Candles from spasms in the intestines


Papaverin candles - effective antispasmodic

Rectal suppositories are certainly less convenient than tablets, nevertheless, they act faster and more efficiently, and are therefore widely used in clinical practice.

When and how are rectal suppositories applied papaverine

Rectal suppositories of papaverine are especially widely used in obstetric-gynecological and urological practice. They are often (along with pills no-shpy, which also have antispasmodic effect) is used during pregnancy to relieve spasms of smooth muscles of the uterus. Some women, despite the convenience of using tablets no-shpy, prefer to use it rectal suppositories with papaverine, since during pregnancy many people are worried about constant nausea.

In the treatment of gynecological and urological diseases, papaverine is prescribed as part of a complex treatment to relieve spasms of the smooth muscles of the uterus and its appendages, as well as the urinary tract. A candle introduced into the rectum with papaverine can quickly relieve an ea

sy or moderate attack of renal colic.

With spasms in the stomach, intestines, biliary tract, pain associated with spasms of the pancreatic duct (exacerbation chronic pancreatitis and the initial stages of acute pancreatitis) rectal suppositories with papaverine can significantly alleviate the condition patient.

Sometimes the rectal suppositories of papaverine in the complex treatment are used for diseases of the respiratory system - bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma, as they contribute to a sufficiently long expansion of the bronchi, removal of bronchospasm and facilitating expectoration phlegm.

Candles are injected into the rectum 2-3 times a day. Simultaneously, you can enter one or two candles (, 2 4 g).

Who should not use the rectal suppositories of papaverine and why

Rectal suppositories of papaverine should not be used primarily for patients with conduction disorders of the heart - cardiac blockades. Papaverine can further suppress the transmission of nerve impulses to the heart muscle, leading to complete blockade of their transmission from the atria to the ventricles - atrioventricular (atrioventricular) blockade. At the same time, significant disturbances in the heart rate can begin.

You can not use candles with papaverine also for glaucoma (intraocular pressure increase), severe liver disease, which are accompanied by chronic hepatic insufficiency, and with individual intolerance to the diseased components preparation. In addition, rectal suppositories with papaverine are not prescribed for elderly people and children under six months of age.

With caution, this drug is used for chronic renal and adrenal insufficiency, decrease in thyroid function, hyperplasia (proliferation) of the prostate, craniocerebral trauma and shock.

Rectal suppositories with papaverine are an effective antispasmodic that is widely used in medical practice, despite the availability of more modern drugs of this series.


Rectal Suppositories Spasmolysin- a drug for the treatment of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
Drotaverin is a spasmolytic agent, an isoquinoline derivative.
The mechanism of action is to inhibit the activity of phosphodiesterase IV, which leads to the accumulation of intracellular cAMP and, as a consequence, to the inactivation of a light chain of myosin kinase, resulting in a smoothing of the smooth musculature.
Reduces the tone of smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs (gastrointestinal tract, biliary, urogenital tracts and cardiovascular system), reducing their motor activity, moderately expands blood vessels. Does not affect the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The presence of a direct effect on smooth muscles can be used as an antispasmodic in cases, when drugs from the group of M-cholinoblockers are contraindicated (closed-angle glaucoma, adenoma of the prostate glands).
Drotaverine is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. The connection with plasma proteins is 95-98%. Evenly distributed to the tissues. Drotaverin does not penetrate the BBB. Metabolised in the liver. Excreted mainly by the kidneys.

Indications for use:
Rectal suppositories Spasmolysinare designed to eliminate the pain syndrome caused by spasm of smooth muscles:
- gastrointestinal tract with peptic ulcer of stomach and / or duodenum, cardio and pilorospasm, gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis, enteritis, spastic colitis, proctitis, tenesmus, spastic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, postoperative colic associated with gas retention; functional dyspepsia.
- The gallbladder and bile ducts in hypermotor dyskinesia, cholelithiasis, cholangiolithiasis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, etc .;
- urinary tract with nephrolithiasis, urethrolithiasis, pyelitis, cystitis, bladder tenesmus, etc .;
- due to instrumental interventions;
Gynecological and obstetric diseases: algodismenorea, adnexitis, increased uterine tone during pregnancy, threatening abortion, severe painful labor contractions, uterus tetany, cervical spasm at delivery, threatening premature childbirth and others;
Spasms of peripheral arterial vessels (including endarteritis) and cerebral vessels (migraine);

Mode of application:
Candles Spasmolysinare applied rectally. Adults and children over 12 years of 1-2 suppository 2-3 times a day. The maximum single dose is 80 mg, the maximum daily dose is 240 mg.

Side effects:
The use of candlesSpasmolysincan cause such side effects: dizziness, palpitation, a feeling of heat, increased sweating, allergic reactions.

Contraindications :
Contraindications to the use of suppositoriesSpasmolysinare: hypersensitivity to the drug, severe hepatic and renal insufficiency, age of up to 12 years.

Pregnancy :
Care should be taken when using suppositoriesSpasmolysinduring pregnancy and lactation.

Interaction with other drugs:
Spasmolysinweakens the antiparkinsonian effect of levodopa.

Overdose :
On cases of drug overdoseSpasmolysinnot reported.

Storage conditions:
Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 15-2? .
Keep out of the reach of children.

Form of issue:
Spasmolysin - rectal suppositories.
For 5 suppositories in a blister of PVC / PE film.
2 blisters together with instructions for use in a cardboard bundle.

Composition :
1 suppositorySpasmolysincontains:
Active substance: drotaverina hydrochloride 40 mg.
Excipients: semisynthetic glycerides up to, g.

Care should be taken when prescribing the drugSpasmolysinpatients with expressed atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, with arterial hypotension.
In the treatment of peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum the drug is used in combination with anticholinergics.

Why are rectal suppositories better absorbed and effective than conventional tablets?

Vitaliy RusuPupil (96), closed 6 years ago

To me to cure from spastic strictures in a stomach or appointment has appointed spazmalgin in suppositories, as means of first aid. when I asked about the crowd, she said that the candles would help faster. Here I also puzzle myself, why exactly candles, is it really better to absorb in the colon than in the stomach? And with what it is connected? and if so, why do not all medications take rectally? I ask you not to make fun of it.

BM 13 Rocket GirlEnlightened (24278) 6 years ago

Candles intended for introduction into the rectum can be divided into two large groups. The first group includes those candles that act at the injection site. They may have, for example, an antihemorrhoid effect. The second group includes candles, which are like substitutes for tablets. That is, the medicinal substances from them are absorbed, enter the bloodstream and influence the whole organism (this is how you were appointed). On the medicine (well, for example you drank a pill). got into the stomach and intestines, there is a lot of digestive enzymes. It falls into the acidic medium, then into the alkaline medium, it can interact with the food particles. In addition, absorbed from the intestine, substances from the tablets enter the liver. There too, there are many enzymes that can destroy the medicine. Therefore, sometimes after all these transformations, only 10-20% of the accepted dose of the drug falls into the blood. Of course, not all drugs are destroyed so much. But this fact doctors necessarily take into account. And the medicine, which got into the rectum, is absorbed into the blood immediately, bypassing the liver. In addition, he does not have to go through the entire digestive tract. This is a great advantage of candles.
After the introduction of a candle, you must lie down for at least 30-40 minutes. If there are any unusual sensations, such as burning, then you should definitely consult a doctor.

NatalieProfi (642) 6 years ago

the rectal mucosa is very well supplied with blood, and there is no hydrochloric acid, as in the stomach, so it is absorbed faster

Svetlana PainterGuru (2888) 6 years ago

In the intestine and including in the rectum, everything is absorbed faster. And if through the stomach, then part of the drug is also destroyed under the influence of gastric juice. Yes, the stomach is not absorbed, absorbed in the small intestine. So think about how much the pill will take until it gets into the blood. And in the intestines - right away.

Sergey GusevExpert (283) 6 years ago

On the way to the tablets, there is saliva, and gastric juice (acid).
And in. water absorption, and the acid is no more, the medicine gets into the blood in its pure form and faster!

StarPupil (110) 6 years ago

the direct intestine has a good venous system, so the outflow is better and the effect comes faster.



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