Spasms of the intestines on the nerves


Why the stomach hurts on nerves

Pain in the stomach on a nervous basis

Polyps are benign neoplasms. Their development is facilitated by latent inflammatory processes, but the main reason for their occurrence has not yet been established.

Cancer is a malignant lesion of cells.

The reasons for the appearance of cancer are the same as in the ulcer, if it is not treated, it turns into cancer. Polyps can also develop into a cancerous disease.

However, the causes of pain in the stomach are not always associated with the occurrence of any disease.

They can also appear due to:

  1. Overeating;
  2. problems with the intestines, causing constipation;
  3. great physical exertion;
  4. allergic reaction.

Often the stomach hurts after poisoning, bacterial or viral infection. In these cases - the pains have the nature of spasms, the temperature rises, there is a loose stool, vomiting.

The nature of pain usually varies with various diseases:

  • If there is a sharp pain at night, you should immediately call an ambulance. This may well be symptoms of per
    foration of the ulcer, in which an urgent operation is required. With an ulcer often there is pain on an empty stomach. In case of a constant tension in the lower abdomen, suspicion of appendicitis appears;
  • If the stomach hurts in the morning, then this indicates an erosive-ulcerative lesion, localized in the duodenum. To calm the pain, you just need to drink a glass of boiled water;
  • If after the garlic the stomach hurts, there is a heaviness, a burning sensation, most likely these are symptoms of gastritis with increased secretion;
  • If the stomach hurts and the burp is rotten, it indicates the stagnation of food and its putrefactive fermentation. This phenomenon usually occurs with chronic gastritis.

Sometimes the stomach hurts on nervous soil, thus the patient feels heaviness and raspiranie in hypochondrium, there is an eructation, enter intestinal frustration and vomiting.

According to different estimates, from 14 to 30% of people around the world suffer from the so-called "irritable syndrome intestine a polyethological disease, which is a different form of motor impairment intestines 1.

Some medical sources indicate that women suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, but other authors claim that the number of sick men and women is approximately the same. As a rule, this disease affects people aged 30-40 years 1.


This leads to the development of real intestinal colic.

Pain is associated with a particular physiological condition. Exacerbation
occurs after errors in food, alcohol abuse and

Complaints are quite specific: a person can accurately show where it hurts, describe what kind of pain.

Why does the stomach ache on nervous and heart diseases?

Pain in the stomach due to stress and neurotic condition is accompanied by symptoms such as a feeling of heaviness and raspiraniya in the hypochondrium, eructations, vomiting and intestinal disorders. At the same time, the stomach hurts nervously, regardless of meals, and the pain can become burning and quite strong with a sharp increase in emotional and mental stress.

It's all about strengthening the production of hydrochloric acid in stressful situations and a high degree of innervation (that is, supplying tissues with nerves) to this organ. As a result, it can lead to erosions and ulcers of the gastric mucosa and trigger the mechanism of development of such gastrointestinal diseases as gastritis and ulcer.

Pain in the epigastric region is also possible with a heart attack. In clinical practice, this is called gastralgic form of myocardial infarction. As doctors say, when entering a medical institution in such situations, an incorrect diagnosis can be made: not a heart attack, but a food intoxication or exacerbation of gastritis.

Why does the stomach ache before the menstrual period and during pregnancy?

Spasmodic pain in the stomach of neurotic etiology is directly related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). So if a woman has a stomach ache before her period or has a stomachache with menstruation, the main reason for this are various disorders of its neuro-mental state, as well as cyclic vegetative and endocrine "Shifts".

Why does the stomach ache during pregnancy? Because during the restructuring of the whole organism, all chronic diseases of a woman, especially inflammatory ones, can become aggravated.

Treatment of gastritis on nerves

Usually a course of treatment consists of adherence to a strict diet and the intake of special medications.

Do not forget about bed rest and constant rest. In addition to the gastroenterologist, it is additionally recommended to consult a psychotherapist. Do not be afraid of the therapist and think that you are crazy. This specialist will help you understand the problem that provoked you to a strong emotional state. He will teach you how to relax and focus on the proper treatment of the gastrointestinal tract.

But the best way is to treat the pain in the stomach with the doctors.


So, cutting pain sometimes can indicate a rupture of an ulcer and an urgent operation is required, and no medications for stomach pain in this case will help.

If the stomach hurts when hungry, doctors tend to normalize his motor skills, appointing the patient Metoclopramide or Cerucal, which is his analogue.

Anesthetic is prescribed for analgesia, proton pump inhibitors are used to reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid.

If the stomach is swollen and the stomach hurts, prescribe antispasmodics to eliminate muscle spasm.

When a stomach aches after vomiting, you must eat a pill or two No-shpies and immediately go to bed.

How to treat persistent pain?

Constant mild pains that occur not because of an ulcer or gallbladder disease, are often treated at home. First of all, the treatment of pain in this organ means rest.

To ease pain, you can take antispasmodic and pain medications.

If within 48 hours the drugImodium®did not have the expected effect, it's worth to see a doctor.

What can not be done with abdominal pain:

Give aspirin (you can - paracetamol, but-shpu), warm a sore spot, actively move.

The main causes of irritable bowel syndrome

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This is not what you thought, but the disease of civilization # 8212; irritable bowel syndrome. And the victims of this problem are most often hyper-versatile workaholics that do not know how to rest and relax, especially women.

Digestion is hurt by anger and despondency

Still the founder of the theory of stress psychiatrist Hans Selye deduced a psychosomatic triad: most often stress chooses three target organs # 8212; heart, stomach and intestines. And German psychiatrist Glatzel described the dependence of the digestive system on the emotions that we experience. He scientifically proved that aggression and anger accelerate the passage of food through the stomach, and fear and depressed thoughts slow digestion by spasm.

Most of all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract on the nervous soil are prone to melancholia, prone to self-flagellation, falling into despair even when minor problems, and choleric people, whose health is undermined by anger and fury, says the psychotherapist, an expert in psychosomatics Anatoly Hermann.

Particularly clearly the relationship between the central nervous system and digestion is observed in two types of people. They outwardly look like complete opposites, but their reactions follow a similar type.

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Portrait first. These hyperintellectual people who live for others, take on too much, but do not see the real impact of their efforts. They are hypocritical, suffer from a lack of love and a sense of unrealization (although in fact they can achieve a lot in life), it is very important for them how they look from the outside.

Portrait of the second. Fans of irritable bowels are also predisposed to fans of thrill, impulsive, prone to fits of rage. They always strive to be the best, to shine, to achieve success. And when it does not work out, they fall into depression with elements of envy for more successful ones, especially this happens with women.

In addition, in both of them, the soul requires spicy food, coffee and nicotine as stimulants. Which, of course, only aggravates the problem of spasms.

To adjust the work of the intestine

Do not salt food when cooking. Dosal food in a plate, cook low-salted food # 8212; excess salt has a very negative effect on various mechanisms, directly or indirectly related to the state of the digestive system.

The Mediterranean diet is recognized as the most useful for the gastrointestinal tract. It is not necessary to follow it literally and with all the strength to extract fresh seafood in the snowy Russia. It is enough to adhere to the principles of this type of food. What is its basis? A lot of dietary fiber, vegetables and fruits (seasonal), olive oil, that is, polyunsaturated fatty acids, sea and river fish. But meat is not every day, but 2 # 8212; 3 times a week.

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Avoid the so-called junk food, which, incidentally, can be served in expensive restaurants. So experts-gastroenterologists call all products that are overdone with preservatives, dyes, saturated and trans fats. All this food depresses digestion, breaks the microbiome of a person (that is, the balance of the entire microflora that inhabits our intestines), badly affects hormone metabolism.

Avoid spasms, do not suffer problems with the stool. In case of constipation, do not drink all laxative teas and supplements in a row, it can only further disturb digestion, absorption of vitamins and bring to the present disbiosis. Do not hesitate to go to a gastroenterologist, the sooner you choose the right treatment, the higher the chances of getting rid of the problem completely.



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