How to treat polyps of the intestines at home


Polyps in the intestines: treatment

Polyps in the intestine are quite common, especially in individuals over 40 years of age. These are benign formations that grow from the walls of the intestine and rise above the mucous membrane.

Polyps can be spherical, mushroom-shaped or in the form of branchy growth. To the wall of the intestine is attached with a foot or with a wide base. The consistency of the formation is soft, the surface is covered with mucus, the color is gray-red, dark red or yellowish. In the case of the formation of several polyps, the doctor diagnoses "polyposis of the rectum."

Polyps are dangerous to human health, because they are a precancerous disease and can be transformed into colorectal cancer. Rarely large polyps can cause intestinal obstruction, and a polyp injury can lead to bleeding in the intestine.

Why there are polyps?

A large number of animal fats, fried, especially red meat in combination with a low content useful products: fish, fruits, vegetables, fiber - all this contributes t

o pathological processes in intestines. Shashlik and barbecue are especially harmful for health, since meat cooked on an open fire contains a high amount of carcinogens that promote the development of polyps and cancer cells.

This bad habit threatens not only lung cancer. But it also harms other organs, including the intestines.

  • Alcohol
  • Overweight
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Symptoms of polyps of the rectum

In general, the polyps of the rectum do not manifest themselves in any way. You can detect them accidentally, for example, when examining another disease. If the inflammation joins the polyp or if its integrity is broken, mucus is released in large quantities or bloody diarrhea occurs. A common polyposis can be accompanied by bleeding, frequent stools, mucus secretion. This contributes to the development of anemia and malnutrition. If the polyp is located at the exit of the intestine, it can fall out, give a bleeding, or be infringed in the sphincter.

How to treat polyps in the intestines

Polyps can be removed by colonoscopy, which is performed with the help of cutting tools or a wire electric loop. This method is suitable for a polyp on the stalk, otherwise surgery is performed on the abdominal cavity.

Remote polyps are sent for examination and if they turn out to be malignant, subsequent treatment will be performed by an oncologist. After surgery, the colon should be examined with a colonoscope after one year, and after a certain interval. True, sometimes such a study is impossible because of the narrowed colon, then it is replaced by an x-ray study with barium. If polyps appeared again, then they are removed.

Treatment of polyps in the intestines at home

There are many methods and recipes that relieve polyps in the intestine. Folk ways can be used without leaving home. For example, you can do enemas with celandine. To do this, it is necessary to crush fresh celandine and squeeze out the juice. Do enemas with the resulting juice, while the solution should be kept in the intestine for 20-30 minutes. During the first 20 days for enema use 2 liters of warm water, add to it 1 teaspoon of juice. Do before going to sleep. After a break for 15 days and repeat the course, but now 1 tablespoon of juice for 2 liters of water. Again, take a break and again the same course of 20 enemas with 1 tablespoon of celandine juice for two liters of water. Also polyps of the intestine can be removed with the help of horse radish with honey. Horseradish grate and mix with honey in equal parts, stir. Take 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day.

Despite the effectiveness of these funds, the disease can not be completely cured until the end, therefore it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor.


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Treatment of polyps in the stomach with folk remedies

Usually, treatment is not required for polyps in the stomach, especially if they are not associated with any symptoms and are not of a malignant form. However, there are some simple home remedies that are very effective in eliminating gastric polyps and its causative factors.

Add a tablespoon of turmeric to a glass of warm milk, drink three times a day. Turmeric has strong antimicrobial properties that help fight infection with H. Pylori and, thus, reduces the frequency and size of gastric polyps.

Add a tablespoon of raw honey to a glass of water and drink twice a day. Honey has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and treat hyperplastic polyps of the stomach.

Folk treatment of propolis polyp of the intestine is recommended in two stages, lasting 3 weeks with a break for 7 days. The medicine is prepared as follows:

Melt 100 grams of butter and mix it with 10 grams of propolis powder.

To warm 10 minutes the received consistence on a water bath, and while hot, to filter.

Dilute the teaspoon of the medicine in 200 ml of warm milk and take three times a day one hour before a meal.

Half a teaspoon of soda pour a small amount of boiling water to hissed. Top up the cold water so that the result is 200 ml of a sufficiently warm solution. Drink two three times a day. Necessarily on an empty stomach! Drink either after eating in 2 hours, or if you have not had a meal in 20-30 minutes.

Treatment of polyps in the stomach with folk remedies at home

Doctors prescribe this drug from polyps because the mumiyo promotes active stimulation of the processes regeneration, in addition has a pronounced antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing action. It improves metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background and immunity in general. Correct reception of a mummy at polyps helps to eliminate the causes of the disease.

The mummy should be taken as follows: The gram is dissolved in 200 ml of water and drunk for a month every day.

In the saliva of the leech contains a biologically active substance called "hirudin". Hirudin has an analgesic effect, suppresses pathogenic microorganisms, cleans the body of toxins, activates the immune system.

Usually, this method of treating polyps is actively used during the rehabilitation period, it prevents relapse, stops venous congestion, and adjusts the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Leeches are fixed on biologically active points, sessions of hirudotherapy are exclusively conducted by a physiologist. Self-medication of this folk can be dangerous.

Yes, the usual, chemist's 3% hydrogen peroxide is able to get rid of this method. The bottom line is that when hydrogen peroxide enters the body, it is split into water and atomic oxygen. This is where the body's treatment begins thanks to atomic oxygen. As the father of this technique, Neumyvakin advises taking peroxide in the following way:for each glass of water you need to pour one teaspoon peroxide. And water a day a person should drink about a liter.

You need to take a tablespoon of dry celandine pour a half liter of boiling water. Close tightly and wrap it in for two hours. Take 1 tablespoon four times a day. Course 1 month.

Massage of internal organs, correction of internal organs or visceral massage of the abdomen - call it whatever you want. But this miracle means adjusts the entire body like a clock. For treatment with this method, the stomach should be pressed under certain angles with a certain sequence and angles. In order to carry out the treatment, find a specialist in your city, or learn the method yourself.

Take 50 grams of needles and pour half a liter of vodka. The contents should be shaken from time to time. One teaspoon of the drug is diluted with a little water and taken every morning on an empty stomach. Drink the solution for 30 days, then take a break, again for 30 days, and repeat the course again.

Tincture of propolis, shells of pine nuts, root of cinquefoil, celandine, honey and aloe juice

The man found in the HLS a prescription for a polypous anacid warty gastritis. He prepared an alcoholic tincture of propolis, a shell of pine nuts, a root of a cotton seed, a herb of celandine, honey and aloe juice and continued treatment. Took 1 tbsp each. l. 30 minutes before meals. When I drank 500 g of money, I went back to the examination # 8212; neither polyps nor gastritis were found. A year later the polyp appeared again, the man drank another portion of the composition # 8212; 500 ml, 7 years have passed since then, the disease did not return. (HLS of the Year, No.4, p. 34)

When treating polyps of the stomach should stop taking the following food:

  • acid # 8212; dairy
  • White bread
  • granulated sugar
  • bakery products

The body should not be supersaturated with protein food, so it is recommended not to mix animal protein and bread or other starch-containing foods. Exclude from the diet refined and canned food, as well as non-natural products with flavors, substitutes and dyes.

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Polyps in the Bowel: Symptoms Treatment with Folk Remedies

How to recognize and treat polyps in the intestines

Often you can hear a smart advice about an immediate appointment to a doctor for timely diagnosis, but, alas, we are wasting time, counting on the fact that everything itself will pass. For the timely recognition of signs of going to the doctor, we will consider such a disease as polyps in the intestines, as well as methods of their treatment with folk remedies.

What are polyps, their first signs

Most people may not be aware of the presence of any disease, although the body often gives signals in the form of light pain symptoms, digestive disorders, predisposition to SARS, and much other.

Polyps in the intestine - this is the most insidious disease, the development of which does not manifest itself and only after the lapse time can discover themselves and, as a rule, tend to be reborn from benign tumors in malignant. The statistics says that the age of the majority of the diseased has exceeded 40 years.

Causes of the disease

The polyp is most often attached to the walls of the intestine of the lower intestine and can also have a leg and be attached with it.

We list the following reasons that contribute to their appearance polyps in the intestinal wall:
  1. lack of vitamins and trace elements (seafood, fruits and vegetables, containing fiber and much more) contributes to the disease;
  2. frequent inflammatory bowel movements due to improper diet, hygienic behavior;
  3. harmful food, which contains a huge number of carcinogens;
  4. bad habits (alcohol, nicotine, etc.).

Symptoms of the disease

As already mentioned, the polyps are very difficult to detect due to the absence of obvious symptoms, so we will consider the symptoms presumed on them.

  1. periodic spasmodic pain in the abdomen;
  2. asymptomatic diarrhea or constipation (may be with blood, since polyps can be injured due to stool);
  3. frequent false desires for defecation;
  4. feeling of heaviness in the intestine;
  5. feces with large discharge of mucus;
  6. loss in weight.

These and other symptoms can be signs of other intestinal diseases, in order to identify polyps, it is necessary to undergo hardware diagnostics.

Treatment of polyps

Let's list the existing folk methods of polyps treatment:
  1. tea from the herb of sage - three liters of water is taken 2 tbsp. l. sage, cook for at least 15 minutes. then you can drink in the form of tea (preferably before meals) with honey, sugar for a month;
  2. vodka tincture on Chaga mushroom. Half a liter of vodka is taken 200 g of chaga, insisted in a closed form for a week, then added for 1 hour. l. per liter of enema. The enema should be carried out with care, under the condition of the permission of the attending doctor;
  3. tea from celandine. It takes 1 hour. l. herbs for 250 ml of boiling water, it is insisted, after it is taken before meals for 2 tbsp. l. not less than two months;
  4. it is good to take a fortifying agent from the leaves of aloe. Take juice from the leaves of aloe (2 tbsp. l.), 2 tbsp. l. honey, 10 tablets rastolchennyh tablets calcium gluconate, everything is mixed and taken for 1 hour. l. before meals, until it is over, the procedure can be repeated in a month.




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