentrate on this before)) - hilak can not be taken together with milk ((.
The feeding regime in the first months we had on demand and the daily routine was the following: we ate, slept, ate)). Where is the moment for hilaka I still do not understand ((. And if a child is awakened in order to give a hilak, then to calm him (hilak, to put it mildly sour), it is necessary to give milk again ((.

In general, we will not help to experiment, we did not, we used another drug. Hilak dusting in the closet)). I hope so and it will be there until the expiry date)).

Overall Impression. I do not understand how to give it to babies ((.

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