To restore flora of the intestine after antibiotics


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The best recipes for the restoration of intestinal microflora.

Restoration of the intestinal microflora by folk remedies is a very effective procedure that can very well be performed at home.

And if you destroy microorganisms living in the intestines is very simple, then their recovery can take a long time, writes Chronicle.Info with reference to healthinfo.

A variety of causes and factors can damage microorganisms. First, to destroy the flora of the intestine can various congenital ailments, which lead to a lack (or overabundance) of the enzyme. Secondly, the flora can be destroyed by taking medication (for example, antibiotics), as well as due to malnutrition, various infections and excess alcoholic beverages. In addition, radiation of all kinds (including X-rays) can kill the intestinal flora.
Therefore, the restoration of the intestinal microflora with folk remedies is extremely important, since human health depends on this

. Fortunately there is a huge amount of medicinal herbs that will help to solve this problem.

So in particular, in order to quickly restore the intestinal microflora, you can make a sweet and useful mixture. This mixture is made of honey, dried apricots and prunes. Solid ingredients must be crushed with a blender or meat grinder, and then mixed with honey. Use this mixture should be one tablespoon per day.

Restoration of the intestinal microflora by folk remedies can be carried out with the help of classical groats. For example, porridge from oatcakes or buckwheat, eaten at breakfast, is very helpful. It will not be superfluous to add to the cereal quality prunes.

Also, the compote of dried fruits helps very well to restore the microflora. For dinner, add a vinaigrette or any other salad of beetroot. Drink tea with a slice of lemon, every day, eat 2 cloves of garlic to kill the evil bacteria.

Of course, the optimal option will be to use various dairy products, such as kefir and cottage cheese. There are them without restrictions, as these products bring the body exceptionally good. The reception of koumiss or ryazhenka (up to two glasses a day) is quite effective.

Restoration of the intestinal microflora by folk remedies can be carried out with the help of the root of a bloodlet. To do this, you need 200 grams of the root of the buglet, pour a glass of water and leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth should be taken five to six times a day, one tablespoon. Such treatment should be spent at least a month.

You can also prepare an excellent recipe from four teaspoons of dill seeds. Seeds of dill need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. After this, the infusion should be taken every two hours.

Plantain with a root of aira is a great way to restore the flora of the intestine. As in previous cases, 2 hours of a mixture of medicinal herbs are poured over with boiling water and insist half an hour, after which take for ten days of 50 milliliters for half an hour before each food intake.

Restoration of intestinal microflora after antibiotic braug. This is the most that neither is a national recipe. In half a liter of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of honey and sugar and about 2 g of yeast. All carefully mix and leave to wander to the steam clock in a warm place. Longer it does not cost, otherwise it will turn out to be a drunken brag. Drink should be immediately all at once in one gulp. Drink on time exactly between meals. This will be 2 mugs per day. By this means, you immediately enter into the intestine fermenting microorganisms, thereby restoring its normal functioning.

Also remember all the sour berries, such as cranberries, and rose hips are a very good medicine to restore the intestinal microflora. Eat them daily and you will be fine.

It is no secret to anyone that pumpkin seeds are good at cleaning the intestines of parasites. Strengthen their effect with such a recipe: in equal amounts, grind in a blender pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts. 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder, stir in half a glass of boiled water and drink. The course of reception 2 times a day for 10 days.

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It is worth noting that the restoration of the flora of the intestine is a procedure that requires patience and painstaking work. For a complete cure, you need to take medicinal herbs for at least ten days and you can not ignore the diet.

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How to restore the intestinal microflora after antibiotics

A certain number of living beneficial bacteria contain lactic acid products - those that do not contain preservatives. It is not difficult to recognize them - as a rule, the shelf life of kefir, yogurt and similar drinks does not exceed 7 days. Drink at least 1 glass of this product 2 times a day. You can prepare your "elixir" to restore the intestinal microflora. To do this, take a half-liter of kefir or any other fermented milk product, add two cloves of garlic, one teaspoon of leaves of a dry grass of a camomile and a St. John's wort, some branches of a dry or fresh dill and all stir. Then pour the resulting mixture with boiling water to a volume of one liter and hold for 20 minutes. Drain the strained solution one glass a day twice a day.

Good help to restore the normal composition of the intestinal microflora infusions of herbs. The most effective of these compounds is a mixture of sage, St. John's wort and tansy. To prepare this infusion, take one teaspoon of St. John's wort and half teaspoon of tansy and sage grass. Blend a mixture of these herbs with a glass of boiling water and leave for 2 hours, then strain. You need to use this infusion at least twice a day.

If infusions of medicinal herbs and lactic acid products do not help and you are still concerned about the symptoms of dysbiosis - bloating stomach, heaviness after eating and stool disorder, start taking medications containing lacto acido and bifidobacteria. These drugs are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, in the form of solutions or in powders. In order to correctly fill the deficiency of the necessary bacteria, first give tests for the composition of the intestinal flora. Then start taking the drugs with exactly the bacteria that were most affected by antibacterial therapy.

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  • Man is the embodiment of what he uses for food. Diversity of diet, lifestyle, scope of activities, quality of life - all this determines the living creature that lives in the intestine. These tiny organisms help the food to digest, pre-splitting it and preparing for absorption into the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, even the most nondescript factors can break this frail system of mutual work of the organism and bacteria. It is more difficult then to restore a healthy microflora, than to do much harm. That is why it is so important to know all sorts of means and techniques how to restore the intestinal microflora at home, using simple natural products and herbs.

    What can harm the normal operation of the intestine

    In the intestine, many different types of bacteria can live, feed and reproduce, responsible for their work on food. Some scientists have about 500 species, others number in the thousands.

    The child already in the first years of life during the period of illness begins to take a lot of medications, without which it is impossible to cure today. The constant influence of drugs, especially antibiotics, destroys the beneficial microflora of the intestine at all, that requires the adoption of measures for the resumption of GIT and saturation of the intestines with beneficial bacteria, eliminating pathogenic organisms. Also destroy useful bacteria, alcoholic beverages, malnutrition, the presence of infections. Enzymes in the intestine die under the influence of contaminated foods and water, if there are congenital diseases, if a person is a carrier of infections. Also damaging to the environment, ecology, the multiple effects of X-rays do not benefit useful microflora in the intestine.

    How to restore the intestinal microflora without taking medications, folk remedies and recipes will help, which we will consider in more detail.

    How to restore the flora of the intestines with folk remedies

    Recipe # 1

    And a sweet and useful mixture of prunes, dried apricots and honey will be able to work in the intestines. Components are crushed with a knife, in a meat grinder or in a blender. Combine crushed dried apricots and prunes, pour honey (liquid) and mix. In a day, take one tablespoon of this mixture. Do not expect that on the first day everything will be fine, only after some long time, taking this sweet mixture will help restore the microflora.

    Recipe # 2

    There is nothing to invent a bicycle again, even ordinary groats will help to solve the problem with the intestines. The reception of Herculean porridge in liquid form on an empty stomach or buckwheat cereal at breakfast can gradually bring to normal all the work of the digestive tract, including the stomach.

    It is useful to porridges to add dried apricots or prunes, apples. You can drink with a knot, it also supports the vital activity of the beneficial bacteria in the norm. Lunch can be diversified by beetroot, which not only helps to improve the functioning of the intestines, but also displays toxins and toxins without problems and difficulties. Eat a couple cloves of garlic every day and drink tea with lemon. Garlic will relieve the intestines from harmful microorganisms, parasites.

    Recipe # 3

    Use if not constantly, at least several times a week, dairy products based on natural milk, in simple words, sour milk and cottage cheese. You can also drink fermented baked milk, 2 glasses a day will be useful for the intestines.

    Recipe # 4

    How to restore the intestinal microflora with folk remedies using the roots of a blood-groove medicinal, even our grandmothers will tell. Root the blood-groove (200 g) pour one cup of boiled water, cook the mixture for 20 minutes (over low heat). Decoction from the root to cool and drain. Take up to 6 times a day on a tablespoon. To consume at least a month.

    Recipe No.5

    To small children, if the tummy swells up, mothers prepare a decoction of dill seeds. This ancient as a world recipe is respected and is an effective tool. Seeds of dill (4 small spoons) pour boiling water (1 cup) and infuse for 2 hours. Strain and take it every 2 hours on a spoon.

    Recipe No.6

    A mixture of plantain and root of aura is excellent for pain relief and for restoration of intestinal microflora. Grind the root of the calamus and plantain, pour boiled water, insist about 30 minutes. For 10 days, take 50 ml, always 30 minutes before meals.

    Recipe # 7

    We renew the microflora with braga. Half a liter of warm water requires 1 spoon of honey and sugar, plus 2 g of yeast. All the ingredients are mixed, left in a warm and dark place to wander - for 2 hours. If you hold out longer, the braga will become intoxicated. Calculate the time exactly, between meals.

    Recipe # 8

    Use is useful for the intestines of all kinds of acidic berries: cranberries, for example, or dogrose. Daily use of decoction from the hips will satiate your intestines with health.

    Recipe # 9

    Purify the intestines from the parasites will help pumpkin seeds. Seeds chopped in a blender or coffee grinder, in the same volume, grind sunflower seeds and walnuts. 2 spoons of a mixture of seeds and nuts pour a glass of water (boiled) and drink. 2 times a day taken for 10 days.

    To eat unhealthy food and restore the intestinal microflora is more expensive, so strictly follow the regimen of taking the remedy for restore the intestine, eat only useful foods and do not forget that the course of treatment should be at least 10 days.

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