What is the lazy intestine and how to treat it


Lazy Intestines: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Syndrome

Today's times make us live on the run, and sedentary work, lack of physical activity and malnutrition contribute to the fact that more and more people have problems with digestion. One of them is the so-called lazy intestine syndrome, characterized by long and painful constipation, which can complicate the daily life of the body. How to deal with this?

Causes of lazy intestine syndrome

The lazy (sluggish) intestinal syndrome affects people who have a healthy diet and regular high-grade food # 8212; not the strong side of existence.

  • Much more often those who take in the course of the day complain about digestive problemsvery little fluid. and in their diet chronically lacks vegetables and fruits.
  • Lazy intestines are a problem for people after 40-50 years of life (and even more in old age) who do not have practically no physical activity, every day they take medication for pain in the heart or from problems with circulation.
  • It is worth knowing that not
    hing causes liberation of the intestine and, in general, transit through it, as the presence of regular movements in human life.

And here the circle closes. The suspension of the bowel movement leads to insufficient digestion in the intestines, and this, in turn, is the cause of constipation. However, not only lack of stools worsens the digestive system.

  • Some chronic diseases may affect, for example, hypothyroidism.
  • There are cracks in the anus and hemorrhoids.
  • Excess weight, especially in the visceral region, slows the intestinal motility.
  • An important role is played by the stress factor and the lack of the ability to empty the intestines at any time (hard work, lack of toilet in the reach zone).

Symptoms of the lazy bowel

  • Constipation (regular feces retention for at least 2 days);
  • obstructed or incomplete defecation;
  • Hard stool, sometimes scratching the anus until the bleeding from the rectum;
  • flatulence;
  • severity of the digestive tract;
  • bloating;
  • discomfort and pain along the bowels.

What to do with a lazy gut?

Often, having problems with digestion and regular constipation, you consumelaxative teas. thinking that they are the ideal cure for this phenomenon. But they can do more harm to the body than good, because, although they facilitate emptying, their action is temporary, and even more disrupt the digestive system.

It is better to take proven, folk remedies. Treatment will last longer, but will have much longer-term effects.

Observe the appropriate diet

This is the first change in the way of life, to which you need to adapt, wanting to get rid of the lazy intestine syndrome once and for all.

  • Foods rich in fiber. must constantly enter the daily diet and be consumed at every meal.
  • Eat as much as possible products from whole grains, brown rice, cereals, dried fruits (prunes. dried apricots, figs), raw and boiled vegetables and dairy products.

In unsweetened natural yogurt, it is worth adding a few tablespoons of granulated fiber or at least bran. since its high concentrations in the body will help get rid of the accumulation of intestinal contents, but will do it gently, unlike laxatives.

It is very desirable throughout the day to drink compotes of dried fruits, grape or plum juice, rose hip infusion. If there is no gastritis, you can drink kvass or mineral water.

  • Try to avoid fried and fatty foods with a high degree of processing, semi-finished products, sausages, white bread and various buns, strong tea and coffee, as well as all sorts of sweets.
  • You should take care of regularity and peace of mind while eating. Food in a hurry will not bring the expected effects.

Complex exercises in the lazy gut

Movement # 8212; this is another element that is worth making in everyday life. Physical activity affects the secretion of gastric juices that facilitate digestion, so that the contents of the gastrointestinal tract and moves to the exit.

Humidification of the body

Reception of a large amount of liquid # 8212; this is another rule that must be followed.

Of great importance is the type of drinks that are consumed throughout the day. Instead of sweet carbonated drinks, strong coffee and tea, it is better to drink non-carbonatedwater .

In addition to it you can drink,self-squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables, as well as facilitating digestion, a decoction of flaxseed .

Treatment of the lazy bowel

If the change in diet and motor activity did not bring the desired results, then it is worth using the advice of traditional medicine.

  • The intake of any unrefined vegetable oil inside (better than olive oil);
  • helps cabbage pickle;
  • kefir with vegetable oil (5-10 g per glass of liquid) at night;
  • carrot juice # 8212; soft, laxative;
  • infusion of flax seeds. brewed in the evenings.

In severe cases, regular self-massage of the abdomen is shown clockwise, enemas and suppositories with glycerin.

Problems of the lazy intestine can lead to the development of more serious problems. Due to the long accumulation of nutrients in the intestine, they begin to rot and can lead to the development of persistent inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

If, despite the above tips, the problem of lazy intestine does not go away, it is worth asking for a consultation with a gastroenterologist who diagnoses the cause of the ailment and will help in treatment.

All diseases begin with a lazy bowel. Delicate treatment

Russian great physiologist Mechnikov II argued that the human body is aging due to the fact that it is poisoned by putrefactive waste of life, emanating from the intestine. With this statement we have to agree. The bowel should work like a clock and be clean. This can be achieved by observing the ideal nutrition, for most of us, this is unrealistic. What to do in such cases? I know, and I'll try to tell you about it. It is necessary to begin treatment of the lazy intestine.

Many sick people sit on laxative preparations for years. In consequence of this, the intestine ceases to work independently, it becomes lazy. Constant companions of this condition are headaches, bad breath, nervousness, rashes on the skin, hemorrhoids, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, weakened immunity. The older generation is particularly affected by constipation.

The main reasons for the lazy bowel are insufficient intake of clean water and fiber, certain drugs, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, large intervals between meals.

It is worth mentioning that the sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, the inappropriate situations, because of which, people hesitate to go to the toilet, stress, exert a negative influence.

Disease and fever, weakness of the intestinal muscles are also causes of constipation.

In addition, tumors in the intestine and diverticulitis lead to laziness of the organ. These ailments are serious, they must be treated.

Lazy intestine is not considered an independent disease, it is primarily a symptom of an incorrect lifestyle and the consequence of certain diseases.

Any of us can take care of the purity of our body, but not everyone thinks about it.

Let's clarify what is # 17; The green intestine # 187 ;?

This is a slow and insufficient emptying of the body. Some people go to the toilet several times a day, others once. Such an amount is considered normal. Constipation is characterized not by the frequency of the stool, but by a feeling of incomplete emptying, discomfort. If this condition lasts more than three months, then it is a question of constipation, which must be treated. Treatment should begin with self-monitoring.

The food should be rational, every three hours. Emptying the intestines is promoted by foods with dietary fiber. Eat raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains, black bran bread, dried fruits. Do not forget about fermented milk products and sauerkraut. Juices with pulp, beets, cabbage, mushrooms, cucumbers will benefit.

Emptying delays products such as red wines, repo brewed black tea, mashed porridge, cocoa, rich soups. The lazy intestine begins to work actively, if in the morning to drink a glass of warm water, infusions from corn stigmas, red mountain ash, tansy, calendula, barberry.

Sometimes for treatment it is useful to drink tea on herbs with xylitol and sorbitol. If you perform such treatment for 3-5 consecutive days, the intestine begins to decrease actively. These techniques will allow the body to tune in to the right job. After that arrange a break for 7-10 days.

In the evening, it is recommended to drink curdled milk or kefir with vegetable oil. You can cook homemade kefir for yourself.

Do not forget about the required physical exertion. Still doctors recommend more laugh. It is useful to laugh so that the abdominal muscles are involved.

Earlier, physicians of the older generation necessarily began examining the tongue, the mucous membranes of the eyes, always asked about the stool. Now it is rare and doctors, and the patients themselves remember about the intestines, and these are the first signs for ill health.

Try to prepare for the treatment of lazy intestine such a mixture:

Cook on 100 gr. prunes, raisins and senna leaves, turn through a meat grinder. Mix, add to 100 gr. olive oil and honey. Stir again. Before going to bed, take 1 teaspoonful, washing it with water.

Such a mixture will help purify the stale remains in the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes I cook an amazing mixture for dinner, it is tasty and nutritious. Taking it, you will forget about the lazy intestines and constipation.

I take 2 tbsp each. spoons of oatmeal, honey and water. I add lemon juice and two grated apples.

From time to time arrange herbal treatment. For these purposes, fit plantain, wormwood, flax seeds, dandelion, yarrow, buckthorn. These herbs remove the remnants of food, deposits of mold, mucus, harmful bacteria. But all this poisons the body! Herbs for treatment are brewed like tea, taken on an empty stomach, in the morning and before bedtime.

The most difficult thing is to clean the small intestine. For treatment, it is necessary to use proven plants. Good for treatment suits calendula:

Add 1 tablespoon to a glass of boiling water. spoon of calendula. Drink with food, 1/3 cup. Apply infusion several times a year, in order to keep the intestines clean.

Such treatment of a lazy intestine will help the body forget about constipation, improve the condition. You will forget about your suffering. After some time, the work of the lazy intestine will recover completely. The proposed treatment regimens have been tried many times. Your body will be clean, it will have a useful microflora, dangerous putrefactive processes will disappear! Take care of yourself and your health!

I recommend to see valuable advice on nutrition and very simple morning exercises.

The whole truth about the manifestation and solution of the problem of the lazy intestine

Methods of treatment of this pathology

Certainly, any disease is best prevented, rather than later treated. There are many methods for fighting this disease.

But, strangely enough, the treatment is complex, it is enriched by a number of physical exercises, and is also associated with the human diet.

Recommended exercise

  1. The patient is placed on a firm surface, on his back and alternately raises his right and left legs to a 90 degree angle. Exercise is done 10 times per leg in 3 sets.
  2. Continuing to lie on her back, the patient pulls both legs to her stomach. This exercise is performed 5 times in 3 approaches.

  • From the sitting position, the patient must reach his toes on his legs, without bending his knees. The exercise is performed 10 times in 2 approaches.
  • Lying on the back, it is necessary to raise both feet to a 45 degree angle and perform rotational movements in a circle. The exercise is performed 3 times in 3 doses.
  • Lying on your side, lift your leg up, and then lower and bend under you. This exercise must be performed 10 times. Then turn over and repeat the procedure for the other leg.
  • Do not despair, if something did not work out right away, in this case physical training of a person may still be affected. Do the exercises in the amount that can be done, gradually bringing to normal.

    The desired diet

    One of the most important moments of healthy bowel work is compliance with diet and diet.

    When there are constipation in a person, he needs some time to observe a diet:

    1. Necessarily in your diet should include foods that contain fiber (their presence should be at every meal).
    2. It is better to give preference to products from whole grains.
    3. Drinking dried fruits, namely dried apricots and prunes.
    4. Vegetables are best used in raw or boiled form.
    5. Avoid fried and smoked food.
    6. For the period of a diet, it is best to give up bakery products of the highest grade. You can eat rye bread or bran.
    7. Do not abuse strong tea or coffee. At best, their reception is possible without sugar.
    8. During eating, you need to monitor its thorough chewing. Hurry should not be, otherwise the feeling of heaviness in the stomach is assured.

    Folk remedies for healthy bowel movements

    If the complex of physical exercises did not help, and the diet was ineffective, there is an opportunity to seek help from traditional medicine.

    Traditional medicine makes it possible to conduct a course of treatment for the lazy intestine at home, without abusing medicines.

    How to make the lazy intestine work independently?

    1. Aloe and honey. In preheated honey, it is necessary to place crushed aloe, cover and let stand for 8 hours. Then again, heat the mixture to 40 degrees and take 1 tablespoon an hour before meals.
    2. Potato juice. In the morning, prepare the juice from the raw tubers of potatoes. Take immediately after cooking 1/3 cups on an empty stomach.
    3. Leaf green tea. To treat this tool is necessary just leaf tea. It should be ground in a coffee grinder and take in dry form for ½ teaspoon 4 times a day for half an hour before the main meal.
    4. Flax seed. 1 teaspoon of flax seed is brewed half a cup of boiling water, covered with a lid and stands for 5 hours. This solution must be drunk, and the seeds should be eaten before bedtime.
    5. Beetroot and carrot juice. In the morning before a meal, one glass of freshly prepared juice from beets and carrots should be taken. The percentage of ingredients is determined by the patient's taste preferences.

    The best articles on the site:

    Drug treatment of the disease

    If all of the above methods do not give the desired results in the treatment of this disease, thenit is necessary to see a doctor for a complete examination and prescription of medications.

    The doctor may prescribe treatment with enzyme preparations or laxatives.

    In cases of treatment with laxatives such as:

    Treatment with enzyme preparations is performed with acute or chronic development of intestinal disease.

    Very rarely, in cases of neglected disease, surgical intervention can be indicated as a treatment.

    Watch your health and health of loved ones!

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