How to treat the intestines from constipation in the home


Constipation treatment | What to do with constipation at home

Side effects of laxatives in the therapy of constipation

Laxatives are absolutely contraindicated for constipation of alimentary origin, that is, due to the peculiarities of nutrition. They are not shown when also in the treatment of so-called dyskinetic constipation caused by enhancement or weakening of the motor activity of the intestine as a result of psychogenic or other nervous effects.

The side effects of laxatives in the treatment of constipation include:

allergic reactions (medicinal rash, drug shock, a syndrome resembling lupus erythematosus);

drug diarrhea with various metabolic disorders (loss of potassium, sodium, kidney damage, changes in the electrocardiogram);

disorders of the small intestine with disorders of absorption, colitis;

melanosis of the colon (deposition of melanin pigment in the colon with disorders of its function);

cancer of various parts of the gastrointestinal tract (with long-term use of vaseline oil inside);

itching in the anus.

Most adverse reactions occur with prolonged, long-term abuse of laxatives.

Cleansing enema in the treatment of constipation

It should be avoided in the treatment of constipation of frequent use of cleansing enemas, but in cases where other methods can not achieve emptying of the intestine and there is a pronounced bloating, especially accompanied by pain, they must be periodically assign.

Enemas in the treatment of constipation in the home are very effective at first, but with prolonged addiction to them, accompanied by a complete loss of independent urges to defecation.

How to make an enema?

Cleansing enemas from, up to 1 liter of liquid temperature of 22-23 ° C are made with constipation from boiled water, weak solutions of chamomile (brew chamomile from calculating 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water), emulsion cleansing enemas with the addition of 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, mixed with1 / 4a teaspoon of baking soda.

Siphon lavage of the intestine - in total it is necessary, -3 l of lukewarm water or a weak solution of chamomile, and in the conditions of the resort - from mineral water, administered in 3-4 divided doses).

Suction enemas are made with a constipation of up to 100-150 ml. They are designed for the subsequent action, made from preheated vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, linseed), 10% solution of sodium chloride or magnesium sulfate (hypertensive enemas), glycerin (1 dining room a spoon). In many patients, a glycerin suppository gives a good reflex to emptying the intestine.

Why does constipation occur in adults?

But before you deal with this ailment, the first thing to do in case of constipation is to understand what constitutes a strong constipation in adults and, as a result, it arises.

So, constipation is a problem with the emptying of the intestines, due to which it can not defecate for several days.

In most cases, strong constipation is the result of softening of intestinal peristalsis, which in turn appears due to weakening of the musculature of the intestine.

Reduction in the tone of the muscles of the intestine and the abdominal cavity can arise as a result of the general weak state of the body. In addition, any muscle weakness, including weakness of the intestinal muscles, can appear as a consequence of adynamia and a weakened load on the human muscular apparatus.

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Treatment of constipation at home is quick: how to fight and by what means

According to medical research, every person suffers from constipation 1-2 times a minimum every year. At the same time, 15% of the population of our country suffers from chronic constipation (that is, when difficulties with defecation do not stop for more than three months). Only a third of patients treat their problem with a doctor, most of them are engaged in self-medication.

Treatment of constipation at home is not a serious crime before your health. Acute sudden seizures can be tried to eliminate yourself (this is a chronic constipation itself is not recommended to treat). Now we will talk about how to get rid of constipation at home - we will analyze the most effective and quick-acting drugs and will make an overview of popular folk remedies problems with the stomach.

Emergency medication

How to cope with constipation? There are two main methods - to take a laxative drug or to make at home herbal infusion or decoction. First, consider the first option, since the drugs make the intestine work more efficiently and act faster.

At once we will specify: laxatives are not capable completely to cure an intestine. They struggle with the symptom of constipation - they help to empty the intestines. But laxatives do not affect the cause of the disease.

When taking laxatives, you need to be careful and know how to deal with constipation with medication. There are some rules for using this category of medications. It should be remembered that:

  1. Laxatives can cause addiction. If you take the medication regularly (more than 2 weeks), the constipation will quickly return immediately after the end of the drug - and they will be much stronger than before. Soon the second phase of getting used to the laxative will begin: the body adapts and stops reacting - the constipation will not pass, even if you take the medicine more often.
  2. Laxatives are different and not all help in a particular situation. If the tablet, candle, potion with the drug did not help within 10-12 hours (this is the average time for laxatives), then you should try another method of treatment.

Let's analyze the basic laxatives that can be taken at home:

Folk methods

decoctions from constipation

There are several popular methods of treating constipation - from natural ingredients you can make broths and tinctures at home, normalizing the work of the intestines. The natural composition makes such products safer compared to synthetic drugs. But the effect of natural preparations cooked at home will be much weaker - they will not help if you need to urgently remove constipation.

Herbal remedies prepared according to folk recipes have a deferred effect and they should be taken at a rate (at least 2-3 times a day with a break in a couple of hours). The funds do not start to operate very quickly, the condition improves gradually.

Here are a few options, how to make a herbal remedy and how to get rid of constipation at home:

  1. Mix the juice of aloe with honey in a ratio of 1 to 4. Take one tablespoon every hour.
  2. Brew in a glass of hot water two teaspoons of flaxseed. Leave for 6-7 hours. Drink the resulting tea along with the seeds.
  3. Make an infusion of dandelion, helping to fight with constipation. To do this, take two tablespoons of roots and dandelion leaves, pour two cups of boiling water. Leave in a dark cool place for 8-10 hours. It is taken every morning for half an hour before breakfast.
  4. One and a half tablespoons of fresh or dried nettle pour three cups of boiled water. Leave to insist for a day. Take the resulting nettle infusion for the next day every two hours (half a cup).
  5. One tablespoon of castor oil mixed with a tablespoon of honey and one egg yolk. Dilute with water to make a liquid gruel. Take the resulting mixture should be one spoon every two hours.

Natural remedies and laxatives help to quickly normalize the stool, but are not the only way to fight the disease. It is important to find out the cause of constipation and eliminate it, otherwise difficulties with defecation will return regularly.

How to get rid of constipation at home using folk remedies

Unfortunately, under the influence of unfavorable environmental conditions, stress, malnutrition and a number of other reasons sooner or later, almost everyone can face problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, many troubles cause constipation in people. Due to the fact that it is very easy to get sick in our technogenic age, and get rid of this or that disease with the help of newfangled medicines it is quite difficult, because in addition to benefits, side effects are also possible, people are increasingly trusting people's ways of solving problems with health.

It is worth noting that this problem is very delicate, for this reason, many people are trying to seek an answer to the question of how to get rid of constipation at home by folk remedies on the Web. But, as you know, before you find a tool that will help you, it will pass a certain a period of time, because you can learn about its effectiveness or inaction only by testing each of them on myself. To facilitate the search for the necessary means, we chose those that were tried by real people, shared their experience with those who continue to seek an answer to the question of how to quickly cure constipation in the home conditions.

Among the healing products that help to fight constipation - berries and inflorescences of plants, broths of all kinds of seeds, as well as infusions of the roots of medicinal herbs.

Traditional medicine - treatment of constipation with herbs

Modern pharmacology offers active remedies based on senna, rhubarb and buckthorn. However, their effect does not always have a rapid effect. As for the decoctions prepared from the above mentioned herbs, they are much faster and have no side effects. These natural medicines have a stimulating and laxative effect on the intestines.

To prepare a medicinal broth from rhubarb, senna or buckthorn, you need to take 20 g of raw material and pour a glass of water. After boiling water continue to cook the grass for another 20 minutes. In the future, you need to add boiled water in the broth to a full glass and take it twice a day, dividing into two equal portions. The remedy should work for 7-8 hours. However, this means should not be taken into account, otherwise, in connection with the habituation of the body, later will have to take a much larger dose of laxative decoction.

To treat herbs with irregular constipation can be more gentle means that up to time was used to achieve completely different goals in the treatment of human organism. Among such means - licorice root, nettle leaves, dandelion root and yarrow. The dandelion root has always been widely used as a choleretic agent, and bile is known to be capable of stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so that this herb can also be used as a laxative facilities. Preparation of infusion begins with the fact that the root of a dandelion, which will need 2 tbsp. l. it is necessary to grind, put in a thermos, pour 400 ml of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 12 hours. Take the drug should be starting in the morning, three times a day for 30 minutes before eating. By the way, instead of the root, you can use the leaves of the plant. You can avoid problems with a stool if you drink infusion from the root or leaves of a dandelion once a day.

Among the benefits of folk remedies for constipation is their one hundred percent efficiency and accessibility for all segments of the population.

It is accepted to take the root of licorice as an expectorant not only for adults, but for children. Also, its use is very effective in the treatment of constipation. 1 tbsp. l. The grass is poured into a glass of boiling water and is infused for about an hour. Drink the remedy with a stool rest on the third part of the glass three times a day.

The nettle leaf has a positive effect on blood coagulability. In addition, it is used to rinse throat when coughing. Preparation of the remedy for constipation from the nettle provides for the use of 2 tbsp. l. herbs and 700 ml of boiling water, with which it is poured. With regular violations of the stool to drink infused for an hour a leaf of nettle is recommended to 5-6 times a day, dividing the previously prepared product into equal parts.

A good laxative effect is known to all the chamomile pharmacy. It has an antispasmodic effect.

Home remedies against constipation

But it is not acceptable for everyone to take laxative decoctions and infusions from the leaves and roots of plants due to the usual intolerance. Fortunately, laxative effect is not only herbs, but also some berries, including rowan, cowberry, gooseberry and some others.

Home remedy for constipation, made from red ashberry, must be taken in the morning, before breakfast, and it is prepared as follows: berries are filled with sugar and stay in it for about a month. After 4 weeks, the berries should be removed from the syrup and squeezed. As a laxative, it is necessary to use a syrup, in which alcohol is added at the rate of 50 ml of the latter per 1 liter of syrup. This remedy also works great for regular problems with stools. The drug should be drunk 1 time in the morning, previously diluted with water.

Solve the problem of constipation by preparing a decoction of gooseberry. To do this, you need berries, which should be cooked for about 10 minutes. For 1 tbsp. l. Berries need to prepare 200 ml of water. To drink a remedy, cooked by yourself should be a quarter of a cup every day 1 time per day.

Cranberry infusion perfectly copes with constipation. To prepare a home laxative from this berry is necessary as follows. Cowberry put in a jar and add the boiled water to it, but not hot. Then the container should be covered with a double layer of food film, so that air does not get into it, put it in a cool place. It is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach in the amount of 200 ml with regular constipation.

How to quickly cure constipation at home?

In this article, the most effective of the existing tools from this delicate problem are presented. When a person regularly suffers from a stool delay, he will certainly be able to prepare in advance a laxative decoction of herbs. But if constipation has occurred as a single case, you can use more practical methods of solving the problem. For example, eat prunes. This product has not only excellent taste qualities, but also it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis. In order to normalize the emptying process, it is necessary to eat 3-5 berries. To avoid constipation, it is enough to eat 2 prunes a day.

Quickly normalize the work of the intestines can be by taking potato juice. It perfectly helps with constipation if you drink it 3-4 times for 100 ml each half an hour before meals. To treat chronic constipation by this remedy follows for two weeks. Potato juice can be alternated with juice squeezed out of radish or beets.

You can adjust the chair by drinking half a cup of pickle with sauerkraut. If the constipation does not pass, repeat the medication every 4-5 hours.

You can treat constipation with sunflower oil. For this it is sufficient to take 1 tbsp. l. means, and as a preventive measure to continue taking oil from three days or more after a normal bowel movement, but now for 1 hour. l.

Whatever means from the presented you have not chosen, be assured that treatment by national means is absolutely safe.



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