How long is the intestine restored after antibiotics?


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It is very important after treatment with antibiotics to restore the normal microflora of the affected intestine.

Medications, in addition to helping to overcome any disease, cause harm, disrupting the balance in the intestines, weakening the liver. It is important to understand that the human microflora contains more than a million organisms that are responsible for metabolism, protection from infections and body cleansing. And antibiotics of the principle of action, while they cleanse the body of infections, along the way kill all the microflora on its way. Its restoration implies a normalization of the level of these microorganisms and the state of the epithelium.

If this is not done, taking antibiotics can result in negative consequences in the form of:
- weakening of the immune function;
- occurrence of an allergy;
- hormonal imbalance;
- eczema, insomnia.

It happens that the consequences of taking antibiotics can result in t

he appearance of such psychological disorders as panic attacks and panic attacks.

In the period of rehabilitation measures after taking antibiotics, one should drink plenty of water, fermented milk products. It helps to restore the microflora of the tea fungus - it saturates the body with useful microorganisms.

To restore normal operation of the intestine, you need to use a prebiotic - it's not a digestible food ingredient that renders a positive effect on the body, increases the resistance of the intestines, improves hydrolysis and absorption of intestinal walls substances. This also increases the immunity of the intestinal microflora, the digestive and excretory systems are restored.

Prebiotics include fructo-oligosaccharides, which are found in a number of products: Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, onions, bananas, honey, garlic. On sale there are special medicines that help to eliminate the consequences of taking antibiotics.

It is good to drink lactulose - a known laxative medicine. This compound is also not found in simple food products, for its adoption it is necessary to buy a whole complex vitamins (lactulose is not absorbed by our body, it is processed only with the help of other microelements).

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Through what time the organism after an antibiotic is restored?

Andrey EnyutinArtificial Intelligence (144269) 4 years ago

what kind of man told you that from a. b. the organism spoils and needs to be restored.

Svetlana MorozovaExpert (462) 4 years ago

2 weeks exactly. and then you should drink bifidobacterin. and then the microflora in the intestine deteriorates well

Nikolay ProkoshevEnlightened (28952) 4 years ago

The body does not recover from antibiotics. It Retains, maintains below the level of health than was before treatment. With an unhealthy lifestyle, the effects of antibiotic use will not slow down. And this incl. and cancer. The cause of cancer is a violation of the detoxification function of the liver, as a result of which toxins (poisons, residues of protein molecules, ) fall into the arterial blood, which feeds the cells of the whole organism, due to the defeat of the liver by a number of factors. This is a broad, in most cases, unreasonable use of antibiotics, vaccinations and especially from influenza, hormonal and other medicines, dietary supplements, prebiotics (mineral supplements: Ca, Fe ...) and probiotics (bifidum lactobacilli ...). Including. included in food and lifestyle (smoking alcohol, inactivity). In the risk group (PROBABILITY to get sick close to 100%) are those people who have a combination of one or several of the listed factors. In addition, the detoxification function of the liver is also disturbed by prolonged experiences and stresses. This is explained by a few cases of the disease. Basically, the blood cancer of those people who have never been treated, did not drink, did not smoke. And this circumstance has its explanation. However, in order to start the mechanism of malignant tumor formation, the following condition is necessary: ​​CHANGED BLOOD. Bumps, injuries, bruises, hypothermia, spoilage, inflammatory processes caused by infection, and women in addition have abortion (one of the reasons the appearance of seals in the chest against the background of colds - mastopathy) the reception of contraceptive hormonal agents (changing the hormonal background in body), change the blood flow at the site of exposure until the stop, and damage and stress in a weakened place, (stagnation of arterial blood, containing toxins). Relapses of these influences at the site of the altered blood flow are a locus of localization and development of a malignant tumor with impaired liver function.

MarinaOracle (72059) 4 years ago

Watching what antibiotics and how long you took. Antibiotics reduce immunity, violate the natural microflora of the intestine, the vagina (thrush). Therefore, they take antifungal drugs, and preparations for the restoration of microflora (bifidum-bacterin, hilak-forte), etc. Gynecology uses candles or tampons to restore microflora. Sometimes the body does not suffer much from antibiotic treatment, but if the treatment is long, strong drugs, then the recovery takes months. It is possible to pass the analysis of a feces on a dysbacteriosis and a smear on flora. Find the best drug for this case, determine the duration of treatment. After that, do anathesis again.

TPArtificial Intelligence (133813) 4 years ago

A month on a sparing diet for the gastrointestinal tract and even a normal flora itself is restored

A source:He is an intelligent organism))) and he is always restored. The main thing for him in this is not to interfere and not to clog up

Louise PlisetskayaGuru (2679) 5 months ago

depending on what antibiotics. But any disturb the microflora. Here some crap began to write. In particular, a certain Nikolai Prokoshev is a bullshit. I would choose Marina's best answer. She answered the question most accurately and clearly.

So here I amPupil (231) 1 month ago

That microflora to support together with AB appoint probiotic + prebiotic to accept. We have not been prescribed anything, the child has had diarrhea after AB, only then normobakt L has been prescribed for 10 days, it is necessary to eat more milk for a long time, and adhere to a diet. It was difficult for the child to explain, of course, why not everything can be eaten now. Since that time, AL is always given only to a probiotic with a child, fortunately they are prescribed to us very rarely, ttt.

How to quickly restore the intestinal microflora

How to restore intestinal microflora

Restoration of intestinal microflora with folk remedies # 8212; a very effective procedure, which can very well be carried out at home. I must say that the flora living in the intestines of every person is very sensitive and vulnerable, it is very easy to harm it. Many factors can damage or even destroy the intestinal flora.

And if you destroy microorganisms living in the intestines is very simple, then their recovery can take a long time.

Scientists say that microorganisms in the intestines are not homogeneous, only up to five hundred species of various tiny organisms can live in the gastrointestinal tract.

A variety of causes and factors can damage microorganisms. First, to destroy the flora of the intestine can various congenital ailments, which lead to a lack (or overabundance) of the enzyme. Secondly, the flora can be destroyed by taking medication (for example, antibiotics), as well as due to malnutrition, various infections and excess alcoholic beverages. In addition, radiation of all kinds (including X-rays) can kill the intestinal flora.

Therefore, the restoration of the intestinal microflora with folk remedies is extremely important, since human health depends on this. Fortunately there is a huge amount of medicinal herbs that will help to solve this problem.

# 8212; So in particular, in order to quickly restore the intestinal microflora, you can make a sweet and useful mixture. This mixture is made of honey, dried apricots and prunes. Solid ingredients must be crushed with a blender or meat grinder, and then mixed with honey. Use this mixture should be one tablespoon per day.

# 8212; Restoration of the intestinal microflora by folk remedies can be carried out with the help of classical groats. For example, porridge from oatcakes or buckwheat, eaten at breakfast, is very helpful. It will not be superfluous to add to the cereal quality prunes. Also, the compote of dried fruits helps very well to restore the microflora. For dinner, add a vinaigrette or any other salad of beetroot. Drink tea with a slice of lemon, every day, eat 2 cloves of garlic to kill the evil bacteria.

# 8212; Of course, the optimal option will be to use various dairy products, such as kefir and cottage cheese. There are them without restrictions, as these products bring the body exceptionally good. The reception of koumiss or ryazhenka (up to two glasses a day) is quite effective.

# 8212; Restoration of the intestinal microflora by folk remedies can be carried out with the help of the root of a bloodlet. To do this, you need 200 grams of the root of the buglet, pour a glass of water and leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth should be taken five to six times a day, one tablespoon. Such treatment should be spent at least a month.

# 8212; You can also prepare an excellent recipe from four teaspoons of dill seeds. Seeds of dill need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. After this, the infusion should be taken every two hours.

# 8212; Plantain with a root of aira is a great way to restore the flora of the intestine. As in previous cases, 2 hours of a mixture of medicinal herbs are poured over with boiling water and insist half an hour, after which take for ten days of 50 milliliters for half an hour before each food intake.

# 8212; Restoration of intestinal microflora after antibiotic braug. This is the most that neither is a national recipe. In half a liter of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of honey and sugar and about 2 g of yeast. All carefully mix and leave to wander for a couple of hours in a warm place. Longer it does not cost, otherwise it will turn out to be a drunken brag. Drink should be immediately all at once in one gulp. Drink on time exactly between meals. This will be 2 mugs per day. By this means, you immediately enter into the intestine fermenting microorganisms, thereby restoring its normal functioning.

# 8212; Just remember # 8212; all sour berries, such as cranberries, and rose hips # 8212; this is a very good medicine to restore the intestinal microflora. Eat them daily and you will be fine.

# 8212; It is no secret to anyone that pumpkin seeds are good at cleaning the intestines of parasites. Strengthen their effect with such a recipe: in equal amounts, grind in a blender pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts. 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder, stir in half a glass of boiled water and drink. The course of reception 2 times a day for 10 days.

It is worth noting that the restoration of the flora of the intestine is a procedure that requires patience and painstaking work. For a complete cure, you need to take medicinal herbs for at least ten days and you can not ignore the diet.



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