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Bowel adhesions

Spikes # 8212; the formation of additional tissues between organs, in most cases occur as a result of inflammation.

You can determine the presence of adhesive process in different ways. The most ineffective is X-ray. With this survey, intestinal adhesions can only be assumed. If the doctor has any doubts in the diagnosis, he will send the patient to a further examination in conditions of artificial pneumoperitoneum. With such an investigation, it is possible to detect adhesions only if they are located between the anterior abdominal wall and the intestine. The most optimal method for determining the presence of intestinal adhesions is irrigoscopy.

During the study, the patient needs to change position, and also it is necessary to take into account palpation.

Causes of intestinal adhesions

The cause of the formation of intestinal adhesions is most often malnutrition. People with a high predisposition to the formation of intestinal adhesions should abandon products that cause increased gas produ

ction, and it is very important not to overeat or starve. The optimal solution: adherence to a diet that is based on products with a low content of coarse fiber, it is excellent if the diet consists of liquid dishes, that is, to eat dry - it is unacceptable! You need to eat food often (6-7 times), but in small portions.

Most often, adhesive processes occur in the caecum. It is able to change its shape, down to an angular inflection, and also to change its position, that is, it is easy to move to the upper part of the abdominal cavity or to the organs of the small pelvis.

The adhesion process can begin to progress not only due to inflammation, but also after surgical interventions. Optionally, the time interval should be short, it happens, the adhesions appear even after years of operational manipulation. An important role in this is the predisposition to the formation of adhesions.

Symptoms of intestinal adhesions

The first signal is pain.

The nature of the pain: most often cramping, but can be any.

Area: the place of formation of intestinal obstruction. Next - the pain covers the entire abdomen.Accompanying symptoms of intestinal adhesions.
  • constipation,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • increased gas formation,
  • irritability,
  • sharp weight loss.

With advanced disease, problems can arise from the cardiovascular system. Physical stress can cause seizures.

Adhesion of the intestine is dangerousm, that there is a concrete barrier to the progress of food. The wall of the intestine can be necrotic, which promotes the formation of an inflammatory process (peritonitis).

Unfortunately, in the presence of adhesive process, it is rarely possible to do without surgical intervention, therefore, when there are concerns, it is worthwhile to see a doctor and undergo a survey. Often, treatment of intestinal adhesions # 8212; This operation, but it is also possible to overcomeintestinal adhesions with folk remedies .

The patient must adhere to proper nutrition, exclude from his diet milk, cabbage, soy products, that is, something that contributes to increased gas production.

Unfortunately, the adhesion disease is often chronic.

Prevention of intestinal adhesions after surgery

  • Already on the second day after the operation, the patient periodically needs to make turns from one side to the other.
  • Performing deep breaths and exhalations.
  • Slopes and turns of the trunk. These exercises are not done immediately, it is important to take into account the patient's condition and the process of wound healing.
  • Food. Food should be more liquid, meals should be frequent, and portions - small.

The above tips do not give a 100% guarantee of prevention of adhesions, but can significantly reduce the risk of adhesions. Exercises must be agreed with the doctor, since their implementation is permitted depending on the general condition of the patient.


How to treat intestinal adhesions

Adhesive disease is a chronic disease that periodically makes itself felt. Treat spikesintestinesstart with proper nutrition. Therefore, carefully watch the foods that you eat. You can not eat food that contributes to bloating - grapes, soy products, milk, cabbage. The food should be regular, but in small portions.

If constipation occurs, use light laxatives, workintestinesnormalizes and the pain will go away. Perfectly suitable Guttalaks - it is prescribed even for pregnant women, Regulax, Slabilen.

Sometimes the treatment of adhesions has to be done through surgery. The decision about the operation is made by the attending physician.

If you have a sudden attack, immediately call for an ambulance. No independent treatment. This can lead to tragic consequences. Especially dangerous is the condition for expectant mothers.

At an early stage of the disease, treat spikesintestinescan be popular methods. A great helper in the prevention and treatment of adhesions will be the seed of flax. Take two tablespoons of the seed, wrap in gauze and dip into boiling water for a few minutes, then squeeze the pouch and attach it to the sore spot. Keep for the night.

For internal reception - as an addition to the main treatment prescribed by the doctor - herbal preparations are useful. Use dried and crushed herb St. John's wort. Pour a few tablespoons of a glass of boiling water, stir the broth for 15 minutes, cool and strain. Divide into three doses and use during the day.

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  • How to treat spikes?

    Spikes are formed between the tissues and internal organs, they consist of scar tissue. If the disease is not detected in time, the adhesive process will lead to a change in the structure of the tissues and abnormalities in the functioning of the internal organs. Therefore, it is timely to approach the issue of how to treat spikes.

    Causes and Symptoms

    Basically, adhesions are formed because of the inflammatory process in the body. They seal the space between the organs and prevent infection from entering into other organs.

    Spikes can be formed in people of different ages. They are especially dangerous for the health of children, as the body of the child is still growing and spikes can disrupt the growth of organs and lead to serious violations.

    Sometimes this disease is completely asymptomatic. But in most cases, it is characterized by pain in the field of their education.

    Most often there are spikes in the fallopian tubes (cause infertility), adhesions of the pleura of the lungs (make breathing difficult). Even the most frivolous symptoms (bloating, constipation) can talk about the presence of an adhesion process in the intestine.

    Treatment of adhesions

    We will tell you how to treat pelvic adhesions. How to treat the disease in an already neglected state? Methods of treatment of adhesions:

    1. operative - laparoscopy with dissection of adhesions;
    2. conservative - drugs and physical therapy.

    With the problem of how to treat spikes in the fallopian tubes, lungs, intestines, you can turn to the osteopathic center. It happens that the use of manual influence on anatomical structures helps to recover without carrying out an operation.

    Prevention of adhesions

    Spikes can form after a caesarean section and capture the intestine, bladder. Normally, after carrying out any surgical interventions, the body itself starts an adhesion process to make the tissues heal. But sometimes the restored organ continues to fuse with neighboring organs and tissues. Then you can talk about adhesions.

    How to treat spikes after surgery? This problem interests all who are concerned about pain - the main signs of adhesive process. After surgery for the prevention of adhesions, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs is recommended. It is also desirable to lead an active lifestyle, rather than sit in one place. When we move, the internal organs also come in a small movement, which does not allow them to grow together.

    The way to treat ovarian adhesions is to perform physiotherapy procedures. Thanks to them, the adhesions become thinner, the work of the pelvic organs improves and the pain decreases.

    How to treat intestinal adhesions? To begin with it is necessary to consult a doctor not to start the disease and not get complications.

    In case of an adhesive disease, injections of aloe and vitamins are prescribed. And when the inflammatory process has decreased, electrophoresis is carried out with magnesium, calcium and zinc. This procedure is completely painless.

    The use of laparoscopy

    Laparoscopy is used when the disease is in a neglected state. It is prescribed in cases when medical and physiotherapy treatment can not completely cure organs from adhesions.

    The essence of the operation is that the doctor does not make large incisions, but penetrates the body through several small incisions. With the help of a microscopic camera, the whole course of the operation, which is carried out inside, can be monitored on the screen in the operating room. To prevent the appearance of new adhesions after laparoscopy, physiotherapy is prescribed.

    Folk remedies

    In addition to medicamental and physiotherapeutic treatment, you can also use traditional medicine. Here are a few recipes, how to treat spikes with folk remedies. So, for example, you can take a seed of flax (2 tbsp. l.), wrap it in cheesecloth and put it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Cool to room temperature without removing from this water. Next, gauze should be wrung out and applied to a sore spot at night. It is recommended to carry out this procedure twice a week. The course of treatment you determine yourself depending on the speed of recovery.

    To treat the adhesions of the appendages, you can use infusion from the root of the badan. Infusion from it is done by douching, and also it is taken inside. Infusion is made from 60 g. chopped root of banyan and 350 g. warm water. He is allowed to brew for half a day, then filter. Store in the refrigerator. Inside take for three days for 3 hours. l. three times a day. Douching is done in the morning and evening.

    What happens if you do not treat spikes?

    If the spikes of the appendages of the uterus are not cured in time, this can lead not only to infertility, but also sex life itself will be deprived of pleasure because of the pain that occurs during proximity.

    The absence of treatment for adhesive adhesion of the intestine can smoothly pass into obstruction, accompanied by exacerbation of the pain syndrome, nausea and vomiting. And to all this, violations can occur in the work of the organs of the entire digestive tract. Therefore, it is necessary to know in a timely manner how to treat spikes, and immediately begin this.

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