How to treat intestinal constipation at home


How to get rid of stagnation in the intestine

From the above laxatives, you need to choose the optimal drug. Only after careful diagnosis, specialists will be able to select the medicine optimally. True, it is rare to initially choose the optimal remedy. Only after its application in practice can be appointed competent treatment.

It is necessary to take into account that laxatives can not be used for any inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. With exacerbations of inflammatory diseases of the rectum and prolapse of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), laxatives can not be used.

In any case, it is forbidden to engage in self-medication, since complications can occur when using laxatives. Increased temperature, bleeding, inflammatory changes in the gastrointestinal tract - the most frequent reactions that occur in response to the use of laxatives.

Laxative Candles

To get rid of constipation, you need to take laxatives. In the Russian market there are many such tools. When using suppositories, you can count

on the effect for 5-10 minutes. However, to the majority of candles there is a serious contra-indication: the age is up to 12 years.

What candles are used for constipation in the home:

  1. Bisacodyl - can not be used by children and pregnant women;
  2. Evacue is contraindicated in children;
  3. Mikrolaks;
  4. Glycerol.

The safest are candles with sea buckthorn oil, but their effectiveness in comparison with other means is somewhat reduced.

If stasis of feces in the intestine occurs against the background of hemorrhoids or inflammatory diseases, you can use the suppositories of the Relief or Posterizan. They have a healing, laxative and anti-inflammatory effect.

Hypertonic enema can be made at home independently. To prepare hypertensive microclysters, you need to mix the concentrated salt solution and magnesium sulfate. In it, the volume of liquid does not exceed 50 ml.

How to get rid of constipation at home, if you do not have the above ingredients, you can make an oily enema:

  • Preheat olive, sunflower and apricot oil to a temperature of 37 degrees;
  • Dilute the mixture with water.

Cleansing enema should be done after 8-12 hours. When preparing the solution, care should be taken to ensure that the water is not too cold or hot. To carry out the cleansing enema, you need to take Esmarch's mug. It can be filled with an average of 2 liters of water.

A very effective remedy for constipation is a glass of kefir for the night with the addition of sunflower oil. Such a recipe is quite effective when properly made.

The most delicious recipes with a laxative effect for use at home:

Rape is an excellent laxative effect. It has been used since ancient times in order to get rid of stagnation in the intestines. The recipe assumes mixing of mountain ash berries with sugar. The mixture is left to infuse for 1 month. Then the fruits are squeezed out. It turns out syrup, in which is added 25 ml of alcohol (based on, liquid).

How to cure constipation at home using folk remedies?

Sadly enough, most of the world's population sooner or later has a very delicate problem - constipation. Of course, they try not to talk about this, hoping that everything will pass by itself.
Of course, there is always a chance that something will pass by itself. But constipation has an unpleasant feature - having arisen once, they gradually pass into a chronic form. Of course, then you will not be able to dismiss this problem. But the trick is that the earlier you determine the causes of constipation, and, accordingly, begin to treat it, the easier, faster and more seamlessly everything will be normalized.

What constitutes constipation?

In addition to the fact that this problem is very delicate, most of the sufferers believe it to be frivolous. But to underestimate the state of our digestive tract, and even more so - to consider it "frivolous is simply criminal in relation to itself. Why is constipation dangerous? In addition, that too dense (dehydrated) stools, passing through the lower parts of the intestine, mechanically injure it, provoking microvias and microcracks. They, too long time being in the body, begin to poison him. And this is an extra burden on the liver, which is forced to work as a filter, and disinfect what should be simply eliminated from the body. Suffer all the organs that are near (and in the abdominal cavity absolutely everything is close). But even a temporary blockage of the intestinal parts entails a local inflammatory process, which can not but affect the entire body. And it's better not to mention unpleasant and painful sensations at all.

Causes of constipation

So, what are the causes of constipation? They are in fact a huge number. From the individual reaction of the body to these or other products, stress and depression, pregnancy or lack physical activity, digestive system diseases, and ending with a lack of dietary fluids, vegetables and grasses.

How to cure constipation?

Of course, all those suffering from this kind of ailments are very interested in: how to cure constipation at home with folk remedies, or it is necessary to go to the pharmacy for a laxative. And is it possible to do this without seeking help from a doctor? Of course it is possible. There are several "buts".

  • First, constipation is easier to prevent, knowing for itself such a trouble, than to treat later, and for this, prevention of constipation is carried out, and it is much easier and more pleasant.
  • Secondly, you need to decide what happened to the digestive system? It happens that constipation # 8212; this is not the problem itself, but only its manifestation. And in this case it is necessary to work with the root cause, and not to remove the symptoms.
  • Thirdly, constipation is different. And the obstruction of the intestine, too, may initially look like an ordinary constipation, but folk remedies from such malaise does not heal, you need a serious examination, inpatient treatment, and sometimes operational intervention.

Symptoms of constipation

  • difficulties with evacuation of the intestine (if they appear every fourth visit to a known place),
  • heaviness in the abdomen,
  • nausea (after all, intoxication),
  • cramps in the lower abdomen.

But the high temperature with constipation # 8212; this is already an excuse to see a doctor.
But in any case, folk remedies against constipation in any way will not damage the body. After all, we will use only what nature is capable of giving us, which means that # 8212; the concentration of medicinal substances is not so high, as, say, in medicines from the pharmacy.

How to cure constipation at home using folk remedies? 10 prescriptions of folk remedies for constipation

Consider 10 prescriptions of folk remedies against constipation, and the simplest, accessible to everyone, and more complex.

There is simply a wonderful product, which initially regulates the work of not only the intestines, but also the entire digestive tract - kefir. It can be made an even laxative drug, for example, adding only 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to half a liter of this amazingly useful drink. Very good hemp, it additionally supports the liver; olive - useful for the liver, and for the intestines, and for stomach; pumpkin is just a storehouse of useful substances; But the most common corn or sunflower will also be not bad. Just need to start and end the day with a glass of butter and butter.

Similarly, yogurts work, but not just sweet desserts, but real ones, with bifidobacteria. To do this, it is necessary to buy live milk yogurt bacteria in the pharmacy and, according to the prescription (there is nothing complicated, everything based on natural milk) to prepare yogurt. For taste and benefit, fresh fruit or berries, jams and preserves can be added there. True, this remedy is more suitable as a prophylactic, and in urgent cases it is necessary to use something more effective.

Not the most delicious medicine, but quite effective - just sunflower oil. It should be taken with constipation, 1 teaspoon every 3-4 hours. And as a preventive tool for 1 teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach.

It is also good to use a brine of the most common sauerkraut (of course, without vinegar). Half a cup of brine to drink with a frequency of 4-5 hours, before the normalization of the intestinal tract. Of course, this remedy is not suitable for people with stomach problems. Get a stomach spasm or heartburn in addition to constipation # 8212; far from the best option.

Remarkable effect is given by the use of potato juice. It is necessary to drink 100 ml each. juice, before meals, 3-4 times a day, half an hour before meals. And if you use it for 10-14 days, you can cope with even a chronic constipation.

The same action has also beet juice, but its dosage can be slightly reduced: 70 ml. before meals, 3-4 times a day.

But the most successful is the alternation of potato, beet and radish juice. Potato juice of 100 ml. and beet and radishes for 70. In the morning and in the evening you need to eat potato juice, and in the daytime # 8212; beets and radishes. But this, provided that there are no problems with the liver and pancreas, then the beet and radish can cause undesirable consequences.

To get rid of constipation you can use a decoction of berries of gooseberry. For 1 cup of ripe berries you need 200 ml. water. Boil the berries in water for as little as 10 minutes. And the received medical liquid to drink on one quarter of a glass once a day. Drink for a long time.

No less effective and cowberry infusion. But, unlike the broth, the infusion is also rich in vitamins, because we use a berry that has not gone through heat treatment, so # 8212; not lost most of the nutrients. We fill the glass jar with washed and dried berries of cranberries, then add warm boiled water, but in no case is it hot. Cover the jar with food film so as to prevent air from entering, and put it away in a dark place. If daily in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of this infusion, the intestine will work much better.

And, finally, infusion of red mountain ash. The berries are covered with sugar and left for a month to get the syrup. Next, strain the syrup and add alcohol to it: 50 ml. for 1 liter of syrup. To eat before meals on an empty stomach, once a day, first diluted with water.

So, the attention of the readers was offered 10 recipes for how to cure constipation with folk remedies, but what to choose is up to you.

Treatment of constipation folk remedies at home

Posted on August 31

If you have no stool for more than two days, you can assume that you have constipation. The frequency of feces in each person depends on a number of reasons, the main of which is the diet.

People who prefer vegetable food emptied their intestines twice a day; and in people with mixed food - once, with the use of eggs and meat products - two, or even three days.

Pathological causes of constipation include: gas accumulation in the intestine (flatulence), mechanical obstructions (tumors), hemorrhoidal nodes, etc. Elderly and elderly people often suffer from constipation due to weakening of the intestinal muscles, which ensure the advancement of fecal masses. These are the so-called atonic constipation, which can be in young people.

Patients suffering from constipation, complain of discomfort in the abdominal cavity, headache. loss of appetite and depression. Prolonged constipation requires immediate medical attention. Although some recommendations can be avoided.

For example, to do special gymnastics, to take food, easily emptying the intestines, to give up smoking and taking alcoholic beverages; To ensure the development of a conditioned reflex to the act of defecation (to defecate in the same morning time).

How to treat constipation at home with folk remedies

Rare (casual) constipation can be easily treated with home remedies. This is most often laxatives: Glauber's salt and castor oil (castor oil). Unfortunately, these centuries-old drugs are used less and less often.

Castor oil (one tablespoon) can be consumed in hot coffee. With this diagnosis, like indigestion, patients are advised to take up to meals three times a day for 1 tsp. powder of wild carrots.

Other effective measures to combat constipation

1. Drink on an empty stomach daily for half an hour before breakfast, one glass of water at room temperature. Many patients drink warm water, although this is incorrect - in this case, water without the proper effect is very quickly absorbed by the cells of the intestine.

2. Eat two unpurified apples on an empty stomach. In addition to improving intestinal peristalsis, this method removes toxins and wastes from the body due to active substances - pectins.

3. Orange is an excellent remedy for constipation. Before going to bed, in order to normalize the excrement, eat one orange.

4. Drink every morning one glass of rosehip.

5. Alexandrian leaf (Senna) from constipation. Stimulates the intestinal peristalsis and softens the stool masses. For the preparation of this herb, insist twenty minutes 1 tablespoon. leaves in a glass of steep boiling water.

Another, more effective infusion: leave overnight the grass, flooded in the same volume with water at room temperature. In the morning before breakfast, drink half a glass, the remaining infusion - in forty minutes after breakfast.

6. Exercises to combat constipation. Waking up in the morning, lying in bed, raise and lower the upper half of the body 20-30 times. After that, stand on the floor, lay your hands on your hips and make squats exactly as much as you can. Keep in the down position for 3-5 seconds. Your intestines will begin to work to remove stool.

7. Treatment of constipation with oily enemas. At night, let go into the rectum through the anus one tablespoon of any vegetable unrefined oil. The oil must remain inside until morning. This method is useful for people who have feces looking like sheep's nuts.

8. How to treat constipation by eating certain types of food. Salty dishes and salt, cold drinks, ice cream and kvass increase peristalsis of the intestines, preventing the development of constipation.

The same action is rendered by tomatoes, bees honey. sorrel, milk sugar, black currant. sugary substances (only not flour), apricots, rough vegetable food, cherries. rye bread, fruit (especially plums), fruit with peel, buckwheat porridge, coarse vegetables (beets and cabbage).

Drinks: white homemade grape wine yogurt and koumiss.

Attention! Discard the following foods that weaken peristalsis and cause constipation. These are all sinewy varieties of meat, any hot drink (water, tea and coffee), red wine and cocoa, which contain astringent tannin.

9. A good way to deal with constipation. Drink a volley before going to bed a mixture consisting of a glass of yogurt (curdled milk) and one tablespoon of sunflower or olive oil.

10. We treat constipation with cucumber brine. Drink daily for seven days for half a glass at night.

11. Treatment of prolonged constipation with freshly squeezed beet juice. Drink one glass of juice, diluted in half with boiled water, even better - carrot juice. In the morning, do an enema with the same composition.

12. Collection of plants for the treatment of constipation. This included: one part of the flowers of chamomile medicinal. two pieces of jostler fruit. Infuse 20 minutes 2 tablespoons. mixture in a half-liter of boiling water, do not forget to filter. Drink up to the meal three times a day for half a glass. In addition to a laxative, the remedy has an antimicrobial, carminative, analgesic effect (this is especially useful when the stomach is puffing with gases).

13. How to apply for constipation bran. Pour 2 tbsp. wheat bran one glass of hot milk, leave to infuse for 40 minutes, wrapped in a warm scarf; you can also cook the mixture for 10 minutes over low heat. Drink thirty days in the morning and before going to bed for half a glass of infusion (decoction).

Heal for health, and God give you!



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