Acne from problems with the intestines how to treat


pimples - and all because of the stomach. help is needed

lynxPupil (140), closed 4 years ago

At me already as three years spots. nothing can save. was at the dermatologist - have told or said to drink sulfur. I drank it for 2 months. did not help, and I abandoned the whole thing. in school, because of this, I constantly dunk my face in the mud. MOLE ALL FACE IN THE TONALNIK, etc. I'm already desperate.
for a long time already my mother noticed a terrible smell from my mouth. Then it became clear that everything is bad with the stomach.

I would go to the gastroenterologist. But I was at my grandmother's - in another city, and there I forgot my card.
I'll go there only in November. I really do not know what to do.

Already as that tried or tasted the cosmetician. did cleanings, but all returned unsuccessfully after 2 weeks. My cheeks are almost clean but my forehead and chin are eternal problems

Help please advice how to cure stomach. Something to cleanse.

Oh, yes, just recently I earned and bought myself a darsonv

al - zero effects so far. only slightly dries

Updated 4 years ago

yes after 22 then pass. but I want it now)
then there will be a fight against wrinkles))

AlexArtificial Intelligence (102879) 4 years ago

pass the examination, and the gastroenterologist will prescribe the necessary preparations for you

Elena elEnlightened (44332) 4 years ago

oat porridge in the morning and fruit masks instead of tonic

LiubavaEnlightened (36007) 4 years ago

If you have a transitional age from 13 to 17, up to 22 years - it is difficult to get rid of acne, but you can resort to the efforts of treatment.
After 22 they will pass by themselves.

Oleg PraskovProfi (794) 4 years ago

So, give up on cosmetology.
You need to treat the stomach and intestines. You want to go clean - go and swallow a light bulb. The gastroenterologist will take samples of the walls of the stomach and determine the type of bacteria that live in your stomach. Assign treatment.
Then you should take care of the intestines. The culprit is acne dysbacteriosis. You need to pass the test for dysbacteriosis of the intestine. And only after you get rid of these sores, your pimples will disappear themselves.
Good luck!

Anna PuzyrykovaProfi (961) 4 years ago

the obvious connection of stomach problems and the appearance of acne I do not see. There is a connection between problems with the intestines and the appearance of acne. What is the connection? Sometimes due to certain reasons from the intestine, unfavorable substances are absorbed into the blood, which, as it were, allergize the body to For example, a person has partial lactose intolerance, and its manifestation, in addition to intestinal disorders, may lead to an imbalance in skin. (I explain quite roughly, but close to the truth). There is such a possibility that you consume a product that your intestines do not absorb well, in response to this, toxins are formed that are absorbed into the blood and allergize the body. How to cope with this. One option is treatment of the intestine itself, that is, it normalizes the microflora, a lot of techniques (probiotics, prebiotics), the second option is simply to calculate this product and simply exclude it. the most common is the reaction to lactose, gluten, coffee, chocolate. to stati about chocolate, at the use of all sweet, blood glucose raises, that influences and the raised or increased maintenance or contents glucose in tissues, including the skin, and staphylococcus loves sugar and begins to breed (acne causes staphylococcus and streptococcus). and here's another thing, the more you use tonal cream, the skin will be dirtier, and more pimples

valeslavaEnlightened (23878) 4 years ago

Correctly you prednozhitelno have diagnosed. Stomach, intestines, possibly liver. an accurate diagnosis will be made when you take the card. In the meantime, follow the digestion. (with an Internet friend, look). Control the chair he tells you a lot. Try not to have constipation and a loose stool. Navigate, if possible, to natural foods. Including you advised the porridge. Disassemble it, maybe the doctor will not be needed. Good luck.

anna antonenkoArtificial Intelligence (117749) 4 years ago

Go dear, to the clinic now, the way you will write out the liner in the card, when you bring it - paste it there. And go to the gastroenterologist. Maybe this liver is hurting you. From the pimples you need to observe a diet - as little as possible of fried, sour, salty, spicy, flour, sweet, chocolate, candies, carbonated drinks, especially cola, pepsi, sprite, butter. It is desirable to have more boiled vegetables, meat, cereal soups and cereals, not strongly boiled. Well, fresh fruit and vegetables are also needed. More to be in the air, more to move, swim, run, so that stagnation of bile was not.
The fact is that teenagers and young people continue to grow and form internal organs in different ways, some do not keep up with others, the hormones are boiling, and the liver, the thyroid gland do not have time to put everything in order. Therefore, often there are such troubles as pryshy, acne. as in infants is often observed diathesis, which can not cure anything, but which with age passes by itself.
well and besides, it is necessary to look after a skin if such occurs or happens. To wash with a children's soap, if a skin fat (and if spots on a forehead and a chin, precisely precisely fat). wipe with lotions for oily skin, if you jump acne, do not press, and cauterize with salicylic alcohol (in the pharmacy)
Everything will be fine if you take care of yourself. Good luck!

ewgeny gasnikovArtificial Intelligence (308980) 4 years ago

The main reason for the appearance of acne is excess, in the diet, fats and
carbohydrates (sweets). Their location indicates which organs, in the largest
degree, it affects the accumulation of fats and mucus (carbohydrates-form slime).
Forehead-Bowel Cheeks-Light Nose-Heart
Jaw area and chin-Kidney-Chest-lungs and heart
Shoulders-Gastrointestinal tract Spina-Lung.
WE are what we eat.

A source:Mitio Kusi ** Your body never lies **

Problems with the intestine - acne: a consequence or cause?

The main reasonproblems with the intestines - acne. And the fact that to effectively deal with them, all before you need to localize acne on the face of nature to understand their occurrence. Diseases directly to the skin are not the only reason their appearance. It is the problems with the intestinal appearance that cause this beauty in most cases.

How Acne Symptoms Problems with Intestines

Often we do not explicitly respond to symptoms that signal the onset of the disease. Intestines Diseases usually do not progress, but develop slowly, and accompanying, their symptoms are poorly expressed, we attach importance to them and we do not take any therapeutic or preventive measures. A disease of time develops and takes severe forms, which treatment requires more serious drugs, if than to reveal it to an earlier location. the stage of acne on the face can tell a volume about us, on what part of the intestine is worth paying attention to.

Pimples on the chin - a malfunction in the digestive system.
Acne on the forehead below - the stomach does not function properly, also it is worth paying attention to the pancreas work of the gland and gallbladder.
Pimples of the forehead at the top - the gallbladder brings you.
eyebrows in Acne - the stomach gives a signal that he has a problem with peristalsis.

Nutrition when revealing the intestines with problems, pimples go away forever

We are that, we eat that - this is the main life principle that, a person does not want to have problems with the intestines, Try. pimples to eat only natural so that the products get rid of similar to acne bites on the forehead eat less than flour, fried, and of course no alcohol. Vegetables should be present in the diet large in nutritional amounts. Fiber promotes a good investigative, peristalsis from you forget about pimples on the lips and under which, the nose occurs due to constipation. Water is the main human element in the body. Drink liquid at a large minimum, quantities of 2 liters a day, or even 3-4. It is better if it is non-carbonated water.

And of course physical affect the load on your appearance and play a huge role in the proper operation of the intestine. Try the press to swing, as in school, first once every 20 in the sweat, the day gradually increase the load. The main thing is that you can practice at least an hour after the meal, but not on the hungry Now.

stomach you are aware of the main causes of acne appearances, as well as their main causes, problems with Follow. intestine the above advice, and your reflection in the mirror will please you always.

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How is the appearance of acne associated with bowel disease?

If you have pimples, look for a problem in the work of the intestines. This thought has become a well-known axiom. But how can acne be associated with the intestines, where is the connection? Let's understand.

How are acne related to the intestine?

Of course, there are still all sorts of reasons, because of which there are acne - these are skin diseases, a violation of the hormonal balance, etc. But the leading cause remains the intestine. And acne very often become the first symptoms of problems with the intestines.

The answer to the question - where is the connection between acne and intestines - lies in the elementary knowledge of microbiology. In the process of vital activity, pathogenic microorganisms produce in the human intestine the products of their vital activity - toxins. It is with their help that the organism becomes intoxicated with a simultaneous decrease in immunity. A consequence of this is a decrease in the protective functions of skin cells.

The natural skin barrier ceases to protect the skin from the invasion of pathogenic microbes, as a result of which secretion of the sebaceous glands is disturbed. The ducts of the glands are clogged, which causes sebum to thicken, and pathogenic microbes use it as an ideal medium for its reproduction. The sebaceous glands begin to work hard, they block the pores of the skin, as a result of which the pores become inflamed, acne forms. And, at first the focus of inflammation is formed in one place, then it is carried with a current of blood in surrounding tissues.

Acne location map

  • acneon the chintalk about a malfunction in the whole digestive system
  • foreheadIs a place that reflects problems with the stomach, pancreas and gallbladder
  • acneat the eyebrowssignal a problem with intestinal peristalsis

Intestinal diseases almost do not progress, developing slowly and almost without giving symptoms. Meanwhile, the disease develops further and eventually takes on heavy forms. And the treatment of these diseases requires a serious approach with the use of "heavy artillery" in the form of medicinal preparations. Therefore, the human task is to identify the disease at its early stage. And for this it is only necessary to pay attention to the place where the pimples are located. There are pimples on different parts of the face. And their location can tell us about a specific place in the intestines that needs attention.

Proper nutrition

Our food is a nail, which we stumble all the time. Everyone knows that you can eat, but not all adhere to this. Everyone knows that sausages are bad, and boiled meat is better, that sweets and cakes are bad, and honey is good. But many continue to persistently have artificial sweets and artificial sausages with a lot of chemical additives, and then run around the doctors and swallow no less than artificial chemical tablets. Well, how can a poor stomach and intestine survive!

The advice is to exclude synthetic products - chips, soda, cud, canned food, and also to exclude sweet dishes, as they contribute to the production of sebum. It is necessary to drink more pure water, there are vegetables and fruits with fiber, which promotes peristalsis of the intestine and give yourself exercise # 8212; they also play a role in the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.




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