Spasms in the intestines of colitis


Spastic (spasmodic) colitis

There are absolutely healthy people in the world. One person suffers from the digestive system, the other has a nervous system, and the third has an endocrine system. Some diseases do not give rest, and some develop secretly - asymptomatically, revealing themselves only when it becomes late and no treatment will help. Many diseases have a similar symptom, so mistakes are so often diagnosed. Doctors treat one thing, and after a while it turns out that it hurt quite another. Errors of doctors often cost people lives. If a person doubts the correctness of the diagnosis, then it is better to visit several specialists and draw conclusions on the basis of surveys done from different sides.

Spasmodic colitis of the intestine

The digestive system nourishes the entire body. Failures in her work lead to the fact that the functioning of all organs is disrupted. There are known diseases that people have heard about even without medical education and the presence of such diseases in their own

organism. Such diseases include a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, an intestinal obstruction and so on. There are more rare diseases, of which few people have heard, for example, spasmodic colitis of the intestine.

Many people who have problems in the digestive system, suffer from chronic colitis. This disease comes with age, women often happen after sixty years, and in men - after forty. To old age, in general, everything starts to "pour". It's like with a car, the bigger the mileage - the more worn out the details. And if the car can stand in the garage and not spoil its mechanisms, then the human body is not capable of it. A person can not arbitrarily go into a coma and, waking up after a few years, feel young, fresh and renewed. All systems work around the clock, the motor - the heart does not stop for a second to pump blood, the stomach constantly digests food, the lungs absorb oxygen and saturate their blood. Everything in the body is interconnected and works smoothly.

Spastic Colitis Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome is a spastic colitis, which manifests itself in the form of disruption of the intestine, a person suffers from bloating, diarrhea or constipation, as well as painful spasms. Normally when emptying the intestine there should be no pain and spasms, if it is, then you need to undergo examination and be treated.

Doctors do not consider colitis a serious disease, this is a common functional disorder that is associated with fatigue, stress, or nervous overexertion.

Colitis most often occurs in those who suffer from atrophic gastritis, pancreatitis, enteritis, or congenital anomalies in the development of the digestive system. People working in hazardous production who are constantly in contact with toxic substances, as well as those who take laxatives for a long time, are at risk.

Symptoms of spastic colitis: weakness, nausea, poor appetite, pain in the lower abdomen and lateral, which increases after eating. After defecation the pain subsides, the feces dry and dense, resemble sheep feces. There is general malaise, a person is disturbed by flatulence and rumbling in the abdomen, the stool is broken, and there may be both diarrhea and constipation. Sometimes you can see pieces of undigested food in the stool. All these unpleasant events lead to the fact that the patient is losing weight, his working capacity decreases, anemia and hypovitaminosis appear.

Spastic Colitis Causes

In colitis, diarrhea is replaced by constipation, there is practically no normal stool. A person experiences severe pain, and with stool in the stool there is a lot of mucus and particles of undigested food. In order to make the correct diagnosis, you need to do a sigmoidoscopy and colonofibroscopy. Often, doctors recommend taking an analysis of feces and urine, and also make ultrasound.

The walls of the intestine have a mucous coating, they are swollen and hyperemic. During exacerbations the gut becomes vulnerable, friable and prone to erosion.

Causes of spastic colitis in severe nervous shocks. After all, the work of all organs depends on the state of the nervous system. Self-medication in this case has nothing to do, in spite of the fact that the disease is not fatal, it is necessary to get rid of it under the strict guidance of specialists.

Spasmodic colitis of the intestine: treatment

In order to get rid of spastic colitis, you need to calm down first and think about your mental state. You need to protect yourself from stress, try not to pay attention to minor problems and do something joyful and enjoyable everyday. Do not think that others are better, but try every day is better than it was yesterday. Envy, anger, anxiety, fears - all this not only destroys the nervous system, but also affects the work of all internal organs.

Treatment of spastic colitis of the intestine is to comply with the diet, eliminate the root cause and symptomatic drug therapy.

Doctors prescribe tranquilizers or sedatives. It is recommended to warm the stomach and make coniferous or oxygen baths.

Spastic colitis: treatment with folk remedies

Traditional medicine has many recipes from all diseases. However, despite the availability of a guide to traditional medicine at home, a person must first visit a doctor, undergo a screening and get a treatment regimen. After the doctor has already appointed something, the patient can ask what means of traditional medicine he can use. Only with the permission of a specialist can you begin to drink broths, tinctures, liqueurs and other healing elixirs.

Treatment of folk remedies for spastic colitis is carried out with anise seeds, pickled cabbage brine, potato juice and chamomile broth. Pickle sauerkraut should drink every day one glass after eating. This remedy is good for constipation, so it is better to refuse diarrhea from it. Potato juice should be taken half an hour before meals three times a day for one hundred milliliters.

What can I eat with spasmodic colitis?

We consist of what we eat. It is often the right diet can help get rid of many diseases that begin to develop against the backdrop of abuse of forbidden foods.

What can I eat with spasmodic colitis? First, the food should be varied. In the diet, you must include fiber and plenty of water. Secondly, you need to eat often and in small portions. It is advisable to eat six times a day. It is allowed to eat cereals, vegetables, stale bread. During inflammation, it is better not to eat anything for a couple of days. The lack of food will provide functional rest. After this hunger strike you can drink a glass of water. This will allow the operation of the organs. Then you can eat oatmeal porridge or drink rice jelly.

In order to spastic colitis does not overshadow life, you need to keep a diary of food, do not eat foods that disrupt digestion, try to avoid fatty foods. And most importantly - do not be nervous. Everything that happens to us - everything passes. There is absolutely no need to spend energy and time on experiencing. This must always be remembered.

How can I quickly get rid of a spasm in the intestines with colitis

I'll tell you how to quickly get rid of a spasm in the intestines, especially if you have colitis. Colitis # 8212; a very insidious disease, it must be cured necessarily, it is possible. And it is necessary to do this patiently and persistently. But if you still have a painful attack, spasm literally bends you into three deaths, you can help yourself, though, for this, you should always have mint oil in your home medicine chest. It is sold in pharmacies, you can prepare for yourself when fresh mint will appear, fill it with good sunflower oil and insist on the sun until the mint aroma appears.

In a glass of boiled and necessarily cooled milk, drip 1-2 drops of peppermint oil and then drink small sips.

If you do not carry milk and dairy products, you can drop a drop of peppermint oil on a piece of sugar or a spoonful of honey and slowly dissolve in your mouth.

By myself I know the beneficial effect of this simple method. It also helps with some other abdominal pains, the origin of which is unpredictable. This also happens often, especially with young children. And if there is no mint oil, and the stomach hurts, you can use a decoction of peppermint, which you need instead of tea in a warm form.

Ivan Sergeevich Topiński

Haji Bazylkhan Dyusupov # 8212; known folk healer of Kazakhstan, developed his own method of healing the body, which is suitable for almost everyone. This system was tested by the healer for many years of medical practice and many patients were cured only by the system of Dyusupov. In this technique, modern methods of healing are closely intertwined with folk traditions of healing.

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Chronic colitis of the intestine: a diet that will ease the manifestations of the disease

Published by provizor on Thurs., 23/01 / - 2: 4

Diet in colitis of the intestine is not assigned to all equally. If the patient has a predilection for diarrhea, it excludes fresh vegetables and fruits, whole milk. In patients. prone to constipation. fresh vegetables in the diet are welcome.

Discomfort and periodic abdominal pain, expressed in cramping pains, stool changes, rumbling and swelling of the intestines often indicate colitis of the intestine. Symptoms and treatment can be common, regardless of the cause that causes this phenomenon. But after revealing the reason, therapy already purposely eliminates the cause of the disease.

Calling for colitis can infection and bacteria, helminthic invasion, allergic reactions and stressful situations. Disease may appear during acclimatization, in case of violation of diet and introduction of new products into the diet, during treatment with certain drugs. Especially often colitis begins during the reception of antibiotics, which leads to intestinal dysbiosis.

The disease is characteristic of the large intestine. The wall of the gut inflames under the influence of unfavorable factors and dystrophic and inflammatory changes begin to occur in it. Sometimes the pathological changes are joined by the small intestine and bypass gut.

Determine the cause of this disease is necessary. It is necessary to exclude the presence of ulcers and tumors in the intestine, so in the first stage they manifest themselves in this way. It is necessary to adjust the power.

The triggered acute colitis, which occurs from time to time with a bias in the diet, very quickly develops into chronic colitis of the intestine. And it's not so easy to get rid of it. There are 4 types of colitis: acute, ulcerative, spastic and, above, chronic.


Various types of medicines are used to treat colitis of various types, which can include antibiotics, antacids, analgesics, spasmolytic drugs. Must drink probiotics. Therapy is not without drugs, removing the immediate symptomatology of colitis: flatulence, diarrhea and constipation.

Everything that is prescribed for colitis is taken individually. You can not ask your neighbor how she cured diarrhea and spasms! An "alien" remedy may not act as expected. If colitis is caused by an infection that has penetrated the body, taking a drug against diarrhea will not only not heal it, but will lubricate the picture of the disease.

Independently in the case of intestinal spasm, only drugs that relieve spasms are allowed to be taken. These include no-shpa, spazgan and the like by action. Very well in the treatment of colitis funds from the arsenal of traditional medicine. They should be used after the cause of the disease has been clarified.

It happens that colitis causes blockage of the biliary tract or ulcer disease. Then treatment with herbs is not recommended. Most herbs, including a very popular chamomile, calendula and yarrow, although they relieve inflammation, but also increase the secretion of bile. With some forms of colitis, this aggravates the disease.

In the treatment of colitis, a significant role is played by sanatorium and health resort rehabilitation and physiotherapy procedures. This type of therapy is especially suitable for those who have chronic colitis caused by nervous factors. The change in the situation on the patients is beneficial, the nervous system calms down and, accordingly, intestinal spasms cease to appear.

A very important role is played by diet in colitis of intestines. If the disease is not caused by pathological internal processes - ulcers or cancer - then normalizing the diet can achieve that chronic colitis for a very long time will not give about itself know.

Since the manifestations of colitis can give secondary symptoms in the form of constipation or diarrhea, then when included in the diet of products this is taken into account. During the exacerbation of the disease must adhere to a very strict diet.

It includes breadcrumbs of white bread, soups. Meat products should be cooked steamed and chopped: cutlets, meatballs, minced meat. Those who have colitis causes constipation, they are cooked on vegetable soulless broths. Those who are prevented from living with colitis diarrhea - on fat-free, weak flour. They serve soups with herculean or rice flakes. You can also lean meat, fish, a few eggs in the mess - 2 per week. Cottage cheese is low-fat, jelly. Sweet apples - baked or raw - depends on how the disease manifests itself. Fresh fruit is weak.

Any fresh vegetables, fruits - except apples, berries, fatty and spicy foods, tonic drinks and carbonated water are forbidden. A strict diet is observed after an exacerbation about a week. Its condition needs to be assessed adequately, so that the disease does not manifest itself again.

Then you can diversify the diet. Excluded only products that require increased work of the gastrointestinal system, acute seasonings. You can not eat beans, peas, beans, fatty meat. Even sweaty pieces of pork or lamb on the stomach are digested hard. It is possible at this stage to add to the menu soaked herring and fresh juices. Those who have a penchant for diarrhea, it is desirable to give up cold snacks and eat food only in a warm form. Products cooked, cooked for a couple, stew. Fractional power is not necessary. Meat can be eaten in pieces.

A strict diet for colon colitis is observed by the suffering of this disease constantly. Therefore, it is very important to monitor that the diet includes substances, vitamins and microelements necessary for normal life.



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